LAEGENDARY RC Cars – Off Road Remote Control Car for Adults, Waterproof All Terrain 4×4 Truck w/ 2 Batteries

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High-Speed Thrills

2 Long-Lasting Batteries

Built to Last

High-Speed Thrills

Powered by a lightning fast motor, the Laegendary RC truck reaches maximum speeds topping 31 mph (50 kmh). This super fast RC truck comes equipped with a reinforced chassis design and a massive torque punch for ultra high speed thrills.

2 Long-Lasting Batteries

Get ready to drive harder and go the distance with the Laegendary RC truck. Every vehicle comes with two rechargeable batteries, designed for double the trailblazing fun.

Built to Last

Unleash the Laegendary RC truck in any terrain, anytime. With a rugged design capable of conquering the toughest trails, our RC cars and trucks are perfect for both beginner and expert drivers.

Race AnywhereBrushed VS BrushlessVehicle ScalingVisit Our Storefront

Legend 1:10 Scale Black Red Thunder 1:10 Brushless Green/Black Tornado 1:12 Scale Red/Black Sonic 1:16 Scale Brushless Black/Yellow Triton 1:20 Scale Green/Black Grando 1:10 Scale Crawler Red/Orange
Legend 1:10 Scale Black/Red Thunder 1:10 Scale Brushless Green/Black Tornado 1:12 Scale Red/Black Sonic 1:16 Scale Brushless Black/Yellow Triton 1:20 Scale Green/Black Grando 1:10 Scale Crawler Red/Orange
Engine 2x Brushed Motors 1x Brushed Motor 1x Brushed Motor 1x Brushless Motor 1x Brushed Motor 1x Brushed Motor
ESC / Servo Torque 60A / 2.2 KG 50A / 3 KG 60A / 2.2 KG 40A / 1.8 KG 40A / 3 KG 60A / 2.2 KG
Speed 50+ KM/H 65+ KM/H 48+ KM/H 50+ KM/H 30+ KM/H 10+ KM/H
Run Time 40+ mins 30+ mins 30+ mins 60+ mins 30+ mins 35+ mins
Battery Info 2x Li-PO 7.4V 1600mAh 1x Li-PO 7.4V 5200mAh Li-ion 7.4V 1500mAh 2x Li-PO 7.4V 1000mAh 2x Li-PO 7.4V 500mAh 1x NIMH 7.2V 1800mAh
Car DImensions 6.5 x 13 x 12 in 6 x 12.9 x 16.22 in 6.1 x 13.7x 11.2 in 5.9 x 10.2 x 9.25 in 4.9 x 7.3 x 7.2 in 11.6 x 21.5 x 9.4 in
What is Included? Legend RC Car, User Manual, Remote Control, 2 Car Batteries, 2 USB chargers, USB Plug Adapter, Fire-Proof Battery Bag Thunder RC Car, User Manual, Remote Control, 1 Car Battery, 1 USB charger, USB Battery Connector, 1x Interchangeable Shells Tornado RC Car, User Manual, Remote Control, 2 Car Batteries, 2 USB chargers, USB Plug Adapter, Fire-Proof Battery Bag Sonic RC Car, User Manual, Remote Control, 2 Car Batteries, 2 USB chargers, USB Plug Adapter, Off-Road Tires Triton RC Car, User Manual, Remote Control, 2 Car Batteries, 1 USB charger Grando RC Car, User Manual, Remote Control, 1 Car Battery, 1 Battery Charger, Battery Connector

Features & Specifications

  • User Manual Update: Scroll down to “Technical Specification” section on this page to download the most recent User Manual. It contains important information
  • BRUSHED MOTOR - The wound wire coils in the engine of this RC car act as a 2-pole electromagnet for high-powered speeds of up to 31 MPH. Powered by lithium rechargeable batteries for 40 mins of juice.
  • EASY MANEUVERABILITY - The easy-to-use, 2-speed remote control offers a comfortable grip and long-range handing of up to 250ft. These high-octane toys for boys and men deliver enduring, adrenalin-fueled fun.
  • GO OFF-ROAD - Whether you're steering on sand, concrete, or going rogue, this waterproof remote control monster truck is built to withstand rugged surfaces with expert grip, operation, and durability.
  • COOL GIFTS - If you’re looking for the ultimate in fun gifts for teenage boys, girls, guys, and just about everyone, you’re looking at it! These must-have Christmas gifts are ready to roll.
  • RIDE WITH US - This remote controlled car is good to go right out of the box. For other user manual info check out our tech specs below. In case of a breakdown, get in touch, and we’ll be happy to help.
  • Dimensions: 13 x 12 x 6.5 inches
  • Weight: 2.2 pounds

