iPad Charger iPhone Charger【Apple MFi Certified】 [2-Pack] 12W USB Wall Charger Foldable Travel Plug Block with 6FT USB to Lightning Cable Compatible with iPad iPhone, iPad, Airpod

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USB Wall Charger

Ostrich is an North American company dedicated to providing a wide variety of high-quality electronic accessories. All of our products are put through rigorous quality control measures to ensure safe and reliable operation. Our products comply with top industry standards and include safety mechanisms that protect your devices. We are proud to stand behind our products and put our customers first in everything we do.

Product Key Features of High Quality

The Ostrich laptop adapter is a versatile choice for a replacement laptop charger or backup option. It features an extra-long 6-foot power cord for greater flexibility and is compatible with iPad 12W. It also comes with a charging connector adapter so it fits power jacks. The Ostrich 12W iPad charger is optimized for energy efficiency and safety and meets top industry standards.

  • Color: White
  • Charger Output: 5.2V
  • Charger Current: Max 2.4A
  • Charger Input: 100V-240V
  • Charger Material: ABS

portable charger

Power Adapter

12w charger

Designed with SmartID Tech

Charge and recognize your devices and supply the maximum suited charge current(Up to 5V/2.4A per port).So providing compensation voltage due to cable resistance, thus ensuring enough voltage on device.

Widely Compatible Devices

The charger will work for most usb device, from iPhone, iPad, other smartphone to Bluetooth Speaker, Power Bank and more. Charging for Kindle Ebook Reader, Fire Tablet with Micro USB Cable.

Very Ultra-Compact Design

Smaller than credit card,the mini charger is easy to be put in your pocket.will never obstruct other outlets.

Travel  charger

fast charging adapter

power charger with 12w

Fast Charging Design

Fast Charging Technology, 2.4A charge speed,2 times as fast as 5V/1A Charger Wall.4 times as fast as PC USB port and saves you time.

Enough Length Cables

The length of the fast charging cable is 6Ft and it is fully enough for customers to use it anywhere anytime.

High Quality Clips

The charger Internal high quality chips protect your devices from overheating, short-circuiting and over charging.

Features & Specifications

  • 【Apple MFi Certified Lightning Cable】- With the Apple MFi Chip, the USB to lightning cable cord equips automatic chip recognition function. The Apple MFi Certified ensures 100% flawless compatibility with Apple devices. No more trigger warning messages.
  • 【USB Fast Charger for iPad iPhone】- iPad iPhone Charger equipped with 12W USB power delivery wall plug, Quick-Charge USB port provides Max 12W output power, charge your device up to 2.5x faster than original 5W charger, charging your iPhone up to 50% in just 45 minutes, saving over 1hrs for you.
  • 【Safety Efficient Fast Charging】- The Power Delivery Wall Charger for iPhone owns bulit-in multi-protection system, avoiding from over-voltage, over-charge, over-heat, etc. The smart chip including in the MFi certified lightning cable match the current required by the Apple device automatically, charge your iPhone/iPad device fast, safely and steadily.Tangle-free length is convenient for usage while charging and sync at home/office/travel in bed, hotel rooms, and more.
  • 【Compact Design】- Foldable plug and 100-240 volt input ideal for worldwide travel. It fits into your pocket or bag, and ensures stable performance and strong adaptability.
  • 【What You Get】- 2x 12W wall charger, 2 x USB Cable , We offer 24 hours friendly customer service. Please feel free to contact us, If there are any quality issues
  • Weight: 5 ounces

Pros & Cons


Best Replacement Charger for Ipad that I have bought. I have been searching for an iPad charger with adapter to replace my original without paying a lot of money. Most of them I haven't been able to use my iPad while charging. It would still drain the battery. THIS CHARGER WORKS AWESOME! I'm able to work online and charge my iPad as needed without worrying about my iPad battery dying on me. This charger is definitely a great investment!

Works just like the original Apple Lightning cord for my Ipad. SO....not much to go on and on about. I bought this as my cat chewed on my Apple cord and it would not fast charge anymore. I did not like that short 3 foot cord apple gives you I mean seriously...for what we pay for these things you would think they could give you a 6 foot cord. Unless your right next to an outlet you can't sit and use the Ipad while it's charging...its the most retarded thing....geez. SO when the original died I bought this one mainly since it has a 6 foot cord....finally. It charges just as fast as the OEM one or atleast close enough I can't see a difference. Unlike trying to use some generic chargers. The cable length is great...charge rate is great and if the cat doesn't eat this one great. If she does at least it isn't 45 bucks to replace it...unlike APPLE>

