Wyze Cam Floodlight with 2600 Lumen LEDs, Wired 1080p HD IP65 Outdoor Smart Security Camera, Color Night Vision, 270-Degree Customizable Motion Detection, 105dB Siren, and Two-Way Audio

Wyze Cam Floodlight with 2600 Lumen LEDs, Wired 1080p HD IP65 Outdoor Smart Security Camera, Color Night Vision, 270-Degree Customizable Motion Detection, 105dB Siren, and Two-Way Audio

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Wyze Cam Floodlight combines the award-winning surveillance power of Wyze Cam v3 with the deterrence of an ultra-bright motion floodlight, for the ultimate in home security. Get all the intrusion deterring power of 2600 combined lumens and 270 degrees of customizable motion detection, supplemented with the video surveillance, night vision, siren, and smart automations of a Wyze Cam. Affordable, smart home security, with additional safety features available through an optional Cam Plus subscription.

Features & Specifications

  • Two super bright, adjustable LEDs for a combined 2600 lumens of light, and a handy dimming option where less brightness is desired.
  • Three individually controlled PIR sensors provide for 270 degrees of customizable motion detection. Range and sensitivity are adjustable up to 30 feet.
  • Built in Wyze Cam v3 provides sound detection, as well as artificial intelligence and the ability to identify and record motion, with or without the floodlight, in 1080p Full HD with Starlight Sensor color night vision.
  • Dusk to Dawn automation. Wyze Cam Floodlight knows when the sun is down and when it's up. No need to turn the floodlight on or off once it’s connected.
  • Dimensions: 9.49 x 6.97 x 7.68 inches
  • Weight: 2.76 pounds

Pros & Cons


Light and camera working FINALLY!!! I bought this version of a flood camera light because I was limited by the fact our house has hardy board and my husband doesn't want to deal with cutting it. I am stuck with 2 models of floodlight cameras I could see had round bases that would fit the existing box! The other no name camera had mixed reviews under 3.5 stars. All that out of the way -- INSTALLATION HAS BEEN THE ISSUE!!! The light connected easily and the light portion worked fine. The ISSUE was the CAMERA! The Wyze site and boards didn't give me a warm fuzzy at all! Lots of not supported app info and issues worth firm ware. OUR ISSUE: Light working but Camera not -- no lights no anything (instructions are vague and useless). App installation guide was much of the same. SOLUTION: We took the entire light/camera off and reinstalled. We decided to just let it sit and be a floodlight and I would contact Wyze tomorrow. Well my husband walked back after about 10 mins to look at the damn thing and low and behold the red light was blinking....I continued the setup and after a bit of a glare issue got the camera installed and firmware updated. SUNNY DAY WARNING! Using a glass screen protector for your phone may require you to "shade" the camera for it to read the QR Code. I used a sheet pan to block the sun and placed it behind the camera that the camera could scan the phone. So far it's working great and was easy peasy after the major hurdles we had to get by! We live on a farm so I want the camera to check in the guard dogs and see what's going on. One keeps escaping so I wanted to see what it was doing and one likes to torment my chickens. Also I can yell at them or see why they are going crazy at night. I was considering getting another one for the front yard but I'm waiting to see how this goes for a few weeks. Hope this helps!

After a few months, It's exactly what I want. 3/09/23. Photo included is at the "auto dusk" setting, I believe it is called. This is with street lights on an average night. It is far better than the available Night Vision mode in this situation. Plugged a 64gb SD card in the camera, backups are made locally on the unit and stream well to your device. It has the features I want INCLUDED with the device and NOT hidden behind a pay wall, tho there are *some* nice-to-haves that they do hide there. "Back to back alerts/recordings" being a strange thing to charge for. [Events must occur after some time before they will retrigger] You are able to fine-tune the area that is detected by the camera, for example, in my shared photo, I have optioned OUT the areas that include the road so that fewer cars set off my alerts. I am very happy with the quality of the unit, install was simple and requires only basic installation knowledge, the app helps walk through install if you'd like. Audio and video quality are great in my opinion and I have recommended WYZE as a smart solution to many friends (I'm only also using their plugs, but am happy with them as well.) I am considering purchasing an additional one for my rear entrance.

LOVE WYZE. Was a bit of a pain to install but that is more due to the junction box in my old mid century house than what came with the unit. Once I got new screws we were all good. Feature wise this is a great light and of course the Wyze cam family of cameras works great. Overall super happy with this.

Fantastic feature and great picture/video quality. I got multiple Wyze cams... this is my first outdoor with lights, alarm, talk and listen. Great quality night camera...u think there is a light on outside.. but not. Have not yet tried the sirene but goo d to have to scare away. Software also has great features and adjustability. Of course I added a 32gb card and now could call a guy that was at my home without permission... lost his flashlight during last visit...

Great quality. The installation and setup was a breeze. The flood light is very bright and it captures video really well with a great picture. It does cost $20 per year to store the video on the cloud, which is a good deal compared to other companies.

