Wyze Cam v3 with 3 month subscription

Wyze Cam v3 with 3 month subscription

Wyze Cam v3 is a security camera that helps you keep an eye on what’s important from anywhere. Wyze Cam v3’s waterproof design and IP65 rating allows for outdoor installation, and the all-new Starlight Sensor offers extreme low-light performance and allows great detail in the dark. Color night viewing makes night time video recordings appear as if it’s day time. With the included 3 months of Cam Plus, Wyze Cam v3 can record all motion that’s detected so you won’t miss a moment – not even when it’s dark, raining, snowing. Cam Plus activates smart alerts to send real-time notifications for people, packages, vehicles, and pets.

Features & Specifications

  • Color night vision: An all-new Starlight Sensor records night time video in full, vivid color. The Starlight Sensor can see full color in environments up to 25x darker than traditional video cameras and the new f/1.6 aperture captures 2x more light.
  • Indoor/Outdoor: Wyze Cam v3 is a wired video camera with an IP65 rating so you can confidently install it outside in the rain or inside in the kids’ room. Wyze Outdoor Power Adapter (sold separately) required for outdoor use. Phone Compatibility- Android 5.0+, iOS 9.0+.
  • Easy to set up: Plug it in, power it up, and complete setup through the Wyze app. Then the included 3 months of Cam Plus is automatically activated with an optional renewal.
  • Never miss a moment: Cam Plus records unlimited full motion whenever it’s detected. Feel more secure knowing your Wyze Cam with Cam Plus will capture the full story.
  • Smarter alerts: Wyze Cams come with motion detection alerts, but they can’t detect people, packages, pets, or vehicles. Cam Plus gives you the option to only receive alerts of your interest, which can reduce notifications by up to 70%.
  • Dimensions: 2.51 x 2.24 x 3.93 inches
  • Weight: 7.4 ounces

Pros & Cons


SAVED A LIFE! Update: I use 5 at my house. I like them so much, I installed 2 at my grandmother’s house to keep an eye on her declining health and talk to her. Glad I did! 2 days later she fell and we were able to call 911 for her. I was 90 miles away and able to communicate with the Paramedics and have my parents meet them at the hospital. Original review: Excellent camera and easy to use. I see some reviews complaining about they couldn't get the camera to connect. I had the same issue, but I figured out. These cameras need a 2.4GHz WiFi network with a WPA/WPA2 protocol. Wyze Devices cannot be connected to a 5GHz network. So go into your router settings and change it. Many have the option to run both at the same time, which is what I did. Also, if you're having an issue at the QR code screen, where is says scan with cam. It means the Wyze cam, not your phone camera. Just point your phone at the camera and it will sync.

Huge improvement from V2. This camera is a huge improvement over the V2. Aside from the wider angle of view (more camera coverage), the night vision is insanely great in color. The fact that this can be used outdoors and can endure the elements makes it perfect.

Yup. Recommended hands down! The image quality is superb. The motion can be separated to detect normal motion or persons which is extremely helpful to minimize false positives. It is tiny, lightweight, easy to install and cheap. The only con so far is a somewhat diminished WiFi range compared to my previous v2 cam; not a whole bunch. However, the fact that this one is weather resistant compensates in my book. Pleased with my camera. Thumbs up for sure.

Excellent camera. My wyze cam came in today. Within 3 minutes this tiny camera was up and running. I did already have a wyze account. It had to complete 3 firmware updates. I had to log out of my app and log back in. Once that was done it was set to go. I'm looking forward to seeing the night vision this evening. Remember it will only operate on 2.4

Best. Best camera! Ever ir has 2 way audio for 20 dollars

LOVE them (mostly)! I have many of these all over two houses, and also have them in several windows facing outside (I am not actually using them outdoors in the weather). What I really like: They are very easy to set up and connect to WiFi. I love that there is no monitoring fee. If they’re not mounted to the wall (or a window) you can easily move them around the house. For example when my granddaughter comes to visit, I move one into her room to use as a baby monitor. The night vision is impressive! (But see what I don’t like below). The clarity of the image is really good. The app is very easy to use; it’s easy to group the cameras however you want. I like that I can see all the cameras in a single app, and group them by each house that they are in. What I don’t like: If the WiFi goes out, you lose your connection and your ability to monitor. It can be impossible to reboot your router and modem remotely (if you are using these in a house where you’re not physically there). If you can’t get your internet going again by rebooting your router remotely, then there is also no way to “restart” these cameras. For that reason, everyone in that situation should consider also buying a router rebooter at the same time they buy these cameras. You can face these out the window and they have excellent night vision—but ONLY if they are mounted directly (straight on) to the window. (There are window stick-on mounting accessories for that.) But if you have them facing out a window at any angle at all, and not flush up against the window, there is no way to see anything at night due to the glare off the window—even with the night vision turned off. They just don’t work that way. Depending upon where you need to mount these, it is sometimes difficult to get just the right angle with the provided mounting gear. I also have the older V2 cameras as well, several of which have “gone bad” with a very grainy image after a couple of years—I hope the same thing doesn’t happen with these V3 cameras. And ALSO, WYZE has gotten annoying with marketing their “cam Plus” service. You cannot connect a new camera without accepting that free trial, and once you accept the free trial, they send far too many reminders that your free trial is expiring. I get the importance of the whole marketing thing—it’s just a bit overboard—especially since you go through it every time you add a new camera. Overall, I am really happy with these V3 WYZE cameras and I do recommend them. By a long shot, the positives outweigh the things I don’t like about them. I write honest reviews to help others make informed purchases because I read reviews myself and appreciate how helpful they can be. I hope that my review helped you!


