EUKI Solar Security Camera Outdoor, Wireless WiFi 360° Camera, 2.4G WiFi Solar Security Camera Battery Powered, Home Surveillance Camera with 2-Way Audio, Motion Detection, 1080P Night Vision

EUKI WiFi Security Camera Outdoor

Solar Security Camera

The best EUKI Security Camera Outdoor in 2022.

Your home’s safety is always top of mind. EUKI Security Camera Outdoor is the extra set of eyes and ears needed to protect your home. It is on a mission to help make neighborhoods safer — starting at the front door.

This service makes everyday life easier for residents and businesses in buildings and at the same time simplifies management for owners.

With our EUKI Security Camera Outdoor, convenience and peace of mind are always at your fingertips whether you’re home or away.

Security Camera Outdoor

Home Security Camera

Package included
  • 1 * EUKI Outdoor Camera
  • 1 * Metal Mount
  • 1 * Solar Panel (3m cable)
  • 1 * Screws Sets
  • 1 * 1.2m USB Cable (no charger)
  • 1 * User manual

EUKI 360° PTZ security camera home cctv camera

Micro SD card storage and cloud storage optional

Tips: The EUKI outdoor camera recommends the standard Class 10 SD cards, it only the FAT32 format is supported. Please insert the Micro SD card when the camera is off, and the side with the chip is facing up.

  • Smartphone app: CloudEdge App
  • Network frequency: 2.4G WIFI (IEEE802.11b/g/n).
  • Supported mobile phone OS: iOS 9 up, Android 4.0 up.
  • Operating temperature: −20 °C to 50 °C.
  • Video compression: H.264
  • Not support wired network connection, only support wifi connection.
  • Not support 24/7 continuous recording, only support motion detection recording.
  • Not support RTSP / ONVIF / NVR / FTP, only support Micro SD card and cloud storage.

Security Camera Outdoor

Security Camera Outdoor

Security Camera Outdoor

360° All-around Protection

EUKI outdoor wireless solar security camera allows you to remotely control the left and right/up and down the rotation of the outdoor security camera through the PTZ function on the APP. This device provides 120° vertical and 355° horizontal rotation range, helping to protect your home 360 degrees.

1080P HD & Timely Alert Notification

The 1080P resolution. It will give you all details of the image/video, helping you to monitor your property (house, garage, shop, etc.) at all times.

Tap the alerts notification to playback videos and pictures anytime, anywhere. You won’t miss any suspicious events.

360° Adjustable Solar Panel

The rotational panel mount allows 360° installation to ensure maximum sunlight and continuous battery charging for the EUKI solar outdoor camera.

The solar panel comes with a 10ft / 3m USB cable, plug it in the camera get 365 days of uninterrupted solar power.

Security Camera Outdoor

solar security camera

Security Camera Outdoor

100% WireFree & Easy to install

No wires or power cords are needed. You only need to install the bracket to the wall and fix the camera on the bracket with simple tools, and you can easily set up the solar wireless security camera within 10 minutes.

TIPS: The install height should within 6.5ft – 8.2ft, the camera should be tilted at a 15 degree.

1080P FHD 65ft Night Vision

The EUKI wireless security camera is equipped with 4 infrared LEDs, which provides excellent night vision up to 65ft/22m. See everything in real-time in any dark environment with full HD.

PIR Motion Detection & Timely Alert Notification

The outdoor solar camera equipped with an advanced PIR sensor, can accurately capture human motion and reduce false alarms caused by bugs and leaves. If you want to detect cars or animals, please turn off the “human detection” day/night. The pictures and videos will be saved on an SD card or cloud.

Security Camera Outdoor

Security Camera Outdoor

Security Camera Outdoor

Scan to Share Devices

Be able to share your EUKI wifi security camera access with family or friends with just a QR scan.

It supports up to 20 user viewerships at the same time. Suitable for the whole family protecting property together.

Support iOS & Android Devices

The smart guidance for your first connection is always available on the App. Just follow the steps as instructed, scan the QR code by the camera, wait for a few seconds, and connect.

The CloudEdge APP on a smartphone or tablet device can control all wireless outdoor cameras for you to view and conduct a two-way voice communication, etc.

Support 4 Devices on the Same Screen

The CloudEdge APP supports real-time monitoring of 4 different types of devices, or you can monitor the front door, driveway, baby room indoor, and other places in all directions at one screen.

