CASEKOO Crystal Clear Designed for iPhone 13 Pro case

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Features & Specifications

  • [Crystal Clear & Never Yellow]: Using high-grade Bayer's ultra-clear TPU and PC material, allowing you to admire the original sublime beauty for iPhone 13 Pro while won't get oily when used. "Never yellow" thanks to the nano-grade diamond anti-oxidation coating which can effectively resist 99.9% of yellowing caused by ultraviolet rays and sweat.
  • [Military-grade Protection]: Equipped with Flex-impact Cushion Tech to disperse severe shocks, guaranteed with [MIL-STD-810G] standard. The backplane is made with rigid polycarbonate and flexible shockproof TPU bumpers around the edge to create tough protection.
  • [Raised Camera & Screen Protection]: Raised bezels prevent screen and camera against drops & scratches. The tiny design of 2.5 mm lips over camera, 1.2 mm bezels over screen and 0.5 mm raised corner lips on the back provides extra and comprehensive protection.
  • [Fit Snugly & Slim Design]: Crystal Clear Case wraps seamlessly around your phone to stop dust from entering and scratching your phone. And pairs perfectly with most screen protectors in market. 0.04 inch ultra-slim allows your phone to fit easily your pocket.
  • [Anti-fingerprints & Non-slip Grip]: Processed TPU frame provides a secure non-slip grip designed for texting, gaming and selfies. Upgraded ultra-clean backplane, adding exclusive AF Anti-fingerprint coating can effectively reduce fingerprint residues and enjoy long-term cleanliness.
  • Dimensions: 6.5 x 3.31 x 0.51 inches
  • Weight: 2.46 ounces

Pros & Cons


Best case you can find for your new phone. The media could not be loaded. Really enjoy reviewing products that work and that are affordable. This is the second time if order a case from casekoo. I like the case that I currently have for my iphone 12 pro and now that im getting the iphone 13 pro i decided to go with them again.. this case doesnt turn yellow after a while i had mine for over a year now and it still looks great. If you are using wireless charging this case works great for that some that i have seen are to bulky and you have to take the phone of the case in order to charge the phone.. i have dropped my phone several times case and phone still good nothing broken.. so if your looking for a new clear case to show your new phone i suggest to go with this one.. they also have different colors and styles on their store please check them out

great product. The crystal clear iphone 13 pro case looks very stylish! I think it will definitely show my new iphone‘s original beauty because it’s ultra clear! There are 4 built-in airbags in the corner and raised border around the camera which it’s great! 3 thumbs up!

Great case for iphone. The media could not be loaded. I been using the case since last 2 years did my early models. I have dropped the phone multiple times in the last and the case was savior. The new case is equally good and strong with sleek packing . Enjoying so far

Fast Delivery. Waiting on phone delivery. Merchandise was delivered fast. The case looks great, clear case will make the phone color stand out that makes is more appealing and personalized. Material looks sturdy and protective. Free stand from work well. follow up review when i get the phone. Update… I got my iPhone13 and the case fits like a glove. Edges are well protected. Please see pictures for reference. Favorite case.

Simple-Elegant-Precise. This case is absolutely beautiful. All button cut-outs and covers are dead-on center (check out the precision cut-out for the ear speaker, awesome). The gripping of the edge surface around the case perimeter is stunningly firm, precise, yet delicate in that you know it doesn’t leave any scratches or markings. The material is rubberized meaning a beautiful combination between softness to absorbed impact energy from a drop, protecting side walls and screen from damage, yet firm enough to grip, grab, and not allow the phone to slip out . Very easy to apply but challenging to take off meaning this case stays on the job. Finally, I’ve purchased the ‘Clear’ case to show the beauty of my ‘Gold’ iPhone and have not seen any signs of fading or yellowing.

CRYSTAL CLEAR & NOT BULKY! Typical careless iPhone girl upgrades her iPhone and decides to get a case! APPROVED. This case is not bulky and is raised just ever so slightly on the front & back camera to make sure your phone is raised just the perfect amount to not scratch the screen or camera lenses. The material and sides make the phone a good grip. Comes with a portable phone stand! :) For this cheap price I’m happy. It’s crystal clear on the back. The sides are VERY slightly an opaque kind of clear I’m assuming because the material for grip. Hoping this doesn’t yellow as advertised and will update my review if it ever does. 5/5 buy. EDIT*******: This case has very very slightly turned yellow on me. I can tell on the bumpers / sides it’s not as crystal clear as before. Still a great case, I don’t change my opinion but yellowing is annoying on clear cases.


BIG UGLY CASEKOO LOGO ON SIDE OF PHONE. Don’t buy. White logo on side of phone. Unless you’re Nike, don’t put your ugly logo on stuff

Yellowing fast. Purchased this case on sep 29th 2021, and it already started yellowing and it’s only October 14th 2021 :(. Other then that the sturdiness and durability are nice.

Great case but slippery. This case looks great, even feels great but there’s a significant problem—it’s too slippery. It looks and feels like a solid case but the back side of it is just too slick, almost as slick as the anti-fingerprint glass covers. I’ve dropped mine already because of this reason and I don’t want a case if it causes me to drop it more. The sides are not slippery so that’s a plus. I just don’t feel confident that it won’t slide out of my hands accidentally when I pull it out for a picture. My wife has a similar case but different brand and it does not have this problem.

Not enough protection. The phone did not survive 12 feet drop with this case. The case seems sturdy but for normal use only. As a handyman I needed a stronger case.

poor product. This cover damaged the edges of my cell. Be very careful when choosing a product to protect your cell. I am very upset about the damage caused to my cell.

Failed to Protect. As you can see by the pictures, your phone WILL break in this case. Mine slipped out of my pocket while sitting in a restaurant booth. I’d say it fell about 2-3 feet, and this was the end result. Would not recommend :/

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