Squeakee The Balloon Dino

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Squeakee The Balloon DinoSqueakee The Balloon Dino

Meet Squeakee Dino! He’s a stompin’, chompin’ Balloon Dinosaur!

Totally interactive with 70 plus sounds and reactions, he loves being pet and tickled as well as playing games with you. Play Tug Of War with his Bone Squeaker and Chicken with him. Roar at him and he’ll roar back. Attach his headphones and see him dance!


  • 1x Squeakee Dino
  • 1x Squeakee Dino
  • 1x Headphones
  • 1x Instruction Manual

Squeakee The Balloon Dino

Squeakee The Balloon Dino

Squeakee The Balloon Dino

Dino Is Bursting With Personality

Squeakee Dino stomps, chomps and dances! Pet his nose and he will nuzzle. Keep petting him and he will walk in his funny balloon way! He also has a big chomping balloon mouth full of teeth. Careful, he loves a good chomp. This guys just loves to move. Check out his cool dance moves as well!

Dino Is So Interactive

Squeakee Dino has over 70 sounds and reactions! From awesome roars to tiny squeaks, he reacts to so many different things which makes him such a playful dinosaur.

He’s Roaring Fun

Squeakee Dino loves to roar. Roar at him and he will roar back, but roar back too loud and you might scare him, and he will run away or even pop!

Squeakee The Balloon Dino

Squeakee The Balloon Dino

Squeakee The Balloon Dino

A Real Dancing Dino

This balloon Dino is a real little mover. Place his headphones on his head and watch as he gets down and busts a move. Squeakee Dino is such a cool breakdancer. He spins and rolls like a pro.

He Loves A Tickle

Squeakee Dino is so ticklish! Tickle his arms and watch him throw his head back and laugh. The more you tickle, the more hysterical he becomes.

Teach Dino Tricks!

Use his Bone Squeaker Toy to train him and play different games. You can even make him pop and inflate him again by pulling his tail. There is so much you can do with your new inflated best friend!

Meet Squeakee Dino! He’s a stompin’, chompin’, dancin’ Balloon Dinosaur! You’ve heard of the Stone-Age, well this guy’s straight out of the “Blown-Age”! This guy’s inflated with fun and personality. With 70 plus sounds and reactions, this toy dino will really “Wow” you! Squeakee Dino is so interactive and loves playing games. He reacts to sounds. Roar at him and he’ll roar back. Roar at him too much and he might run away or even pop! This playful Dino loves his Bone Squeaker Toy. He walks and responds to its noise. Pet his nose and he’ll nuzzle, and stomp or tickle him to make him laugh hysterically. There are so many games you can play with Squeakee Dino. He loves a good game of Tug Of War with his Squeaker Toy. Or maybe even play a game of Chicken by placing your finger in his mouth, but be careful, he’s a quick chomper! Squeakee Dino is also an amazing dancer. Put his headphones on and watch him bust a move while he breakdances! You can even make your pet Dino pop or even fart by pulling his tail, but don’t worry, just pump Squeakee Dino’s tail to inflate him again! This amazing electronic toy is so funny and interactive and he’s just bursting to be your BBF! (Balloon Friend Forever)

Features & Specifications

  • Squeakee Dino Stomps, Chomps And Dances. He'S Totally Interactive And Comes To Life When You Play With Him.Ideal for ages:5 years and up
  • Makes Over 70+ Sounds And Reactions. Play Games With Him Like Chicken And Tug Of War
  • Hear Squeakee Dino Roar But, Roar Too Loud And He Will Run Away Or Pop
  • He Dances When His Headphones Are On
  • Dimensions: 15.75 x 8.86 x 11.81 inches
  • Weight: 2.43 pounds

Pros & Cons


Great price. Well worth the price, my son plays with this toy all the time.

Excellent toy for boys and girls! Very well made. My grandchildren are constantly playing with it!

Crazy cute! We had fun with this goofy little guy. Comes in a HUGE box, and you will need batteries. 2 year old loved it at first, but a couple features (He’s really loud.)freaked him out a bit.

Dinaus. He love ❤️ it

Fun. I had a lot of fun playing with Squeakee The Balloon Dino! The toy is designed to look like a cute balloon dinosaur and is controlled using a remote control. I could make it move, make sounds, and even pop like a balloon. It was really interactive and responded to touch and sound too. I liked how easy it was to use, even for younger children, and the instructions were clear. Overall, Squeakee The Balloon Dino is a great toy for kids who love dinosaurs and want an interactive and fun playmate.

Awsome. My son loved it!!!!! It's a fun and cute little toy.


Very loud. This is very loud and has no volume control or options. My 5 year old liked it when he got it but it scares my 2 year old.

Fun toy but doesn't do too much. My 3 year old loved playing with this but it didn't do much and he got bored quickly :(

Not worth the money. Batteries dies really quickly. It stops doing tricks real quick. It's not worth spending $60

Cute! Annoying! Easily Damaged! I would not buy this again... My five-year-old saw the Balloon Dog just after Christmas on something that she was watching, and asked for it every day, as a present for passing kindergarten, my husband and I bought her Balloon Dog. The toy itself is durable enough; however, the plastic squeaky ball that it comes with is not as durable. Balloon Doggy does not play without the plastic squeaky ball, and it is squeak sensitive, not any squeaky toy will due. Three days after balloon doggy arrived the squeaker fell out of the ball for balloon doggy and it would respond to nothing else, Amazon replaced balloon doggy, but there have been other squeak issues (after much trying I found a set of 3 balls on amazon with different sounds 1/3 works for balloon doggy).

Overhyped but cute. My 8 year old asked for a pet dog for Christmas but I wasn't about to do that. I saw this online and it was super cute so we got it. It says it does 60 things but honestly it's hard to get it to listen to commands or follow through. It does squeak when you pet it. It can sit and move but not walk around. It pops and inflates but after so many times that is no longer fun or cute. I would recommend this for a 2-3 year old but it's disappointingly boring for kids preschool age or older. I'm sure it's worth the 44 we paid. But it's not worth the hype and doesn't live up to it. I still don't want a real dog but next time I will look into a furrreal friend or something.

We bought 2 -- both broke on first day of gentle use! My children LOVE this toy, but it's Christmas day, and both of the squeaky toys used to train the dogs are broken after only a few hours of very gentle use. We purchased two, one for each of them, and they are both broken. There needs to be an ability to buy replacement accessories. Both squeaky training balls are broken in the same exact way! Other squeaky toys do not work with the dog. We've tried a bunch! We don't seem to be able to make the dog work with any other kind of replacement squeaky toy. I expected better quality.

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