PATPET Dog Training Collar with Remote – Rechargeable IPX7 Waterproof 3 Training Modes, Beep, Vibration and 16 Static Levels

shock collar dog training collar dog training collar with remote PC600 682 PINK-E 320blue
P-Collar 640 Brown P-Collar 682A Black P-Collar 018A Pinch Colar PC600A P-Collar 682A Pink P-Collar 320A Blue
Training Modes Beep/Vibration/Static (1-16 Level) Beep/Vibration/Static (1-16 Level) Beep/Vibration/Static (1-16 Level) Prongs around neck Beep/Vibration/Static (1-16 Level) Beep/Vibration/Static (1-16 Level)
Charging Method Rechargeable Rechargeable Rechargeable NO Rechargeable Rechargeable
RF Remote Range 3000 Ft 1000 Ft 450 Yard 1000 Ft 1000 Ft
Receiver Waterproof Level IPX7 Waterproof IPX7 Waterproof IPX7 Waterproof IPX7 Waterproof IPX7 Waterproof
Remote Waterproof Level IPX5 Rainproof
Maximum Work Time 20 Days (Remote)/10 Days (Receiver) 27 Days (Remote)/11 Days (Receiver) 40 Days (Remote)/3 Days (Receiver) 27 Days (Remote)/11 Days (Receiver)
Maximum Match Amount 2 Receivers (One Included) 2 Receivers (One Included) 2 Receivers (One Included) 2 Receivers (One Included) 2 Receivers (One Included)
Suitable Weight 15 – 140 lb 10 – 140 lb 15 – 100 lb Below 88lb 10 – 140 lb 15 – 100 lb

PATPET Dog Training Collar with Remote - Rechargeable IPX7 Waterproof 3 Training Modes, Beep, Vibration and 16 Static LevelsPATPET Dog Training Collar with Remote - Rechargeable IPX7 Waterproof 3 Training Modes, Beep, Vibration and 16 Static Levels

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Design, Create, Innovate

Founded in 2014, PATPET is committed to investing in R&D and developing high-quality dog training and bark collars.

  • 1* Receiver
  • 1* Remote (w/ Wrist Strap)
  • 4* Contact Points
  • 4* Conductive Silicone
  • 2* Metal Contact Sheets
  • 1* Test Light
  • 1* Charging Adapter & Cable
  • 1* User Manual

PATPET Waterproof Dog Training Collar


PATPET Dog Training Collar is designed to help professional dog trainers as well as first time pet owners to have their dogs trained. When you’re looking to improve your dog’s behavior at home or public, the is the solution meets your dog training needs. Dog training is not just about training the dog, it’s also about teaching people to understand the dog. Once there is an understanding of how dogs think, people can train dog effectively.

  • Three Training Modes: Beep, Vibration and 16 adjustable Shock levels
  • Waterproof: Receiver IPX7 waterproof & Remote IPX5 rainproof
  • 3000Ft (1000 yards) Remote Range: Train your dog effectively in long distance
  • Blind Operation Buttons: The remote can be operated by touch without looking at it
  • Suitable for all sizes dogs from 10 to 140 lbs

PATPET Dog Training Collar with Remote - Rechargeable IPX7 Waterproof 3 Training Modes, Beep, Vibration and 16 Static Levels

Help Correct All Unwanted Dogs’ Behaviors

Dogs are the friends of human. They are loyal companions and intimate family members. But do we really know this family member? Sometimes they do some unruly or naughty things. They barked day and night; they approach and attack strangers; they chase other dogs or small animals; they run away from your house. After using PATPET e collar for dogs, you will find your dog is obedient, soft and even smarter. All in all, you will see how excellent the improvement in your dog’s behavior is!

PATPET Dog Training Collar with Remote - Rechargeable IPX7 Waterproof 3 Training Modes, Beep, Vibration and 16 Static Levels

PATPET Dog Training Collar with Remote - Rechargeable IPX7 Waterproof 3 Training Modes, Beep, Vibration and 16 Static Levels

PATPET Dog Training Collar with Remote - Rechargeable IPX7 Waterproof 3 Training Modes, Beep, Vibration and 16 Static Levels

3 Training Modes

With beep, vibration, and adjustable 1-16 shock levels, PATPET dog training collar helps teach your dog basic obedience commands and get rid of bad behaviors effectively.

Start with low level and find the best mode according to your dog’s temperament.

3000 FT Range Control

The Remote collar is designed with RF 434Mhz technology to provide a range up to 3000 ft, which allows you to enjoy the training with your dog in a long distance.

Long lasting battery life ensure you an effective dog training outdoors.

Suitable for All Size Dogs

Durable & Adjustable TPU collar strap can be customized to fit any dog’s neck. Good performance for dogs 10-140 lbs.


Avoid leaving the collar on the dog for more than 12 hours per day.

