TCL 30XL Android Cellphone

TCL 30XL Android Cellphone

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Unlocked Smartphone

The TCL 30XL works with most major U.S. carriers, including Verizon, AT&T and T-Mobile. This android phone is also compatible with Tracfone, Straight talk, Visible, Metro PCS, Simple Mobile, Cricket, Ultra Mobile, H2O, Tello, Consumer Cellular, RedPocket (Only GSMA network), Pure talk, Viya, etc. If your phone doesn’t work with Verizon, please restart the phone. If your cell phone experiences an error when making calls on Verizon, your account may need to be provisioned to support “CDMA-less” devices with the assistance of Verizon’s technical support team or your account’s business representative. This mobile phone isn’t compatible with other CDMA networks, such as Assurance wireless, Spectrum, Xfinity, Boost Mobile, etc.

WIFI Calling:

WIFI Calling: This phone supports WIFI Calling on the following Carriers: T-Mobile, Metro, Simple, Cricket, Ultra.

Technical Parameters:

Display: 6.82 inch V-notch HD+ 20.5:9 display (720 x 1640 pixels)
Screen: LCD
Screen-to-body ratio: 90%
AI Quad Camera: 50MP Main Camera+5MP Ultra-Wide Angle Camera+2MP Macro Camera+2MP Depth Camera
Front camera resolution: 13MP
Chipset: MT6762V
CPU: 4*A53 2.0Ghz + 4*A53 1.5Ghz Octa-Core
Memory: 6GB RAM + 64GB ROM (Expandable up to 512GB with Micro SD card, SD card not included)
Dimensions: 6.78 x 3.03 x 0.36 inch
Weight (g): 204.4g
Battery: 5000mAh 9V2A
2G Bands: GSM 850/900/1800/1900
3G Bands: B2/4/5
4G LTE Bands: B2/4/5/12 (MFBI)/13/66/71/25/26/41HPUE
Sim Card: Single Sim, Nano-sized
Audio: Dual Speaker
Audio Jack: 3.5mm audio jack
System Language: English, Chinese, Korean, Polish, Portuguese, German, Vietnamese, Spanish and French

What’s Included

1 x TCL 30 XL Mobile phone
1 x 18W Charger (9V 2A)
1 x Type-C Cable
1 x Sim Card Tray Pin
1 x Quick Guide
1 x LCD sticker
1 x Product Safety Information

Features & Specifications

  • Unlocked Smartphone - The TCL 30XL works with most major U.S. carriers, including Verizon, AT&T and T-Mobile. This android phone is also compatible with Tracfone, Straight talk, Visible, Metro PCS, Simple Mobile, Cricket, Ultra Mobile, H2O, Tello, Consumer Cellular, RedPocket (Only GSMA network), Pure talk, Viya, etc. This cell phone isn't compatible with CDMA networks, such as Assurance wireless, Spectrum, Xfinity, Boost Mobile, etc.
  • Cinematic Viewing Experience - Featuring a 6.82 inch expansive screen with 20.5:9 aspect ratio and dual speakers design, the TCL 30XL android phone allows you to enjoy the thrill of cinematic viewing. The unique TCL NXTVISION Technology is able to boost color, clarity and contrast of visuals while protecting your eyes from harmful blue light. This TCL phone can work as a decent gaming phone, and is also perfect for streaming video and making video calls.
  • Large Battery, Fun for All Day - The 5000mAh mighty battery of this unlocked android smartphone can power up your entertainment for up to 3 days on one charge (estimated data based on internal lab test). With 18W fast-charging and an on-the-go reverse charging (OTG cable not included) option you can fuel and refuel your mobile phone in an instant.
  • Powerful, Smooth and Safe - With the 6GB Ram storage and Octa-Core processor, this unlocked cell phone provides you with an instant response time. Keep all of your precious memories with the 64GB built-in storage, and even more with a Micro SD card (sold separately) that lets you add up to 512GB memory. You can also multitask smoothly thanks to the Android 12 operating system and the floating window mode. The phone’s face unlock technology brings a carefree experience with abundant joy.
  • Seize the Beauty of Life - Explore the allure of highly detailed shots and broad landscape with the 50MP AI quad camera of this android phone. The AI camera system can optimize your picture according to different lighting conditions, and clear any unnecessary object that you select in the background, allowing you to be the protagonist all the time. The 13MP front-facing selfie camera of this stylish smartphone can capture you in a unique way.
  • PLEASE NOTE:TCL 30 XL mobile phone does not support 5G network and NFC. It will not work with touchless pay apps (such as google pay) and most transportation apps (such as LA tap). This Model comes with a one-year limited US manufacturer warranty, single sim and Nano size sim card only.

