ANGRY ORANGE Odor Eliminator & Pet Stain Remover – Carpet Cleaner for Pets, Citrus Scented Dog Urine Deodorizing Spray and Enzyme Cleaner for Home Use

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Don’t mask odors, eliminate them with Enzyme Cleaning power! You’ll experience a clean like never before with the Angry Orange odor and stain remover bundle. Enjoy yourself on the scavenger hunt for stink while giving your house a deep, lasting clean.

As easy as 1, 2, 3—light up the odor’s source, spray it down, and enjoy your fresh home. A solution to lingering odor has never been as time- and cost-efficient. Have confidence in reintroducing guests to an odor-free space. Spend your time with the ones who matter instead of chasing down their messes.

Angry Orange

The UV Stain Sniper and Enzyme Cleaner spray are easy to use! Shine the Stain Sniper in a dark room and zero in on those pesky stains. Ultraviolet light illuminates dried dog urine and other sources of odor*. UV light is powerful stuff, so avoid shining it onto pets or humans.

The Enzyme Cleaner continues to destroy unwanted odor for up to 80 hours after the first spray. When targeting stinky odors and stains, allow the solution to dry before reintroducing pets to the area. Avoid using near food, water, toys, or litter boxes and don’t spray on an animal.

* Some cat urine is harder to detect by UV light.

Angry Orange

Angry O

Angry Orange

Ultraviolet light reveals stains on a variety of surfaces. Once found, the Enzyme Cleaner can destroy them for good.

Traditional cleaners only mask odors with a pleasant smell. But soon enough, the invasive odors returns. Angry Orange destroys the source of odors so the smell is gone for good.

Angry Orange is powerful with only the best ingredients. Rest assured your home is a safe (and stink-free) environment.

Use only as directed.

Angry Orange Angry Orange Angry Orange
Fresh Citrus 32oz Enzyme Stain Cleaner and Odor Eliminator Fresh Citrus 32oz Enzyme Cleaner + UV Stain Sniper Fresh Clean 32oz Enzyme Stain Cleaner and Odor Eliminator
Recommended Usage Targets and eliminates stains and sources of odor using enzyme activation The complete pet odor removal kit: illuminate sources of odor with the UV stain sniper and spray and eliminate them with the bio-enzyme cleaner Targets and eliminates stains and sources of odor using enzyme activation
Scent Fresh Citrus Fresh Citrus Fresh Clean
Odor Eliminating YES YES YES
Stain Removal YES YES YES
Enzymatic Activation YES YES YES
Compatible w/Stain Sniper YES YES (INCLUDED) YES

Features & Specifications

  • DUAL ACTION W/ SNIPER - Our stain remover and pet odor eliminator for home will help you find and destroy messes made by your furry friends! Our pet carpet cleaner tackles stains, smells, and even pet urine, feces and vomit.
  • DESTROY STAINS AND SMELLS - This dog urine odor eliminator spray destroys stains and smells upon contact to ensure 80 hours of freshness. Multi-surface enzyme cleaner works great on carpet, hardwood floors, fabric, turf, and more.
  • LOCATE HIDDEN STAINS - A versatile odor eliminator and carpet stain remover that can clean it all! The UV light attachment adheres to the dog spray bottle to help you locate stains and smells that aren't visible to the human eye.
  • CITRUS SCENT - Made from citrus enzymes and other natural ingredients, this pet stain and odor remover leaves a fruity fragrance behind with every spritz! Safe for both pets and children. (Do not spray directly onto either, though.)
  • CUSTOMER SATISFACTION - Add this enzymatic cleaner to the top of your list of pet supplies for dogs and puppies. If you have any questions or concerns about your purchase, reach out to our support team.

