Charmast USB C Portable Charger, Slim Power Bank 5V 3A Fast Charging Battery Pack

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Charmast slim portable charger usb c 10400mAhCharmast power bankCharmast portable charger


Keep our electronics full of power

Charmast slim portable charger, usb c power bank

  • Model: W1056, Color: Blue
  • Dimensions: 5.67*2.64*0.6inch, Item weight: 228g/0.5lb
  • Rated Energy:38.48Wh, Capacity:10400mAh
  • 2 x Input ports: Micro input 5V-2A, USB C input 5V-3A;
  • 3 x Output ports: USB C 5V-3A single max, USB 1/2 5V-3A single max;
  • Total output (USB 1/2 + USB C output )5V 3A (15W) max;
  • Recharging Time: Appro 4.5 hours via usb c input by 5V/3A speed
  • Charge for iPhone and Android perfectly
  • Super Slim and portable
  • Handy size and lightweight
  • Universal compatibility
  • Multiports

digital display

usb c fast in and out

charge 3 devices

Convenient digital led power display screen will clearly show remaining battery level.

Its USB C port can be used as input or output, fast charging in/out at 5V/3A speed.

This slim 10400mAh power bank can charge 3 devices max at the same time (2 USB A + USB C).

portable slim

airplane allowed


Sim portable charger with handy size

5.67*2.64*0.6inch, weight: 228g/0.5lb

Meet most of airport’s standard, it can be taken on planes without any problem. Easily go through the airport security.

1 x portable charger, 1 x pouch, 1 x user manual, 1 x a to c cable

Universal compatibility

Portable Charger, Charmast Slim 10400mAh Portable Charger Power Bank for Almost All Cell Phones or Tablets

Battery Type: High Density Lithium Polymer

Compatible with iPhone, iPad, Samsung, Google Pixel, LG, Motorola, HTC, OnePlus, Noval, Blackberry, Huawei, Xiaomi, Oppo, phones and tablets…

Portable charger for universal phones.

Widely compatible with iPhone 13, iPhone 13 Pro, iPhone 13 Pro Max, iPhone 12 Pro Max, iPhone 12, iPhone 7, iPhone 11, iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone 8 Plus, iPhone 12 Pro, iPhone X, iPhone XR, iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max etc, Samsung Galaxy S21, S21 Ultra, S20 FE 5G, Galaxy A52 5G, Note 20 Ultra 5G, S10 Plus, S10, S10e, Note 9, S9 Plus, Galaxy S9, Note 8, Galaxy Fold, Flip 3 and Fold 3 Series, Galaxy A9, Galaxy A8 Plus, LG G7 ThinQ, V40 ThinQ, V35 ThinQ, Stylo 4, Q7+, K8 (2018), G8 ThinQ, G6, Q6, Moto G7, Moto G6, G7 Power, G7 Plus, G7 Play, Moto Z2 Play, E5, G6 Plus, Z3 Play, E5 Plus etc, Google Pixel 5A, Pixel 6, Pixel 6 Pro etc, OnePlus 9, OnePlus 9 Pro etc, Xiaomi Mi 9, Mi 8 Pro, Mi Mix 3, Mi 8, Mi Mix 2S, Xiaomi Pocophone F1, Xiaomi Mi 8 Lite, Mi A2, Mi Note 3 etc and Huawei, Oppo, TCL Smart Phones etc. Portable charger with usb c port 3A fast in or out. Wonderful portable charger for everyone daily use.

Features & Specifications

  • ⚡【Fast 5V 3A USB C Output Input】: Portable charger supports fast 5V 3A high speed USB C output, well work for all Android (USB C output) cellphones, tablets, and other usb c gadgets. You may use this power bank for android or iPhones great with the optimal 5V charging speed. Besides, battery pack type c port can output input both directions, best portable charger for iPhone 13, 12, 11, Samsung S21, S20 and more cell phones.
  • ⚡【2 Inputs 3 Outputs】: You can recharge this battery pack smoothly via its USB C (5V 3A) input or its Micro input (5V-2A) conveniently. And fully recharged this power bank only needs 4.5 Hours via its USB C Input. Besides, portable charger totally designed with 3 outputs, that means you can charge 3 devices max simultaneously, share portable battery with your friends or family happily and each output max reach up to 5V 3A output. Total 3 outputs can reach up to 15W max.
  • ⚡【10400mAh Slim Portable Charger】Portable charger could charge iPhone 8 for 3.6 times, a Galaxy S8 2.3 times, or an iPad mini 6 1.2 times; It's also compatible with Samsung, LG, Google Pixel, Motorola, Xiaomi, Huawei, OnePlus, Oppo too. Only 16mm thickness, easily slide into pockets, purse or bags; minimalist and sleek design offers a great grip; great for all ages or gender to use.
  • ⚡【Smart LED Digital Display】 Percentage-based readout shows you the accurate battery level. No more guessing the remaining power and when to recharge. A very practical portable charger for android cell phones or iPhones on your daily life.
  • ⚡【Safe Reliable Portable Charger】UL 2056, CE, RoHS, FCC certified manufacturing quality. Built-in intelligent safeguards protect your devices against excessive current flow, overheating and overcharging, more safe to use; 12 month Support Service. Do not miss this wonderful portable charger.
  • Dimensions: 2.68 x 5.71 x 0.51 inches
  • Weight: 6.6 ounces

Pros & Cons


Love it! Initially charging it up didn't take more than an hour! It was already at 70 something percent. From there, it lasted the whole 10 hour trip from Northern Virginia to Tennessee! I probably didn't need to charge it back up for the trip home but did anyways - and it took minutes to get back to 100%. My phone was under 50% on the way down, and I was at 100 in normal timing and the charger was at 80 something. On the way back, it charged my phone from halfway to full in good timing again, and charged his phone from 15% to 50% at the same time. Very light and easy to carry around! Love the style and screen! Definitely a good buy!

