Wireless Charger,Magnetic Wireless Charging Station, 3 in 1 Faster Mag-Safe Wireless Charger Stand for iPhone 14,13,12 Pro Max/Pro/Mini/Plus, Apple Watch Ultra 8/7/SE/6/5/4/3/2/1, AirPods pro/2/3

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Wireless Charger,Magnetic Wireless Charging Station, 3 in 1 Faster Mag-Safe Wireless Charger Stand for iPhone 14,13,12 Pro Max/Pro/Mini/Plus, Apple Watch Ultra 8/7/SE/6/5/4/3/2/1, AirPods pro/2/3

3 in 1 Apple magsafe charger with Adapter

Petino 3 in 1 Apple magesafe charger is the perfect wireless charger for multiple devices including iPhone 14, 13 & 12, Pro & Pro Max, Apple Watch, AirPods and other wireless charging enabled devices. Brings you a hassle-free charging experience without tangling wires. The Petino MaSafe Charger Stand provides a clean desk or nightstand. This is the perfect Mother’s Day gift, Christmas gift, or birthday gift for friends and family!

Wireless Charger,Magnetic Wireless Charging Station, 3 in 1 Faster Mag-Safe Wireless Charger Stand for iPhone 14,13,12 Pro Max/Pro/Mini/Plus, Apple Watch Ultra 8/7/SE/6/5/4/3/2/1, AirPods pro/2/3326A+_Case_purple 07326A+purple 02Wireless Charger,Magnetic Wireless Charging Station, 3 in 1 Faster Mag-Safe Wireless Charger Stand for iPhone 14,13,12 Pro Max/Pro/Mini/Plus, Apple Watch Ultra 8/7/SE/6/5/4/3/2/1, AirPods pro/2/3

The ingenious and convenient design allows it to integrate into every aspect of your life.




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Features & Specifications

  • 【Mag-Safe 3-in-1 Wireless Charging Stand】PETINO Mag Safe Charger 3 in 1 makes fast charging safe and easy. The built-in super strong magnet makes alignment instantly and precisely, just 1 second to achieve lightning fast wireless charging. The iphone magsafe charger can hold your iphone horizontally and vertically, or in any directions. The anti-slip design on the bottom makes charging safer.
  • 【Wireless Charging Station for Multiple Devices】Our magsafe charger stand provides 3 parts to charging your iphone, Apple Watch, AirPods at the same time. Charging three devices simultaneously, and no interfere with each other. Say goodbye to messy desktop and enjoy your life. The fast wireless charging station compatible with iPhone 14 ,13,12 Pro Max/Pro/Mini/Plus, Apple Watch series Ultra 8/7/SE/6/5/4/3/2/1,Airpods 2/3/Pro.
  • 【Fast Wireless Charger for iPhone】The iPhone Mag-Safe charger has passed hundreds of tests in our laboratory. It takes 3 hours to fully charge the iphone from 0 to 100, and some of them take 3.5 hours. (Depends on battery condition and and the ambient temperature). It is highly recommended to charge without a case or use a case with Mag-Safe. Supporting fast magnetic charging for iphone (non-magnetic phone case should be less than 3mm) and apple watch.
  • 【Foldable and Portable Magnetic Charger】Our Wireless Charging Pad is foldable in the iphone and apple watch part, which is extremely convenient for travel. Pull up the panel of the iphone magnetic charging pad from the bulge, you can adjust the angle of the panel about 110°. Push up the part of the Apple Watch charger part from the bottom until it stands upright. 2 angles adjustable.
  • 【What You will Get】 Magnetic 3-1 Wireless Charging Station 22.5W with fast Adapter(faster than other chargers), Magnetic iphone charger 10w, Airpods charger 10w,Apple magnetic watch charger 2.5w. User Manual; 24-hour friendly Customer Service. Any dissatisfaction, please be sure to contact us in advance. Don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or concerns about our product, and we will get you back promptly.
  • Dimensions: 9.25 x 4.1 x 1.57 inches

