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ROLLX Foldable Storage Wagon – Beach Cart with Heavy Duty All Terrain Wheels

Rollx Foldable Storage Beach WagonsRollX foldable beach cart wagonROLLX wheels balloon wheel beach cart

Rollx Foldable Storage Beach Wagons

Great for All Terrains

Foldable for Easy Storage

XL Balloon Wheels

Each wagon is equipped with extra large balloon styled wheels, making pulling large amounts of supplies on your cart easy.

Great for All Terrains

ROLLX folding beach cart is equipped with heavy duty XL wheels for any terrain – whether it’s the sand, gravel, dirt, grass or concrete.

Foldable for Easy Storage

Each ROLLX cart is collapsable, making it easy to store when not in use.

Features & Specifications

  • 4 Wheel cart with Large Balloon Back wheels that allow you to easily transport goods across sand and other demanding surfaces
  • Comfort grip handles. Heavy duty steel frame with mesh bag and beach umbrella holder. Maximum carrying weight is 100 LBS
  • Beach cart folds with the wheels easily removable for storing and transportation ease
  • Assembled Cart Dimension with Wheels attached: 37" W x 41.85" L x 37.8" H. Wheel Dimension: 13.2" x 7.25".
  • Pump Included. Wheel Assembly required, detailed instructions with guided infographics are provided with every unit. Please contact us if you need additional support.
  • Dimensions: 41"D x 28.74"W x 37"H
  • Weight: 25 Pounds

Pros & Cons


great beach cart. I bought this cart to help me get my things through the powdery sand. It is by far the best cart for that because of the balloon wheels. It fits my needs perfectly but there are a few things to consider based on what you need/want: Pros--pulled well in the powdery sand, customer service went above and beyond to resolve a parts issue that I had, the pockets are great for keeping phone/water bottle/etc in easy reach, handles make it easy to push/pull, folds easily Cons--it is wide and does not fit through regular doorways when opened (only an issue maybe if in and out of a condo), does not seem overly sturdy for the price (time will tell how well it holds up), consider the size of chairs and gear that you will be carting-the basket area is not very wide (fine for me though because I strap my chair to the front bar and only carry a small beach bag and cooler) Overall, this cart is exactly what I wanted and need for the beach. It definately made my trip from van to shore much easier!

works. Works as described. Easy to assemble. Pulls large loads through the sand easily. Two small negatives. The cart is large and needs wheels removed to store or carry in vehicle other than a pickup or similar vehicle. Fits in a pickup just fine. Also wheels are very wide and will not go through door frames other than the widest commercial ones. Requires a little finagling to get the loaded cart through doorways in condos.

Finally...a real beach cart. I have tried most of the beach carts, wagons, etc. that sell on this site and others. The end result is that I end up dragging the cart through the sand, working my way to a massive coronary until I reach my umbrella. Not any more...the RollX Big Balloon Beach Cart put an end to my search for a usable beach cart. The 13" balloon tires moved effortlessly or the thick, soft sand resulting in barely a pant from me. The cart was loaded down, but it moved across the sand very well. Of course, you still need to pull the cart but the tires make the task much easier than any other cart I used over the past twenty years. That said, the cart has it flaws. The front small wheels do not spin as freely as they should, which causes some problem in steering the cart on boardwalks, pavements and hotel hallways. I needed to align the small wheels forward to move on. Also, the bar in the front of the cart needs to be higher to avoid beach chairs from hitting the wheels. The rubber tires actually came off the rim several times during my vacation. It is easily fixed but a nuisance. Also, the rubber handles on the push bar tore the second day I used it. Upon my return home, I called Rollx and they promptly send me two new front wheels and rubber handle grips. Great customer service. Overall, this is the best beach cart I have owned and used. It is not perfect and moving any cart through soft sand that is not powered is a chore, but I certainly found it much easier to pull through the sand and did not feel like I was dying when I reached my umbrellas and chairs. I hope RollX works on some the features I outlined above to improve a great beach cart. You can't go wrong with this cart.

moves great in fine sand. Excellent beach cart for manuevering through the fine sand on the beaches in Pinellas County on the west coast of Florida. Great choice if you need to get a tent, beach chairs and a beach bag out to the beach. Very easy to get in touch with when there is a problem and very accomodating. Good to kow they care about their products and don't leave you hanging when you need replacement parts.

I would buy again and recommended to a friend. This cart exceeded my expectations. The tires are durable and great quality. The cart is a little heavy, but it glides across the sand with no problem. Holds a lot of beach gear. I even had a lady walk up and take a picture of it on the beach. Loved not having to fumble around with carrying beach chairs, towels and bags. Throw everything in and go. Saved my back. Loved the handy compartment bag on the back for cups and small items.

Good quality. This was easy to assemble and seems to be good quality. Have not had a chance to use it it but will update afterwards. Updated 06/22/23. We used at the beach (Florida Gulf Coast) in soft sand and it was perfect! Very easy to push. Much better than the plastic wheeled ones. Would definitely recommend.


Ok cart. Clip to hold cart closed snapped off first use

Balloon wheels do work on sand! But front wheels are subpar. The balloon wheels really do work on sand & make hauling beach chairs & umbrellas a breeze. BUT, the front wheels do not roll to make turns on pavement & are useless. It was stuck in forward position only. So in order to make turns to get back to the car, we had to wheel it on a backwards tilt using only the balloon wheels. For the price, I expected the front wheels to be better. The wheels also take up a lot of trunk space. We still kept it because it performed better on sand than our beach wagon.

Arrived damaged... twice. When this first arrived, there were two holesnin the box that the handles had obviously poked through, and we could tell they were damaged without even opening. I returned and received a replacement. The box for the replacement was intact so we didn't bother opening it right away since it would be a few weeks before we could use it. I just opened the box and the handles on this one are all scuffed up. A little annoying for the price paid. It doesn't affect the functionality though so it's really not worth the time and effort to exchange yet again. I'm pretty sure if I did get another replacement it would probably also have some defect, maybe even worse than this one, so not risking it. Seems sturdy and the wheels are huge, so I think this will work well on the beach.

Works very good on sand as a two wheel cart. The big tires are perfect. The front wheels are terrible. That being said, I am very happy with the sand use and it’s very easy to pull it in a horse and cart style. Unfortunately it’s difficult to manage on all four wheels because the front wheels don’t stay in sync with each other. Once you get them in synch it works okay on all fours but doesn’t last for long. I’m going to continue using it because it works so well at the beach even though it’s annoying off the sand. Another thing to take into consideration is the width and fitting through doorways. I had to unload it to get it through our villa’s door which isn’t a small opening. It would have been nice to leave all the beach stuff on it and not move the chairs and umbrellas individually through the door.

Nice but heavy. Very heavy, take a lot of space in trunk. Not for regular person. You have to be athletic to operate. Very nice build and good quality.

Crap little wheels, but good storage overall. The front wheels are like cheap stroller wheels. Get stuck in one position. Easier to move walking the cart backwards on the big wheels. A strap that holds the cart together broke off very easily when putting together. Held tons of beach stuff!

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