Non-Slip Dog Pee Pads , Washable Puppy Pads with Fast Absorbent, Reusable, Waterproof for Training, Whelping, Housebreaking, Incontinence, for Playpen, Crate, Kennel

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Premium stainless steel comb for dog or catNon-Slip Dog Pee Pads , Washable Puppy Pads with Fast Absorbent, Reusable, Waterproof for Training, Whelping, Housebreaking, Incontinence, for Playpen, Crate, KennelprotectorsleepwashableNon-Slip Dog Pee Pads , Washable Puppy Pads with Fast Absorbent, Reusable, Waterproof for Training, Whelping, Housebreaking, Incontinence, for Playpen, Crate, Kennel

Features & Specifications

  • Rubber
  • FAST ABSORBENT-Reusable pee pads 72x72 with fast absorbs, keeps our pet cleaner and dryer all the night;great for pups potty training and incontinence senior dogs or cats with leakage
  • ULTRA WATERPROOF- Locks in moisture holds up 85oz fluids , assure that urine nothing go through puppy pads, excellent waterproof mat protects bed couch carpet or floor from any accidents
  • NON SLIP RUBBER BACKING- Slide proof rubber backing keeps extra large dog pads well stay in place ,our furbaby likes to lay on or jump on bed and couch. Will you cruelly refuse?
  • SAVE MONEY-A must have that save $500 in a year over than disposable training pads if we just have a dog indoor,who can’t hold their bladder and leakage gets worse as dogs get older
  • MULTI USE- Foldable dog carpet or pet rug great for dog playpen,puppy pen,crate,kennel ,whelping box;amazing bed cover flooring protector for bed sofa carpet hardwood floor and car seat
  • Weight: 3.96 pounds

Pros & Cons


These are awesome - for what I use them for. I don't use these for potty training puppies, so understand that from the start. I have a special needs chicken and her friend who have to live indoors. I use these for their gated area for ease of cleaning. They are wonderful! I take them outdoors to spray off, and the clean very well like that. I also then put them in the washer on hot with an extra rinse. I have an extra set on hand so when I remove one set, I have another to replace it. And because I've changed their configuration, I've ordered various sizes so I have complete coverage with little overlap. I probably have a dozen of these in different sizes and I wouldn't be without them! I use them any time I also need to cover something for whatever reason. They stay put, wash up great, and look nice. I have the plain gray ones because I don't want a dog bone print with my chickens really. I like the plain to blend with my home better. I highly, highly recommend these!

Life saver must have for sick pup. My little Furbaby had to take antibiotics for a UTI and I knew it might cause gastrointestinal issues (Mud Butt ) .I thought I’d better get something bigger and better than the usual puppy pads we use regularly. I looked for a big size and found this . It’s such a generous size , perfect to cover the area in my bed where my lil guy sleeps . The first night was rough , he puked and this pad caught it all . It saved me having puke on my bed . Being in the middle of the night I cleaned up the mess and folded the dirty area over and rolled it up a bit so the dirty part was all gone and only the clean part of the pad was left . The next miring I washed and dried the pad and that went great . Washed up like new . Next 2 days went fine but on day 3 in the middle of the night I heard him get up and the other end of him started having trouble. What a mess !!! It was so bad . Some of it was on the disposable puppy pads but not all on it . Idk what would have if I didn’t have this pad ! Geeze it really performed beyond any expectations I had . The worst of it wiped up so easy . Then in the washer it went and came out clean like nothing happened 6 hrs earlier . My dog is over the worst of it and I’m so thankful I had this to use while the worst side effects were happening. I really would have had to throw away my bed and mattress pad if I had not had this . I’m forever a fan of this puppy /whelping pad . I wish I knew this existed years ago when my kids were little , I know it’s made for animals but it would be fantastic to use for kids too ! For doing arts and crafts or to sit on inside or even outside with coated bottom . I’m seriously considering sending my dad and sister a couple of these for their dogs to sleep on . It had a coupon that took a bit off the total and made it a fair price . Affordable for sure . It shipped faster then it said it would thank goodness and I had it in place when it mattered the most . I will update this review once Iv washed it a bunch and see how it holds up . I feel like Iv gotten my monies worth out of it already but if it lasted a long time thru tons of washings I would not be mad about it at all . It also helped keep My little guy warm . I pushed some of the extra fabric around his body while he was laying down feeling bad and it helped him be warm and comfortable. He usually shares my blanket with me but with him having explosive Diarrhea he had to stay on this and couldn’t share my blanket and I didn’t want him to be cold so I used the pad to keep him warm and it still protected my bed from disaster.