Pros & Cons


Great paid 28 but exposure to 380 so motor replacement easy. Great truck I run traxxas team associated axial Arrma and ecx its not traxxas but it is not less surprising than it was on here for years I thought awe toys no good now the had clearance 2 years prices were 10th scale 200 ish 160 usually brushed models 1/16 120 and 1/20 89 and I got the 16th 2 for 28 each yeah almost bought 5 but I thought I could try then buy and nope all gone but brushless 16th in a 2 day period they got 3 more I saw a week later I got another they handle as well if not better than traxxas tq remote the 120 as well I got one of those with the blue hood yellow aqua man fork on it looks awesome deal was great the 20 does about 15 to 20 mph and one downfall shocks are only coil over fake oil filled shocks but moved with smooth ease and easy to put 16 dollars in a set of 4 star oil filled the 16th as well the tenth has headlamp and tail lights bright very all 3 have working foglights but the tenth is oil filled 6 shocks work well does a honest 30 as advertised and my only complaint is it is to easy to Hitt reverse double braking not even full strokes but has great steel driveshafts all 3 models 4 wheel drive and the tenth on clearance has 4 shocks in rear but they also all use deans plug better than traxxas design but yeah great trucks I wish now so much I got the 16th brushless 160 down to 70 all gone sonic triton and the tenth is same as legendary purple white black yellow and blue yellow white both beautiful both 169 I paid 56 each got 2 10th scales and paid 16 for a blue yellow white body I looked em over all 3 are the exact same designs 2 at 170 one black yellow red 56 gone now but the 20th scale are set 2 38 now and hosim or haiboxing is selling the exact truck 2 body's for 89 or 99 I realize that's the reason there trying to get 1 brand but so many from same factory different brands and prices just pay attention to detail realize there's only so many factorys and I work at one making cheese for pizza for like 5 companies pizza hut Dominos papa both lols so my poor typos im basically said that legendary rc is having an actual clearance event in 3 designs and scales starting with the most prominent 10th scale Legendary Legend is what I refer to it as its not the same as the real Legend model but it is a good quality rc truck at 56 dollars for everything needed to operate it and it slides on asphalt well in a 180 degree swing no rollover issues! The 16th scale is 28 dollars and I've had a few of these trucks awhile and there durable and easy to fix there performance is as good as the other 16th scale rc trucks that are not top of the line brands but are great for the price! And I honestly think out of all the budget models in 16th scale rc truck non brushless there one of the best overall quality and functional! The 20th scale are 38 great price and is awesome im not much of a mini rc gut but these on smooth asphalt are fast enough to outrun a man and do 15 plus mph doesn't seem fast try it you won't regret buying it for 100 or less it's a decent car bezgar has one equal and identical to it as well it'd not a indoor rc cars to fast but has a good little transmitter and all transmitters of the 3 work fine with any model so little boy can get a 20th scale rc remote and drive the 10th scale truck for people who are not near smooth enough surface not that you can't off road with them you can always run them wherever I just meant you want the most capable rc truck in your budget legendary won't let you down gently they slam through the issues theoretically and physically!! No im not being paid to say this or compensation in any way other than the quality the 2 year old set of legendary trucks I've had only needed new motors after miles and miles of fun and I replaced them easily!

Best for beginners and children from 5yrs old all the way to adults (really!). The ability to turn the power down for those learning came in great use when introducing my 5 year old to RC cars. I wanted a car I could both he and I could get excited about. For him, the car will grow with him with the ability to turn the power up to full when he's ready. For me, it's fast enough to have fun with around a parking lot or in a field. For beginners (including adults) the power and center of gravity make the car really hard to lose control which I did not appreciate until I drove it and watched my son learn how to drive. It's stable and a lot of fun to drive without a lot of frustration from needing to be a good driver. It probably goes 20mph on the high setting which for it's size is plenty thrilling. The build quality is fine. Nothing has broken even though it's been dropped, crashed (into a wall by accident), flipped, cartwheeled - all of the things a beginner might accidentally do when learning. Batteries last a long time and I like how simplistic the body is. I don't think this is actually a 1/10 scale. I think it's a bit smaller which again I did not appreciate until we had some time playing with it.

