Panta Mobile Standing Desk

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Panta standing desk

Panta Height Adjustable Black Mobile Standing Desk with Wheels

Work the way you want with Panta Sit-Stand Computer Desk! Easily move your laptop or writing workstation to any space in your home, dorm, or office. The larger main desk area fits full-size laptop computers. The medium desktop can be tilted for maximum ergonomic comfort while computing or writing. Adjust the height of the table from 26.9″ to 46.8″ manually. Enjoy the freedom of having a portable mobile desk with the position of sitting or standing!


HEIGHT ADJUSTABLE TABLETOP – Height adjusts from 26.9 inches to 46.8 inches, Just gently secure the twist-lock knob manually, and you will get an ergonomic and personalized workspace!

MOBILE ROLLING WORKSTATION – enjoy smooth-gliding mobility with four lockable 1.5-inch caster wheels! Simply screw in the wheel brakes you can turn anywhere into a comfortable workspace!

GET TILTED – 3 individual panels can be adjusted separately, so you can have each completely flat or angled in comfortable positions. The two tiltable panels flip range 45 degrees!

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laptop desk

rolling desk

Sturdying Rolling Laptop Desk

Our mobile adjustable desk with wheels provides you with a relaxing space! Have a cup of coffee or tea, read a book, and enjoy your spare time

Home Office Adjustable Desks

Switching between sitting and standing allows you to have a better working experience! It will reduce the risk of back pain, obesity, and other physical problems

Mobile Desk Workstation

Panta portable workstation as both a sitting and standing desk for the adjustable height, make a difference in your work progress!

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adjustable height mobile desk

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Best Gift

Panta is always detail-oriented: the desk cup holder must be a perfect addition for anyone who wants to have a cup of coffee while working

Tiltable & Height Adjustable

The standup desk height can be adjusted into a standing or sitting model. Tiltable panels flip range 45 degrees

High-Quality Screws and Double Locking Pin

The screws are pretty matched with our rolling table, it can be easily adjusted or screwed in. 4 plugs make the leg more stable.Such a mobile laptop desk will make your work more freely

4 Lockable 360 Degree Casters

The rolling wheels can roll freely at 360 degrees, which is convenient for moving the table from this room to another even on carpet.The brakes help stop anywhere you want!

portable desk with wheels

Features & Specifications

  • Standing & Sitting 2 Modes Mobile Stand Up Desk: The laptop desk height can be adjusted from 26.9" to 46.8" as you wish. Changing between sitting and standing avoids the health problems of a long time sitting. The rolling table is also equipped with a free desk cup holder and 2 "L" shaped hooks
  • Rolling table of 3 Individual Platforms: The height of the computer/monitor platform, keyboard tray, and mouse tray can be adjusted separately. The keyboard tray and mouse tray can be tilted up to 45 degrees, they can also be switched for left-handed users. Anti-skid stripes help you prevent items from falling off the floor
  • Lockable & Removable Caster Wheels: Casters are able to be removed as you want. The 360°rotation wheels make it easy to move even on carpet and 4 wheels with brakes make you stop anywhere you want. The height between the wheel and bottom base is nearly 4", so you can slide this mobile desk under your sofa or chair easily
  • Sturdy Construction and Easy Maintenance: Made of thick steel and MDF wood, this mobile desk workstation has a 30kg/66 lbs weight capacity, it will fit a laptop and an external monitor. The rolling laptop desktop is wear-resistant and water-proof and you can clean it easily, just use a damp or dry cloth to wipe any stains in less than 5 minutes
  • Easy Assembly & Multi-scene Application: Brief and clear installation instruction makes assembly simple and easy to follow. The elegant appearance is easy to fit in your home decor. You could use the portable computer desk as a portable presentation lectern, a mobile standing computer desk, a laptop table, an office table
  • Dimensions: 21.5"D x 31.5"W x 46.8"H
  • Weight: 31.1 pounds

Pros & Cons


Great desk with minor tweaking. First of all, I just want to say that this is a great desk for mobility, and I love it. However, this is not the perfect mobility desk out of the box. Firstly, the instructions are easy to follow, but could use some changes. The instructions say when building the keyboard and mouse tray, you should put the metal rotating rings onto the pole then screw it onto the planks. I found it tedious trying to line up the screw holes like that. So just a tip, screw in the rings first then slide the pole in. Second, the wheels that came with the desk are just terrible. I mainly use the desk as my portable workstation, with my PC strapped down and monitor clamped, so it is constantly being moved around and the wheels kept dragging and locking on their own. Upon closer inspection, I noticed the back wheels were crushed. So a replacement was necessary and instead of reaching out and getting the same ones, I spent an additional $10 to get 1in M6x15mm casters and they work so much better. It did slightly lower the height of the desk, but it was worth the additional purchase. Other than that, this is a great desk for the price and would recommend it to anyone looking to purchase something like this.

ADDITIONAL PEICE REQUIRED. Love everything about it, Brown color is definitely more fancy than black, super smooth, very durable. EXCEPTION!... I needed to buy two shower rods to keep the back peice sturdy and sound (Mine is kept stationary) from snapping the very thin metal rods that supports the weight. I wanted mine to last and no I'm not climbing or fully resting on it but my mounts/two laptops and monitor was placing a lot of tension on the two tiny poles holding it all up and it worked out great! I did suggest to the seller to fully weld the peices together and use a stronger metal structure.

