TRIBE Water Resistant Cell Phone Armband Case Running Holder for iPhone Pro Max Plus Mini SE (13/12/11/X/XS/XR/8/7/6/5) Galaxy S Ultra Plus Edge Note (21/20/10/9/8/7/6/5) Adjustable Strap & Key Pocket

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At Tribe, our love for fitness defines who we are and our desire to be by your side at every step of your fitness journey defines what we do!

We believe that everybody deserves the opportunity to use the very best equipment, made with extreme care using only the most up to date technologies and the finest materials available and that is why our products are designed, tested and developed right here in the US by our dedicated team of health and fitness experts.

Our passion to innovate and move the fitness industry forwards constantly drives us to be better and make better products. We don’t hide from our customers, we stand boldly and proudly alongside them as we stand boldly and proudly alongside our products, the same products that we use every day and the same products that we love!

Become part of the Tribe and let us accompany you on your Fitness journey!

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Tribe Fitness Premium Sports Armbands include everything you need in your workout companion! Top-quality materials, sizes and colors to suit everybody and our unique quality for life promise!

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Our Comrade Series Running Armband is made with a premium blend of Lycra & Neoprene – luxurious to the touch, ultra-lightweight, gentle on the skin, water and sweat resistant and highly durable.

Overlaid with a top grade, indestructible leatherette that will not tear, wear easily or degrade under extreme conditions and incorporating a touchscreen cover made of a highly sensitive PVC designed to give you the easy access to your phone that our fantastic customers enjoy!


Just because a competitor’s product looks similar to ours, that doesn’t make it the same. Using our combined decades of experience, our talented team of fitness enthusiasts design products that we love and take pride in so that you will too!

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Our dual adjustable elastic strap design has two available sizes to fit any arm size from 9 – 16 inches, providing you with the flexibility and comfort that you deserve!

All of our armbands are made with the highest quality materials to last for years to come!


The secure built-in hidden key holder is perfect for a small key. Why worry about having to carry your key in your pocket or losing it during your workout?

The headphone cord holder keeps things organized and out of the way so you can stay focused on your workout and not on your phone!


All Tribe Fitness Sports Armbands are designed with you in mind.

As technology advances, we continually adapt our armbands to changes in phone technology and appearance to always give you the perfect fit for your phone!

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Key Features 360° Rotatable silicone holder featuring our quick-release system. Patented Nano-Sheen reflective coating. A 100% Japanese Lycra ultra-light sports armband with a pocket for your key and card and a super-bright reflective strip. Incorporating a blend of premium Silicone, Lycra & Neoprene overlaid with a top grade, indestructible leatherette. 5 double-walled, 100% natural Malaysian latex and extra-thick, high-grade silicone resistance bands with accessories! Resistance bands, loop bands, premium accessories and a waterproof carry bag…EVERYTHING you need! Huge handles, ultra-comfortable plush ankle straps and a super-strong door anchor for ultimate power and control!
Benefits Take pictures and calls without removing your armband. Keeps you AND your phone are safe! Stand out from the crowd with this premium armband. Stunning Strength, Luscious Looks and Cherished Comfort! Luxurious to the touch, ultra lightweight, gentle on the skin and will not tear, wear easily or degrade. Unlike some of our competitor’s products, these bands will not dry out, snap, or deform! Get the workout that you need, wherever you need it, no matter how intense you need it to be! Upgrade your current resistance band accessories or take these to the gym for use with cable machines!
Made From Only Premium Materials? Of Course! What else would you expect from Tribe Fitness?!
Designed & Developed by Fitness Enthusiasts? At Tribe Fitness we ONLY make products that we love, so that you will love them too!
Backed by our Quality for Life Promise? Every Tribe Fitness product is covered by our unique Quality for Life Promise!

Features & Specifications

  • [There's No Comparison] Our premium sports cell phone armband is designed to comfortably fit all Apple iPhones, Samsung Galaxy, Android, Pixel, LG, Moto, Huawei, Lenovo, Nokia, Oppo, Realme, Sony, Xiaomi, Asus, Fire Phone, Palm, Vivo and other smartphones similar in size and dimensions. Accommodates all phone cases, too, including Otterbox, Lifeproof. Choose the next size up if you are using a thicker phone case.
  • [Never Compromise] Applying decades of manufacturing expertise, we designed a world-class premium phone holder using top notch craftsmanship and the highest quality materials, including a premium blend of Lycra & Neoprene for added comfort and breathability. Add in an extra-plush, adjustable elastic band to provide the perfect fit and you are all set for your fitness journey. No matter how tough your workouts are, this armband will be right there with you.
  • [A Perfect Fit] Intelligently designed with dual buckle loops & an adjustable elastic band making it so easy to adjust the armband to your arm. No more hassles with uncomfortable extension straps or armbands that don't fit.
  • [Full Access to Your Phone] Our phone armband acts as a workout phone holder while offering full protection and allowing easy access to your phone. Talk, text, change music, answer calls when you need to without any hassle.
  • [Quality Promise for Life] At Tribe Fitness, we believe in earning your trust and loyalty. That's why our armbands are the finest in the industry, surpassing all other sports armbands, phone holders and other running accessories out there. We take pride in our product's quality and more importantly our unrivaled, world-class customer support based right here in the USA.
  • Dimensions: 15.99 x 8.99 x 1 inches
  • Weight: 0.023 ounces