Wow…this thing is fantastic! Every so often I’m “wowed” with a product from Amazon. This thing is great. I’m 37 and this thing had me giddy as a kid on Christmas Day. I was impressed with its power and handling (the 4WD is awesome) and even more so when I saw the full spare parts list in the back of the manual; a pleasant surprise. The car drives great, is fast, and really tears it up like in their video. I had it going off small jumps and even on a cold winter day it tore around my driveway, drifting over the ice and snow. Not only do I appreciate the quality and performance, but I look forward to having product support (spare parts, etc) when I need it. Big thanks to Laegendary for turning me into a kid again this Christmas. I’ll likely add a video of it drifting on the snow/ice on my driveway, but for now their video does it justice.

Excellent for young and old. I'm not sure who has more fun with this, me or my 5 year old grandson. We drive them outside on the street in front of our house. We tear around the floor of a local gym with it. Good battery life. Very durable. Easy to charge lipo battery with T (Deans) connector and standard balance lead. Use the little charger that comes with it, or hook it up to a real hobby grade Lipo charger. P.S. My pet peeve on many other Amazon RC car/truck listings is when they don't clearly show you the battery and the battery connector at the end of the battery leads. I have a HiTech Hobby Grade MultiCharger and I want to know if I can use this to charge the batteries.

Well Made RC. So far I like this RC. I used to play with them all the time as a kid. Now that I'm older and have my own money I decided to revisit this hobby so this was my first hobby-grade rc. The only thing I plan on doing is maybe get a bigger battery to last longer when me and my girlfriend goes on walks or trails. The 2 batteries it comes with last a good while on Low with some High mixed in. The main reason I gave this RC 4 stars is because I already had to order a replacement set of wheels. The front-right wheel was unbalanced out of the box and it just got more and more unbalanced the more I driven it. That being said I haven't heard many complain about the wheels so I think I was just unlucky! Regardless I purchased some blue wheel nuts to match the paint. Overall I like the rc! The controls were easy for me to pick up since I used similar remotes as a kid. This thing is pretty quick too. Some people say to put a 3s on it but I'm fine with the 2s, maybe just some more battery time. If you see this on sale and you're thinking about getting one then get it. I got mine for 125 from 160. I may get my girlfriend one when they go on sale again! I will keep you updated

I'm impressed! For the price range it exceeded my expectations. The battery bag and having usb as well as wall outlet charger are great. takes a while to charge batteries so I use the one at a time. You can use both batteries at the same time if you want a longer run time. I also like the extra set of rims and tires as well as tools and extra body pins. Nothing broke yet but in the instruction manual there is a list of replacement parts you can order. It's pretty fast too. It is well worth the money!


parts readily available, out of the box it handles great!!! This truck is absolutely amazing for the money. It’s fast stock out of a box. It’s durable. It has replacement parts readily available. The battery(s) run time is excellent. The staff/customer service behind this product is kind and super friendly. If you email them they respond quickly and are most helpful. What more could you ask for for the price!?!?! Remote control works 100% perfectly fine, only reason I didn’t give it a five is due to the fact that I have huge hands and wished the trigger fit my hand better. Also Is made out of slightly cheaper plastic HOWEVER is still sturdy. It’s a lot better than the $30 to $50 car remotes. Trim works well for both steering and speed. Offers a High and Low mode speed wise. I’ve ran it on x2 3S batteries repeatedly and it still works great!!! I’ve seen some people put 4s-5s on it with an additional mini ESC cooling fan. And OMG DOES IT GET SUPER FAST! Whether your are you racing on the track or jumping it at the skate park. (As long as you don’t miss treated terribly by jumping as high as you can and letting it just smack the ground) this truck handles awesome and can take it no problem. Having all the oil filled shocks is always a plus. It also comes with some bright lights which is cool for dusk driving and at night time. Basically unless you’re use to $500-thousand dollar trucks. This thing is probably the best value for the money I’ve found yet in the RC world. Cheers! PS-after a few runs CVD treaded axle and rear outer transmission cups seem to be easily bendable. Gotta watch out for that. Is definitely a good idea to purchase spare parts (specifically those pieces first when ordering the truck to begin with). Note: they do not offer a better/stronger upgradable solution to this. So if you like race tracks with 1ft or higher jumps included/any kind of bashing whatsoever. Definitely be sure to upgrade suspension and lift it up a little bit, not a bad idea to apply suspension bumpers (to keep truck from bottoming out). And if you bought a truck that came with oil shocks. Be sure to check oil levels out of the box as they often do not come as full as they should be. I switched to a thicker weight oil(50-60wt). Lifted the truck just under a 1/4 of an inch after my first run because of the bent wheel axles (that happened almost immediately). So I just ordered all new dogbones/CVD joints and 108mm oil filled shocks, made shock bumpers out of my old nitro truck fuel line tubing, added cooler (and extra) lighting which is now externally powered off those baby 1/3 sized 18650 type batteries = 7.4v nominal so they weigh basically nothing stay lit for a really really long time between chargers and most importantly leave the drive train power alone. I was able to do all of these upgrades and MOD’s for under $15. Replacement bumpers, dogbones, drive cups(wheel hubs/axles) will cost you around $40-$50. I am a avid deal Hunter so I was able to find some of these things much cheaper costing me a total of only $32. Don’t let any of this discourage you. This is still one of my favorite trucks I’ve ever got. But like any off-road remote-control vehicle. You’ve got to figure out it’s weak spots and experiment with what works for you under your specific applications. Also I put some street tires on it for parking lot racing, huge difference. Also found some PVC piping that I was able to cut and fit over top of the stock tires for some extreme drifting that resulted in a ton of fun if you ever wanna switch it up every now and again. Tutorials for that easily found on YouTube. Enjoy your truck!!!! Drive it respectfully and it’ll perform like a champ. Also, I wouldn’t bother with any brushless upgrades. Because at that point you’ll be needing a wheelie bar and a decent amount of work on the steering mechanism. The stock motors and ESC operate great with the batteries that come with it. And As long as the C rating isn’t too high, 3S Lipo’s make this thing scream (although it’s not recommended by the manufacturer and I’m sure it will obviously caused faster wear and tear). But if you like wrenching. 3s power in these things it pretty awesome as well (gotta be more careful tho). Update: after talking with customer service about the issues I did have.... I must say I am blown away at the amount of care and time they put into me. They are super honest, very understanding and ridiculously helpful. They definitely helped me out to the point that I’m going togo buy their other two trucks just because. I love supporting a company like this especially when they support me. Cheers to Their whole team! Thx guys!!!