Works well but has some quirks. I needed a smaller desk to fit a specific spot and this one fit the bill. It’s difficult moving it up and down - you have to raise one side at a time - so I’ve just resigned to sitting at it (which kind of defeats the purpose of my purchase). The keyboard and smaller side on the front will absolutely pop back toward you if you put any weight at all (think leaning) on them, so use caution if you’ve got a drink or food that could disrupt or damage work papers. Overall it’s okay and I’ll keep it, until I can find one that’s electric and will work for my specific needs.

So far so good. I just got it today and put it together with my husband. I highly recommend having another person doing this with you because I was struggling at first trying to put this together by myself. It looks and feels sturdy. Can’t really say about anything else since I have not worked on it yet but I have placed all my laptop and computer items on it and it seems to hold everything. The only thing that was a bit wobbly was the cup holder. It clips on and I’m afraid if I have a heavy mug that it might fall. I will update review if anything changes.

Easy to assemble. I was very impressed with the directions, they were short and to the point. I thought since there was on lard card with the directions it would be hard, and that I would end up paying for someone to come to put it together. It was very easy, and what made it so east is that the holes were in the right spot. I was trying to think of something I didn’t like, the only thing was the complementary cup holder, I thought i made a mistake during the assembling. I think it took me about an hour because I was watching a movie also. I will update when my daughter starts to use it.

Great basic standing desk. It's great for the price. It's not very sturdy feeling, it takes two people to adjust the height, but honestly for the price it is still better than I expected.


the desk is ok. It's OK because it's what you paid for. It's suitable for computers and for doing homework, work, Etc. But there are a few issues: the wheels seem to lock automatically, so you have to unlock them every time you want to move the desk around, which can be annoying, so look out for that. Number two, it is not easy to raise the desk, so if you are a person who can't or have a problem with lifting things that weigh them, you might want someone else's help. Now the positive things are that the desk is sturdy. I've had it for about a month now, and it does the trick.

Good Enough. The instructions are kind of dumb and awkward. Should have started with putting pins in to prevent things from sliding around (and definitely before flipping the assembly over) instead of like halfway through the instructions. One corner of the desk arrived damaged. It wobbles if you're typing too fast. 0% confidence in that cup holder. I wouldn't put a drink in it. I stash wired ear buds and other bits in it. Overall, it does its job ok enough. You get what you pay for. Cheap, no frills.

Cracked joint in less than a year.... How disappointing! I've never, ever had a welded joint crack/split on a desk before. This is a home use desk - no one sits on it, nothing heavy is placed on's purely from leaning on during normal use (not bearing weight, but rather resting arm or elbow). It's located underneath on the joint of the arm that supports the separate "mouse pad" section. I'm HOPING I'll be able to fix this with some JB Weld, otherwise I'm screwed... I wish I would have sent it back after I had an issue with the right rear wheel. Turns out that one of the holes/pieces of internal hardware that holds the wheel was defective. I'm guessing it was another poor weld since the piece that holds the wheel in place gave way and loosely holds it (making moving it nearly impossible and causing it to constantly lock every time it's moved). Unfortunately, I found out too late. I initially thought I just had a bad caster wheel, and, thanks to my procrastination, I didn't order replacements until after the return window closed; come to find out that wasn't the issue at all. Aside from that I do like this style of desk. I like that it has a hook on each side and a clip-on cup holder (although I'd be careful not to bump into it because it will slip). I also like the cord 'clips' underneath the main front piece, and the pencil holder that doubles as an edge to prevent my laptop from sliding off when in the inclined position. I really wanted to love this desk, but these are major issues.

Very bad wheels! I bought this because I'm disabled and i needed a good sized desk with wheels that i could move to and away from my bed and such. Room has commercial type flat no padding carpet. The wheels kept locking when I'd move it, all 4 wheels have locks, overkill. Then because I would have to push it away from bed to unlock wheels, the wheels broke, the nut that is housed inside desk comes out aand no way to secure it back in so made this desk worthless for what I needed. Trying to return it I was told I had to go thru amazon. Fed ex was to pick it up, without packaging , since that went into trash same day I got desk and had no box to repack it in. Was told to expect fedex after few days. They showed up next day and since was not expecting, they were missed onlyleaving a shipping label. Support said it was up to ME to take it to fedex since they were already there for a pick up. Ok, was able to reschedule the pick up finally so I thought and I waited and waited, days and never showed up. I still have the damn desk with no refund, no workable wheels and of NO use to me now. After 2 weeks of waiting I had to disasemble it, another pain! What do I do now with a desk I can not even use, because it no longer functions with wheels since 3 broke off! And why make an awesome desk and put crappy wheels and housing? I'd like my money back! I have no way to go to any fedex, no car. I would give zero star rating if I could ;o(

Check size. Smaller than expected. It’s good for the cost.

Does not hold up well. Great portable desk but did not hold up my computer and second screen on the adjustable top. I’m a small lady and placed my elbow to the edge of table while on standing position and the table just flopped down to lowest position. I figured maybe I didn’t tighten the adjustable screw as much? tried on several other times and desk just slowly lowered down on its own to lowest position. Will still use the desk as a normal portable desk but did not hold up on being a stand up desk :(

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