Note: Only wireless cameras using the “CloudEdge” APP are supported.

solar security camera

Features & Specifications

  • 🔋 【Solar/Battery Powered & 100% Wire-Free & 4dbi Dual Antennas 】The Outdoor Wireless Security Camera with solar panel and long standby rechargeable batteries ensure eternal power. No hassle of removing the camera to charge. 4dbi Dual antennas entitle the camera to a stronger and more stable network reception. It only supports 2.4Ghz WiFi that has better penetration and a wide WiFi range, not 5GHz. The “CloudEdge” app functions with signal diagnose can locate the spot with the best signal door.
  • 📷 【1080P HD & 65FT Night View】With a 1080P full HD color sensor, the EUKI Outdoor WiFi camera providing 1080P HD image and video, enables you to share the live video with family. The Wireless Outdoor Camera provides stunning night vision up to 20m(65FT) of 4 infrared LEDs. 4 IR lights automatically sense ambient light and switch to night vision mode, the monitor distance is up to 50ft/15m.
  • 🔭 【Flexible Pan Tilt & 360°Coverage】355°horizontal rotation & 120°vertical rotation & 4X digital zoom is controllable on the app, with 130-degree wide-angle, the PTZ Camera Outdoor guarantees a panoramic shot of every corner of your home, shop, garage. The outdoor security camera adopts financial encryption, supports up to 128G Micro SD card storage(not included) and Cloud storage.
  • 🏃 【PIR Motion Detection & Instant Alert】The EUKI Wireless Security Camera significantly enhances human-like recognition to reduce false alarms or human detection is switchable. You can even customize the alarm plan, alarm interval and sensitivity level between 1-10. Built-in photo-diode supports instant alert notifications(in 0.2s-2s), so you can download and share events with others at any time.
  • 💧【Group Sharing & IP65 Waterproof】This Wireless Security Camera can easily share cameras with your families or friends just with a QR scan. Certified IP65 waterproof allows this Solar Camera Security Outdoor to withstand extreme weather, such as rain, snow, and heat. Operating temperature −25°C-60°C. IP65 waterproof design can completely prevent dust and splash water from entering.

Pros & Cons


This is exactly what I was looking for. I have to say I am really pleased. This is exactly what I was looking for. I own several of their outdoor, solar power, high definition cameras which allow you to talk to the person you are watching, and listen to them. They have infrared for night viewing / recording and even with no outdoor light, the night image is of very good quality. This camera improves on their previous ones by allowing you to pan the image left, right, up and down. It has SD and HD video settings. It connects using your 2.4 Gz Wifi. Setup is very easy. The camera gives you clear instructions as to what to do so you can not make a mistake. It also comes with written instructions but these are really not needed. intuitive and allows you to configure the camera settings to your liking. The camera has a SD slot for a SD of up to 128 GB. Plenty of room for hours of recording. It records at intervals that you set and is has motion sensing capabilities so that you don't waste SD space nor battery power recording useless video. It quickly pans 360 degrees, and it tilts up and down nicely as well. You can switch between SD or HD. Initially it was in SD mode, and I thought it looked a little blurry, but once I switch to HD the change was dramatic.Overall I am very happy with this security camera and I highly recommend it.

The best purchase ever !! I have been searching for wireless camera for my balcony, I have compared many wireless security cameras to make the right decision for my own safety. I finally have purchase this great camera! It makes me feel secured since delivers videos for my apartment’s balcony on the first floor; also battery-powered and has a built-in LED spotlight to help me see better in the dark. I can easily monitor from my phone. The most important to me, it records motion detection, with 120° vertical and 355° horizontal rotation range, helping to protect my home 360 degrees. Easy installation and smartphone set up. This is what I really needed to feel safe all the time. I highly recommend it!

Just Great. I have had this camera for about two months now and I can't be happier. The image quality is excellent. The motion detection is great. I live on a busy street yet the camera is able to differentiate between human and nonhuman movements. Since my street is busy, it picks up vehicular movement sometime. It works well in all types of weather from frigid, rainy, hot, etc. The night vision works well however, the image appears in black and white. Since my home is well illuminated by street lights, I disabled the night vision. This notwithstanding, the images at night is still quite clear. The only thing that I do not like is that once in a while, the camera will pan itself toward the sky. This happened only twice since I have been using it. All in all, it is a very good camera.



Prts missing. CAmera works well if only I could mount it. I ordered four of these and one is missing it mounting plate.

Simply put these cameras SUCK!!! After searching many cameras I landed on this one And thought I made a great purchase. That’s not the case. The picture quality in the daytime is great, but at night it’s bad. I can’t recognize faces even from the people who live in my house. I would recommend that nobody waste of time or money on this crap! Even walking up to the camera and looking directly into it you still won’t be able to recognize the face if it’s at night. 2 stars because it’s solar powered that’s it.

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