Pros & Cons


95% to Perfection. I was very surprised with how nicely this worked out. Build quality is great, it doesn’t feel cheap at all. Everything works great. I have an iPhone 11 Max Pro using a MagSafe case and they work perfectly. My AirPods Pro are also in a MagSafe case and it does work great too (although sometimes there’s a 10 second delay for it to start charging). The watch also charges flawlessly. My only complaints and hope for a change in the future are: 1) the AirPods charging area is a slight depression so you can put your AirPods inside. My problem is I have a case in mine so it doesn’t exactly fit. I wish this location could have been flat with perhaps just a print on it where to put your AirPods or better yet utilize the MagSafe alignment so it automatically adjusted/aligned. I use it also for charging my kindle so again I don’t see a use for the AirPod depression. 2) I wish there was just a little more spacing. I can put my kindle on it but I have to push the Watch receiver down. Honestly it would probably fit if I had 1-2cm more in width. Alternatively it might fit if the phone charger part swapped positions with the AirPods. Then the kindle could charge on the left and phone on the middle and watch on the right. 3) The charging cable is nice and clean and it tucks away underneath nicely. My ly complaint is the cable length. I have it on my nightstand and normally I would like to have my cable go along the back and to the power strip but with cord’s current length I have to run it down the side of the nightstand which makes the cord very visible and ruins the clean aesthetics. I’ll have to get a power cord extension for an extra 2 feet so it can go along the back. Honestly my preference would have been to have the power be via USB-C so that I can just throw the unit into my travel kit without taking the charging cable but I get that doing it via USB-C has its own challenges since we’re talking 25 watts and you would need a nicer charging block to plug into. However if you did use USB-C I could get the exact length cable and wouldn’t have to worry about extension cords. I originally wasn’t planning on taking this with me when I travel but honestly with how durable this is (nice block of aluminum) and it has all three chargers together I think it’ll be my goto solution for travel as well since my current travel solution takes up much more space than this would. So despite the three things I noted for improvement- which really are pretty minor - I think this is the perfect solution for both nightstand and travel. If you like one at your desk this will be great too. I’ll keep an eye on this company and if a new one comes out I’ll likely upgrade and keep the first one in my travel kit or use it on my desk or something. Overall I highly recommend. I’ll update if anything changes down the road.

Best 3 in 1 on the market! I was skeptical at first. With a discounted price of only 65 dollars and on top of that Amazon offered another 30% off once the item was in the cart making this product only 48 dollars. This 3 in 1 seemed too good to be true. This product is perfect. The foldaway feature of the MagSafe mount gives this a flat foldaway for putting in a bag during travel and the foldout makes it a perfect stand. This product has strong magnets and so far everything seems perfect about this product. I was previously looking at the belkin pad pro which retails for around 130$ right now. Coming from a name brand that product seemed perfect. This product offers every feature that one offers and more with the foldable MagSafe phone mount. Another option I was looking at was the anker cube 3 in 1 however I didn’t like how that product felt like just a charger built for travel while this product feels like a travel charger and at home perfect bedside charger. This product offers the same quality as that of anker and belkin for 1/3 the price with a few more features than both. To be critical, the charging cable included absolutely sucks. It’s very short only about 2 1/2 feet and uses a proprietary DC port. This cable is attached permanently to the brick and is not separable. If this product used USB-C it would be the no brainer product for anyone looking for a 3 in 1 no competition. This only other negative to this product is it’s quite hard to raise the phone mount to its extended height position. I understand this is due to the hinges needed to be sturdy to support the weight of the heavy phone but it still feels quite difficult to pull the MagSafe charger to the extended position. There’s a small tab which you get your nail in to do this and as someone with small nails I found it quite difficult to do. However I must note that the other product the belkin pad pro also uses the same proprietary DC port so this is equivalent to that product in this way.

Solid Portable Charger. This wireless charger is a solid, well built option for travel and stationary use. I chose this brand because I wanted something that was not a majority plastic and that would look nice/tidy on a night stand or desk. It has simplified my travel packing experience, and as someone who is not naturally the most organized person, that is very important to me! I find that it charges my devices all fairly quickly. Sometimes it feels like it is slow to watch my AirPods and watch, but I suspect those may be limitations of the devices/tech themselves. If I could change anything about this charging stand it would be only two things--increased range of motion for the phone stand (so the phone could be angled more upright) and a USB-C power cord. These would be great "nice to haves," but at the end of the day I think this was still the best fit in charging stands for me even without those features. Overall, the device meets my needs very well. I highly recommend it to anyone looking for a high quality, simple solution for charging their devices when traveling.

Really well made and works well. The charging pads pop up easily and stay in the position you have set them. Aluminum case should be great for dissipating heat, and it looks good on a desktop. My iPhone 14 Pro stays in place in any orientation using a magsafe case. It seems to charge well, similar to my Apple magsafe cables. As others have commented, it is a bit heavy for travel (because of the high build quality), but not really a problem. I'd rather travel with this than a cheap plastic charging base. It's worth the money.