Awesome truck - but jumping ship. The media could not be loaded. Update to my review below. After more damage and more overpriced parts, I'm jumping to Traxxas. After a little research, their parts are MUCH more appropriately priced - and available everywhere. Laegendary doesn't have anything on their parts page under $10 (even tiny screws, which would be pennies apiece). Running this car has been a blast for my son, and it's sad to just ditch it, but the nickel-and-diming from the company (eg, not even including the necessary parts for repair - everything is separate and overpriced) has been overwhelming and draining. Time to go. I’m torn on this mixed review. Here are my honest experiences since buying this for my 7-year-old in November (3 months in so far.) TLDR: Awesome car. Steep learning curve. Be prepared. I was not. He had his heart set on an X-Maxx like he sees on YouTube. Very much not in our price range. But we wanted to go up a notch since experiencing his first car, the Deere RC in the $50 range (awesome little car, very durable and runs great, but got very hard to steer.) After much research, this Legend seemed very cool, and a great step up. It is the first car like this we’ve owned, and I wasn’t clear on the ride we were in for. The car itself is really amazing and super fun. Our son LOVES it. It’s fast and easy to control. The steering trim and radius adjustments are fantastic. The High and Low speeds are great. Honestly, it’s a little beast, and can take quite a beating. Our kid doesn’t know the word “subtle,” and he runs it hard. Jumps are his thing, along with donuts, spin-outs…whatever makes it fun. Again – first car like this I’ve owned, and even the fact that the top shell is removable came as a surprise, let alone the fact that it has a complete replaceable parts breakdown. Cool, I thought, but wasn’t sure if we’d ever actually get into that. Man, was I wrong. 3 months in, we’ve already spent more than the original price of the car in parts. None of them are that expensive… but bit by bit, over time, they sure add up. The shell cotter pins come off VERY easily. We now run with only 2 or 3 to prevent excessive loss. I found a couple at a local hardware store, but wound up buying a set of the originals. After seeing how long the battery lasts, I wound up getting 3 more. We always run with a double set and have 2 on the chargers. We busted a front shock on the first day. I now have 3 spares. The front bumper is only attached at 2 places. I’ve been very disappointed at that, being the part that takes the main impact. It came off after about a month. The arm connecter (the metal plate on the under-side front) broke, finally rendering it undrivable. It took a month for the part to come, and when it did, it came without screws. Those apparently are a separate part for which they charge $1 per incredibly tiny screw. I spent hours trying to find them online, and came close with a machine company who sold virtually the same one for $.11/screw, but the thread was wrong, so I’m waiting for the OEM to arrive. After 2.5 months, my son noticed an unusual noise that we couldn’t diagnose. We took video and sent it to the company who suggested that we "replace the differentials." As if that’s just something that people do. They arrived quickly, and I slowly learned - as I waded into repair - that this was a full tear-down. Be sure to label your screws!! I found a video on YouTube that was much more helpful than the Legend tutorial. We also had to run out to get grease from Pepboys since none comes with the parts. Apparently, half of the rear drive gear was stripped – and we’re still not sure why. After finally getting the car fully rebuilt and back to “new,” including bumpers and new LED wiring harness, it was great to run it again. Then the rear light wires broke – again – on the first run. Just today. So back to the online shop we go. Overall, the company has been helpful and responsive. I’ve reached out with my frustration of the experience. I realize (learning!) that playing hard has consequences, and thankful that we CAN do repairs. I half-want to tell my son to "run it easier," but that's no fun, and not what it's for. I get that. I do wish that some parts were built better, like the front bumper and the wiring harness. I wish they had a better solution for the shell pins – they come off way too easily, and I wish there was more of a quick-release way to remove the shell to change the batteries and access power. While most parts are priced well, some are extremely overpriced. I wish screws were included with essential replacement parts, and that grease came with gears. Things like that. And, obviously, be prepared and comfortable to take stuff apart and put it back together. I am, but not everybody is. I didn’t know any of this when I bought the RC. I wish I did. Now you do. I hope it’s helpful. Buy this awesome little car. Be prepared, and have fun!