Pros & Cons


2022 phone with a few issues, but is still a good phone. So I purchased my phone about two months ago. I am not a very tech savvy individual but I still understand operating systems and quality. As a smart phone it's fairly quick in regards to processing speeds, downloading speeds, and operating system. The screen is very clear and vivid. The weight of the phone is very light which feels very comfortable in your hand. It comes with the fastest charging block I've had in my life. The block will charge this phone from 0% to 100% in 20-30 minutes, however, hooking any other block up to this phone and it will take you hours to fully charge. So I'm not usually some one who writes reviews let alone go into details in the reviews. I truly like this phone I wish it doesn't have the issues it currently has, so I felt sharing with others my technical issues it might assist others in their choice. In the first month of having the phone it would randomly mostly at night make a quiet but noticable static noise. Most of the time if I would connect the charger to the phone when it was doing that it would almost immediately stop. I honestly thought there was something wrong with the battery and it was going to explode, but instead of making waves over the infrequent noise and sending it back, I decided to keep it. Now 1 month after all the static sounds and it has completely stopped. However, now I have zero sound from my speaker. I can call and text and can clearly hear and be heard, but any music a play or videos it's a whisper at full volume. Which is absolutely annoying when you're not a fan of head phones and enjoy sharing obnoxious music with your friends and family. Lastly, just like a lot of the phones on here specifically TCL branded phones it's extremely difficult to find a cell phone case that actually protects your phone. The closest I found for protection was the flimsy or "light weight" silicone case that cheap companies disperse with focus on the designs/colors but not so much durability. If I still had the option I would return this phone and find something else. As I said in the beginning I love this phone, it has worked well, and the issues I've had could be a lot worse. It still doesn't change the fact that it's been having issues every month I've had it and I really don't see it lastly for a full year tbh. I hope this helps others in there choices.

Was a great phone. The phone was an good phone. Very responsive, finger print reader responded very quickly. I don't use facial biometrics. So I cannot comment. The sound was nice, quick operating system although the not time was a bit lengthy when turning on the phone. The phone that I had gotten had a strange glitch. I wound up contacting support. They said if this glitch continues after I had gone through the fix then something was wrong hardware wise. And I was forced to return it. And I am a first time dealing with TCL products. And I was pleasantly surprised with their product. I'm not getting a another TCL. Simply because Amazon would not sell me the same phone replacement at the original price that I had purchased the first one. They only gave me the option of refund. So I had to return everything that I had bought for the phone. But that was the only option that they had available. Been a week and I still have not seen nor heard anything on the return. Unfortunately. But despite that I still think TCL is a decent company with good tech support service. And the customer service is exceptional.

Great mid-range phone, there are some issues to note though. The phone was great overall, I've had it for about 6 months now and it's holding up VERY well despite how many times I've dropped it. I have some issues though. #1 The screen is not a standard 16 by 9 aspect ratio but rather 17/18 by 9 so some apps will crop things down (TikTok for example) and I've found no way to fix this. #2 When watching YouTube, the screen will go completely black during specific parts of any given video, I've tried googling it and I've found some answers as to why it's happening but no applicable solutions. #3 Based on the settings, the phone seems to only be able to run 2G/3G data. I don't know if I missed something before purchasing or if it means something else but if I'm paying for 5G then I would like to be able to use it. #4 it does not come equipped with a tap scanner Other than those minor issues, everything works great. The fingerprint scanner works with rare issues, has plenty of storage, cameras are way better than I expected, and it's ability to withstand running multiple apps at once is great. Overall a decent phone 7/10

Updated review. I bought one of these for myself recently and have liked it, for the most part. I then got one for my wife. Here is what I've noticed so far.... PROS: nice weight/size, fairly fast going from app to app, stereo speakers, 6gb of RAM, 64gb memory is decent, good basic phone. CONS: 5000mAh battery drains faster than expected, keyboard space bar is right above the home button and always hitting it accidentally is frustrating, stereo sound is very metallic/no bass, bottom speaker vibrates a little if turned up too high, top speaker is much quieter than the bottom one, charger gets super hot when charging, GPS not as accurate as my Galaxy, finger print sensor sucks.

