Digital Otoscope with 4.5 Inches Screen, Anykit 3.9mm Ear Camera with 6 LED Lights, 32GB Card, Ear Wax Removal Tool, Specula and 2500 mAh Rechargeable Battery, Supports Photo Snap and Video Recording

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Anykit MS450 otoscope ear camera with 4.5 inch color screen and 3.9mm diameter camera

ear camera and ear cleanerVideo otoscopeotoscope with screen

waterproof otoscope

ear camera with wax remover

Anykit MS450 Digital Otoscope with screen

Waterproof otoscope

  • Please disinfect the camera head and accessories with rubbing alcohol before and after each use.
  • Make sure to replace, clean and sterilization the specula to avoid cross-infection !

Allows easy & safe entry to the ear canal

  • To avoid cross contamination, users MUST add the speculum on the tip of the camera before checking inside the ear.
  • Adding the ear pick on the tip of the camera lens will help remove extra ear wax.
  • DO NOT let children operate independently


  • 4.5 inch Monitor, 3.9mm camera probe,
  • User manual, 32GB memory card
  • USB transfer cable (for data sync, charging), 3 x Specula
  • 2 x Pediatric Disposable wax remover
  • 2 x Adult Disposable wax remover
Anykit MS450-NTE Digital Otoscope AKMS500 digital otoscope with screen and storage case AKNTE100i USB otoscope for iPhone and Android phone Anykit NTE430 USB otoscope for Android phone and PC
79.99 99.99 45.99 26.99
Camera Dia. 3.9mm 3.9mm 4.3mm 4.3mm
Camera 1.0 Megapixel HD Camera 1.0 Megapixel HD Camera 1.0 Megapixel HD Camera 1.0 Megapixel HD Camera
Display 4.5 inch IPS screen 5 inch IPS screen
Compatibility No need phone or APP No need phone or APP Android & iOS Windows, MacBook & Android4.4+
Accessories Speculum, silicone spoons, cotton swab, alcohol pad Speculum, silicone spoons, cotton swab, alcohol pad, storage case Speculum, silicone spoons, cotton swab, alcohol pad, storage case Speculum, silicone spoons, cotton swab, alcohol pad

Features & Specifications

  • Wondering about the health of your ear(Whether there is excess earwax or infection)? Anykit otoscope can help you check and keep track of your ear record.
  • 【APP-Free Otoscope】:With a 4.5 inch full color screen, users can view the live image of inner ear directly on the display. No worries about download App to mess up your cellphone. Absolutely NO App required.
  • 【Ultra Slim 3.9mm Camera】: The probe can access adult and children's ear cannal easily, with the 720 HD camera sensor and 6 adjustable LED lights, offering a crystal clear view of the tympanic membrane.
  • 【Snapshot and Video Recording: 】 Users can capture live pictures and videos, save to the inserted 32GB memory card and send to their doctors for a quick and easy consultant.
  • 【Package content】: 4.5 inch Monitor, 3.9mm camera probe, Detachable Bracket(Gives users full control & comfort over the device, even when using on jumpy children), user manual, 3x specula, 4x ear picks ( 2 for adult,2 for children), USB charging cable(charger NOT included)
  • Weight: 12.6 ounces

