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Fidget Party Favors Assortment

Fidget Party Favors Toy

High quality collection of 356 PCS fidget party favor toys assortment for Kids . Carnival prizes, prize box toys for classroom rewards, birthday party toy assortment, pinata filler toy, decompression toys, Halloween prizes and toys, stocking stuffer toys for Christmas, Valentine’s Day toys. It can bring endless joy to children.

Fidget Party Favors Toy

Product Include

There are 52 kinds of funny fidget toys with this party assortment toys, including 5*Animal pop fidget keychain(lions, dinosaurs, foxes, horses, snails), 6*mini pop fidget keychain(square and vertical), 2*pop bracelet keychain, 30*spiders, 4*wall climbing spidermen, 2*cameras, 2*crab cameras, 5*tumblers, 2*rubik’s cube, 3*lollipop whistles, 5*squishies, 5*smiley face, 8*colored balls, 2*wacky track, 2*rebounding karts, 3*cartoon boomers, 2*tubes, 10*jumping frogs, 4*rainbow circles, 1*assembled balls, 4*touching hands, 3*assembled dinosaurs, 5*dinosaurs, 2*glasses, 2*football, 5*blowing dragons, 5*slap bracelets, 5*coke pens, 1*five finger gyroscope, 2* football rackets Hand, 5*ring, 5*jewel ring, 2*Marble and Mesh, 2*gold ring & silver ring, 4*skeleton man, 2*aircraft maze, 2*spring smiling face man, 2*slalom scooter, 5*smiling face floor tile, 30*paper clip, 2*PVC racing car, 2*monkey noodles, 30*ground rotation, 20*bear floor tile, 20*speaker, 30*building blocks, 50*stickers.

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Funny Toys Keep Children Focused

Fidget toys help relieve stress, increase focus for children and adults, especially those with ADHD, ADD, OCD and autism. Ideal for parties, holidays, classrooms or use as office toys. The toys can always attract attention and are the best gift for your children or friends.

Fidget Party Favors Toy

Wide Range of Applications

  • Party Favors

Wide variety of play toys birthday party gifts,Christmas gifts, Halloween gifts, Valentine’s Day gifts, Easter gifts for boys, girls and teens, can be used as gifts for different party events.

  • Share Toys with Friends

You can get more than 356 small toys, which provides unlimited joy for your child and his friends, roaming in the world of toys.

  • Unique Classroom Rewards & Treasure Box Toys

These toys can be used in the classroom as classroom rewards or classroom treasure chest toys, which can bring joy and fun to children in the classroom or activities, and children will love these prize toys.

  • Pressure relieving toys

Anxiety reliever toy for all people. It helps the kids or adults release and relieve stress. It’s also a fun way to keep the brain focused and the hands busy.

  • Family Fun Time

A variety of small toys can develop children’s imagination and learning ability, and can enhance the relationship between you and children, children will love these toys.

