Arlo Pro 4 Spotlight Camera

Arlo Pro 4 Spotlight Camera

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Features & Specifications

  • See colorful at night - See features like faces or license plates in full color, even at night, with color night vision.
  • Smarter alerts, quicker action - With an Arlo Secure plan, receive notifications for people, vehicles, and packages so you can react quickly, right from your phone.
  • Light up the night - Ward off unwelcome guests using the integrated spotlight.
  • Respond quickly to notifications - Hear and speak to visitors at your door with clear, two-way audio.
  • See a bigger picture - With a wide 160° diagonal viewing angle lens that has an auto image correction, reducing the fisheye effect.
  • Coverage from every corner - Fast, wire-free setup with no wiring required; delivers increased installation flexibility to get the perfect camera view.
  • Local storage option - Secure your videos directly to your Arlo Base Station or SmartHub (sold separately) and view them anytime anywhere.
  • Arlo Secure - Includes 3-months of Arlo Secure for 30-day cloud recording, advanced object detection, rich notifications, cloud activity zones and more. Plans start at 2.99.
  • Dimensions: 3.15 x 131.89 x 92.52 inches
  • Weight: 11 ounces

Pros & Cons


Worked fine. Everything was good with product. I needed to order more battery and charger

I like it. I like that it’s WiFi and it’s wireless. And that there is a good pick up distance. There is a lag make sure the angel is in a Good direction so the sensor can pick up motion from a distance. I had it angle down and I was only capturing a distance of 5 feet.

Easy to set up. It works with my solar panel. Don’t need to charge anymore

See the image very clear. Is very necessary device to the family, we should put security and safety in the first place.

Solid and reliable wireless security camera system that does not upload to overseas storage. Based on my use over the past year with 7 Arlo camera systems I can honestly say that I would not select a different brand. I also prefer to not have my recordings sent overseas so this is why I chose Arlo. The battery life has been far better than expected. Just use the default "optimized" selection for each camera and you can expect months of usage per charge...assuming you aren't streaming live 24x7 from the cameras. The system I have at our second home is using Arlo solar panels to charge them, but the system I am using at my primary home does not use solar panels for charging. Each one lasts at least 2 months on a charge.

Awesome. Great quality, service second to none. Easy setup


I am not a fan of Subscription service. I purchased a refurbished 3-pack. I was aware that this camera required a subscription to monitor and record motion. When I first reviewed this camera a while back it cost $2.99/mo./camera. When I purchased the cameras it cost $3.99/camera and Feb 1, 2023 the price will be $4.99/camera. I felt at the mercy of Arlo that their price was going up and up with no added benefit received for the privilege of paying more. I returned the cameras for this reason primarily but the following comments also solidified my reason for returning them. The camera description says 3-mo free for Arlo Secure monitoring and recording. What is not said is the offer was for one camera only. That was misleading for me but to evaluate all cameras I signed up for Arlo Secure for the two remaining cameras so I could evaluate the performance of all cameras as a package. I found the camera's light weak and the night vision poor. I expected 2K to be an improvement over 1080P cameras but there might be a performance trade-off between battery operation and powered operation for these cameras. Certainly the camera light was much brighter with my old powered cameras (SENS8). 2K even in daylight does not appear clearer but again it may be a trade-off for the 160 degree field of view which has its good points and bad points. Pointing the camera 90 degrees from a wall surface gives a robust 55' field of view 10' out but neither the magnetic mount nor swivel mount will let you angle the camera at a steeper angle than about 45 degrees which put the image to far away from the house producing dead spots - always a trade-off. My next cameras will NOT have subscription service.

Poor battery life. The installation is extremely simple, you just choose the place and place it with a small screw to hold the base, the image is good, the motion detection is very good, but I don't like that you can't really see the video live, the video has a delay of a few seconds, but it's enough to miss the action really live (I have a good internet speed 1gb and mesh tplink) but my biggest problem was the battery life, I installed it on a Sunday afternoon with 100 % charge and on Wednesday afternoon it only had 10%, that was enough for me and I returned this camera.