Pros & Cons


Unhinged Crazy Cat Lady Who is Not Fond of Cats. Let me set the stage for this long review. I am diagnosing myself as CP phobic (cat pee phobic). This is not yet an official disease but I am working on a patent. The roots of my CP phobia come from my childhood days as does everything else that is wrong with my life but I will skip the details for a book I will later write and discuss with Dr. Oz. Cats were around me in my childhood days and due to absent parents, they peed everywhere and little was done to clean it up. Therefore, the smell of cat pee brings severe anxiety, anger, and anything else that is related to a negative feeling. In 2002, a small kitten followed me into a 7-11. She was friendly but obviously abandoned and probably had her days limited if left in the busy parking lot of this convenience store. So on this wonderful day in the winter, I walked out with a Diet Coke, a pack of Marlboro lights, and a kitten. All three items were destined to deteriorate my health. Fast forward to 2017 and this same cat is still with me. I am almost certain this cat will outlive me and I am only 34. This is the last cat I will ever own. Due to her age, attitude, and possibly her political views, she decided to start peeing on the carpet. I immediately google "life span of indoor cats." I realized I have at least 2 years left but maybe 5 years. I then take this 11 pound ball of fur to the vet to pay a lot of money for a diagnosis that my cat is healthy and a brat. Both of us come home hating each other. The peeing continues. Below is how I handled the situation in which she is still alive and I am slightly more unhinged than before. Several products will be mentioned as I am copying and pasting this review to all the companies who are responsible in allowing this cat to currently live through her natural life with me. I spent a HUGE chunk of money on the litter robot. I recommend going to the litter robot website and researching this expensive toilet for cats. They have great customer service too. The litter robot is life changing for anyone who actually plans on owning cats for fun and for cats who refuse to use a dirty litter box. Due to my CP phobia, I plunked down the money. Everything worked great until my cat saw me enjoying life. The peeing began again. I put down a plain old square litter box and added "Cat Attract" litter. The peeing stopped. My adorable ball of high maintenance fur now uses the litter robot to go number two and the plain square box to go number one. The "Cat Genie" trash can is a must with anyone who has CP phobia. It keeps the smell down to a minimum and saves on trash bags. Now that my 15 year old queen is satisfied with her restroom, I am now left to attack the cat pee smell. Putting Febreeze on a cat pee spot is like putting a cute SuperMan band aid on an 8 inch deep gash; it's super adorable but we all know I am going to pass out from the blood loss. Attacking cat pee is serious business and requires hours of work, determination, and money. Did I state how I will never own a cat again? First you will need Rocco and Roxie pet stain remover. Just buy the jug if you are battling cat pee. The spray bottle will not be used. Pour Rocco and Roxie on the cat pee. It needs to be a puddle that soaks in through the carpet and into the carpet pad. We are not using a band aid, we are going in and sanitizing this dire situation. As you get the spots you can see, grab a UV light, turn off the lights, and prepare for night battle. Find all the illuminating spots and pour that Rocco and Roxie on all spots. Cat pee is no laughing matter to people like me. After all the spots are drenched, wait it out for a few hours and soak as much up with paper towels. If you use a towel, I feel you are transferring cat pee from one spot to the next. There will be a slight chemical smell. Again, cat pee is not like spilling your tumbler of vodka and soda water because the cat trips you up on purpose. Cat pee is anger and anxiety wrapped into one huge ball which needs strong chemicals to destroy. If you are satisfied with Rocco and Roxie, and no odor of cat pee is present, then continue on with your life. If you are CP phobic and can detect a small whiff of cat pee, proceed to step 2. Step two requires buying Angry Orange. Angry Orange is a smell that cats hate and is actually pretty pleasant to others. It smells like straight oranges. I bought the spray bottle and the concentrated refill bottle. Because I am CP phobic, I put a lot of the concentrated angry orange in a spray bottle and a little bit of water. I grabbed my UV light and went after the spots like the crazy, mad woman I have become. I sprayed all the spots only to have the entire house overwhelmed with the smell of orange. I am pretty sure my neighbors think I have opened a juicing station in the middle of my kitchen. I highly recommend following the directions of using the correct ratio of water to Angry Orange. If you do not follow the directions, not only will you think about writing a book called "James and the Giant Orange" but there will be slight orange spots on your carpet. Which now we can go to step 3. Rocco and Roxie has an OxyClean product. This carpet cleaner gets out the toughest stains including my error of Angry Orange stains. Spray the product on any stain, let it sit for 5 minutes, and then start working on it with paper towels. At this point, I am satisfied I have fought a good battle but I am still wary. I have an oreck orbiter to clean my travertine floors. I bought the attachments for cleaning the carpet and also Oreck Dry Carpet Cleaner. I spray the Rocco and Roxie OxyClean product as a mist on a 6 by 6 foot spot and then sprinkle the dry carpet cleaner all over. A LITTLE GOES A LONG WAY. I rub the cleaner into the carpet with my oreck orbiter. Wait 45 minutes to 2 hours and vacuum. The Dry Carpet Cleaner gets out stains but it also gets out all the allergens and cat litter smell. I am not a fan of steam cleaning carpets. I have never had success. The Dry Carpet Cleaner is great for spring cleaning carpets or being completely unhinged by cat pee and needing to verify, the carpet is indeed clean. Finally, after a week, I spray the areas in where I want my cat to never pee on, walk on, and or let alone even look at with the Natural Lemon Aerosol spray. Cats hate the smell of lemons and oranges. I am now 90 percent satisfied I have won the battle of cat pee. I will not be 100 percent satisfied until I replace all the carpet but that will not happen until my cat crosses the rainbow in which she will probably pee on because that is how she rolls. My cat has cost me a lot of money and time but I hope when I am old and peeing everywhere, that someone will take care of me and I will have two toilets in the same room. Did I state I will never own a cat again? I hope this helps with anyone who has CP phobia and is willing to go above and beyond of getting rid of any trace of cat pee. I wish you well in your battle.

