Mac Book Pro Charger – 110W USB C Charger Power Adapter for MacBook Pro 13, 14, 15, 16 Inch, MacBook Air 13 Inch 2021/2020/2019/2018, iPad Pro and All USB C Device, Included 6.6ft USB-C to C Cable

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Looking forward to a safe, reliable and high-efficiency charging experience?

Come to Basickaws 110W laptop charger

Full security protection

Built-in safety protection system, intelligent identification chip, effectively avoid short circuit, over-voltage, over-current, and other safety hazards, charging faster and safer.Safely charge, refuse to explode when hot.

Featuring up to 110W output total.

Much faster than 67W while charging MacBook Pro 14 inch.

Faster than 96W Charge Pro 16 inch: 1h 30mins

Faster than 87W Charge Pro 15 inch: 1h 20mins

Get Longer Battery Life But Not Longer Charge Time

Universal Compatibility

Usb c intelligently output support 140W, 118W, 110W, 106W, 100w, 96W, 90W, 87W, 67W, 65W, 61W, 45W, 30W, 29W, 25W, 20W according to your MacBook, Lenovo, HP, Dell, Surface laptop or any other USB-C devices. Universal for all USB-C Interface devices with just one cable & Perfect match usb c to mag safe 3 cable to charge 2021 macbook pro.

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One Charger for All USB C Devices

Compatible with any USB-C Laptops:

Compatible with MacBook Pro 14-inch 2021(A2442)

Compatible with MacBook Pro 16-inch 2021, 2019(A2166)

Compatible with MacBook Pro 15-inch 2021,2018, 2017, 2016 (A1706/ A1707/ A1708/ A1719)

Compatible with MacBook Pro 13-inch 2021, 2020, 2019, 2018, 2017, 2016 (A1706/ A1707/ A1708/ A1718/ A1989/ A2159)

Compatible with MacBook Pro 13-inch 2020 (M1) (A2251/ A2289/ A2338)

Compatible with MacBook Air 13-inch 2020 (New), 2019, 2018A (a2337 M1/ a2179/ a1932)

Compatible with MacBook Retina 12-inch Early 2017, 2016, 2015 (A1534/ A1540/ A1646)

Compatible with MacBook Air Retina 13-inch 2020(New), 2019, 2018

Compatible with any USB-C Tablets:

Compatible with iPad Pro 12.9-inch 2020, 2018 (A1876/ A1895/ A1983/ A2014/ A2069/ A2229/ A2232/ A2233)

Compatible with iPad Pro 11-inch 2020, 2018 (A1934/ A1979/ A1980/ 2013/ A2068/ A2228/A2230/ A2231)

Compatible with iPad Air 4/ Fourth Generation10.9-inch (A2072/ A2316/ A2324/ 2325)

Compatible with any USB-C androidphone: Samsung Galaxy, Google Pixel, LG, Moto, One plus etc

And for MORE type c charger interface devices: Nintendo Switch , headphones, game consoles, cameras, smartwatches, computers

laptop charger usb c

macbook pro charger usb c

macbook charger usb c

Foldable Design

With the foldable design, it will take less space of your bag and keep this adapter more durable. Besides, folding it in your bag when you go out, it also prevents your other devices from being scratched.

Strong Power Cord

Our usb c to c charging cord with precision PVC shielding, resistant to fraying and wear-related damage. Pass 20,000+ times bending test, super strong for daily use.

Intelligent Output

Built-in emark chip and made of thicker copper wire. Support max 5A current and 110W power through. With the features of intelligent output of high efficiency current ​according to your device.

mac book charger

macbook air charger usb c

mac book pro charger

Efficient Transmission

In addition to fast charging, it is also suitable for charging, synchronization and data transmission between different USB C devices. High-speed data transfer Up to 480Mbps.

Safe Charging

Built-in safety protection system, intelligent identification chip, effectively avoid short circuit, over-voltage, over-current, and other safety hazards, charging faster and safer.

Compact Size

It‘s small, slim and streamlined frame easily fits in your bag so you can take it everywhere you need. Ideal for office and home as your mac laptop charger replacement.

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Enough Length

Features & Specifications

  • 110W Fast Charger: Basickaws 110W Mac charger has a high charging efficiency of up to 97%. It can fully charge most laptops in about 1 hour and 20 minutes, fast charging MacBook Pro 16 inch to 100% in about 1h 30mins. Our MacBook usb c charger can charge most mobile phones from 0% to 80% in 20 minutes. Owning it allows you to charge quickly and efficiently at home, office or on the go, and solve all charging problems for you.
  • Wide Compatibility: Our usb c Mac Book charger specially designed for MacBook Pro 16, 15, 14, 13 inch, New MacBook Air 13 inch 2021/2020/2019/2018, iPad Pro 12.9, 11 inch 2020/2018 and iPad Pro/Air and all type c interface devices. This Mac Pro charger with intelligently output features, support 140W, 118W, 110W, 106w, 100W, 96W, 90W, 87W, 67W, 65W, 61W, 45W, 30W, 29W, 25W, 20W model according to your devices such as iPad, laptops and android phones. Provide the most efficient output current.
  • Safe and Durable: Our mac laptop charger built-in IC chip technology, provides protection of over-current, short-circuit, over-heating, over-voltage. Usb c to c long mac charger cord built-in emark clip and made of thicker copper wire. Thus, it suport intelligently output safe and efficient current. Passing BW-TC17 test, the type-c cable can be 180 degree bend 20000+ times. Above attributes provide a longer service life for your devices.
  • Foldable and Portable: The macbook charger usb c with a foldable plug which can protecting screen from scratches and the charging efficiency is higher than the original charger, make this Macbook Air charger more portable for travel. The 6.6ft long cable macbook air charger allows you to easily charge your laptop or Android phone whether you are working or lying in bed.
  • Customer Service: We are committed to providing high quality mac book laptop power adapter at competitive prices and bring more convenience to all buyers life. Believe that our products will bring you a pleasant experience. If you have any questions about the items, please feel free to contact our customer service team, we will reply you within 24 hours.
  • Dimensions: 3 x 3 x 1 inches
  • Weight: 10.2 ounces

Pros & Cons


Good replacement. First impression was excellent. The form-factor for the replaceable plug piece of the adapter was an near perfect match for the Apple plug and an Apple power cord. These are the components that plug into the wall, not the USB-C cord. Where I needed the power, I didn't have space to plug the brick directly into the outlet and I didn't want yet another extension/power-strip, so I shopped for a replacement that clearly showed the replaceable plug. This adapter worked perfectly for me and an existing Apple branded power cord (not included.) No experience yet with longevity or heat production.

Thankful. After accidentally damaging the original I sort of freaked. I’m really thankful that the cord worked like a charm. I sort bent this cord too but it’s still charging. This will my go to when or if this one gives out.

Great Alternative Charger for a Great Price. I am currently a student and everyone who has a charger like this from apple knows how expensive these chargers are. As a student I do not have the best financial situation currently so when I lost my charger I had to find an alternative. I have had this charger for almost a couple months and I cannot say anything but good things about this charger. It was delivered swiftly with great packaging. FIVE STARS ALL AROUND!!!


Charger died within 2mo, metled apart, almost caused fire. Was using this charger for 2 months for my Mac. All the time it was extremely hot but didn't pay much attention until one day it stopped charging. When i looked into it the plastic charger was deformed (partially melted). Luckily, it didn't cause any fire when left unattended.

Only used for 3 months. I had this product for 3 months, now it end up in recycle, the charger stopped charging my computer, i thought it was my computer problem until i bought a new one from best buy…it's waste of money

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