Office chair wheels replacement rubber chair casters for hardwood floors and carpet, set of 5, heavy duty office chair casters for chairs to replace office chair mats – Fits 98%

LifelongOffice chair wheels replacement rubber chair casters for hardwood floors and carpet, set of 5, heavy duty office chair casters for chairs to replace office chair mats - Fits 98%Wheel sizeRemove previous wheels, insert Lifelong wheels, enjoy improved wheels!

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Black & Clear Office Chair Wheels All Black Office Chair Wheels Black & Silver Office Chair Wheels Black & Clear Office Chair Wheels
COLOR Black & Clear Black & Black Black & Gray Black & Clear
stem size 7/16″ x 7/8″ 7/16″ x 7/8″ 7/16″ x 7/8″ 7/16″ x 7/8″
Floor Types All All All All
Smoth Rolling

Features & Specifications

  • THE LAST OFFICE CHAIR WHEELS YOU'LL NEED – Not all caster wheels are created equal. Our heavy-duty chair wheels are made from industrial-grade steel, precision ball bearings, and durable polyurethane chair casters. Its not compatible with IKEA chairs and not either with some off brand chairs, our stem size is 7/16" x 7/8"
  • DESK CHAIR MAT WILL NOT BE NEEDED ANYMORE – Our desk chair wheels replacement will NEVER scratch, smudge or damage your floors. Enjoy a carefree, safe glide across wood, hardwood, laminate, vinyl, tile and carpet floors all day long. P.S. Regarding the smooth rolling on carpet it depends on the pile carpet that you have, some roll better and some aren’t as smooth. High pile carpet usually rolls less smooth then low pile.
  • REPLACEMENT FOR MOST OFFICE CHAIRS – Rest assured that our office chair wheels are compatible with almost any rolling chair (please check the size of your wheel stubs before ordering). IMPORTANT: NOT compatible with IKEA chairs." (our stem size is 7/16" x 7/8")
  • SMOOTH GLIDING IS AS QUIET AS A MOUSE – A squeaky, rickety office chair wheel is a telltale sign that they’re cheap and poorly made. You’ll slide and glide around in total silence with our swivel casters
  • YOUR TOTAL SATISFACTION IS OUR #1 PRIORITY – We put considerable effort into ensuring we created the best desk chair wheels on the planet. After a quick install and glide around, we’re positive you’ll agree. If by some miracle you don’t, we’ll give you a full refund!
  • Dimensions: ‎6 x 3 x 4.5 inches
  • Weight: ‎2.92 pounds

Pros & Cons


I'm extermely fat and disgusted with myself however I am extremely happy with my purchase. I bought these wheels because my 500lb frame demolished the wheels that came with this chair that was supposed to be rated for fatties up to 650lbs. When the wheel broke it shatters sending plastic bits all over the place. I orders the new wheels from the above listed vendor and it arrived in very quick order. Packaged neatly, professionally. I don't think they slaved crafting my wheels as i'm pretty sure they are a reseller but in terms of service and quality of good I'm Very happy. Since getting it and installing it. I have put all sorts of abuse on this chair and myself . and abused myself in this chair. I have heart the superstructure of the chair start to snap and buckle but these wheels are rock solid, reliable and and the casters roll very smooth. I expect when I finally fall from my poor health they will be rolling me out on this chair because it is far smother and reliable than those light weighty gernies the pack in the back of ME wagons these days. my Sincerest gratitude for this product and it's reasonable price.

These wheels make me sing! AB-SO-LUTE-LY LOVE!!! I’m a pet groomer. The hair that falls on the floor gets rolled and stuck in the old-style wheels (pics 3 & 4) It was very frustrating! My new LifeLong Wheels are FREAKIN’ AWESOME! The first day I used them, I was singing the tune of “A Lovely Night” from L&B’s “Cinderella”. (Brandi version) Except I made up new words... “My lovely wheels. My awesome wheels. A finer glide you know you’ve never seen. Take off the old install the gold I fell in love with them on my first roll! Hairs in the caked-up old wheels frustrating old wheels Useless those old wheels Good-bye! Good riddance!! With LifeLong Wheels I scream, I squeal! The smoothest roll and soundless too These to you I recommend. LifeLong! LifeLong Wheels!” PS I forgot to mention WHY I had such an extremely giddy reaction to these wheels... I’ve been a groomer for 24 years. These are the FIRST “remedy” to decades-old “affliction”! So thankful to have found these!!!

Doesn't last - caster swivels failed. READ END OF REVIEW. The media could not be loaded. Had these wheels only 3 years and are showing extreme signs of metal fatigue. The caster swivel has started to sag and is rubbing on the wheel frame. (See photo) They started out real nice but for wheels rated (even collectively) 650lbs these are a catastrophe waiting to happen. I have already heard one or more balls fall out of the caster swivel. Who knows where it went. These are excellent for hardwood floors but do not last. I think the hardest part is, there is no method to connect with the vendor. Very disappointed. 2- chairs at $56 is worth a better mechanism. I notified customer service through the Amazon's Return or Replace method. The LifeLong Wheels customer service responded and replaced my wheels. I am very satisfied with how their customer relations handled this issue and did so very promptly. Writing to customer service is always a good idea. A majority of them will take notice.