PATPET Dog Training Collar with Remote - Rechargeable IPX7 Waterproof 3 Training Modes, Beep, Vibration and 16 Static Levels

PATPET Dog Training Collar with Remote - Rechargeable IPX7 Waterproof 3 Training Modes, Beep, Vibration and 16 Static Levels

PATPET Dog Training Collar with Remote - Rechargeable IPX7 Waterproof 3 Training Modes, Beep, Vibration and 16 Static Levels

Blind Operation Buttons

Instead of a control knob, we utilize three buttons positioned top to bottom to adjust the collar’s intensity. The remote is designed to be operated without having to look at it, which would help you to train your dog focus on your command, instead your remote.

Double Protection Design

Soft conductive silicone covers can conduct non-beep mode effectively and protect dogs’ coats & skin when it’s around your dog’s neck.

The metal contact sheet makes training more effective for long/thick hair dogs and could release the pressure from prongs.

Waterproof Collar and Receiver

The collar receiver is IPX7 waterproof, allows you to train your dog even on a rainy day or any moist/wet conditions without damaging the receiver.

The remote is IPX5 water-resistant.

PATPET Dog Training Collar with Remote - Rechargeable IPX7 Waterproof 3 Training Modes, Beep, Vibration and 16 Static Levels

Features & Specifications

  • 3 Training Modes: Beep, Vibration and 16 Static levels.
  • Wireless Control: The wireless remote provides long range control with the receiver.
  • Waterproof: The receiver is IPX7 waterproof and the remote is IPX5 rainproof.
  • Long Battery Life: The rechargeable lithium-ion battery ensures uninterrupted dog training.
  • Distinguishing Button: The remote button can be distinguished by touch.

Pros & Cons


Best training collar! I own a VERY high energy breed (a Vizsla) We trained him to walk with out a leash for our arm safety and his dsesire to run and smell all he wants. This training was east to do with this PatPet training receiving collar. This is my 2nd time purchasing this collar for my dog. We love this collar! so easy to set up and use. Beep noise is plenty loud enough. Vibration is the perfect level as well. There are many different shock levels, We have never used a level more than 4 and it works great, The beep and buzz are 99% of the time enough to get my dogs attention. But it is important to have the shock feature for dangerous situation. His first collar last 2+ years. He wore this daily and went swimming and all kinds of wear. The only reason we had to replace it is he jumped up on a bed and it caught it on the frame and broke off where the collar attached to the device. This was a full force jump, so the stress snapped it, Otherwise it still worked great, It still held a charge for a few days at a time. We used and loved this device so much we bought the exact kind. Again easy to set up and use right out of the box. You will not be disappointed with this product at all. I recommend it for all kinds of training and or off leash walking. Good product, packaged very nicely and it is a good tool in helping you train and correct your dog. I do feel that one must be responsible in using it as a learning/corrective tool and not as a punishment device in order to prevent fear or seriously harming your pet.

Wish I would have bought this a year ago!! UPDATE. UPDATE: After only 2 weeks of use the remote will no longer work with the collars so at this point the collars are useless. I have tried reaching out to the Customer Support but have yet to receive a response. I really like the collars, so I am hoping they will honor their warranty. My boy is usually very well behaved, but gets super excited at the opportunity to run up and say "hello" to another dog or person and I wanted to correct that behavior. He also pushes the boundaries once in a while and goes a little further than he should. I wanted to use this to correct those behaviors so that I can control his overly friendly behavior and so that when I am in the backcountry he doesn't run off after wildlife. Wow!! This is THE tool for that! I don't even need to "shock" him because he quickly responds to the tone and vibration. Along with the voice commands I have taught him, he responds to the tone most of the time. It's very infrequent that I actually have to use even the vibration. I suspect that responsiveness is based on breed intelligence (he's a mixed breed), but I have no doubt that this thing will work with any dog! So glad I made this purchase!

Super Collar and Spectacular Training Device. I absolutely love these collars! I had to order another ONLY because I accidentally ran over my previous collar :( What impresses me the most is having a waterproof collar! My dog is ALL about getting into water. Even her drinking dish is fair game! We have taught her to stop jumping on company, to come when called each time she’s called, to stay off of the short fence in the back yard and so much more! PLEASE understand that when used appropriately, these collars are very much more humane than a choke chain or the like. If you’re unfamiliar with how to use this type of training device, I highly recommend consulting a professional dog trainer before using it AT ALL! Good luck to you and your fur baby!

