Digital Camera, Kids Camera with 32GB Card FHD 1080P 44MP Vlogging Camera with LCD Screen 16X Zoom Compact Portable Mini Rechargeable Camera Gifts for Students Teens Adults Girls Boys

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Warm Tips:

1. Please read the user manual carefully before use.

2. The beginner camera is designed for amateurs, NOT for Professional users.

3. Please format the 32GB TF card with your digital camera before the first use

4. The camera has the ‘digital zoom’ function that can be zoomed in or out by using the camera W/T button.

5. How to Play Back and Delete Still Images/video?

a. Press the mode button 2 times in the still image mode to enter the playback mode

b. Select the image/video by pressing the left and right keys

c. If you want to delete the photo/video, please press the down button, this is the shortcut delete key

d. After viewing the photos, please press the mode button twice to exit the playback mode

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Product Description:

Video Resolution: 1920*1080 FHD; 1280*720HD; 640*480 VGA

Picture Resolution: 44M; 42M; 36M; 24M; 20M; 16M; 12M; 10M; 8M; 5M

Zoom: 16x digital zoom


File format: image format: JPG, Video format: AVI.

Auto-Off: 1 minutes/3 minutes/5 minutes/No shutdown

White Balance: Auto/Daylight/Cloudy/Fluorescent /Tungsten

Storage media: TF card, Supports U1 Class 10 max up to 32 GB TF Card

Radio Record: Build-in microphone

Lens: Fixed focus lens

Exposure compensation: EV-3.0 ~+3.0

PC Interface: Type-C

Tripod Interface: Support 1/4 inch standard screw port

mini camerapocket camerakids digital cameragift for kids

Digital Camera, Kids Camera with 32GB Card FHD 1080P 44MP Vlogging Camera with LCD Screen 16X Zoom Compact Portable Mini Rechargeable Camera Gifts for Students Teens Adults Girls Boys

Digital Camera, Kids Camera with 32GB Card FHD 1080P 44MP Vlogging Camera with LCD Screen 16X Zoom Compact Portable Mini Rechargeable Camera Gifts for Students Teens Adults Girls Boys

Digital Camera, Kids Camera with 32GB Card FHD 1080P 44MP Vlogging Camera with LCD Screen 16X Zoom Compact Portable Mini Rechargeable Camera Gifts for Students Teens Adults Girls Boys

How to install a battery?

1. open the cover

2. press the battery latch and insert the battery (the side with the battery information is facing up, IMPORTANT), then press the battery again, you will hear a “pada” sound

3. close the cover

Warm Tips: Press the battery latch again to release the battery, then you can take it out. Make sure the battery is fully charged and inserted correctly. If it is inserted the wrong way, the battery and the camera will not work.

How can I play back and delete a picture/video?

1. press the mode button twice in still image mode to enter playback mode.

2. select the photo/video by pressing the left and right button.

3. if you want to delete the photo/video, press the down button, this is the shortcut button to delete.

4. after viewing the photos, press the mode button twice to exit the playback mode.

How can I activate the webcam mode?

1. turn off the camera, and then connect it to the computer via USB cable. 2.

2. long press the “Power” and “Mode” buttons at the same time, then the camera will switch to webcam/live stream mode.

3.Open AMCap, webcam software or social media like Facebook, Instagram to start video call or live stream.

Warm Tips: When you use the webcam function, you need to use an extra microphone.

Features & Specifications

  • [Multifunctional Digital Camera] Featured with fill light,anti-shaking,continuous shooting,face detection,smile capture,self-timer,internal microphone and speaker(record sound videos). This portable camera will allows you to capture the most exciting and memorable moments with high quality photos or videos. Totally fits your demand, have fun and record wonderful times with friends, family members and classmates.
  • [1080P 44MP FHD Digital Camera] This kids camera featured with 1080P FHD video resolution,44MP (max) picture pixel, largely enhancing image clarity, compare with other kid cameras. This children mini camera supports 16X digital zoom, you can zoom in or out images by using the W/T button. The pause function allows you to pause when record or playback videos. And the built-in fill light helps you to take quality pictures in the dark.
  • [Vlogging Record & Webcam] Equipped with video mode and a built-in microphone, you can record more stable and smooth videos. This digital camera can also be used as a webcam, so you can make video calls or live stream and share your life on social media. The included Type-C cable and 32GB TF Card support the transfer of photos and videos from the camera to your computer for timely photo collection and storage.
  • [Portable & Easy to Use Camera ] Smaller than smartphone, this compact mini pocket camera is small enough to fit your pocket or backpack, you could bring it to capture happy moments anytime,anywhere. This point-and-shoot digital camera for 4-15 year old kids is made of high-grade and eco-friendly materials, safe and durable. The pocket camera is small and lightweight for kids and teens to hand-held, and super easy to use and control.
  • [Perfect Gift & After-Sales Maintenance] This is a cost-effective entry-level digital point and shoot camera ,easy to operate,ideal gift for kids,adult,seniors,students,beginners. Let your kids start to explore the wonderful world and leave impressive moments. For any quality issue, we provide 1 year warranty that ensures you a total hassle-free purchasing. Any problem or suggestion, please get in touch with us.