Pros & Cons


Very Close to 5 Stars. I was very close to giving this product a 5 star rating, but I decided 4 stars was probably more accurate. I purchased the Tribe Sports Armband 8 weeks ago and have been using the product about 5 to 6 days a week for around 1 hour at a time. My workouts have consisted of walking outside, bike riding (road biking) outdoors, or treadmill walking, weight lifting, or elliptical training at the gym. I have also always had the armband over the sleeve of a short-sleeve shirt so it has not been subjected to much direct sweat contact. So far, this product has been great! I purchased it for the Amazon Prime price of $9.98. I consider this product a tremendous value at that price. I have a slim carrying case on my phone (Evutec Karbon SI Osprey) and a glass screen protector (Tech Armor Edge to Edge). My phone still fits in the pouch. This is a snug fit, however, so a thicker case probably will not work. Now I'd like to provide a couple of caveats. The manufacturer's claim (Tribe) that this product is water resistant is, AT BEST, a gross exaggeration. The armband can stand up to a very light rain, but anything else would absolutely soak your phone. For one thing, the pouch has two holes on the top and two holes on the bottom of the pouch for headphone jack and speaker access. Also, the majority of the armband is neoprene. This material is more like a sponge than water resident. In fact I would bet that wearing this armband in direct contact with the skin and therefore direct contact with sweat would not be a good thing. Another minor caveat that I would give is the use of the touch screen. It does work pretty well through the plastic of the pouch, but it sometimes causes minor difficulty in getting the phone to do what you want it to do. The fact that I have a glass screen protector may play a role too. Please note, Touch ID will NOT work through the plastic cover (obviously). Lastly, Tribe was a little too persistent for my tastes in trying to get their product reviewed. I don't think most products can be properly assessed until after using the product for a reasonable length of time. To summarize: I am very happy with my purchase of this product. I would recommend it to friends, but I would also make them aware of the few caveats that I have.

I'm glad I found this armband! I purchased a Tribe Armband from Amazon in 2016. I bought the purple Water Resistant Cell Phone Armband: 5.2 Inch Case for iPhone 7, 6, 6S, SE, 5, 5C, 5S, and Galaxy S5, Google Pixel - Adjustable Reflective Velcro Workout Band, Key Holder & Screen Protector. I'm a plus-sized gal (over 200 lbs.) and had been looking for a very long time for an armband that I could wear but would also fit my Apple 5c plus the Otterbox Defender phone case. After reading other reviews online, I decided to try the Tribe Armband. This was the best purchase I made from Amazon! Not only did it fit my arms, it also let me put my phone in the phone case inside the armband! I use it when I walk, mow the grass, any outdoor activities. I was tired of sticking my phone in my pocket and having it getting all sweaty. The armband came in perfect condition, it is easy to use, love the neoprene material, and it never once slipped down my arm or off my arm. It truly is waterproof and I like the key holder built in. I'm so glad I found the Tribe Armband on Amazon - it is definitely worth purchasing!

A nice armband, for a reasonable price. Purchased for an iPhone SE that wears a reasonable case. The seller shipped quick and the package arrived promptly. The armband is made of flexible neoprene, think wetsuit, and there is a nice amount of room for adjustment with the sliding Velcro strap. There are plenty of ports for headphones, speakers, and what have you. The plastic layer covering the screen also works with touch, which is nice. Sometimes this requires a bit of precision/ patience to use. Considering you are still able to use touch through a layer of plastic I find this to be acceptable and have yet to have any problems. The armband fits most adults with relatively average arm circumference. Be warned however, if you have larger than average upper arms, you may find this to be snug. That said, for the price, and with the ability to return if not satisfied, most will find the size to be a nonissue. Full disclosure, at the time of writing this, I have only had this armband for about a week but in that time I have found it to be a nice armband for a reasonable price. As long as the armband continues to perform I most likely will purchase at least 1 more as a gift. *Pictured without phone, as phone was taking pictures. 7/17

... was for my first half marathon and it worked GREAT. I have an iPhone 7 and the case ... My first time wearing this was for my first half marathon and it worked GREAT. I have an iPhone 7 and the case has openings for all different jacks on the side and center of the phone. The screen protector allows you to use the touchscreen and the band was great and held tight. I absolutely love it and can't wait to use it for trail runs as the weather gets better!

iPhone 5s in Defender Case Fits Perfectly! I was a little apprehensive because I have an iPhone 5s with an Otter Defender case. I didn't want to have to take the case off every day just so it would fit into this arm band. At the price, and after reading some reviews, I purchased. Glad I did! Phone in case fits snugly! The home button of the phone sits a little higher than the cutout on the front of the band, but it hasn't been an issue. Very pleased and would buy again.

