Telescope for Adults & Kids, HOROX 70mm Aperture 400mm Refractor Telescope for Astronomy Beginners, Fully Multi Coated Optics w. Pro Tripod & Phone Adapter, Portable Telescopes Backpack,Cool Tech Gift

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Rated best telescope built for moon watching, with bright enough aperture, just right magnifications and the solid tripod. Be amazed with the new moon you haven’t seen.


It can also be used as a spotting scope for bird watching using the 44x 9mm eyepiece. Don’t forget to use your phone’s lens to further enlarge the beauty of nature as needed (for best results, bird watching magnification is typically in the 20x-60x range).


This portable telescope is very capable of scenic watches on the go with the 20x 20mm eyepiece. Grab it with the free backpack on your recreational trip.


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Coming with the beautiful low profile frosted coating, this telescope is an excellent home décor right in front of your window demonstrating the interest of exploring the universe.


This astronomy gift is absolutely the hottest space toy in the season for boys and girls between age 8-12, kids will have tons of fun when exploring the universe with its stunning moon photos, and so does the beginner astronomy adult.


Telescopes are probably one of the best tech gifts to open the door to science. It will increase astronomy lovers’ interest and knowledge of astronomy, astrophysics, and mathematics.

Features & Specifications

  • COOLEST MOON WATCHING GEAR, EVER: This astronomical telescope built with premium fully multi-coated large 70mm diameter glass objective lens & 400mm focal length, ensuring BEST IN CLASS stunning moon image with JUST RIGHT brightness & magnifications. Be amazed with a telescope born to discover the moon and universe.
  • EASY TO INSTALL, FOCUS & USE: Equipped with professional grade aluminum tripod, offering superior stable watching experience with highly adjustable heights between 20 to 54 inches for both Adults and Kids. Also comes with the well organized, straight forward user manual PLUS setup tutorial video online to ensure an exceptional smooth installation experience.
  • ALL YOU NEED ACCESSORIES: Fully loaded with 2 replaceable Kenller eyepieces (K20mm and K9mm) with 20x-44x magnifications, PLUS 5x24 finder scope with crosshair to locate the objects easily. Also equipped with a handy smartphone adapter to utilize your expensive smartphone lens to take sharp pictures/videos thru phone screen, or even further magnify the objects (better than traditional Barlow Lens).
  • INCREDIBLE HOLIDAY GIFT: Perfect Christmas Gift for astronomy beginners and kids 8-12. Keep it at home for moon observing, or bring this travel telescope on the road for bird watching and landscape viewing, or even use it for microspuring plants & flowers. Enjoy various family fun times around this cool tech gift.
  • LIFETIME WARRANTY AND SERVICES: Complimentary US LIFETIME Warranty once registered the product with HOROX, along with the customer care from our technical experts with 20+ years of industrial experiences.
  • Dimensions: 17.32 x 11.41 x 5.72 inches
  • Weight: 2.2 pounds

Pros & Cons


Really nice! This telescope is really good! My kids loves it. It’s easy to set up, just follow the instructions only take few minutes. Most important thing I think is adjusting the finder. The tripod is really professional one and very stable! Even better than what I have for my camera we took lots of high quality pictures of moon with this! Overall this is perfect for beginners like my kids(11years old) it’s worth to have!

First time telescope owner! It comes with so many gadgets and the cool thing about it, is there’s a backpack that holds everything inside. For the price, you can’t do wrong. We’ve tried it once and it was so cool… can’t wait to use it more once the rain goes away. I highly recommend!

Great quality. The quality of this item it great for the price. It's lightweight and easy to assemble and transport. Its tripod is a lil short but really nice nonetheless highly recommend for beginners.

Things to know. The instructions are easy to follow, comes with a bag great for travel and storage. When ordering this item I was at ease because of the great reviews and shipping was quick.

Awesome telescope. Love taking this out to the lake. Perfect way to spend more time together as a family and off our phones. Highly encourage for anyone and everyone!!

Easy to put together. My 9-year-old son was able to put it together by himself and only needed help with one part. We got it for him for Christmas and he absolutely loves it. It’s great for beginners that have never used a telescope before.


Just a Toy. This telescope gives disappointing results. If you are birdwatching, maybe this will be okay -- anything farther away is not really in range. We were able to zoom in on the moon a few nights, but the view wasn't nearly as clear as the product photos make it seem It would be. The assembly and materials are not cheap, but they are also not high-quality. The backpack is decent, middle-of-the-road, and a good place to store the telescope. Overall, this is a good toy for a kid, but will likely be frustrating for serious sky-gazers.

Dont brother! I wanted to wait to review this item until I had a chance to use it a few times and now that I have here is my review. This is a very simple telescope and not very well constructed. The assembly for focusing the telescope was "broken" when the item arrived. I say broken in that a piece had come detached and I was able to take apart the whole thing and put it back together. It worked for a while but came apart again tonight as I was trying to look at the full moon so I could not change the focus on the telescope. In addition to the poor construction / assembly of the telescope itself the tripod the ships with the telescope is very poor as well. The tightening mechanism on the tripod is either "LOCKED" or "COMPLETELY LOOSE" and the difference between those two states is barely a twist on the tightening knob. As such, trying to find an object in the sky and then lock the telescope in place is a crap shoot as everything easily moves up and down / left to right including drift when tightening the tripod. So as you see,pretty disappointment

Defective Product !! Then you are stuck with it! This telescope doesn’t even work. I thought this was a flash sale but now I understand it was because the product doesn’t even work! You can see the moon better through a scope. Word of warning to all prime members. Do not do your birthday shopping with Amazon. We have 8 grandchildren and several of their birthdays fall in the same month. All before Christmas. So we bought this telescope when it popped up on sale in July and my daughter-in-law saved it until my granddaughter’s birthday at the end of September. The telescope is a piece of junk and now my granddaughter is out her birthday present and we are out $75. Glad we didn’t pay the regular price of $150. We bought a warranty. Will call them tomorrow. Don’t expect much. will probably be out that money too! Going forward I will not ne shopping or doing my Christmas shopping with. 3720

Not worth buying. The price is good, especially when there is a discount. It’s easy to put together and light weight because honestly there aren’t too many parts to assemble. The problem is I can’t see anything with the telescope. It’s considering a waste of money if you buy it. Too bad I have to return it. The picture looks good on the product page and most of the reviews are positive.

Not working. This telescope is just a waste of money because I can't see anything with it. The quality of the product i very cheap. Spend your money on something else, this telescope doesn't worth a single penny. Huge disappointment.

The telescope was very easy and intuitive to put together. The main issue was the phone mount. I literally just took it out of the box and the phone mount fell apart. I was hoping to use this with my 3 year old. I can never tell if he can see anything in the binoculars I bought him so the phone mount was a big draw to me. I am very disappointed. And their website forwards you to some crazy place that I assume has installed malware on my phone

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