Aasonida Video Camera Camcorder for YouTube, Digital Vlogging Camera FHD 1080P 30FPS 24MP 3.0 Inch 270° Rotation Screen Video Recorder with Microphone, Remote Control, 2 Batteries

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Aasonida Video Camera allows you to be your own director and photographer, easily capturing your life’s moments.

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  • Image Resolution: 24M(5600×4200);20M(5200×3900);16M(4608×3456);12M(4000×3000);10M(3648×2736);7M Wide(3648×2048HD);5M(2592×1944);3M(2048×1536);2M-Wide(1920×1080 HD);VGA(640×480)
  • Video Resolution: FHD 1920X1080P(30fps); HD1280X720(30fps); VGA 640X480(30fps); QVGA 320X240(30fps)
  • Display Screen: 3.0 inch TFT LCD(16:9), 270 degrees rotation
  • Memory Card: external SD/MMC card (4GB to 32GB, not included)
  • Operation Modes: Take Photos/Record Videos/Playback
  • Power Supply: Rechargeable lithium battery, 3.7V (Model: NP-FV5)
  • Face Detect: On/Off. Smile Capture: On/Off. Anti-Shake: On/Off
  • Self Timer: Off/2S/5S/10S. LED Fill Light: On/Off
  • USB Port: Mini USB2.0. TV Output: NTSC/PAL
  • Auto Power Off: Off/1mins/3mins/5mins
  • Date stamp: Off/Date/Date&Time. Exposure: -3.0EV ~ 3.0EV
  • ISO: Auto, ISO100, ISO200, ISO400. Multi-Languages: Support
  • White Balance: Auto/Daylight/Cloudy/Fluorescent/Tungsten
  • Operating System: Windows XP,Windows Vista,Windows 7,Windows 8,Windows 10,Mac 10.2

Amazing gift for your friends and family even yourself.


video camera

digital zoom

Webcam & TV Output

The video camera can be used as webcam to provide excellent quality video streaming on social media, also perfect for daily video calling. You can also connect this video camera with TV cable directly to TV to play the videos you took in high definition.

3 inch 270° Rotation Screen

3 Inch flip screen(270 degrees rotation) and self-timer function allows you to take selfies anytime any angle you want. The camcorder also supports standard tripod and led fill light(both not included).

16X Digital Zoom

16X digital zoom (not optical zoom) allow you to zoom in and zoom out the scene easily.

video camera

Features & Specifications

  • 【Ultra HD 1080P/30FPS Video Camera】Aasonida video camera adopts the newest upgraded chip, which presents you incredible 1080P/30fps video and 24MP photos. What’s more, the advanced high-sensitivity CMOS Sensor can offer clear and steady photos even in low light. With remote control, you can control the camcorder to take videos and pictures in any direction and angle.
  • 【Multifunctional Video Camera with Microphone】The external stereo microphone can effectively eliminate noise, improve stability of audio and receive clear, precise stereo. It is very useful in course record, speech and conference. More Functions: 3 inch 270 degree rotation screen, built-in fill light, anti-shake, face detect, beauty face, smile capture, self-timer, webcam, pause function, auto power off, USB 2.0, TV output and so on.
  • 【Webcam Function & TV Output】The video camera camcorder for youtube can be used as webcam to provide excellent quality video streaming on social media such as Facebook, Twitch, YouTube, Twitter, etc, also perfect for daily video calling. You can also connect this YouTube camera with TV cable directly to TV to play the videos you took in high definition. What's more, you can connect the YouTube camera to the computer via USB cable to upload, edit and then share your beautiful moments.
  • 【Pause Function & Selfie】The digital camera supports pause function. You can pause the video whenever you want and continue the recording without restarting a new file. 3 inch flip screen(270 degrees rotation) and self-timer function allows you to take selfies anytime any angle you want. The auto power off feature helps you reduce power loss. The vlogging camera also supports standard tripod and external led fill light (both not included).
  • 【Long-time Recording & Quality Assurance】The video recorder is small, lightweight, portable for you to carry around. Coming with two rechargeable batteries, the camcorders also supports recording while charging. No more miss any precious moments! We offers 30 days money back, 12-Month warranty and friendly after-sale service. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.
  • Weight: ‎1.41 pounds

Pros & Cons


For a $100 camcorder I'm very pleased! First off you are NOT going to be filming a sweeping epic with this, I don't think anyone expects that, but don't expect this to be a $1000 camcorder. That being said I spent the day filming an instructional woodworking video for a friend and I was pleasantly surprised. I did not change any of the default color, brightness, shaking settings for this first project, although I may in the near future. I filmed a bigger picture of a few steps/shots with this camera and a picture-in-picture closeup of the same step with an iPhone 6s with sufficient fluorescent lighting and the iPhone footage was a bit truer to color than the Aasonida Video Camera, but the Aasonida wasn't bad either. Plus once the iPhone footage was inserted as a p-in-p it looked pretty good. Battery life was really good as I filmed for around 2 hours before the battery indicator turned orange/yellow so I swapped out the battery anyway just to be safe, but I think it could have gone for a bit more. I used a 128GB SD card and it used less than 4GB of space for a couple hours of 1080P which is pretty good as far as I know. I do not think this thing would survive a drop to the floor, even a short drop. The build quality feels rather fragile, as do the ports, card slot, and the flip-out screen...be gentle. The screen is also not a touch screen, however the remote control is very useful. Overall for the money this is a great value, but be gentle...I don't think this would survive being thrown into a backpack and tossed into the corner.

