Backdrop Stand 8.5x10ft, Photo Video Studio Adjustable Backdrop Stand for Parties, Wedding, Photography, Advertising Display

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Backdrop Stand for Photoshoot

Backdrop Stand for Photoshoot

ZBWW Backdrop Stand

A unique advertising display, a warm and romantic wedding party, a cheerful and unforgettable birthday party, professional photography video shooting, zoom conference backgrounds and other real-time streaming media etc., life needs more color, just get a 8.5*10 ft backdrop stand.

Photo Backdrop Stand

photo backdrop stand

Backdrop Stand Perfect for muslin, green screen, canvas, or paper backdrop.

And could be widely used in many kinds of indoor or outdoor scenes such as wedding, Christmas, Halloween party, baby shower, Valentine’s Day proposal engagement events, gender reveal, online meeting and parties.

Backdrop Stand

Backdrop Stand

Backdrop Stand

Multiple Width Adjustments


The length of each crossbar: 2ft (60cm)

Pipe Diameter: 1 inch (Cross Bar)

Adjustable Width: 4~10ft

2pcs conntected: 4ft

3pcs conntected: 6ft

4pcs conntected: 8ft

5pcs conntected: 10ft

Max Load Capacity: 11 lbs

2 x Adjustable Light Stand

Notice: Due to the different strength of the individual, the degree of stretching of the tripod is different, and the height of the background frame will be slightly different.

(Error is in 0.03~0.2ft).

Material: aluminum alloy

Height range: Min: 2.7ft(0.82m); Max: 8.5ft(2.6m)

Diameter of legs: Φ0.63″ (Φ16mm)

Easy Installation

Step 1: Unscrew the wing nuts of the tripod

Step 2: Mount the H1 crossbar on a tripod

Step 3: Place the round iron piece on the crossbar and tighten the wing nut

Step 4: Connect other 4 crossbars together

Step 5: Mount the H3 crossbar on another tripod

Step 6: Adjust the background support system to the appropriate and height

Party decoration accessories

backdrop stand with decoration

backdrop stand with decoration

backdrop stand with decoration

12 Colorful Balloons

Made of high-quality latex, very easy to bow, not easy to burst.

Colorful Balloons

12 Pcs Balloons in a variety of bright colors, Birthday party decoration accessories.

Enjoy party

Enjoy party, Bring more colour, Bring more fun.

The correct use way of Backdrop Stand

photo backdrop stand


Q: Why is my backdrop stand unstable?

A: In the installation process, please pay attention to the following 3 points, it can effectively reduce the situation of backdrop stand unstable.

1. Please be fully open the three corners of the tripod, until the connection piece and tripod vertical, to maximize the force of the tripod

2. with the use of sandbags, sandbags filled with sand or rocks or beans, placed on the tripod.

3. Place the backdrop stand on a flat surface.

4. Decorations should not exceed 11 lb.

Q: Why does my backdrop stand bend in the middle?

A: If all the power is concentrated in the middle, there will be a natural bending because the force point is too concentrated, which is a natural phenomenon, please don’t worry.

And please try to decorate the backdrop shelf in a balanced way during use.

Back Drop Adjustable Stand

Back Drop Adjustable Stand

Features & Specifications

  • NOTE: The kit includes 12 pcs colorful balloons. Meaningful family gathering, cheerful and memorable birthday party, romantic and warm wedding, professional photography, attractive advertising display and other uses, just get 8.5*10 ft backdrop stands!
  • Adjustable Stable Backdrop Stand: Loading capacity up to 11lb/5kg, good flexibility with width (4ft.–10ft.) & height (2.7 ft.–8.5 ft.).
  • Heavy Duty Spring Clamp and Backdrop Elastic String Clip: Used to holds curtains, canvas, muslin, projector screen or seamless paper, prevent background slippage.
  • Photography Weight Sandbag:To stabilize the backdrop support system. (NOTE: this bag comes empty, loading capacity is about 8.8 lb.)​
  • The Kit Includes: [12 pcs] Colorful Balloons / [5 pcs] Crossbar Parts / [2 pcs] Tripod Bracket / [3 pcs] Spring Clamp / [2 pcs] Backdrop Elastic String Clip / [2 pcs] Sand Bag / [1 pc] Carry Bag
  • Weight: 7.98 pounds

Pros & Cons


Nice extras, all parts as promised, easy to set up. Used for an office party; used to hang a backdrop for a photo booth. I had ordered a similar product from a different seller that was not as tall as promised and had to return that one. But this one can be extended very high. It is easier to put together with two people but possible to do on your own. I like that it came with 2 side clips and the sand bags (though I didn’t use could see how it would be useful for outdoors). The stand comes in a carry bag that made it very easy to transport (and after breaking it down was small/fairly light). Of all the similar stands on Amazon, I was very happy I purchased this one. It worked for the party and easy to store for future use.

Matched my expectations. Can’t go wrong with this, perfect for a lightweight curtain, nothing too heavy should go on this. Sandbags are bigger in person, which is a good thing, and height is adjustable anywhere from 4-10 feet and length is adjustable every 2 feet up to 10 feet.

Worth It! This does assemble pretty easy, about 20 minutes by myself. All packs away in a sturdy carry bag, lots of options for backdrops for photo booths, personal photos even products or video meetings. I’m sure for outdoor, party or heavy traffic I’ll need to fill those sand bags but currently it lives in my office assembled.

Great stand, great price! The stand was easy to assemble and adjust, even assembling it by myself. I am glad it comes with a carrying case, so handy. Great price for what you get. I would definitely recommend this stand!

Amazing!! Stand is definitely worth the money! Nice and sturdy and strong and is adjustable in height and in width. Came with the clips to hold the backdrops and also a carrying bag when you disable the stand. I have no complaints more than happy with this purchase! Bought it to decorate for my sons birthday and it came out perfect

Just what I was looking for!! Great product, easy to assemble, easy to put balloons in. Made it much easier to decorate for my party. Forgot to take a picture of backdrop by itself but here are some pictures. Very light weight and easy to take down. Come with a bag to store it after done using, very convenient. Overall I love my purchase and can't wait to use for my next party.


Returning Immediately. Received the item and one of the poles came broken. Usually wouldn’t be a problem and would just exchange it. However, I have a really important event tomorrow. Was counting on a product that I bought to actually come not broken….. The directions to put together include 6 vague picture so if you are the type that need step by step directions, I wouldn’t go for this product. Took us 1.5hrs to put together. Partly, because it came broken and we thought it was us. I reached out to the their customer service team and they were absolutely no help. Will be returning for an actually good backdrop stand.

Not for outdoors. When testing out the stand inside the product worked fine. The day of the event happened and I set it up outside and all my plans changed. I couldn't fill the sandbags up with enough weight to have it stand up with a light breeze. The stand was on the floor more than standing up. The stand also couldn't hold the backdrop for more than an hour, the stand started to bow. I bought this to keep for future events but instead I am returning

The good thing they replace it and I will get it soon. When I opened the box both legs are broken, we have to tie it so we can used it at the wedding reception. We do not have time to return it to get on time the replacement.

It was not very sturdy even with the weights to keep it upright. It was not very sturdy even with the weights to keep it upright.

Low quality. I Wish I had opened it before my return window closed. It’s not very sturdy. If you have it all the way open it sags in the middle.

Not sturdy. Once you go up to a certain heightism got all out of shape, no support

How to Buy The Best Backdrop Stand 8.5x10ft?

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Overall, this is a very good product that earns many praises and is relatively highly rated by real life customers.

We highly recommend the Backdrop Stand 8.5x10ft to you.

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