Xega 3G/4G LTE Cellular Security Camera, Solar Powered Wireless Outdoor 4G Security Camera, Pan Tilt 355° View Spotlight, PIR Motion Sensor, 1080P Night Vision, 2 Way Talk, SIM Card Included

Xega 3G/4G Cellular Security Camera with Solar Panel No WIFI Needed

Cellular Security CameraSolar powered

Why chose Xega 3G/4G Cellular Security Camera?

1) 100% Wireless: No Wifi Need, No Electric Cable Need.

2) Super Broad Vision: Up To 355°Pan and 95°Tilt.

3) High Definition Night Vision: White spotlight night vision reaches up to 65ft with colorful image, IR led night vision reaches up to 65ft with non-colorful image.

4) Accurate Motion Detection: with PIR motion sensor + upgraded recognizing algorithm, it can Accurately & quickly recognize person and animal, automatically send alert to your phone.

5) Two-Ways Audio: Talk to intruders remotely, keep your home safe with no need to risk yourself against criminal.

6) IP66 Water Proof: Keep reliable work in bad weather.

7) Nano SIM Card Included: The outdoor wireless camera has a SD card slot that support up to 128G SD card for storage, we offer 30 days‘ free cloud storage service. A 100M nano SIM card is included (Pre-inserted).

Xega 3G/4G LTE Cellular Security Camera, Solar Powered Wireless Outdoor 4G Security Camera, Pan Tilt 355° View Spotlight, PIR Motion Sensor, 1080P Night Vision, 2 Way Talk, SIM Card Included

Two night vision modes, clear night vision images

This 4g security camera outdoor has two night vision modes:

1) white spotlight night vision can capture colorful clear picture.

2) IR led night vision mode can captures superior non-colorful image.

At the same time, the 1080p high-definition picture quality allows you to get every detail about threats to the safety of your property even in total darkness, and the farthest night vision distance can reach 65 ft. Xega solar powered security cameras, provide you with perfect nighttime protection

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wireless security camera

wireless security camera

IP66 Water Proof

This cellular security camera was designed with IP66 level water resistant feature. It works well on snowy or rainy weather. You never need to worry about that water may seep into the camera to cause damage or cause short circuit. This camera can really keep an eye on your house, garage, hallway, front door, etc for 24 hours.

Schedule Working Time

This cellular security camera has convenient schedule function. You can easily set up several targeted working times via the UBox APP, then the camera will only work during targeted times. It’s super convenient for you to save mobile data consumption, and reduce unnecessary notification while daytime.

65ft Night Vision with Broad View

The head of the camera can pan 355°or tilt 95°very smoothly, that offers you a broad view. It has no blind area when protecting your home. This camera has two night vision modes: 1) white spotlight night vision can capture colorful clear picture up to 65ft. 2) IR led night vision mode can captures superior non-colorful image up to 65ft. Really guard your home day & night.

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Livestream and 2-way Talk

Check the situation of your house anytime with live view streamed to your phone via 3G/4G network. With its 2-way talk system (built-in mic and speaker), if there would be any visitor or intruder, just communicate to reschedule a visit time or drive off the intruder remotely.

Support both SD card and cloud storage

This cellular security camera support both cloud storage and SD card storage (maximumly support 128 G). We offer you a 30 days’ free trail cloud storage. You could conveniently check the live view or playback throw the UBox APP.

Share the view with your family or friends

Share the view of the camera with up to 10 friends or family members via Ubox APP. Life is full of precious moment coming and vanishing, such as the funny moment of your children’s growth, a playful frolicking with your friends. This Cellular Security Camera can help you record it and share with your friends or family members easily.

Xega 3G/4G LTE Cellular Security Camera, Solar Powered Wireless Outdoor 4G Security Camera, Pan Tilt 355° View Spotlight, PIR Motion Sensor, 1080P Night Vision, 2 Way Talk, SIM Card Included

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Package Include:
  • Cellular Security Camera X1
  • Solar Panel X1
  • 100M Nano SIM Card X1
  • Bracket X1
  • USB Cable X1
  • Tool Kits X1
  • Quick Start Guide X1
  • Warranty X1
  • Position Paper X1

Easily set up the camera:

1) Download Ubox APP from Google Play, then register a user account.