It Works As it Should. I was having a tough time getting my iPhone 13 Pro Max to stay in place on my previous charging stand. That one didn't have a magnetic spot for holding the phone so it would be mis-aligned at times and my phone wouldn't get charged. Now with this new charger, I can just place my phone down exactly where it shows and it's charging. No way to know it out of alignment. Never having to wake up to a dead phone again is a real treat. Same goes for the Apple Watch charger. Place the watch down in the right place and it gets charged. I would buy again if I needed another one for some odd reason.

2 Indicator lights and 3 charging spots? Ok its cool. 10 minutes out of the box review. Has good heft to it the Amazon clone army of reviewers were not wrong. So pickup up your phone or watch off the magnet won't lift the whole unit. The weight is nice. The center induction pad for the Airpods also works on my Bose earbuds case so that is a huge plus. the hinges are solid hard moving so they stick to the positions you want them in. They are tough to move but not to tough. Obviously lost a start for the 2 indicator lights and 3 charging positions. I would love to hear the explanation why a 3rd tiny led was cost prohibitive. I'm sure there is a design reason. My only other design comment would be it would be nice if the watch stand popped up but was connected on the right side vs the bottom. To be clear the 3 o'clock position would have been better than the 6 o'clock position. This would have given it a little more height and better access for the bands that are loops that just loosen and tighten but remain loops.


Pretty good design with some minor flaws. To start, I'd say this is a better product than most options out there. Its form factor is nice in that it folds completely flat for easy portability, and the weight is also nice as its heavy enough to not lift off of the table when removing a phone from the pretty powerful magnets. 1. I deducted a star because I got a card in the box asking me for a review and that a 5 star review would get me $40 in amazon credit. I don't agree with that method and I believe its a little shady to say the least. 2. The plug is a dedicated plug that is specific to this unit. If it breaks, it will be near impossible to replace. My preference would have been a usb 2.0 connection. This also makes it easier for travelling as typically i have quite a few usb 2.0 cords as I think many people always have one of those around. This just makes for an extra item to carry with you. 3. The charging isnt very fast, especially if you have two phones on the charger. But even just the main charger, isn't very fast. Its not slow, but its not what I've come to expect with something termed a "fast charger". Quality wise: Very high quality and sturdy design. Look: its very nice looking, very clean design and low profile when folded. Overall I would definitely buy this again, I may buy another as it is. The few cons definitely don't outweigh the overall good product that this is. Maybe the next model can include some of what I said above.

Non-Standard power cable - Would not buy again. Uses a non-USB/USBC power cable, which is very short, limiting it's use. The fact that you cannot extend the power cable makes this less usable. Had I not thrown the box away, I would have returned this. Would not buy again.

This is NOT a genuine MagSafe Charger, but seems to charge as such. This charger, despite the claim, is NOT a MagSafe charger. It does NOT incorporate the Apple MagSafe technology. Note that, "Such products will be marked with a 'Made for MagSafe' badge." This one sure is NOT. On the other hand, the charger does seem to function as a MagSafe charger in that the charging symbol in the iPhone 13 Pro Max and the Apple Watch 8 DO display the MagSafe charging symbol when engaged with the charger.

Decent. The unit overall is good, however the phone charging pad doesn’t always hold my iPhone 11 in place when it’s past 40ish degrees of tilt. It will slide off and drop off to my desk.

I was sent a USED item. Purchase experience: I bought 3 of these items for me and my family as a gift. 2 silver and 1 golden. 2 of them were nicely packed and seal while the golden one, clearly was a return that had already been open and tested by other customer and just resealed. If I am paying full price for a brand new item, I’d like it to be brand new NOT open like new. It impacts my trust in the product and my customer experience. ITEM FACTS - it works - comparing the magnet strength to my previous charger, I rate the strength as a weak hold. Is not bad nor good. I am used to the magnet being super strong, which is my preference. With this item You don’t have to hold the base to detach the phone, but the phone stays in place well. So it does its job, however if accidentally hit the phone, it will detach. - overall the design and material is excellent. Except the cable it would be nice to have a usb-c port instead. Would I recommend this product? Yes Am I happy with my customer experience paying full price for a used/open item? No

Not being USB based is offensively bad. In the product description it said, "Total USB ports 1", so I assumed it used a standard USB port (most likely USB-C). Nope. It has a non-standard port/adapter. This means you have to take that adapter with you can hope it doesn't get damaged, lost, or mis-matched (which can be a hazard). Someone else posted a comment saying they didn't want USB, but failed to understand that USB-C can carry far *more* power than the power adapter they went with for this device. The manufacturer should've put a USB-C port on this and then just let us use our own USB-C cables and adapters (just specifying how much power was needed). That would've been cheaper *and* better. I guess this is why the EU (and other governments) had to mandate such things by law.

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