UPDATED REVIEW. TCL CAME THROUGH. UPGRADE TO 5 STARS! Update: TCL contacted me without prompting (After reading my initial review). I have to say, they are the first vendor in my many years on Amazon (since the days when they only sold books) that I have been spontaneously contacted to correct a problem. Not only did TCL offer me a refund, they upgraded me (without additional charge) to their top of the line TCL 20 Pro 5G with 256 gigs of storagd, 8 gigs of processor RAM, an AMOLED screen (which is nothing shy of stunning), and all the goodies one can ask for, including a 3.5mm headphone jack and a micro SD slot. Upon return of the original, defective phone, TCL stood tall, and treated me like a rock star. Not only did they refund 100% of the cost of the original phone, but the upgrade was free! I am gobsmacked at their giving me ( free, after refunds) their flagship phone. I fully recommend TCL and their awesome customer service, and the new, upgraded phone works flawlessly with Verizon. It arrived factory unlocked, and I just had to call Verizon to activate it. TCL (and the superb customer support representative named "Emma") are, IMHO, the best in thebusiness, and I am completely satisfied with my replacement phone. A small aside, I feel TCL should start using Gorilla Glass, but a simple screen protector (Curved glass for less than $10) does a great job on this phone. Keep up the great customer care and keep making quality products, TCL! D.S. verified customer Arrived in undamaged box, but screen has damage right from the fact. Purchased new, not refurbished, should not have been sent a detective phone. Did activate it because I needed a phone, and still do! Also, phone reboots randomly and rejects updates. Phone updated, all updates appeared on screen, but when I reboot the phone, it reverted to original configuration without being reset. Screen damage not caused by me or by abuse. Display is really nice and phone processes quickly, but cannot get around receiving what appears to be a refurb, when I bought direct from Amazon as a full price new phone. Returning for credit, will likely buy a different with hardened glass screen. I never thought that a manufacturer like TCL would hide the fact the screen is plastic, and flimsy enough that something in the box tapped the screen during shipping (charger?) only to expose that the screen is not hardened glass. The reboot loss of updates issue effects functionality.

Great basic Android. Needed to get a new phone for the daughter since her old one finally bit the dust. This phone is a great stepping stone into the android world without breaking the bank. It does everything it should do and not a whole lot more. The camera is decent, not high end quality but honestly on par with some of the other mid tier phones. The battery is great and lasts my kid the full day with no complaints. The set up was fairly easy, could have been smoother but for the price I can't be angry. I did notice some "lag" when running multiple apps and taxes the CPU. I haven't heard any complaints yet and I think the only reason I noticed is I am used to a little faster processor. Overall I would say it is a great phone for a teen, or someone who needs to do basic phone tasks and is not gaming extensively or expecting a top tier product.


50mp camera sucks.. Wow. For the images the second one is the Pixel 6 Pro... look at the detail of the painting of Cloud the Stallion that I did and the second one is the TCL see. how there is such a lack of detail... Ya I basically got this as a replacement for a Pixel 6 Pro that my yorkiepoo chewed up. I got it because it has a 50mp camera. Well that I guess does not a camera make.. The pictures are so smooth and almost blurry there is no definition.. AND the UI is bad .. everytime you take a pic you have to go and select the hi def version IT IS NOT A DEFAULT AND YOU CANNOT MAKE IT ONE.. Even on the hi def camera the pics are so bad that if you want a good camera do not get this phone.. The other phone features are nice but it is a bit slow.. for a cheap camera and if you don't care about hi def images.. then this might be a good phone.

Still early, but any phone lagging out of the box has me running away ! This phone for the price is not necessarily as bad as you think it would be. I would do a very detailed in-depth review especially with my background in electronics and marketing, but due to the fact that I simply have not had the phone long enough I can't accurately describe it's positive and negative features. So i will just write a brief summary on how the phone has performed so far and continually update it the more screen time I have spent. The price is flawless almost to good to be true seeing it upon first glance. The marketing team did a great job on showing there features for this phone which seem to be all in line with modern phone specs and the competition. But as we all know. There are certain products you can cheat with and get at any old store for a huge discount and axhied the same results as if you bought a top of the line item at Nordstroms or a Barney's.. BUT CELL PHONES UNFORTUNATELY ARE NOT ONE OF THISE ITEMS. you have to drop cash to get excellent results. This phone is mediocre at best. Camera is average and does not have a .5 feature or POV view which is disappointing for boasting 4 lenses (replicating the Samsung nicely). Quality on shots is ok but not very vibrant or in depth. Fingerprint sensor to capture photos is a brilliant idea I do give them that though. Calls and text are sluggish and upon upon buying this device and not having spent any of the memory yet I figured it would be lightning fast I really haven't even put it to the test yet just downloaded a few of my regular apps and updated my Google accounts yet still (even as I typed this review) sometimes it is taking a full second just to perform the task I have pressed or with four apps open will freeze completely. My number one pet peeve with phones especially higher end ones or ones that claim to have good specs is any lag time or poor processing power. No one wants to wait around for what you wanted to do 5 to 10 seconds ago we live in a world now where everything is fast paced on demand and relevant in such a short amount of time it is literally the biggest setback for me on any device for that matter. Usually tech support will reach out saying clear your memory erase overloaded photos hardware reset software update etc but it is all irrelevant the processor and speed of this phone is that of an iPhone 7 and that's a stretch. Highly disappointing our of the box. Almost thought I got a lemon then I read prior reviews.. I am not very happy about my purchase and really need to analyze it some more but at the rate this is going I would like to see alternative options as far as my cell phone and can't say I confidently wish to keep or order from this company in the future unless these issues are mitigated and dealt with accordingly. I have not dealt with customer service but have heard that they are above average. Will update soon

