Ansopu Lined Journal Notebook, 365 Pages B5 Large Journals for Writing Ruled Notebook

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Why Choose Ansopu 365 Pages Thick A5 Lined Journal Notebook?

●Advanced classic big journal notebook, large B5 size (7.6″x 10″) provides ample writing space.

●Enough pages with 365 pages rthick paper,there are enough pages for you to effectively record lectures and various notes for a year or more.

●100GSM acid free paper that is thicker, will not cause bleeding and is suit for most types pens.

●Premium vegan leather hardcover & exquisite binding design makes the notebooks more durable.

●64 pages can be removed

●Each journal comes with 1 ribbon bookmarks, 2 elastic closure band, 1 pen loop, 1 back pocket and 2 index tabs stickers.

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Hardcover Journal Notebook for Writing

Sturdy cardboard hardcover makes it slide comfortably into a bag or backpack.

Exquisite office gift or school gift for yourself, families, friends, work colleagues, school classmates, students, working professionals, journalers, and more.

  • Journal for Women Men
  • Journals for Writing
  • Notebooks for Work
  • College Ruled Journal Notebook

College Ruled JournaL Notebooks

“Tree of Life” Pattern Embossing Design

This journal leather cover has a beautifully engraved “Tree of Life” pattern, and durable wooden pages, use to record words, mood diary. Record your valuable thoughts, memories and experiences in this classic notebook.

  • 365 Pages Large Journal Notebook for long time use
  • Waterproof Hardcove Lether Journal Notebook
  • Upgrade Elastic Closure Design
  • 2 Stickers and Expandable Back Pocket
  • 100gsm Ivory-colored Thick Paper
  • Beautiful Logo Design

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Lay Flat Writing Journal

Ours Notebook have a 180° lay-flat binding that allows easy one-handed note-taking, and we have a careful and rigorous in-house bookbinding process to ensure our books can be used lifetime.

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Upgrade Elastic Closure

We offer two elastic closure,it provides a more solid strap for thicker journals, and at the same time it can also be used as a bookmark.

Perforated Pages

64 Perforated Pages, Thick Paper.

Elastic Closure

Equipped to bind the pages and cover together while the notebook is closed.

Keep notebook safe while it is packed into bag.

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Expandable Inner Pocket&Stickers

Expandable inner pocket for stashing loose notes, business cards, receipts, or other small items. The gift marker stickers are come into the back-pocket.

Stickers can work as highlighters, dividers and tabs.

No Ink Bleeding

Our paper is 100gsm thickened enough so that each page remains resistant to ink bleed, erasing, ghosting, and shading.

Elastic Pen Loop

Made with sturdy elastic to fit a variety of pen widths with a tight grip.

Make your pen accessible and convenient to find.

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Features & Specifications

  • 【365 Pages&100Gsm Thick Journal】Large A5 size (5.75"x 8.38"/146mm x 213mm), 8mm space classic college ruled notebook, total 365 pages, include 64 perforated pages. 100gsm acid free light Ivory paper that is thicker than normal, will not cause bleeding, ghosting or smudging and is suit for most types pens.
  • 【Hardcover Leather Journal Notebook】Made from high quality vegan leather, no animals were harmed. Durable and water-resistant hard cover can protects the inside of the page better than a soft cover and provides a comfortable writing surface. The “Tree of Life” symbolizes tenacious vitality. No matter what difficulties and obstacles you face,you can face it firmly.
  • 【Upgrade Lined Journal Notebook】Comes with 1 elastic closure band & 1 elastic bookmark band, more stable. An expandable inner storage pocket to keep track of appointment cards,notes,receipts,and more. 1 gift of multicolor index tabs stickers for papers classifying and marking.
  • 【180°Lay Flat Journal Notebook】The 180° lay flat design makes writing easier, reading more convenient, and taking notes more efficient.At the same time, the hardcover notebook is designed with1 elastic closure band & 1 elastic bookmark band. to make it tightly closed to protect your content, and the inner paper will not be curled and kept flat.
  • 【Great Use】Ansopu tcollege ruled notebook perfect for business executives, office, work, home, college, students, adults, scientists, and people in many other fields. Perfect for travelers,business people,students for writing journals,journaling, personal daily journals,travel journals,work notebooks or for taking notes in college classes or meetings.
  • Weight: ‎1.41 pounds

Pros & Cons


A large journal at a great price…. This is a sturdy, well-made journal. Because of its size, it’s not something you’d want to carry around with you, to jot thoughts on the fly, as it’s four times the size of a pocket Moleskine. Better to keep this behemoth on your writing desk at home. On the plus side, the paper in this journal is thick so ink won’t bleed through. Nor is the nib of a fountain pen likely to pick up fibers from these pages. The ruling on each page is a tad wide for my taste, not what I would call college-ruled. But most people I suspect would prefer this to college-ruling.

5 Stars! Great quality paper and the cover is in perfect condition. I am very happy with this purchase and will use this as I continue journaling and working on my future novel.

Good. 1 star off because if it was at full price and not a sale it would be not sufficient for the full amount, but 4 stars because it is good for sale price. The item is sturdy enough, thick pages decent size, the cover wont survive anything other than being in a desk drawer or on the desk in between use.

Excellent. Such a perfect journal! Well made, nice thick paper and classy cover. I will buy more

Absolutely beautiful!!! Loved the quality of the vegan leather on the book the pages are a nice color! I bought this take notes for a big exam I have coming up in college! I am so glad I decided to get the book! So worth shelling out the extra dollar for a good 350 page notebook

Good journal for the money. It met all of my needs.


Not what as thick as the picture. I thought it would be as thick as the picture and it’s not. But it’s still nice and I’ll keep it.

For the price I don't know if I could give it a higher rating. As someone who works in the Information Technology field and gets a lot of swag from conferences I have a lot of experience with notebooks similar to this. this has a lot of pages so it is a bit thicker than what you usually get from those types of conferences. it is also size wise top to bottom end with so you do have a lot more writing room which is what I was looking for. but I don't know if I would call this a hardcover as it is pretty bendable all together as well as just the cover we're backing. it does feel a bit on the cheaper side like the type of notebooks that vendors companies Buy to customize and throw their logo on. so sadly for the price I think it is pretty expensive for what you are getting. I'm not saying that it's not nice the paper quality is decent it has a double band for marking Pages as well as the strip of ribbon that you can easily take in and out to mark pages. it's just really the price point for what you're getting for me.

Structure/quality. The cover is supper cute and love the color however the structure/quality doesn't match the price. Opened package sat down to write and found that the cover is detached looks as though was right at the threading point making it a weak attachment. I really hoped for a better quality paying little over 15 for notebook.

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Existing Customer Reviews

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