Broken on 1st try. The car seemed fast and was easy to control. Unfortunately several of the plastic pieces broke within the first 15 minutes of use. I was disappointed in the material they used. A stronger plastic would have made all the difference. It seems like there have been many issues like this on the recent reviews, maybe just a temporary manufacturing issue. I decided to return and not not replace the car due to these issues.

Broke first time using. Electrical issues. First day using it the front a arm broke. And not even a week later the car did not work at all. Would not connect to the remote. Luckily I found a u tuber that said the steering motors are faulty. Ordered a new motor. Replaced broken a arm. Works good now.

Please consider this before buying... 2 MONTH Review. First of All - this thing is a blast. I bought this as a Christmas gift for my son (12 yrs old). He was blown away at how fast this little brushless 1:16 truck can go. It does wheelie's on command, it turns and handles jumps very well. All of the electronics have held up for multiple weekends of RCing in a parking lot, dirt road, grass fields - even in light rain and snow. Some serious HARD use here. It is well maintained in my son's care - he cleans it after every use and has re-lubed the bearings at least twice now. I'm an RC nut myself and he cares for it like I do my RC cars. Now for the scary part - like all high performance RC's, no matter how well you care for them the wear and tear will eventually get to it and things will need to be replaced. Now just recently - the his rear upper control arm broke and it is impossible to find a replacement - even on Laegendary's website. Tried Amazon, even our local hobby shop to try and find a part that will replace it. After some research, I discovered various companies use this RC body and just "re-package it" and that companies like HOSIM, GDOOL use the same exact parts for their same/equivalent RC cars. I was able to source a new pair of control arms on EBAY. Which brings me to some critical thoughts. For the amount of money you dish out for this car (I paid nearly $200 on Amazon at the time) - I was expecting better parts support from Laegendary. Entry level consumers should know that getting/finding available parts is DIFFICULT because you will have to eventually replace parts. I feel as though I could have gotten my son a 1:10th scale entry-level Traxxas for a little over $200 and would have gotten a much better customer/parts experience - because parts and customer support is MUCH better with an established company that doesn't "re-package RC bodies". Sure the Traxxas would have been slower but if he broke it - it would be easy and CHEAPER to find the necessary parts to fix it and it is easy to upgrade to a faster motor later. There is no price for happiness - my son loves this RC. Just as a buyer (parent), be warned about parts availability when you need to replace worn out or damaged parts.

Nice truck but... I would not get the $300 model for beginners this thing is a beast! Fast af. Thing can take a hell of a beating, it had a few high speed collisions that it walked away with with not more than scratches. Now the downside, first the tire fasteners suck and need to be tighten every 10 min, also the lock washers will eat into the rims making it near impossible to remove the wheels and tires. Next would be the dog bone cups in the rear. They seam to not be strong enough to take the power this thing puts out. The wheels and tires are really not the best and got ruined within a few hours play. It's a great car but price and finding upgrades is a challenge. Battery life is great about 45min hard play with the dual pack. Update! Yeah well the only real good fix was to upgrade axles and cups. That's another expensive upgrade because you will also have to get other parts upgraded, more money into a car, that wasn't cheap to begin with. I just think if they give a little more into r&d of the axle and cups. I also highly recommend upgraded tires because they only last About 6 battery packs and they go to crap. Yes it has a powerful and very strong motor except axles cups suck. I've been waiting quite a while for a reasonable outcome to this issue. If you drive them like I do then you will get about 3-4 hrs of play before it starts breaking.

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