2) Insert the Nano-SIM card (included) into the SIM card slot.

3) Turn on the power of the camera and wait for the led indicator turns blue.

4) Use UBox App to scan the QR code on the base of the camera. Then the connection will be established.

Features & Specifications

  • WIRE FREE 3G/4G CONNECTION: This Wireless Outdoor Security Camera can work where WIFI is not accessible with 3G/4G LTE coverage. An 100MB trial NANO SIM card will come within the package, it’s convenient for your instant setup. 100% wire-free and no need wifi. Data plan from T-mobile and AT&T is suggested, it’s not compatible with Verizon.
  • CHARGE ONCE, WORK FOR MONTHS: With Builtin 14400mAh High-Capacity & Rechargeable battery, this outdoor wireless camera can work anywhere without electric cable. Just easily mount the solar panel on top of the camera, then non-stop power supply from the solar panel will offer the camera a long-lasting working time. This home security camera is IP66 water resistant design, You Never need to worry about the rain or snow may damage the camera or cause a battery short circuit.
  • HD NIGHT VISION & 355°WIDE VIEW: This Cellular Security Camera adopt two modes for HD night vision, namely white spotlight mode and IR night vision, which enable your camera capture 1080P colorful or non-colorful sharp footage up to 65ft. This camera for home security offers you super wide vision by move its head 355°horizontally and 95°vertically pan and tilt and 4X digital zoom. The pan-tilt feature can be remotely controlled through APP.
  • INSTANT MOTION DETECTION ALERT: With sensitive PIR motion sensor plus recent pixel level recognition algorithm, this home security camera can rapidly & accurately detect any motion of person or animal, then the camera will sent an alert to your phone immediately. Even in dark situation, the detection distance can reach up to 40ft. Two-Way Talk: you can communicate with the visitor or intruder via builtin mic & speaker after you receive an alert from the camera.
  • EASY INSTALLATION & REMOTE ACCESS: Just insert the SIM Card (included), mount the camera and then scan the QR code with Ubox APP, and that’s it! You can access the camera anytime and anywhere on your phone to check what’s going on and share the live view simultaneously with your family or friends. Support SD card storage (support maximum 128G card) and cloud storage (30 days’ free trail), all videos can be replayed or download directly via the APP.
  • Dimensions: 12 x 8 x 7 inches
  • Weight: 2.2 pounds

Pros & Cons


Easy Quick Setup. The camera was quick and easy, with the app and included SIM card, warning the included SIM card has only 100 mb of data for trial, so it is used up quickly, pay for more data on the website, or switch to your own cellular carriers plan. The app could use a data used and remaining for their SIM card plan in my opinion. Scheduling the camera operational times isn’t straightforward, it’s arming time, and you can’t run it overnight without making two schedules since it’s on 24hour and won’t let you extend past 24:00 into next day, so 20:00-24:00 then 1:00 to 6:00 to cover 10pm-6am. The app could use a few upgrades in my opinion. The camera function is very good as is picture quality., super easy setup. I recommend fully charging camera first before initializing it in the app and setting it up. APTZ all worked well easy to use tutorial on the app was easy t follow.

I love it! I really like this camera. Super easy to setup and the image quality in HD is good. For the money it does a great job. My use will be for watching deer and turkeys in the woods. I’ll be buying another one (or 2 or 3…..)

Great for that hard to reach spot. So I wanted to get a camera for the back of my backyard and stumbled on this unit, there is no power and the house wifi won't reach. It's great just assemble the unit and mount it to anything it powered up go itself online and linking it was easy as scanning the qr code on board. I can keep an eye on the dogs at night and keep an eye in case someone trys to enter my yard already planning another one for my garage.


If you are buying this as a gift. IF BUYING AS A GIFT FOR SOMEONE make sure AMAZON knows that you are because it definitely will not active for that person and and they can get ABSOLUTELY NO HELP UNTIL the person that bought it CALL THEM What do i like I dont even know because it wad a gift and i CANT ACTIVE IT this has been the worst experience ever im in day 4 and still it says no Smart device found when trying to add it to the app the company said put the sims card in my phone to activate it um it should have came activated what if i didnt have a phone i do but its locked to my provider the sims card was already installed whichakes me think its a return item someone else couldn't get going ,

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