GMK Solar Security Cameras Wireless Outdoor, Color Night Vision Spotlight/Siren

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Your Loyal Guard——GMK 2K Pan Tilt Solar Outdoor Camera

full color night vision 2k 3mp IP65 solar power wireless security camera outdoor PTZ pan tilt panel

3MP Pan-Tilt Wireless Security Camera with Solar Panel

  • Easy to install, feel free to take out.
  • Continuable solar-powered and powerful battery.
  • Free 3-day video history with a first 30-day free trial of advanced features.
  • Pick up any movements, regardless of person, pet, vehicle, or package, can be effectively identified.
  • Even no subscribe, you can enjoy free 3-day video history, as well as most of the features. Only smart push, more cloud storage capacity, and longer recording duration need subscribe.

*Only work on 2.4GHz WiFi.

pan tilt 360 all around wide lens ptz pir motion detection solar cam ip home house security yard

Get More Areas Cover

  • Comes with wide-angle lens and a smooth remote.
  • 360° viewing, no blind spots monitoring.
  • Supports pan, tilt, and digital zoom-in.
  • Easily remote control the camera from your mobile phone to see the area you want.

Through one camera, see all corners.

Don’t miss a thing.

zoom in infrared night vision 1080p white light full-color live stream view 2k 3mp IP cam smart

Quick View in a Second

  • You could save the areas you frequently view on VicoHome App. (Up to 5 locations)
  • No matter which area the camera is monitoring, it will automatically switch to the area you want with just one click.

2k 3mp AI intelligent pir WIFI wire-free vehicle package pet detect rechargeable battery with audio

2K Ultra-Clear Live Stream with Color Night Vision

  • Super vivid 2K resolution, see every detail.
  • Two strong white lights bring a full-color night vision.
  • Get color detail at night through full-color night vision.

You could also change the infrared night vision as you need.

Spotlight white light indoor siren alarm floodlight battery powered two way talk real-time alert

Take action in the moment

  • Flash white lights alarm: the two built-in white lights will flash quickly to attract the visitor’s attention.
  • Sound the audible siren: shrill siren continues to sound acting as a strong deterrent.
  • Warn via the microphones and speakers: use the two-way talk feature to warn off unwanted visitors.
  • Record the movement and push the notification instantly: once motion detection is triggered, recording is automatically turned on and notifications are sent instantly.

Freedom to choose the alert method that suits you.

SD card cloud storage surveillance for pet outdoor dog cat baby monitor living room parlor garage

Easy installation Smart security device share recharge activity zone wire-free Setup outdoor indoor

soalr security camera wireless home system weather Motion-Tracking Remote Connec Multi-User sharing

Cover Every Angle of Your House

The unique design makes this security camera suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

It can be mounted not only on wall but also flat on tabletop.

Whether it is a living room, bedroom, warehouse, garage, yard, store, or farm, as long as there is 2.4GHz WiFi, it can be monitored.

Share Device with Others

Share your devices with the people who live with you and care about you.

Guard your home with this solar security camera.

The porch camera sharing could be removed easily as you want.

Create your own schedule setting

You don’t have to turn the video camera on and off every time.

Just need to set your desired working hours, and the outside camera will automatically switch sleep/work status.

Not only protect your privacy but also extend the battery life.

PTZ Motion detection color night vision 2k 3mp IP65 waterproof wireless security camera outdoor

2K Solar PTZ Security Camera Wireless Outdoor

  • Dual storage mode: Support SD card storage & encrypted cloud storage.
  • Two-way audio: Built with microphone and speaker, talk to visitors in real-time anywhere.
  • Smart motion detection: AI analysis and customizes alert zone, deciding where/what to detect the motion or not. (Subscribe needed)
  • Only work with 2.4GHz WiFi: Longer transmission distance than 5G.
  • Not support 24/7 recording

This soalr pan-tilt wireless security camera is a good choice for your home security.

Features & Specifications

  • 【2K Color Night Vision & 355° Pan and Tilt Control】2K ultra clear and smooth video quality. Built-in infrared sensor lights switch to night vision mode automatically. Two white lights bring a full-color night view. This home security camera support 355° horizontal and 90° vertical rotation, with more areas that can be covered. Protect your home in all-around. (*Only support 2.4GHz WiFi)
  • 【100% Wire-Free & Stunning Solar Powered】Totally cordless design allows this wireless security camera to be placed anywhere, indoors and outdoors. Built-in rechargeable high-capacity battery with 365 days of non-stop solar power. Long-lasting power per charge, getting rid of frequent removal and charging trouble. With a long enough cable, the solar panel can be freely placed in a sunny place so that the solar camera has more powerful power. (*Not support 5GHz WiFi)
  • 【Instant Siren Alarm & Smart AI Motion Detection】This outside camera can flash bright lights, sound alarms, and send instant notifications. Intelligent AI analysis technology to effectively identify humans, pets, vehicles, and packages. You could choose to receive notifications only for items you care about. Check the status of pets, prevent packages from being stolen, and protect the safety of your family's property.
  • 【Device Sharing & Multiple Alarm Modes】Supports multiple users sharing. Share your wifi cameras with others on VicoHome App, protect your home together with live view and playback videos. Two white lights and high-decibel alert, warn off unwanted visitors. Once the motion sensor is activated, the movement will be recorded and push notifications to your phone immediately. It’s important to have wireless cameras for home security. Don’t miss what matters to you.
  • 【Private Free 3-day Rolling Cloud Storage & IP65 Waterproof】SD card local storage and free 3-day rolling secure cloud storage. Super information encryption technology protects your privacy in all aspects. There is also a first 30-day free trial to experience more cloud storage capacity, intelligent push, etc. Powerful IP65 waterproof makes the camera not afraid of all kinds of bad weather.
  • Weight: 4.38 pounds

Pros & Cons


Sweet camera. Easy to use. Very intuitive. I just love it. This camera is great. It’s easy to add to the app. It finds the device super quick. After it is setup the app allows you to pan and move the camera as you would like. The motion detection works great. I have it mounted so that I can see people at my front door. Another bonus is that you can talk over it. Very happy. I will recommend the camera to my friends for sure.

It is a really good deal love it. It come in like it should and works like it should I order one to try and then order one more will get more from him

Easy to install and very nice video quality. Very easy to install and the picture quality is very great.I like how I can move the camera lenses around with my phone.Worth the money!

Great Quality. Easy setup. Such a great camera. Can get the entire front yard from left to right in view. Would highly recommend! Will be ordering a second one soon.

Great quality camera. I like the quality and ability to move the camera around via my phone. It has great picture as well

Works great outdoors. I was getting strange noise outside on my deck at night. I put up the camera & discovered it was deer.


Not so great product. Did what it was supposed to do, great security camera. Update: Camera has no 24/7 continuous recording, limited to 20 sec recording if motion is detected.

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Customer Reviews

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