Excellent Charger. Comes with 2 cubes and 2 charging cords. Love these chargers. I have bought many charging cords. So many. The last set came with 6. Within 7 months they broke , fell apart. All of them ! They were 12 dollars. Can you say cheap ! They took forever to change too! This is very different. This product is awesome! They charge so fast on both my iPhone and iPad. I have an iPhone 11 and 6th generation iPad. It even charges up while using it. The cubes it comes with are 12volt That is the same as what came with my original product. People complain about the product getting hot .? It gets barely warm like any other charger. The only thing I notice is if you let your page stay open especially on a game then my iPad gets very hot. That has nothing to do with the charger though. This is a good buy. They are a little longer then your original. I really like buying 12ft cords but they do not work the same as these and trust me I have used all kinds and sizes. Thanks for a good product. 1 week with no issues thus far. Thank you for selling a quality item as listed.

Exceeded expectations! Just buy it. I know many reviewers say this, but I honestly never write reviews unless I'm highly impressed or extremely dissatisfied with a product. This charger definitely exceeded my expectations and am very happy with the purchase. I bought this charger for my daughter's slightly older iPad because we were having so many difficulties with the battery life. We not only had the frustration of the time it took to charge the iPad when it was low/dead (7-8 hours to fully charge!), but even more aggravating was that the device would lose it's charge when in use... when it was plugged in! I was just using a typical micro type iphone/iPad charger that is sold at Walmart/Target. I've seen the lightning chargers at those discount stores, but the cheapest 6 ft cord was over $20. I decided to browse Amazon and saw this item with really good reviews. After reading many of the reviews that stated that this charger resolves all the issues I was having with a standard micro iPhone/iPad charger, I decided to just try it out. When I received it and plugged it in, the device charged completely within 2.5 hours, which is a drastic difference! When my daughter ran the battery down to 10% and wanted to play a game on it, I had her plug it in with this charger. It not only kept it's battery level while in use, it continued to increase the iPad's battery level towards being fully charged! This charger is everything I was looking for and at only $13, it's well worth the money. I will enthusiastically recommend this item(s) to friends and family and will likely buy a couple more. If you are having any of the difficulties that I described, just buy it. Thanks for reading this!

Outstanding product! My grand children each have iPads which they use in my home. They were having problems charging them with their current apple chargers. It was taking hours for them to charge which was becoming very frustrating. I Purchased this product to see if it would make a difference or if it was possibly the input on the iPad itself. After plugging in the first iPad we were extremely excited to see that it was completely charged within one hour. We had the same results with all three of the iPads. For this reason, I will definitely be ordering more of these chargers to replace all of my other ones. It delivered 100%. Not only is the product itself great but it also came with a nice heavy duty case for storing it in and the packaging Was very sturdy and secure. I highly recommend this product.

Perfect Charger. Perfect Charger for a great and fast recharge! I was able to use charger in car by pulling off adapter and keep the babies ipad fully charged on the long trip while she stayed occupied. The length of the cord although I don't know measurements is extremely long. She sat in her car seat which of course is elevated and the charger was plugged in the front area by the radio with still plenty of length. Chargers in the past have died so quick, I've had to order back to back. This Ostrich charger, now going on 2 months with continuous charging power. Great buy!


Slow…….ugh. I need chargers for my IPad. I work on my IPad and need a constant charge. I cannot wait all day for the IPad to charge to 100% but this charger takes hours to get to 100%. These chargers are very very slow in charging my IPad. Not sure why. I bought cheaper ones that were Lightning fast. The cord length of 6 ft is good. They look like they are made well . But the charging time, is exceptionally slow and for this reason only, I cannot recommend.

Wrong advertisement. This is wrong advertisement. I brought it because it mentioned the 6 ft USB cable. Mine came with a 3 ft USB cable X 2. I feel even worst I sent same day an order for my daughter. She would benefit better from a 6 ft cable. I’m very disappointed. I brought it for my travels. Leave this week. Never again.

I'm no mathematician but I'm pretty sure this isn't 6ft. The cable is fine, they work fine, but I specifically went with this brand because it says 6ft in the title and these and not 6 ft. They are 3ft. See picture for scale, the box is on the floor and I'm holding them up to the door knob for reference.

Does not work for EVERY IPad. I bought this because my other charger was starting to not work. When it came in it was a lot shorter than I wanted but was long enough to work so I didn't mind. However, it did not fit into the charging port for my IPad no matter which way I turned it. It's not a lot of money but I still could have used the money on something else. It coming with a bag was the only plus side of the purchase.

Does NOT work with 5th gen ipad. Does NOT work with 5th gen ipad

Works but not as well as original. Charger works and charges but it does not put out the same charge amount as the original. If charging my 13” IPad, while I am doing serious work on the iPad, like numbers crunching or surfing, the charger will not keep up like the original would.

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