Great value! This is pretty light and i love that you can press the button to see how much battery is left. It comes in very handy when we’re out hunting Pokémon and don’t want our phones to die.

Great portable charger, fast charger and the batery last long. I absolute love this portable charger and the price is great. It does what it needs to do, it's fast charging, and last long enough. I normally charge my phone in the car plus my Earbuds, and I can use it for a whole week without re-charging it.

pretty good and recommend but... when i first unboxed the product and plugged it in to charge, it started blinking numbers. i didn't know if it was charging or if it was an error. turns out that it was charging but i recommend the company to tell there customers what the blinking means!!!!! it also takes a whole day to charge but its ok (for me and my schedule)

Not the fastest charger, but for the price definitely a good option. This is a lightweight charger with quality looking materials that you would not be afraid to carry with you to a business meeting. The LCD screen is nice and is bright enough during daytime to let you know how much juice it has left. For my Samsung S21 Ultra, I am able to get 2 full charges with this charger. The charging speed is certainly not something you can compare with a true fast charger, with about %10-15 every hour. It also takes a fairly long time to fully charge it (4+ hrs in my case) however if you are leaving it overnight this is not an issue. Looks and materials-wise this is a great product, however with average charging performance. I would also say that for its price point compared to the much more expensive competition, I think the charging performance is something to be expected. As a person that would never need more than 1 charge a day from it, it is good enough for my needs and at this price point I would recommend it.

Package came with wrong charger for power bank. I’m glad I already had a charger that fits the portable charger because it came with a usb-c charger but has an android charging port. Other than that it works just fine.


Doesn’t fully charge. When I first received the charger and went to charge it before use, it would not charge higher than 93%. I unplugged the charger, let it rest, and then plugged it back in and still nothing. I am disappointed because ideally a product being bought new should be fully functional. There are definitely better, more liable portable chargers available.

Not easy to use. This changer bank I have to replug the USB side every time to get my phone recharge. The charger bank only charge 10 mins each time. I don’t recommend it!

Not very powerful. So the power bank looks super cool and is light weight but it has pretty much no power output. Tried charging my daughters tablet with it and the tablet was LOSING battery with it plugged in… Charges a phone okay but takes forever. More stylish then useful in my opinion

Not long lasting. Worked fine for about a month then stopped holding a charge. Pretty annoying

Great lightweight high capacity but doesn’t last. I’ve had the charger for less than 30 days. I drained the battery while out and about. When I tried to re-charge it nothing happens but a blinking zero. Highly disappointing

Horrible. Horrible project u charge the devise all day and it takes hours to charge one phone

Why Online?

When you are looking for product reviews or product information like features and specs before you take an action to buy it, you may see similar things here and there that major online stores top the list. Why so many people prefer shopping online?

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Aspects You Should Foucus on When Buying Charmast USB C Portable Charger Online

Is Charmast USB C Portable Charger urgently needed? Well, shopping online requires some research that you need to ask yourself some questions. To help you with that, we cover all the important ones and put up a list.

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How to Choose Your Charmast USB C Portable Charger

First of first, you need to follow a brief guide as follows in order to buy something like the Charmast USB C Portable Charger. So let's go through the check list before you take an action.


First, check the price tag for a possible best deal. You can make a price comparison between different sellers or platforms and choose the one that you are satisfied with.


Second, before you buy the Charmast USB C Portable Charger, you should take the brand of the product into account. You may learn to seperate the products for different brands to make a right decision.


Third, a warranty is a must for the Charmast USB C Portable Charger. Nobody likes to spend money on anything that does not last long, right?


Another thing to check for your Charmast USB C Portable Charger is functionality. You can accomplish that by checkcing the features and / or specs. The more features / specs you see, the more functions your Charmast USB C Portable Charger could offer.


Moreover, you must check the dimensions for your Charmast USB C Portable Charger because wrong size may result in wasting time and money. It is highly recommended to learn about the dimensions of the product before any action.


In addition to the above, you should check the color for your Charmast USB C Portable Charger as well. Does it offer color options? Do you like the color of the product? Then check if the color you have selected is available.

Existing Customer Reviews

The last thing to check is customer reviews. No matter how many the features are, no matter how powerful the specs are, you must verify that by lookig into existing customer reviews generally listed right after the features and specs, or before the bottom of the page. See what they say about the products, how they feel and probably an update after one or two months' use. Finally, make a decision to buy or not to.


This is a basic wrap up for buying Charmast USB C Portable Charger online. We hope you will find this helpful. You can follow this shopping guide to get the possible best deal for your own online.

Furthermore, you can do more research yourself to learn more about the best Charmast USB C Portable Charger. If our shopping guide helps you, please share it.

Wish you get a great deal!

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