Perfect for what I needed it for. This pad is so awesome to use for guinea pig floor time. Protects my floor and gives him a lot of room to run around on (I have two I place together for an even bigger area now that he is an adult) Waterproof like it says. It has never leaked on me, and I have washed mine frequently. I rated the 'for potty training' as just three stars as this gets really heavy in the washer, even for the industrial one I use, and I couldn't imagine having to wash it every day or two if using it for potty training.

Saved our floors. This has saved my new floors. I put my senior small dogs that have vision and some terrible habits of voiding anywhere they want in a blocked off area and this has saved my floors. Easy to wash. I ordered 2 and I wash them 1-2 times per week. I wash on cold and extra spin and hang it to dry over the shower rod to help longevity. And the metal comb they send is very high quality. Great for Husky for or retriever fur. I even use one myself for braiding.

Bed saver! I bought the largest pad. It's very soft and covers almost my entire queen size bed. I have a senior cat who occasionally loses bladder control and with this pad on the bed, it keeps the bed and blankets dry. Just ordered a second so if one is in the wash the bed is still protected.

Good purchase so far. We have an older dog that doesn't always hold his bladder overnight. We confine him to a 10 x 8 ft area at night. This large pad absorbs his urine so it doesn't get to the carpet. We sprinkle a little pet carpet deodorizer during the week if needed, and the pad gets washed once a week. It saves us from having to drag the carpet cleaning machine out every weekend. We're buying a second one for backup. Wish we would have thought of this solution years ago.


Not square; Not 36x36. The pads I received were annoyingly out of square. I bought them to use in my puppy’s 36x36 playpen. I tried for the longest time to get these to fit evenly. First one side had a gap, then the other side had the gap. When I finally got it to fit somewhere in the square I noticed there was a gap between the pad and the inside of the playpen just perfect for nosy puppies to peel back to pee on the carpet. I wound up using these for under pads for another two pads that fit correctly. Money wasted as I wanted to have more than two pads so I do t have to wash one every day. My puppy is white so I try to keep his playpen immaculate.

Used for bunny. Bought this for use in my rabbit area. I put it down on top of carpet. It is 2 pieces sewn together, top is a thin smooth soft layer and underneath is a rubber layer. Note it is only sewn together at the edges. Water does not bead up on the first layer but the second rubber layer creates a barrier making it water proof. I was able to use and wash it for about 6 months until my rabbit chewed/ dug thru the thin top layer leaving the rubber layer exposed and I had to throw it out. If you have a digger, this product will not last.

PEE SMELL. They are good quality and did not leak however I washed them 3 times and with bleach and you just can't get the pee smell out of them.

Works but smells. It works really well but it smells kind of gross and when i put it on my bed my sheets absorb the smell as well

It’s great but shrinks three inches when dried. Great for Guinea pig enclosure!!! It works great, keeps in odours, holds quite a bit of pee over a couple days after washed it’s brand new except it does shrink about three inches which sucks because now it’s not long enough to cover the whole enclosure, but other than that it’s great if it’s used for just dogs or whatever, but if you’re looking for a perfect fit for a Guinea pig enclosure I wouldn’t recommend drying it but instead air drying it

Pretty good. I think these are as good as any reuseable pad out there. Wash well in machine. If pup pees alot, it do let some thru. And if they pee towards the edge it will soak up, puddle expands out and could get on floor. Just something to keep in mind.

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