Light and camera are Great! I love my Wyze cameras! Product gets 5 Stars Wyze app gets 1 star I tried one and fell in love so I added a second one and subscribed to the Cam Plus service through the app. I added a 3rd camera and added service in the app. I was charged for 3 cameras not one. When I contacted Wyze they told me there was nothing they could do to help. I would need to contact Apple. Well Apple has no way to address this So I am out of $40. My question is if they cannot see what I paid. How am I receiving the service?? So if you are going to subscribe to their service go to the Wyze web site. This is so very disappointing!! Such a great product *update. I received a refund for the over charge. Now I am very happy. Changed my review to 5 stars


Works and affordable, not great and real bad customer support. The image gives you an idea of the quality you get in a cam v3 -- good not great, difficult to identify faces or license plates unless very close by, for example. But good enough to see what is happening out there. The motion detection triger settings are not very good - I have one of my three cameras triggering all the time regardless of sensitivity levels. In addition the app on iPhone keeps bugging you to sign up for their services (I do not need nor want to pay monthly fees), really annoying. But really the reason I will not recommend this is that they have horrible (really really bad) customer service. They clearly paid little attention to their clunky web interface for this and then they will have you wait in long queues and then kicked you out of conversations inadvertently. Many of the issues I have asked about (eg, that the wyze app on OSX quits without notice, that it stops recording if focus is change to a second desktop) were never resolved.

It's OK...Good Enough for My Needs. I have many Wyze products and decided to go with this floodlight vs the competition. Installation and setup are always so easy on Wyze cameras, and this one was no different. I've had the camera only for about a week now, so my experience is limited. Generally happy with the camera, but my biggest gripe is there is a SIGNIFICANT DELAY in NOTIFICATIONS, and the actual LIVE VIEW. I've experienced live video refresh rates ranging from 2 seconds to 50 seconds, which is not acceptable to me. As mentioned before, I have several other Wyze cameras, but this is the only one that has delays in live view. Not sure what's going on. Wifi signal is good. As for the notifications, it's consistently 20-25 seconds delayed. I've heard most of the delay is due to Cam Plus, but I haven't tested it out. My other Wyze cameras have Cam Plus, and I don't have that much of a delay. It kind of takes away from the whole point of notifications and having cameras in general. Fix this Wyze!!! The PIR sensor and motion sensor doesn't quite work the way I expected. Again, haven't had much time to mess around with it, but will update my review if there is anything new here. The cost of the camera, the low cost of their optional subscription, and the onboard local storage card option are what really drove me to pick this camera over the Ring version. If Wyze fixes the above 2 issues, this floodlight camera would be solid.

Hardware is awesome, software/firmware is junk, support is mediocre…. Floodlight worked for 6 months then all of a sudden the light started going haywire, going off and on randomly, going on when you accessed it in the app….went through all the problem solving on my own, including reinstalling the camera/light, but the camera won’t recognize that a floodlight is attached…preventing me from controlling the light in any way, except to turn it off, which will turn the camera off as well….called support, went through all the steps again, and surprise it still doesn’t work, so I had to submit some information, which I did, and here more than a month later, I STILL have a broken light, with NO resolution. I also have the deadbolt door lock, which I absolutely LOVED, is starting to malfunction, where I have it to automatically unlock when I drive in the yard….it works fine for about a week, then it starts locking the door when I drive in the yard, even though it already is. The lock works mechanically fine, but once again, the software/firmware is suspect, too bad, because the hardware is pretty damn good…..

Worked fine at first. It worked great at first! It was easy to setup and everything but about 3 months into owning it the floodlight and the camera stopped working. Luckily I reached out to Wyze and they’re sending me a warranty replacement but it just sucked

The versatility of this is limited only by Wyze and what they'll sell you. This is a well-built, nicely designed hypodermic needle. That is to say, it's lousy until you fill it with what the manufacturer is peddling, namely, cloud space and security/privacy risk. Steer clear. I just gave my two to charity.

Great on paper, useless in practice. I am usually a fan of Wyze products, but this one is a huge miss. I want to start with saying that the heart of this is a plain V3 camera, which is a fine product on it's own, but this product is supposed to be a motion floodlight, and that functionally is woefully inadequate. I installed this in place of a cheap traditional motion sensor floodlight that was not "smart", did not have a camera, but worked just fine to turn on when someone was in it's range. This was a step down. The first core problem is that motion sensor is WAY too sensitive and essentialy keeps the light on at all times. I reduced sensitivity to minimum, I tried using camera for controlling the lights instead of the motion sensor, but nothing makes this functional as a motion sensing floodlight. So, I am left with what should have been a smart light that I should be able to control manually, but even that is unusable. The floodlight can only be controlled through a long fumble with their app, takes at least a minute to r turn it on. There is no way to integrate it with any smart home services like Smart things or Alexa. It is essentially useless, expensive way to mount a Wyze camera instead of having light. After a month of fighting it, it is going down to be upgraded back to the cheapo $20 motion floodlight that worked fine all these years. :-(

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Existing Customer Reviews

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