Good Camera. Nice quality for the price point. Learning curve takes a little time!

Its a $90 video camera. Im not sure what people were expecting to get from this device. Its a $90 video camera. It even says in the description it is not for professional use. I like it for what it is a what it does; low priced camera that captures moments in time. If you are looking for a super camera, gopro starts at about $250. I’m 50. When i was 20 to 30, big bulky vhs camcorders started at around 5 or 6 hundred and were a hassle for carrying. 8 mm required additional equipment for playback. You are not getting high quality for under 100 bucks.

Good for taking up close videos. Good camera. If you take many videos, memory card fills up quick. There is no lapse function so videos are recorded in actual time. No slow motion function either.

Didn't record sound part of the time. We used this for our wedding and the sound didn't (barely) record for the ceremony, but worked fine right after while greeting guests. I know its an inexpensive camera, but still Very disappointing.

The screen blotched out for awhile so cheap. I thought it was broken the first day it came out of the box but i fixed it I will continue to use it to change my review


Cheap camcorder if you're on a tight budget. I would consider this the bare minimum camcorder if you're looking to record and create videos on a very low budget. I'm satisfied with my purchase and got what I paid for. That being said, I would not buy it again and would invest in better equipment. That's not the fault of this camcorder though. Just what I was willing to invest at the time. Pros: Cheap, light and easy to use. Cons: - battery life is 15-20 minutes. They give you two batteries because you'll need them. You can record while plugged in (charging) so that helps if you're not moving. - corrupted videos: I bought a SanDisk 32GB Ultra SDHC UHS-I Memory Card - 120MB/s, C10, U1, Full HD, SD Card - SDSDUN4-032G-GN6IN for this camera. Not the most expensive but not the cheapest either. About 1 out of 5 (maybe 1 out of 10) of my videos get corrupted. Usually the longer videos are the ones that get corrupted. If you record short videos, you should be fine. Maybe when the battery gets low, the odds of the file getting corrupted increase. - files are chopped into multiple parts around the 10-12 minute mark resulting in a lot of files you have to merge back together. - video quality on the camcorder and on the PC are fine but degrade rapidly when you upload them to YouTube or when the camcorder is moving. It is a cheap camcorder though so that's probably expected. If you record on a tripod or from a static position, you should be fine.

Not too good. Used twice. Easy to set up but the video quality not that great. Battery life is not good either. Put on shelf.

Not worth the low cost. Not useable. I’ve tried this camera in my studio, outside, and in just about every situation I could possibly find a use case. It is simply not usable anywhere. Let me put it this way, suppose you have the option of buying this for $90 or just using an old $25 cellphone you probably have sitting in a drawer. Which do you think would produce better HD video? Well … not this camera. My basement studio has two daylight lamps with umbrella diffusers, green, white, and black screens. I’ve got the light situation under control. I ran a side-by-side comparison using this little camera with its microphone and my 4 year old cellphone. During the test, I had to have the camera just about right up to my face. That's pretty much the only way I found that I can get any useful footage. If I stand the camera back any farther than maybe two feet, all of the sudden everything goes completely grainy and garbage. This is the opposite of claims made by the description on this page. Zoom makes everything way, way worse. Now, the phone I’m comparing this camera to is not a good smartphone. It was $199 when I bought it four years ago. So it was inexpensive to begin with, and it's probably worth about $25 right now if anyone would even give me that for it. I also decided to make the comparison even less fair. I used the selfie camera on the cell phone to prove the point that with good lighting and a decent sensor, you should be able to get good video. I also compared the audio recorded by the cellphone with the microphone that comes with the camera. Neither was great. The microphone that came with the camera had significant background hiss and static. That’s easy to clean out after the fact, but … really. It was loud, though, so there is that. With the green screen, there was so much noise in the footage from the camera that it was pretty much impossible to use. The noise shows up all along the corners of my shoulders making it obvious that there is a green screen. The cellphone did not have this problem. Even a little bit. The colors on the camera are also all washed out and terrible. They also changed as I would move. For both, I left the setting stock as it came. I fiddled some with the camera, and it didn’t help. But, I want something that just works well enough without dealing with ISO, and tweaks, etc. Even if I could get settings to a point where any footage was usable (I couldn’t), I’d have to do it again every time I turned the thing on, because this camera doesn't save those settings. It just reverts back to default. Watch the video and see for yourself. I will say for $90, do something else. UPDATE: Amazon reviews really suck. So I've tried to upload a comparison video, but Amazon won't accept a compressed mp4 format. However, the high res mov format is "too big" to upload. So how you're supposed to upload a video review is beyond me! You'll have to trust me that the cheap selfie cam on a cheap cellphone beat the pants off this crappy camera.

NO manual and non working parts its too difficult and frustrating for what its worth. There is no manual so it was difficult if not impossible to figure it out what parts for working or how to use them. The only help offered to Amazon was referral to YouTube videos, which did not provide the instruction or information on remote that would not even turn on. The remote was my ain reason for purchasing this.

It’ll work I guess. Camera quality is ok but I wasn’t expecting anything high quality. It’ll work for my 9 year old to make his videos. My biggest gripe is that they sent the wrong usb cord to charge the camera and the mic. So now I have to buy a cord to charge them. Now I can’t even use the camera and have to spend more money

Beware before you buy. The drum that the juice the part chipped and broke. I have tried reaching out to the company several times for a replacement because the juicer is still under warranty no response.

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