THROW YOUR OFFICE CHAIR MATS INTO THE NEAREST GARBAGE ONCE YOU ORDER THESE AWESOME WHEELS. The media could not be loaded. These awesome office chair wheels are really stunning and greatly enhances my office. I can't believe that it took so long to come across these great chair casters, you can dump all your office chair mats for hardwood floors and chair mats for carpets can get dumped to and old ugly chair wheels that come with the original chair, no more squeaking while your in your computer desk chair and no more scratches on your beautiful office hardwood floors. I sometimes use these chair wheels on my carpet and their just unbelievable, they don't rip my carpet as the previous wheels did, and they glide smoothly even on my carpet. I have tried other companies that look the same as these wheels and they broke very fast, but these wheels are obviously the original ones that can hold me up no problem even though I weigh 380 lbs "HIGHLY RECOMMENDED". Once I received these chair wheels I changed ALL my chair wheels in my office and got rid of all office chair mats the ugly cracked up chair mats for carpets and the hardwood chair mats. Enjoy these office chair casters.

Great Wheels! Love them! Great wheels! I moved and thought I needed a new floor mat for my chair as to not wear out the hard wood floors from all the rolling of my office chair. I am very glad these wheels came up in the results since I do prefer no mat on the floor. (Sometimes you roll off the mat and then have to wheel back up onto it. Which means the mat would not be big enough anyway for my work area) I found these wheels as an option and they installed very easily. All I used was a flat head screwdriver to help loosen up the old wheels to pull them off. Pushed these wheels in with my hands and I was rolling with ease. Such a smooth roll compared to the factory wheels the chair came with. They roll smooth, silent, very nice. Thanks for coming up with such a great product!!

Great customer service. My chair is consistently used on a low carpeted surface at a University; these wheels made a world of a difference in regards to move-ability. I had them for about a year without any complaints but then suddenly the wheel bearings started to come out. I made the effort to find the seller and contact them. To my surprise the seller showed extra-ordinary customer service and offered to send me a brand new set of wheels for free in the mail.


Bad casters. The media could not be loaded. 2 wheel Casters didn’t last. Only 3 months on these and fell apart. On their profile there isn’t even an option to return them. No quality control. With the name of “lifelong” you’d think these would last.

Very Disappointed. Just installed these casters yesterday. They are o.k. until you try to change directions while sitting in the chair. I'm 185 pounds and rolling on a tempered glass floor mat. When I change directions one or more of the wheels locks up and doesn't turn with the other wheels. It takes a real push to get the chair moving in the right direction. Works better with a lighter weight person. Suggest you look for something else, but after reading numerous reviews I have no idea what to try. Would appreciate any suggestions.

Locked to a side and broke my chair. So, short story, the factory wheels were causing issues, and I went to Amazon to find replacements. So I stubbled on this one, who 15,000 reviews and almost a perfect 5 star review. I MUST have it I thought. Universal fit, AWESOME! So, I purchased it and it arrived a few days later. I installed them without a problem at all. Tonight, I turn around in my chair while holding my 3 month old daughter, and one of the 5 wheels gets stuck on the side, and causes the chair to flip on it's side, completely sheering off one of the chair arms. My daughter is fine, I was able to put her down safely, but when I turned around to see the damage, I was shocked. The chair I have had for 5 years, broke within a week of getting these new wheels. I am 6'1", 280lbs, and bought this chair specifically designed to handle this weight. For anyone who wanted to know. Now, I am looking at finding replacement parts for the bottom of this chair, instead of just enjoying it. I will say the quality of the wheel itself it great. However, they aren't balanced right in my opinion. The wheel can easily get caught on a side, like it did mine, and allow for an uneven tilt. The placement of the bearing assembly is what causes this. If they were center mounted, what happened tonight would be impossible. But the wheel itself jets out and the center of balance is thrown off because of that. I am requested a refund, and based on how the customer service side of this is, will determine if I modify this review or not. I hope this helps.

Not Reliable. Ball Bearings Fall Out. This is my second set. I have found that while they work fine for several months, they do not age well and become loose at the top; the ball bearings fall out causing the wheels to become wobbly. The wheels then fail to change angle thereby causing your five wheeled chair to lock in one place making you get up, out of the chair, and change the angle of the offending wheel so the chair will move as designed. I am pretty sure it is the overall design of all these roller blade wheels that is the problem as this is the second brand that I have had these issues with. Buy with caution; I know I am switching soon to an entirely different design.

Didnt work and broke my chair. After moving into a house with wood floors I wanted to be conscientious about not leaving any damage from my chair wheels on the floor. So I bought these thinking it was an easy logical fix. They fit in my chair perfectly. I was so excited! When I sat in it, it was fine, I attempted to scoot forward and multiple wheels snapped the plastic part that holds the wheel - leaving my chair now useless.

Bearings don’t last long. Bearings were falling out in only three months

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