Happy two time purchaser. I liked this arm band so much that I purchased it twice!! After 9 months of pretty heavy use, the strap started to tear away from the main body of the case. I do not consider this in any way a design flaw as I run a lot, used it constantly, and this just seemed like normal wear and tear. It has done everything I would want it to, so I bought it again. I have an iPhone 6 and wear it high up on my arm pretty close to the shoulder. It fits perfectly and still allows for a reasonable amount of controls through the clear screen. You wouldn't want to do anything complex and if the sun is shining on it the glare can make it hard to see, but for the purpose of having your phone with you while a running app runs and music plays, it is perfect. I actually have an Apple Watch that I use for almost all viewing of metrics, skipping of songs, etc. I use wired headphones through my shirt sleeve and up the neck which work perfectly well.


STOP! Don't buy this product! Even thought its "AMAZON'S CHOICE" This product is a big PIECE OF CRAP and has fallen apart in less than a year. What a waste of money... this armband is ending up in a landfill in less than a year for all of you environmentally conscious people out there. I'm not quite sure how this got to be "Amazon's Choice" product, but it's made me think twice about trusting the Amazon algorithm. Below I've posted PICTURES of what happens the the armband. Basically the neoprene falls apart and the Velcro will stop sticking making the armband pop off frequently while your working out. I am not an overly excessive workout-aholic, but I do average 3+ days a week (with breaks when work is too time consuming). PLUS... I am NOT a huge sweaty mess when I exercise (I'm a normal average sweater). The problem is the POOR DESIGN of the end of the strap. It's just cut out neoprene with velcro sown on there. The end of the strap needs some kind of plastic, rubber, or leather over it so it will stay together. Also, this is a one size fits all product, so the cut out hole in the plastic for the activation button on your phone will never line up if you have a regular iPhone 6 or 6S or 7 or 7s or 8. Bottom line... do your research on line or YouTube or whomever and don't trust AMAZON'S CHOICE. DON'T LISTEN TO THE OTHER REVIEWS! YOU ARE BUYING PRODUCT THAT WILL END UP IN A LANDFILL IN LESS THAN A YEAR OF USE.

Okay, but ... I don't think you're ever going to get a super comfortable arm band for the bigger phones but there are certainly some design features that could be improved. This is a generic 6" phone holder - I have the iPhone 12 Pro and the single most frustrating thing is not having easy access to the on/off button due to its design. The phone rests against your arm as the front is somewhat flush so the only way to get to the on/off button is to take the armband off, kind of defeating the purpose of having the thing. This is the same issue for the volume buttons so you either have to take it off or use the soft keys to adjust. Swiping up can be a little challenging sometimes as the phone sinks a little below the bottom part of the window. I'm looking for another specifically designed for the iPhone.

Wrinkled plastic! I just got this armband and look at the plastic --completely wrinkled! Makes it hard to see the screen and very difficult to swipe up and down the screen because your finger is caught on the bumps on the plastic. Disappointing! Tried to contact them but have not heard back. Will return ASAP.

Avoid if you have an iPhone 6S - It does not fit well. The good: Seems like it is fairly well made. It is pretty stylish. The problems: 1) It says it fits iPhone 6S (which is what I have) and 7. Cannot speak for the 7. For the iPhone 6S, this product is too big - The phone fits loosely, not snuggly as it should. 2) The screen does not adhere well to the iPhone screen, making it difficult to tap on the screen - It is already hard during as workout (which is what this thing is intended for) - Now add to that the fact that the phone moves around within the case and you can imagine: Often you cannot tap on what you want and then to need to take the phone out of the case to get the desired result! 3) The top does not close & stay closed - It is a little flap which is supposed to tuck into the case - The issue here is that the flap does not stay tightly closed - It opens - If you are moving - let's say you are jogging so that the phone is moving up and down - you risk the phone coming out of the case. I also tuck my ID in here, so I risk losing that every time I go for a run. I guess it must work fine for some people based on the ratings, but there is no way I can recommend this unless you don't mind the three things I listed above....

Moisture builds up inside case. It's easy to use and my pixel 3a fits no problem. But when using headphones through aux plug they don't have enough room or properly positioned holes in the case for headphones to fit through, which makes the cord bend . Not a huge deal but annoying. The thing that doesn't work well is as you work out the case starts to get condensation ( from sweat i suppose) and it builds up on the phone . This has caused my phone to glitch while working out because the moisture build up is so bad . It works , just not an amazing buy.

Lost It Before I Could Use It... Recommend For People Without Smart Watches. I lost this in the past before I could use it, but I have to say it feels kind of pointless with smart watches now. If you're not a smart watch person go ahead and go for something like this, I do still recommend it.

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