Cobra CXT195 3P – Compact Walkie Talkies for Adults – Rechargeable, Lightweight, 22 Channels, 16-Mile Range Two-Way Radio Set (3-Pack)

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walkie talkielong rangeeasy to use


road trip


For the camping

When there’s no cell phone service in the campground, the walkie talkie are ideal for backing the camper into the spot.It will be more reliable than the mobile phone.

For the road trip

You would have an easy form of communication between the vehicles with the walkie talkie. This is so much better than fiddling with the phones trying to call each other.

For the younger

This is a amazing gift for the kids.They can talk to each other indoor and outdoor.And you don’t have to worry about your child’s mobile phone radiation and breakage.


mutli-model talk


Well worth it

Each package contains the Micro-usb charger and enough batteries.You can charge your walkie-talkies at the same time. If you need more chargers and batteries, please con/tact us.

Multi-model talk

The M920 walkie talkie can communicate with other FRS walkie talkies. Just set them on the same channel

NOAA weather alert

The walkie-talkie not only makes it easier for you to communicate with your family. And when the weather gets worse, you can know it in advance by turning on the NOAA function.

Features & Specifications

  • 【Longer stand-by time】 Each radio comes with 3*1000MAh NI-MH AA rechargeable batteries.The larger volume provides longer standby about 62 hours.With the micro-USB cable, you can charge the radio by power bank or vehicle adaptor when you are outdoors.
  • 【Compatible with Any Radio】 You can communicate with other FRS radios regardless of brand by being on the same channel and privacy code. Easy Voice and Sound Activation Transmission (eVOX) with 17 sensitivity levels for hands-free operation
  • 【Wide use】This radio provides long range communication and clear sound for hiking, biking, camping trip, road trip, cruise ship and so on. It is also a great communication tool for kids and the elder to talk to others at home.
  • 【NOAA WEATHER ALERT】NOAA Weather Scan will automatically scan through 24 available weather (WX) band channels and locks onto the strongest weather channel to alert you of severe weather updates. NOAA Weather Alert will sound an alarm indicating that there is a risk of severe weather in your area.
  • 【More features】Push to talk (PTT) button; 8 adjustable volumes; 10 call tone settings; Keypad lock (only PTT button work); Scanning function for busy channel; 22 channel, 38 CTCSS privacy codes and 97 DCS privicy codes; Great customer shopping experience.
  • Weight: 1.41 pounds

Pros & Cons


It's ok. I live in a mountainous region so the range isn't very far when you go around the hills. Less than a mile. Will try different terrain and edit.

Great so far. I bought these so that my daughter can keep in touch with me as well as her friend that lives on the same block. She does not have a phone and this was a cheaper option. She has used it between her friend and the range works great. We recently took them camping and she was able to go a ways away on her bike and still keep in touch with me. The battery life has been wonderful we have been using them constantly since we got them 5 days ago and they are still fully charged The walkie talkies are easy to use and change channels. I would definitely recommend these if you have multiple people going in different directions and you want to keep track of each other.

Miles are wrong. Doesn’t reach out to the distance that’s told!

Too Complicated for Young Kids (3-7 years old). First of all, these would probably be great radios for older kids and adults. Lots of features, clear transmission, good range. However, it is too easy for young kids to inadvertently switch channels and mess up other settings, resulting in no communications. Although there is a "lockout" setting, where only the on/off and transmit buttons will work, it is too easy to "unlock". And kids being kids, to "fix it", they push all of the buttons multiple times, changing multiple settings. You'll have to refer to the manual often at first, because the display indications are cryptic and not intuitive. The end result was frustrated kids and returned walkie-talkies.

Kept our Kids Entertaiined for Hours while we camped! When recapping our camp trip with my 6 year old - her favorite memory was sharing the walkie talkies with her camp friends and making transformer code names for each user. They had so much fun learning how radio waves work, finding the channels, getting in separate part of camp and talking back and forth, even testing how far apart they could go! (We definitely went at least 2 miles from each other & they still worked!) Highly recommend for quality & fun!

Great value. I bought 2 sets of these to use has intercoms around the house. I hate having to scream for the kids. So I drop one of these in every room of the house and I call for them through the walkie talkies. Here are some pros and cons. PROS: - very inexpensive full featured walkie talkies - has your standard channels and privacy codes - easy to push buttons (some walkie talkies need a lot finger pushing force) so these are great for kids - uses standard rechargeable AA batteries - you can keep these plugged into a micro USB 5V source and leave them turned on 24/7. (This was a big deal for me since I wanted to use these as home intercoms.) CONS: - It does tend to pick up interference pretty easily so at my home I do hear some slight buzzing in the background. But it doesn't interfere with speech and I'm able to easily understand the other person. - The volume range doesn't seem very wide. The speaker volume is neither too loud or too soft in general, but even if you play with the volume, it doesn't seem to make very big difference. UNKNOWNS: - Range. I don't know how far these travel. Generally speaking, FRS/GMRS walkie talkies don't have very good usable range (even if the manufacturer claims miles and miles of range). That's because the frequencies are easily blocked by everything -- walls, trees, buildings. You need absolute line of site to get the maximum range, which is pretty difficult - Durability. These are advertised for kids so. So far they work out great in my home but I'm for sure not going to use them in critical situations. - VOX. I haven't tested this. - Headset. It doesn't come with headsets but has a port of a headset which I have not tested. TIPS: - Always hold down the talk button for 1 second before you speak. This will allow time for the receiving walkie talkies to detect your transmission, and that way the start of your sentence doesn't get chopped off. - Leave the "ROG" feature on. This enables the beep when you release the talk button and that tells the other person you're done talking. Then the other person can respond. Remember walkie talkies are simplex (not duplex) so you can't talk and listen simultaneously. - Keep the walkie talkies far enough away from each other so you can't hear each other when speaking. Walkie talkie microphones are sensitive and keeping them too close to each other will easily cause feedback which sounds like high pitched whistling or interference noises when you're trying to talk.


Not A Happy Camper! I purchased these in December 2021 to use during our camping season of 2022. They all worked fine for our 6 camp trips we had. We only camp for 3-4 days per trip. We just came back from our first camping outing for the 2023 camping season & could only use 2 of the radios, as one of them no longer works. Won't charge or turn on. We always turned them off when we weren't using them. So, not very happy at all!! I think you can find a better radio elsewhere!!

Range not as advertised. I got these for my daughter to use with her friend who lives 1.1 miles away in our medium sized town. It lost reception at about 0.7 miles.

2 of the 3 work, the third stopped turning on. 2 of the 3 work. The third stopped working after the 2nd time using it. Won't turn on or anything. The 2 work nice, have lots of channel options. Range is decent.

One broke? We got them because my sibling had surgery and we needed a way to communicate and do shifts to take care of them. During the day they were used because sibling was on bedrest. This happened for a month, we'd charge them, use my moms during the day, mine at night, just swap it out depending on who had the night shift. Well... My moms broke somehow, it just wont stay on no matter how long you charge it and putting in a different set of batteries did not work. Maybe we just burnt it a little when trying to take care of things? I'm not sure but we are down to just 2 walkies which is a little stressful ngl. Worked great tho, love em, they're easy to use but the instructions are a little hard to understand.

Only has a charger for 3 of them. They work great but you can only charge 3 at a time. I wish it charged all 4 at a time.

Stop Working after 3 weeks. Worked well at the biginnig, then it stoped. It is very hard to use. My kids liked the idea, but the overall result was a little desapointing.

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