Pros & Cons


The local Drs were super impressed. The scope is awesome, not perfect but still awesome. First the good. The quality is quite amazing. The photo is from my phone off the screen. But the screen is even more clear, clearer than I would have imagined. There are 3 black tips like you'd expect to have that you put on the camera tip. This allows you to pretty much just shove that bad boy in to at least an adult ear with zero fear of going too far. As far as it goes in my ear at least was the perfect spot for checking out the eardrum or the blockage. In my case some cotton from qtips I guess. There are also some surgical type tips that you can use to scrape or pull out obstructions. These are great I was just unable to be successful with them because mine required a Dr and special water flush. But I could see how it would be easy to be successful with other stuff. The battery seems to last forever as I was using it for over an hour and battery never hit halfway. The light is super bright and the camera adjusts well. Just be sure to not point the light too much at the sidewalk or the canal will be too dark. There is quite a lot of finesse to the thing especially when you have such a sore ear! The greatest part was when I went to the Dr and showed them the scope with the photos. They were super impressed. Invited a couple other nurses and Drs in to see for themselves. They were most impressed with the quality and ease of use. I could I overhear one explaining all the features to another in the hallway, "it's got a separate screen from the camera so everyone can see...". Lol. Didn't think I would be impressing any Drs with my Amazon purchase lol. As I was filling out my insurance work on my phone waiting for the Dr after the nurse part, I just had the camera shoved in my ear and the screen on the table so when the Dr came in I could show them right away. Yup, just a patient sitting there on their phone with a cord coming out their ear, promise this wasn't what I got stuck in there and why I was there in the first place! Hahaha. Now the bad. The camera wasn't perfectly up and down with the handheld flat edges on the side. Almost. But it was enough to cause some extra difficulty. I assume each could be slightly different. It's hard enough knowing which way to move your fingers and probe by looking at the screen, a little like doing a maze through a mirror. But this is no fault of the camera. If someone else was doing it, it would be way easier because the operator can orient the camera or screen easily to be inline with one another. That's it though, the bad is just a slight few degree rotation of the camera to the "grip". The only other issue maybe would be the tools to scrape require the black cone tip to be removed. This can cause irritation if not handled carefully and allow you to go too far too easily. Just move slow and make sure you can see what you are doing and feel free to take lots of photos. Cheers, happy exploring!

It really works well. I highly recommend this Digital Otoscope, it’s a regular cel phone size compact unit, easy to use, gives you excellent clear bright pictures on a 4” wide screen, rechargeable battery, picture capability. Does not need a Wifi connection to work, it’s easy to use and really does the job; at a reasonable price.

Easy to use for dental recordings. There is feature you can't transfer files from devise to San disk extreme portable ssd unit or plug into laptop or transfer files to cellphone. Really basic devise and works well. Sale price was not to bad. $64. Basic devise that works well. Got what I needed.

Pretty awsome little camera. Very impressed with the brightness and clarity

Good for the price. It doesn’t take standard otoscope covers and it’s difficult to clean

Excellent choice over units that connect to your wi-fi. This unit works great! Let it charge fore a bit before 1st use. Easy to use, good picture quality, great product for the price. Wanted an otoscope for some time but would not trust units that required access to my wi-fi network. This is a complete self-contained unit that does not need network or bluetooth access.


Breaks over time. Worked great for a year then the cord got a kink and you had to wiggle it just right for the camera to function. After less than 2 years of infrequent use it was completely useless.

Not new. The unit I received was clearly a return. I wonder why? The box seal was broken, the cables all out of their wrappings, no ear pieces. The unit wasn't even in a protective bag. It would be one thing if I knew I was purchasing a used/returned item. But what I paid for was a new unit, sealed. The unit is currently charging and will give a review of it then.

Wand is thick. My only wish is that the wand was thinner for more maneuverability inside the ear

Picture not as good as I'd hoped. I had an "otoscope" that was similar to the camera/probe on this unit, but it connected to a smartphone. You had to download an app to use it. It was OK, but the picture quality wasn't great. So I went looking again and found this one and several reviewers said the quality was better than their phone experience. Not so for me. It's OK, but not great. Other than that, the quality of the build is good, nicely packaged, etc. And I do like having a device dedicated to this purpose. But I can't recommend it over the simpler stick cameras.

Fairly decent Picture. Fairly decent picture but not great. This product is no where near as easy to use as it states. You are able to locate ear wax after fooling around with it but removing it is another feat. When you put one of the cleaning tools on and insert it in ear, you are unable to see the wax you are trying to get. You are actually going in blind as even though it has a light on it, it blocks the image of the wax. This product is not easy to use and takes quite a few tries to get it to partially remove some wax. Be careful to make sure you put the cleaning tool on very tight - the first time I didn't and it came off in my ear. It was very difficult to get it out. This is dangerous. This device is ok too look in ear but very difficult to actually remove wax. I wouldn't recommend it. I'm not sure where all the positive reviews are coming from.

Very blurry image. I was so excited to receive this product after seeing all the reviews, but I was definitely disappointed. The image on the screen, no matter the brightness, is very blurry. I see better with my cheap hand held otoscope. Going to have to return and try another brand.

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