IS IT FRAUD? Just got off the phone with a Suoervisor regarding Rules function that won’t work. After waiting 5 days for the promised fix. - I AM NOW TOLD IT IS A NEW FEATURE AND THEY DON’T KNOW WHEN IT WILL BE AVAILABLE??!! This is a function that is enabled in their CURRENT software. You can activate it - no error messages - it just doesn’t work! IS THIS FRAUD?

Glitchy, unreliable, no customer service, Amazon, Microsoft now severely restrict you from viewing. 30 days with 2 units, Glitchy, unreliable, no customer service. Amazon, Microsoft severely restricts you from seeing images. All android emulators- worthless, not workable, freeze, crash. Bought with 1 yr of Plus. recieved only 20 days. Forced to repurchase another 1 yr for each. Now all offline, Error Codes. Semi worthless now. Hold off buying until Microsoft stops Android emulators from Blue Screen of Death on your PC and Amazon allows fire tablets to view images but both phones and Fire tablets too small to really see what happened. If both reverse course, glitches fixed, customer svs added, could be great, but not now. Dozens of videos of frail, unreliable Chromecast, other ways to see images on pcs but none really functional, reliable. Just buy a functional Nest or a POI multicamera with DVI central recorder unit. Wyze promises to make it functional but never will. Running Wyze V3, Nest and Ring side by side. All have their strengths. Wyze V3 The V3 Starlight sensor is breakthrough. Realize that incredible Night is Day color vision comes with 6 ft fireballs around 900 lumen outdoor lights. There are less light sensitive settings that darken the light level to Ring and Nest levels. Lots of settings with V3 but you can fine tune. Adding the monthly PLUS AI analysis and incident reports doubles the value . It's a must, buy it. Nest Doorbell -with its 4K sensor allows double the zooming than any 1080 sensor, hands down best hardware but cost 10 x as much to purchase and 3 times per month more. It does catch things the Wyze misses and vice versa. IF you add the $10 SD card to Wyze Z3, (and you should), both record full time 24/ 7. . Ring Doorbell Pro -Ring Doorbell Pro is a part time recording device that, I hate to say it, misses 75% of everything, no matter how you set it. It's a long on the tooth, past it's day, replace it with a Wyze Z3 now device. Ring is still OK IF it turns on and captures what happened. Ok if all you want to do is record people who come close to your door. The downside of Ring is that all the porch pirates know Ring sends a low quality image and then locks the users out for 3-8 minutes, which give the Porch Pirates 3 to 8 minutes safe escape. Porch pirate know Wyze and Nest respond fast and offer no escape window. Police Dept has warned against Ring. I'm leaving the Ring in just as real time only camera backup because little resale value, not worth removing.

Faulty? Just got it and the instructions are very straight forward but CANNOT get it to connect. Even my boyfriend who is very tech saavy and has 2 of the older versions can’t get this camera to connect to my wifi. I’m super disappointed.

wanted to be excited for the version 3 ended with disappointment and frustration. OK first of all I just want to say that I’ve been having Wyze products for about 2 to 3 years and I really love the products but unfortunately lately things have been downhill and extremely disappointing after receiving my wyze cam version 3. I don’t know if it’s the product itself that sucks or I just received a defective model. But it took me about an hour and a half to get past the set up do to the cam constantly restarting and getting stuck by itself mind you. At times the set up button won’t even work. I would have to constantly unplug and replug. But that’s not even the best part when I finally was able to force to set up I wouldn’t even get video to stream. I updated the cam and everything but still giving me issues. it is very very disappointing because I was looking forward for this cam to be my main front porch camera and seems useless if I can’t even get a video feed or prevent the camera from constantly restarting/rebooting. At this point it’s a paperweight and I didn’t order a paperweight.