Alot of issues with delay, motion sensing, loosing settings, Android app, and Smartthings. This review is for the Arlo Wired Doorbell & Pro 4 Camera since I was trying to integrate them to work together. Overall the cameras are just OK, however there are many issues that caused me to return the camera. The biggest issues are the long lag time that makes the video doorbell almost useless, motion sensing and recording not working consistantly, integration with Smarthings not working correctly with long lag time, and the quality of the cameras of not sensing motion and forgetting settings every night. Pros: * Good Price when on sale for $79 (Doorbell Camera) * Decent video quality (though hard to read a license plate) * Night vision (only in black in white) works well if the IR light does not reflect off an object close to the camera lens. (Doorbell Camera) * Color Night vision (Pro 4 – as long as you enable the internal spotlight) * Motion alert (only motion) will send to Smartthings to be able to trigger lights (via a web connection) * Will ring your wired doorbell * Announces on Google Nests, however there is a delay after the doorbell is pressed * Allows pre canned announcements that the user on the app can send while in a call after the doorbell is pressed. * Allows someone to leave a message after ringing the doorbell * Get email alerts of low battery (Pro 4 camera) Cons: * One of 3 cameras forgets / changes record length time every night to 10 seconds even though the app is set to record for 120 seconds (Pro 4 Camera) * One of 3 cameras will not sense motion most of the time and when it does you have to be very close to the camera (Pro 4 camera) * Cross triggering of recording of motion on one camera to start recording on another camera takes from 2 to 12 seconds and sometimes does not trigger the other camera. * Cross triggering of recoding will not work properly when linked to other cameras to record, setting time limit of recording to motion would not record anything if triggered by another camera * Cross triggering of recording will not work if you mask the recording area on the cameras triggered to record. * Batteries only lasted 4 to 6 days (Pro 4 camera) * Can not use color night vision if you turn off the spotlight. I have motion yard lights that turn on, however you must turn the camera spotlight on (and use camera battery) to see in color. (Pro 4 Camera) * Plan on spending hours to work with customer service. I found the phone number works best during the day. You must look to find the number. * Very long delay, about 13 seconds to get notification on your phone after the doorbell is pressed, and 8 to 14 seconds when trying to talk to someone at your door when they ring the doorbell. That is a 16 to 28 second round trip wait to ask a question. I have gigabit internet and a dedicated wireless router for just the one camera so it is not a bandwidth issue on my side. Customer service told me that they have a typical delay of 5 seconds. * Audio is choppy and drops out often, even with the built-in messages. * Motion sensor only works for the bottom half of the screen. If you aim the camera down to see the step in front of your door, it may not pick up anything from the sidewalk as people enter * No prerecording of what happened before the motion sensor triggers (when it triggers) * Masking of the area you want to record does not work properly. Customer service told me to turn it off to ensure I get more motion sensing. * No way to turn off black and white video at night, even when you have motion lights that turn on. (wired doorbell camera) * Light and the internal IR light will cause bad glares across the video if reflected into the camera lens * Camera will not record when sent “record” from Smartthings. (possibly may work if mask is turned off) then it would take 12 to 29 seconds to start recording (if it starts at all) * No way to turn certain types of alarm notifications on / off for different times of the day to the app while maintain motions sensors and recording. * Android app has some issues such as no way to turn on / off night vision light. You must log in to a web-based control to turn on / off * No direct connection to Smartthings, must rely on the internet and link your account. * Smartthings only gets motion alerts from Arlo, it cannot receive alerts for people, vehicles, packages, animals, etc. * Alarm types in Smartthings do not work properly: (Strobe, Siren and Strobe, Siren) All settings sound the siren and turn the light on. * Can not record locally with an IP based recorder or software like Blue Iris * Must pay a monthly fee to be able to record. * Must pay a higher monthly fee if you want to add another camera to use as a motion sensor so the doorbell will record when someone comes down the sidewalk towards the door. * The Android app needs to be fixed. Originally when I got the camera I could only use iOS (Apple) phone to connect the camera, they have since fixed that, however other features still do not work as of 9 December 2022 Overall, I got this camera to use to integrate with Smarthings, to record on certain events and THIS DOES NOT WORK correctly with Smartthings. You must get other Arlo cameras to trigger the other Arlo cameras to record. You cannot use routines or existing Smartthings sensors to trigger a recording. The motion sensor on the camera is not sensitive enough to cover my sidewalk and driveway, and only the bottom half of the screen is what can be used to sense motion. Never got the cameras working properly, never received follow up support as promised The agent did not understand the problems, nor was able to fix them. the issues are in the hardware and software of the product.

Don’t add this to previous-gen Arlo kit, it needs subscription or their most recent base stations. I bought this to replace a busted camera since I had a decent experience with Arlo. It came with a three-month free trial for Arlo Secure subscription plan. Everything was merry until the free trial ended. Now the camera is still recording videos to a USB stick on the base station, but without a subscription, Arlo doesn’t allow you to view the videos from within the app. Sure, you can unplug the USB from the base station, plug the USB into your computer, look at the video, plug the USB back into the base station. Who wants to do that for every notification? Not to mention the inaccessibility when you are away from home. You can use it to look at the live video, that’s about it, but after all the delay, I suspect even the most patient door-to-door solicitors will have left by the time a live feed is connected. Motion detection is great, even picks up small squirrels; nightvision is blurry even when spotlight turns on; don’t expect read license plates day or night unless the car drives up to about 5 ft away from the camera. The older camera in my kit stores everything on the base station so you can view them in the video library inside the app (and supposedly also stored in Arlo cloud for a period of time, so take that for what it’s worth). I will see if I can find an older model or just junk the whole kit for a different company that offers localized storage. Money wasted and lesson learned.

Worst Arlo cameras. I bought these almost a year ago to supplement the original Pro cameras and 2 Essential Spotlights. The first one died within 4 months. The last two died this month. They charge but they won’t connect to the smart hub. Trying to decide if I want to buy more Arlos or switch to another system. I am sick of the constant problems.

Better plans out there. Cameras ate decent. Wireless is good except they can be a pain to set up on some networks, mine especially. The real down point is their subscriptions. They don't just limit your library to see what has happened, they completely deny access to even limited access. NONE. There are better plans out there. Their software is iffy. Meaning , it won't let you connect to see what's going on 1 out 20 times. If you have wild life, kind if important to identify burglar versus deer. Their server goes down often, like once a month, at least. Again, Cameras are pretty good, but useless without paying their subscription. Lots of money for the Cameras, I expected at least limited library, if even a day. My last camera purchase gave me 2 weeks, no subscription.

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