This Works!! I was skeptical but now a believer!! I have a 9 month kitten who, for whatever reason, decided early on that the corner OPPOSITE of the litter box is where he wanted to pee. After a couple weeks I had him trained to use the litter box but every once in a while he would go back to that corner to ...I guess freshen up his scent???? I tried other cleaners, and they did great eliminating the odor for my nose, but he still knew that was his spot. I finally had to cover it with a box to keep him from it but I didn't want to live with a box in my corner forever. So then I read someone else's review of this product and said "worth a try". (especially, once I lifted the box and cat urine odor wafted up to me, so obviously the odor killing products didn't penetrate deep enough.) So I ordered this and as soon as it got here, I sprayed my enzyme killing Angry Orange. I sprayed the whole corner and the walls. First, let me say this stuff smells like an Orange Creamsicle, which smelled really good. The only downside - and this was totally a me issue so I didnt dock a star - is that the orange does seem to be mixed with just a hint of a vanilla scent (hence the creamsicle smell). Unfortunately I am very sensitive to the scent of vanilla and it gives me a huge sinus headache almost instantly. But I opened some windows and powered through. SOOO happy I did. Later that afternoon my kitten went to his corner and I thought "ok here's the test". He sniffed once made a face like "meh nothing to see here" and walked away. Its now been over a week and he has never visited his corner once and I have no urine smell. AMAZING!!! Highly recommend this product for any cat owner!!!

Bye Bye Odoban. I'm happy to help you write a review for the Angry Orange Stain Remover! Firstly, I must say that this product is simply amazing. As a pet owner, I have struggled to find a stain remover that effectively removes pet urine stains and odors. However, since I started using Angry Orange Stain Remover, I have had no such problems. The 32oz Enzyme Pet Cleaner is the perfect solution for all pet owners who are struggling to remove tough stains and unpleasant odors caused by their pets. This citrus spray cleaning solution effectively destroys all types of urine stains and odors, making it an indispensable tool in every pet owner's arsenal. One of the things I appreciate about this product is its natural formula. The product contains only natural ingredients and enzymes, which not only remove stains and odors but also leave the room smelling fresh and clean. I was pleasantly surprised to find out that the Angry Orange Stain Remover has replaced other cleaners in my house. I used to rely on OdoBan and other cleaners to remove pet stains, but this product has been a game-changer. In conclusion, if you're a pet owner struggling with stubborn pet stains and odors, the Angry Orange Stain Remover is the solution you need. It is easy to use, highly effective, and made of natural ingredients. I highly recommend this product to anyone looking for a reliable pet cleaner.

It works and smells awesome! My elder German Shepard has kidney disease and drinks a lot of water and pisses what seems like gallons at a time. One area she peed in I didn't catch and when it got humid outside boy the stank was unbearable I shampooed my carpet with Amazon's brand Multi-Purpose Enzyme Cleaner along with a capful of Angry Orange Oder Eliminator concentrate. After that, I sprayed the area with Angry Orange enzyme Pet Stain and Odor Remover. For a while, the smell got worse, and for sure I thought I wasted my money. However, the next day I put my nose on the carpet and the odor was completely gone! It worked! So far the smell hasn't come back. I snatched a star off of this review because the sprayer on the enzyme cleaner sucks. I have nerve damage and the sprayer constantly gets stuck and swivels around for no reason. I'll stick with the angry odor remover concentrate and Amazon's brand Multi-Purpose Enzyme Cleaner but not the Angry pet stain enzyme remover. It's too much of a hassle.

Strong scent but works well! Wish i could give this 4.5 stars. I tried multiple different odor-eliminating cleaners whey I got my puppy. This is the only one I will use. It does have a VERY powerful scent, kind of a sweet but slightly burned orange scent. You only need A LITTLE BIT to take care of the issue. But it works! I am highly sensitive to scents, so having something that kills pet odors was essential for me (i have 2 dogs), and this is the only thing I've found that I can tolerate. The smell of the spray dissipates much more quickly than other similar products. It both covers the pet odor while you're cleaning up the pet mess and eliminates any lingering odor as it dissipates. As others have said, the spray nozzle gizmo is just absolute garbage. It leaks and malfunctions which should be an easy fix for the manufacturer but they have let this problem go on for a long time. Still highly recommend this product despite the issues with the sprayer.