Features & Specifications

  • 【356 Fidget Party Favor Set】 356PCS 52 kinds of fidgets party favor set can effectively attract children's attention, expand their thinking, cultivate creativity, improve children's comprehensive ability, help children's hands training, improve finger flexibility, improve children's memory, facilitate learning, and also improve children's spatial intelligence. In addition, it can also improve children's observation ability and thinking ability.
  • 【Products Include】Such as 5*Animal pop fidget keychain(lions, dinosaurs, foxes, horses, snails), 6*mini pop fidget keychain(square and vertical), 2*pop bracelet keychain, 2*cameras, 2*crab cameras, 2*rubik's cube, 3*lollipop whistles, 2*chains, 2*rebounding karts, 3*cartoon boomers, 2*tubes, 1*assembled ball, 3*assembled dinosaurs, 5*dinosaurs, 2*glasses, 2*football, 5*coke pens, 1*five finger gyroscope, 2* football rackets Hand, 2*pop tubes, 2*aircraft maze, 2*PVC racing car and so on.
  • 【Relieve Stress & Anxiety】: Studies show that fidget party favor set help those who suffer with anxiety. By simply playing squeeze, stretch and flip these toys. Each toy helps to release and relieve stress. The fidget toys specially designed for people with sensory problems such as ASD and ADHD can relieve the symptoms of hands and fingers by keeping their hands busy.
  • 【High Quality & Safe for Child】: We carefully chose and developed these fidget party favor set with the enjoyment and safety of children in mind. It is made of safe and durable materials and can be played safely. All toys have passed strict safety tests. You can buy them with confidence knowing you are receiving the big selection of toys every kid will love. Toys meet American toy safety standards.
  • 【Amazing Gift Prizes and Rewards】:This fidget party favor set is a great gift for men, women, children, family, and friends. Perfect for Christmas gift stuffers, christmas stocking stuffers,easter basket stuffer for kids, Valentine's Day kids birthday party favors, school classroom rewards, carnivals prizes, treasure box, party giveaways, pinata fillers, goodie bag fillers, Easter basket stuffers, Halloween party giveaway.
  • Dimensions: 1 x 1 x 1 inches
  • Weight: 2.4 pounds

Pros & Cons


LOTS OF TOYS. Whole lot of toys and trinkets. Age appropriate for 6-15 or so. Small toys made for choking hazards so age awareness was important.

Awesome for kids party favors! These will be going into party favors for my sons fourth bday party in March. I got them on sale and can’t beat the price. Over 400 toys for 25$. It was the best one I could find and the most items . I am big on party favors I always try and pack awesome party favors for my guests who come to my sons partys. Just as a thank you for showing up and getting him gifts and sharing the day with us. I like that I can separate some girlier looking items . I always make girl bags and boy bags so they will be interesting for the gender who gets the party favor.

Not really 365 pcs. Don't know where they got 365 pieces from but I didn't receive that. The pieces I did receive will be great to give away to kids

it was great. The media could not be loaded. I think it was worth the money. It's also appropriate and it's really sturdy but don't give me For poppets When I was supposed to get five but I really like it definitely really good

Okay ig. I mean its cheap, all the little stuff is really cheaply made, i was expecting it but just be aware lol definitely would be great for kids or for a kids party too

Not like the picture. So most of the fidgets they give are stickers fyi


Pleasantly Surprised with a Couple, Disappointed in Most. I’ll start out by saying, all of the value in this box can be found in the pop its. Those are excellent quality and I was actually surprised. The rest of it though is such junk. I wasn’t expecting very much for 365 pieces but for 40 dollars I was hoping for a little bit more. Stickers not even on the Rubik’s cubes. The little race cars and skateboards missing wheels. The little pieces are SO little. I was really hoping that most of the stuff would be just a little bit better quality. Bought this along with some others to make a big prize box in my office for clients’ children. Most of this stuff will just end up filling space. Not impressed and not that happy.

Buncha crap received. Who wants 3 flimsy rings and some weird slap bracelets? I was able to make 16 party bags but the quality of these items was disappointing

Meh. Not sure if I would say the box is worth $40, more like $25… good variety but just a bunch of cheap stuff. (A lot of tiny useless items too) Overall it will be good enough for my daughter’s birthday bags, just don’t think it’s worth $40

Small toys. had all that is listed on the picture. However if you are getting this for a whild under five DONT! It has a ton of very small toys that are chocking hazards. The pop its are nice but not the best quality, the toys break easily and can only be played with for a short time. I did buy this to gift as stockign stuffers for a range of ages so it worked for me, but the kids broke the toys almost immediatly

I would not purchase again. Definitely not of high quality. Couple items already cracked when I opened. Couple slap bracelets were bent up. 50 of said items were stickers in my box. I would not purchase again.

Becareful with a few stickers. Overall ok, but has some adult stickers. Nothing too bad just a stupid joke.

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