Wow! Amazing product. Ok so first off. I'm extremely satisfied... so for my unboxing it comes in a nice package. Nice presentation. I started taking everything out and I noticed on the controller and remote the rubber piece for the water protection the screw that holds it in had some Mark's on it like it was hand tightened with a screwdriver. The lanyard it comes with is so cheap I just tossed it because its not necessary anyway. When I screwed the antenna on I could tell it wasnt perfectly straight but these are all cosmetic things I care about the quality of the product and getting what I pay for. Besides if someone used a screwdriver to assemble it doesnt mean it isnt good. I prefer some manual labor over machines. So I gave it a shot and its amazing!!!! The range is so far my dog doesnt even go far enough to test it. My dog is a German shepherd and super hyper. Would always jump on you and chase the cats. I read alot of reviews that sounded fake like my dog is like a whole new dog now and I've never had to shock my dog I was like ya suuuuure! But it's the truth. The vibration is so strong that my dog will instantly lay down so I can tell her what she did wrong and after 2 to 3 weeks training she looks at a cat and just keeps going like it isnt there. She doesnt jump on ppl anymore and now I really only use the tone as a reminder here and there but you are in complete control with this unit and I would recommend it to everyone!!! Never had to use the shock I couldn't imagine how bad a dog would have to act to actually need the shock but it's there if you need it

It works! This training collar allowed me to modify my dog's bad behavior. This is my second purchase of the PATPET Dog Training Collar. I wrote a review in May 2019 on how I was able to totally modify the bad behavior (not listening and running away) of a rescued 5-year old 60+ lb Sheppard/Collie/Husky mix using this training collar. I was so happy with that experience, that when my adult son moved in with us temporarily with his two dogs, I bought another remote and two additional collars. Our son had a fully fenced yard where he used to live, so his dogs were used to playing outside without supervision. Unfortunately, we do not have a fence at our house and both dogs had trouble understanding this new freedom. After a couple of days of working with each dog, I have been able to train them to understand the boundaries of how far they can go and both eagerly respond when I give them verbal commands. As I stated in my previous review, I accomplished this WITHOUT having to use the shock button (more than 1 or 2 times). I hate having to shock them and use the lowest level possible to just get their attention; but if needed, I am glad the option is available. Upon hearing the tone from the collar, the dogs know that I am trying to get their attention and they usually stop what they are doing and turn to listen to my commands. If they are really distracted by rough-housing, a quick hit of vibration gets their attention. I am a big supporter and believer in this training collar, HOWEVER, don’t just expect your dog to understand what this new stimulation means! Work with your dog to help him learn this new language and you will be more than pleased with your efforts. HIGHLY recommend!

Changed my life. Peace and quiet at last. The media could not be loaded. Honestly don't have anything negative to say about this product. It effectively worked on our unruly constant barker within the first 24 hours. I have debated getting a dog training collar for 2 years since the constant barking started, but I thought it would be cruel. It's def not cruel and it definetly has saved my sanity and made me actually start enjoying being around our dog again. I highly recommend this product for anyone that wants to train their dog with just the use of a noise after testing it out on them.


RANDOMLY SHOCKS AT MAX VOLTAGE. I have been using this collar for 2 days and was startled this night when my dog jumped up and ran to her kennel like she was in trouble. After I came down the stairs and crawled into the cage I realized that her shock collar was going off even though the remote was sitting on my desk with no one near it. While I remove the shock collar I can tell that the shock was on at least 15 out of the 16 settings. I only know this because I shocked myself before applying it to my animals. I do not know if this is a defect that will be removed soon but as far as right now I would not buy this product from a company that did not test it properly. My dog is extremely frightened of remotes and collars now along with the random urination whenever a vibration or beep goes off.

Buyer beware! very poor quality especially for the price. Does not work and is very cheaply made! very cheaply Made, poor quality. Also was Recently contacted by a China review company trying to pay for good reviews.

My dog still barks like crazy. It helps at the beginning but now she’s gotten desensitized to it, the collar is no use, such a waste of money

Spend more and get more. STAY AWAY - 0 STARS - Lasted less than 6 months, battery in the collar won’t hold a charge for more than 60 seconds. Spend the extra money for something better quality that includes a warranty. *** UPDATE *** UPDATE *** SELLERS WON'T STOP SPAMMING MY EMAIL ASKING ME TO DELETE THIS REVIEW (NOT EVEN OFFERING A REFUND OR REPLACEMENT). I HAVE REQUESTED THEY STOP MULTIPLE TIMES, BUT THEY MAKE NEW EMAIL ADDRESSES AND CONTINUE TO SPAM MY EMAIL - STAY FAR AWAY!

FALSE ADVERTISEMENT! What a joke this thing is! My dog is 2yrs old. A German Shepard. If he could laugh, he would be rolling! This thing does nothing! The shock doesn't faze him. The vibration does a better job, but even that isn't great. It definitely does not have a range off "3000 ft." It doesn't even have a range of "300 ft." This thing is NOT WORTH $60. I am so disappointed in the makers of this product, and the false advertisement. I'll just have to eat the bill, as i have already opened and used the cheap product.

Good sturdy collar, works but has a flaw. Collar works well on my pitbull. We try to only use the tone or vibrate, shock only in certain situations. Collar is sturdy and looks good. Charge still holding since when I took it out of the box. The flaw our collar seems to have is when it goes into sleep mode and I go to use the tone on her, it shocks her for no reason instead. My finger is nowhere near the shock button. This has happened multiple times leading to my dog screaming. No idea what level of shock its doing this at to make a 70 pound pitbull scream. Tempted to exchange to see if a different collar does the same thing. After this flaw occurs my dog is usually skittish and thinks they did something very wrong which is not the case and I have to console them.

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