Pros & Cons


Amazing Value For 44MP Camera. In the last few years, digital cameras have become less common as they once were since phone cameras improved so much. That's a shame because there is something to be said for having a dedicated camera on readily accessible. IWEUKJLOs Better Life 1080P, 4K compact digital camera is just such an example. It's affordable, can generate high quality video and photos, and offers features that aren't even available on flagship smartphones. This camera would be super for younger kids if you don’t want or need them to have a smartphone. This 44MP "Vlogging" camera comes with all you need including 2 long lasting batteries and even a 32GB Micro SD (with adapter -- though you don’t need it). All you need to do is insert a battery and memory card, charge the phone for a couple of hours via the included USB Type C cable, and you're ready to start capturing video or photos. The controls are simple and easy to figure out after playing around with them for a little while. I do recommend reading the compact manual first though. The camera defaults to 24 MP images, though you can choose from 44 MP all the way down to 5MB, depending on your needs. Indoor quality images are better than I expect and outdoor scenes are amazing. The flash does the job, but don’t expect miracles. Video is respectable as well with decent audio. That's amazing given the price point. There are enough pixels in an image that you can adjust and crop in post-work to your heart's content. The menu is easy to figure out using the buttons on the rear of the camera. I love that there is a threaded mount at the bottom of the camera -- unusual for one this size. It makes setting it up for vlogging, other video, and time lapse that much easier. It is remarkable as webcam as well. This camera is so easy to just slip into a pocket when going out. Very user friendly You can attach the included lanyard wrist strap and use the felt bag to protect it if you want as well. My only complaint is that the focus is set so macros aren't in the cards. It has a respectable range though, so I'm okay with that. It takes some of the thinking out of composing images, making it an ideal point and shoot. This is a neat starter camera, backup camera, on-the-go shooter, or dedicated vlogging/webcam unit. For the price, it’s hard to beat! ~ Kort

Cute, affordable, and functional. I feel this camera is exactly what you pay for. Not the best quality but it's fair for the price. It does have a short battery life, but it is easy to charge. I also personally love it makes a cute little chime/song when turning it on and off. Perfect for kids or someone who wants a cheap starter camera.

Perfect little memory maker. I recently picked up this cute pink camera for my granddaughter and we're both loving it! It's got a bunch of nice features that make taking photos and videos super fun and easy. The image quality is great, and the camera even has a little light to help get good shots in when it's dark out. What's really cool is that she can also use it as a webcam for video chats or sharing on social. It's small enough to fit in her pocket, so she can take it everywhere. Also, it feel pretty durable and made from good quality materials. This camera has been a wonderful gift for her, as she's busy exploring her world and capturing memories. I'm really happy with this camera – it's been a huge hit.

Easy To Use, Exceptional Performance, Exceptional Value. This is a kids camera, it allows them to take pretty decent pictures and videos especially outside or in well lighted areas. The controls are not difficult and the ability to download all photos and videos to your computer can allow you to have some fun if you have a video editor. The instruction booklet was minimally acceptable but it did identify all functions and locations, a few things I had to figure out myself so unless you have really smart kids (and they might be smarter than you with this) you might want to familiarize yourself with its operation so you know how to get the pictures out and maybe reset the settings if one of them gets into the settings and messes anything up. NOTE: The fact they included 2 batteries so you should never run out of power when you are out on a trip or something is a real bonus over others. I didn't understand how to use this cute little camera, mind you "For Kids" , how hard could this be, I finally understood what to do, it does help when you read the instruction booklet. So I tried to put the battery in, it would not go in, so I took a closer look at the opening where the battery does go and I noticed a little black notch, I held the notch down with one finger and pushed the battery in, it went in and then I proceeded to turn the camera on, It Worked!!! WoW! I was really excited! then I remembered I needed to get a memory card for it, but it turns out they gave me a memory card (32 Gig) This little gem of a camera takes beautiful, clear pictures...I'm really glad that I bought this!! :) Bottom Line: It is a kids camera, it appears sturdy, it comes with a lanyard and a pouch to help keep it from getting laid down and lost plus it takes really good pictures so 5 Stars for a great deal for something a kid will love if they can get the adults to let them have it.

Digital camera. This was bought for my 10 year old to take on his school trip and document his fun adventure. It was easy to use and understand and small enough for his kid hands. The picture quality is great for what he wanted it for. The price is decent. The memory card that comes with it works great and makes printing pictures easy.

Great camera for my daughter. My 9 year old is not allowed to own a phone just yet, so the camera helps her interact via email with friends and family uploading fotos and videos. She loves it. Great camera for the price, yiu just can't bit that.


Poor Close ups. If you are planning on using this camera for close ups, better choose a different one. Will not focus in on close up items. Took photos of text from several distances away and could not get it to focus on the text at all. Also it has a light on it which is not a flash, could be misleading to think it has flash. It comes with two batteries, but no charger. Kind of defeats the purpose of two batteries. To be fair the camera cost around $40, I guess you shouldn't expect to much for that price.

ITS like a toy. great for kids buh not what I was looking for

Not that great…. Too good pictures but was disappointed in how difficult it was to attach to my computer and download and save/share the photos

No bribe for a review here. It's a basic digital camera with bad/no lighting adjustment. The flash is just for show, it it's not even as bright as the flashlight on a phone. If you can provide adequate lighting, I'm sure it will do the job.

Not easy to use. It just felt like a very cheap plastic camera. For something marketed towards kids, you'd figure it would be built to withstand a beating. It's also not easy to use the camera's functions. I would save your money and get something else.

Stopped Working after few times of use! It worked well for a little bit. Took some very fun pictures, and has a vintage look. No flash on it and doesn't state the date, but easy to transfer to computer without adaptor. But, now I am taking pictures and nothing is saving, and I waited too long to return it because it was broken. SO i wasted my money :)

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