Don't. It's cheap for a reason. Lags and is slower than a 2020 Moto G Power. Don't do it. EDIT 7-14-22: this afternoon TCL/Amazon combined the 20se with the 30xl page so that suddenly it looks like this unimpressive, laggy, newly released 30XL (with 13 reviews, mainly negative) somehow shot up to 2658 positive reviews in one day. Seems a bit underhanded, doesn't it? Let these actions guide your decision to purchase from this company that wants your data. END EDIT Don't do it. I know the price is tempting. There may even be a 15% off coupon. But this is a really bad choice for a phone. Even setting aside their privacy policy - FWIW the first time that I ever read one that I instinctively thought was more intrusive than Google. Go look it up. They monitor EVERYTHING -the phone itself isn't impressive for too long after you press the power button. I ordered this because my old Moto G from 2020 can't keep the charging cable attached any longer. I'm a thrifty guy who still enjoys tech, and I thought I'd found a hidden gem in the TCL. The price was right and it was a modern phone from a reputable manufacturer, and overseas reviews were fairly positive, so I thought I'd give it a try. When the 30XL arrived I was excited, and I thought I'd stick with it even after being disturbed by the privacy policy since I needed a new phone immediately. Be sure to read it, though. Wow. I got everything loaded up and... Wait, is something wrong? Why is this brand new phone slower than my two or three year old $180 Moto G? Maybe it's updating. No, it's just slow. Wow, it's REALLY slow. You'll see if you order one. It lags from the start. Sure enough, I looked up a comparison of the processor in this 30XL (Helio G25) to the outdated but decent snapdragon 655 in my cheapo Moto G, and this 2-years newer phone is humiliated by the old Motorola. TCL? That's not how this is supposed to work, guys. Well, at least the display is better. Oh, wait. Never mind. It's a 720 display. Huh. So it's slower than the old Moto G I'm replacing, and the display looks worse, AND it's already lagging before I've even loaded any programs on it. And all for $200. I sent it back. This is unacceptable, even at this price point, and consumers should reject this silliness lest manufacturers believe it should become their standard for quality. Avoid if it costs more than $100 or so. You'll be disappointed if you've ever had another phone. You've been warned. You're probably better off finding a used Galaxy S10 or 2nd generation IPhone SE or something else in this price range but still capable of adequately performing routine tasks. Again, avoid. EDIT: I don't get anything for free for being a "top reviewer in men's gloves size L" or anything like that, but please click the helpful button if you found this helpful so we can get this to the top and save everyone a bunch of time and money. I can't imagine the hours and gas wasted by tens of thousands of people like me who think they've found their Moto G Power replacement but who will end up returning it. Thanks.

Ok, good for the cost but not great. Not overly great but works well and is good enough for the price. But it's odd to use some times and has some irritating and odd quirks like shutting off voice to text mid sentence, the power button can call emergency services if pressed too many times (which is easy to do accidentally since it's right beside the volume buttons), and sometimes does what it likes by changing settings on you without you doing it. But it's also got a good speaker, great flashlight and screen, and keeps a very good battery life, so it's good for the price you pay but not great. I e had it about 4 months now at the time I'm writing this.

Would be a decent phone if battery didn't come messed up. For the price of the phone I was stoked for what I was getting out the box.. big screen, big battery, decent stereo sound from the speakers, but what I soon found out was that the battery wasn't quite working with this phone. I reached out to TCL and explained my issue and they immediately sent me out a replacement phone to make things right. When I received the new phone I checked again to make sure all was working correctly and it wasn't. Frustrated and wondering what was going on I reached out to TCL yet again and explained to them that not one but both phones were no good. TCL was super helpful and friendly with their customer service that a manger was spoken to about my problems and a solution was brought to my attention. They upgraded me from the 30 XL to the 20 Pro 5G phone free of charge for the inconveniences I may have encountered. I was truly grateful for this offer and they were super nice about the whole ordeal. Although the 30 XL wasn't working right the fact that TCL not only sent me a second replacement phone but to upgrade me to another phone without hesitation shows how much they care for their customers. So one bad phone doesn't make this a bad company. I'm now happy with my phone and happy with their customer service.

Will not wwork with a smart watch. Mine worked fine until I tried receiving notices from my smart watches. It came right out and told me that it couldn't/wouldn't accept notices from my Samsung 4 Classic and the same is true for my other cheapo smart watch.

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