WYZE Products: From First to WORST. As a techie with 78 WiFi devices in my home, I’m VERY critical of the products that protect my family indoors and out. WYZE cams and their other products had been my favorite, until this Fall. Here’s why: 1. One of my WYZE cameras died after a firmware update. App asked to upgrade firmware to and immediately after doing so, the camera became non-responsive. 2. After one WYZE cam died, I took one of my indoor WYZE cams that was working perfectly and moved it outside to replace the one that died. Immediately upon connecting it, the full color images I got indoors turne to black & white. No more color. black & white. 3. Two WYZE WiFi Contact Sensors in my home stopped working. I replaced the 3V CR1632 batteries. Despite seeing the tiny red light flashing as required, they refused to link to hub on back of one Version WYZE Cam. 4. WYZE door lock was OK in general but geofencing feature that’s supposed to sense home arrival and unlock the door has NEVER worked. This means I was stuck having to enter code on the tiny separate keypad which WYZE makes you pay extra for. 5. Received a brand new WYZE Cam V3. Setup procedure identical to prior version 2 and 1. However for some odd reason, this cam would not connect to either of my 2 WiFi channels with strongest signal. 6. WYZE Cam V3 does NOT fit in their outdoor housing I used for prior versions. Nevada sun is brutal on cheap plastic so it turned my V2 cams to a brittle yellow color. Did same to the WYZE outdoor camera housings. Making things even more frustrating is fact that WYZE Cam 3 does not have a 1/4-20 threated hole for attaching to industry standard outdoor wall mounts. All they give you with the camera is a very cheap picture hook kind of cut-out which I would never trust on a windy day. 7. Despite all my 76 other WiFi devices including cams from Tuya and Zmodo working perfectly, 2 WYZE cams have taken themselves offline and refuse to reconnect. SO WHAT MIGHT BE THE CURRENT BEST SECURITY CAMERA? Get one of the many on Amazon that use the VicoHome app. Here's why: 1. When you get an alert and open the app to that camera it IMMEDIATELY shows you the motion that triggered the alert. Examples: If it's an Amazon delivery in front of your home, you'll see it. If it's an Amazon package on your front porch, you'll see it. I have 2 cams aimed to do exactly that. 2. I have 3 Model CG6 from DCDVR also because they have internal batteries, which WYZE lack. 3. They have standard 1/4-20 threads holes on the back so you can use existing wall mounts (another thing the latest WYZE cam lacks). 4. DCDVR has never hit me with firmware updates or website crashes like WYZE constantly did. 5. Just looking at a CG6 cam next to any WYZE cam will tell your eye that one is a toy and the other is a professional security camera that is built to withstand all outdoor weather conditions for many years.

Buggy not what I was expecting. Fantastic packaging and everything is so simple, everything is laid out for you instructions wise, it even has an app that lets you control the camera it’s great! EXCEPT Out the box this camera was buggy. I want continuous recording on an SD card and this camera is very capable of doing that and it fails miserably at it. First issue was camera not recognizing my Sd cards I had 5 different SD cards ranging from 2gb to 128gb made by Samsung and other name brands I can’t remember but all 5 failed to be recognized by the camera. After I updated the camera and reformatted all my sd cards the camera found them, great on to the next step. I mounted the camera to watch a squirrel feeder and the camera comes with a 14day trial of premium or whatever, it alerts for motion detection great. First time using it worked out well, it recoded everything from before the first motion happened till whenever I told it to stop. So once I got my footage off the app I made sure the camera was still (in theory) continuously recoding and went about my day. 4 hours later “motion detected” showed me a snap shot of what was moving and I proceeded to look towards the app to see what happened or what was moving. And boom “no video at selected time”... Great so what I get no video of what happened or anything? I pull the SD card and I find my first video and it plays fine it’s properly formatted and it’s in about 1 minut segments. As for anything else after this first video which was only 4 minutes is unplayable, giving me an error on my computer it’s not formatted properly.(not sure what this is) This is my first impression of this camera so far I will update when or if it’s necessary, I’ve seen plenty of video saying how great this thing is and everything works blah blah blah, no go look at people trying to troubleshoot this you’ll find full forums of people trying to figure this thing out. I figured wyze has their isshhh together since this is the v3. UPDATE*** After fidgeting with the camera it would only capture the first 1/4 of the day on continuous recording then later in the day it switches to recording 1 min of every 10mins? Not sure what that is but it’s not recording everything and I’m losing patience with this thing, problems are hard to diagnose as the menu system or app is too simple and doesn’t give you any real information like a go pro would granted 30$ to 300$... either way... I can’t recommend thing if this is going to be a thing for security...

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