It works. I bought this after my cat peed on the carpet of our apartment. The stain was removed, and under blue light you would see less of the pee after multiple scrubs. My cat also peed on my tesla car seat and i thought i had to get it professionally detailed because the smell was awful. This was the only thing that worked to get the smell out for good. The product works, you will just have to use a lot of it for fabrics and upholstery. The smell is also very obnoxious. It smells like orange, but in a weird way. Its better than cat pee smell tho.


Not what I expected. This smells good but doesn't work like I expected. Instr say to not let pets in until dry. And rub until lathers? I saturated but definitely didn't lather. My dog has UTI and accidents urine very strong. Smell comes back.

Best Product Ever! WORST SPRAYER EVER. This gets the same review I gave the Angry Orange Odor product, for the same reasons. 50 year pet owner here. This is, without a doubt, the best pet odor eliminator I've ever used. We're dog people, so this works great on regular ol' dirty dog smell, wet dog smell, hound smell, urine, etc. I haven't had an opportunity to use it on Skunk spray, but I would bet that, while it would help a great deal, it's not quite as good as home-brewed peroxide, Dawn, baking soda mix. Where Angry Orange fails miserably is the sprayer. I've gone through several bottles of this stuff and on top of the fact that they don't really fit the bottle, every single one has either not worked at all, leaked, stopped working part way through the bottle, broken off completely, or some combination of the above. Why Angry Orange would market a premium product with a premium price and stick a junk sprayer (and that's unnecessarily generous) so bad it not only renders the product unusable, but is also costing them repeat business, is unfathomable. The $2 Great Value spray bottle, at Walmart, production and delivery cost likely in the 30 cent range, is 100 times better than anything to which Angry Orange has subjected me. It just works, has lasted several bottles, and I just empty new bottles of Angry orange into my personal bottle first thing, before the AO sprayer inevitably breaks, often spilling expensive deodorizer everywhere but where it's supposed to go. Makes me mad every time I pour new product out of a perfectly good bottle. What a waste. Just put a screw-on lid on the bottle and lower the price a dollar.

Missing part. The spray is good but it was missing a crucial part. The plastic tube that enables the sprayer to spray was missing. The manufacturer told me they don't carry replacement parts. If I was wanted to get a the replacement part I'd have to order a whole new bottle and return the old one. So what turned into a simple transaction has gotten overly complicated and tedious.

Does not work. I don’t know where these reviews are from, but this stuff does not work as a deterrent. My dogs sniff it and pee right over it. The orange scent is pleasant but disappears in an hour, so you have to keep spraying, and then you have a residue build-up from that. Definitely not worth $20. Zero review if possible.

Good Solution, Leaks. The sprayer it came with leaks if you accidentally squeeze the side of the bottle or if the bottle is not upright. The solution smells great but is a bit oily.

Mixed feelings…. Bought spray/light combo pack The light I’m not impressed with really at all. Light shows everything else other than dog or cat urine which is why I’m disappointed because i bought the light to show the dog urine and didn’t show it at all. The spray is a nice scent but people should be strongly advised to open up all windows in the home and turn on all fans before even spraying it once and to avoid being in the direct room or area where spray was used and keep pets away and blocked off from the area until the spray is dry because it is overbearingly strong while it’s wet and just using it in one spot in one room the scent quickly travels through to the rest of the house. It gets less intense as it dries and once it’s completely dry it’s almost odorless. Not a horrible smell but it’s way too strong there needs to be lots of fans and open windows throughout the entire home until it dries and direct area where it was used needs to be avoided until it dries. I wasnt sure at first if this stuff worked or just masked the smell when I first used it while it was still wet. The whole house quickly smelled like the citrus and didn’t couldn’t smell dog urine or any other odor or scent at all in rhe house and the citrus was all we were able to smell until it all dried completely. Today I barely smell citrus at all now thst it dried. I smelled the dog urine alittle back but barely smell it and urine smell is mostly gone now and extemely super faint as to before I used this spray and the dog urine order coming from the big area rug made my eye sinuses allergies and my entire respiratory tract and asthma go haywire the urine odor odor was so bad from that big rug going anywhere near that kitchen made me feel sick to my stomach. So the spray does work great but just didn’t completely get rid of the odor.? My daughter’s dog peed on the rug so much over the last several months and rug stunk so bad and not probably gonna take 2 separate spray attempts to actually be able to completely eliminate the nasty odor. I am pleased with the ne

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