Amcrest 4MP ProHD Indoor WiFi Camera, Security IP Camera with Pan/Tilt, Two-Way Audio, Night Vision, Remote Viewing, Dual-Band 5ghz/2.4ghz, 4-Megapixel @30FPS, Wide 90° FOV, IP4M-1041

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Motion Detection

Privacy Mode

Privacy mode

4MP UHD Resolution

The new Amcrest 4MP ProHD soaks in the entire scene, dynamically painting all of the vivid colors and rich imagery, onto your desktop or smartphone in HD 2560x1440p resolution at 30fps. Cutting edge H. 265 high efficiency video coding technology allows for smoother video and reduces file sizes and bandwidth consumption.

Motion Detection & Alerts

Receive intelligent alerts that send notifications directly to your computer or smartphone via the Amcrest View Pro app anytime motion or audio is detected. Create distinct motion detection zones and customize each zone’s sensitivity to receive only the alerts that you need. Be notified anytime your smart home camera goes offline.

Flexible Storage Options

The Amcrest 4MP ProHD camera features flexible storage options to a 256MicroSD, Amcrest Cloud, Amcrest Surveillance Pro for PC and Mac, Amcrest NVRs, Synology & QNAP NAS, FTP, Blue Iris and more, giving you the flexibility and security you need. This product may contain components which are not NDAA compliant.

Two-Way Audio & Privacy Mode

Enable two-way talk to communicate with loved ones anytime, anywhere, using the camera’s built-in microphone and speaker. Cover every angle with 355° pan and 90°tilt. Turn on Privacy mode to block both the video, audio and recording features to your camera, giving you peace of mind when you need it.

IP4M-1041B IP4M-1041W IP3M-941B IP4M-1051B IP2M-841-V3 IP2M-866W
4MP UltraHD Indoor WiFi PTZ Camera with Auto Tracking (BLACK) 4MP UltraHD Indoor WiFi PTZ Camera with Auto Tracking (WHITE) 2K UltraHD Indoor WiFi PTZ Camera (BLACK) 4MP UltraHD Indoor WiFi PTZ Camera (BLACK) 1080P HD Indoor WiFi PTZ Camera with Auto Tracking (BLACK) 2MP ProHD Indoor WiFi PTZ Camera
Resolution 4MP UltraHD 2688×1520 4MP UltraHD 2688×1520 3MP UltraHD 2304×1296 4MP UltraHD 2688×1520 2MP Full-HD 1920×1080 2MP Full-HD 1920×1080
Viewing Angle 90° Wide-View 90° Wide-View 90° Wide-View 120º Super-Wide 90° Wide-View 35º~105º Wide View
Night Vision Up to 32 ft Up to 32 ft Up to 32 ft Up to 32 ft Up to 32 ft Up to 50 ft
Focal Length 4.0mm 4.0mm 4.0mm 4.0mm 4.0mm 2.7mm~8.1mm
Zoom N/A N/A 16x Digital Zoom 16x Digital Zoom 16x Digital Zoom 3x Optical Zoom, 16x Digital Zoom
Audio Two-Way Audio with Built-in Mic and Speaker Two-Way Audio with Built-in Mic and Speaker Two-Way Audio with Built-in Mic and Speaker Two-Way Audio with Built-in Mic and Speaker Two-Way Audio with Built-in Mic and Speaker 1-Way Audio with Built in Microphone
Storage 256GB Class10 MicroSD Card (FAT32), Amcrest Cloud, FTP, NAS, Amcrest NVR, Local PC 256GB Class10 MicroSD Card (FAT32), Amcrest Cloud, FTP, NAS, Amcrest NVR, Local PC 128GB Class10 MicroSD Card (FAT32), Amcrest Cloud, FTP, NAS, Amcrest NVR, Local PC 128GB Class10 MicroSD Card (FAT32), Amcrest Cloud, FTP, NAS, Amcrest NVR, Local PC 256GB Class10 MicroSD Card (FAT32), Amcrest Cloud, FTP, NAS, Amcrest NVR, Local PC 256GB Class10 MicroSD Card (FAT32), Amcrest Cloud, FTP, NAS, Amcrest NVR, Local PC
Weatherproof N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A IP66 Weatherproof / IK08 Vandal Resistant
Compression H.265/H.264 H.265/H.264 H.265/H.264 H.265/H.264 H.265/H.264 H.265/H.264
Connection Type Supports 2.4Ghz Connections Only Supports 2.4Ghz Connections Only Dual-Band Wired/WiFi (2.4ghz/5ghz) – WEP, WPA, WPA2 Encryption Dual-Band Wired/WiFi (2.4ghz/5ghz) – WEP, WPA, WPA2 Encryption Supports 2.4Ghz Connections Only Dual-Band Wired/WiFi (2.4ghz/5ghz) – WEP, WPA, WPA2 Encryption

Features & Specifications

  • 4MP H. 265 – 2. 4ghz WiFi IP camera features immaculate 4MP (2688x1520P at 30fps video using excellent low light capability utilizing the CMOS image sensor and chipset. Cover more ground using super-wide 90° viewing angle and remote pan/tilt. Works with Alexa through Amcrest Cloud. H. 265 video compression technology allows smoother video and reduces file sizes and bandwidth consumption. The 4MP ProHD Pan Tilt Camera Does Not Have the Digital Zoom Feature.
  • SMARTER SECURITY – Receive motion alert notifications, review footage and engage in two-way communication via your smartphone using the Amcrest View app. Playback and record professionally on a PC using Amcrest Surveillance Pro for Windows and MAC or Blue Iris Professional. Works with Amcrest Cloud remote video storage, MicroSD, Amcrest NVRs, Synology and QNAP NAS, FTP, Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Safari, etc using Amcrest Web View Extension.
  • LOW LIGHT NIGHT VISION – Features a CMOS 1/3” 4MP progressive low-light image sensor and built-in IR LEDs to achieve superior low lux performance and night vision up to 32 feet. Not all WiFi IP cameras are built the same and our Texas based team with over 10 years of WiFi camera experience has built-out the performance of this camera by using the highest quality components in order to deliver the ultimate best in class 4MP pan/tilt WiFi camera experience.
  • SECURE CLOUD VIDEO BACKUP – The optional Amcrest Cloud remote video storage service allows you automatically store your videos in the cloud hosted and secured by AWS (motion based and 24/7 continuous recording available). If something happens to your local PC/NVR/MicroSDcard(256GB, FAT32)/NAS, the footage will be safely recorded in a secure off-site location and accessible to you through a web-based interface for PC (Windows & MAC) (Chrome/Firefox/Safari/Edge) and Amcrest Cloud smartphone app.
  • SIMPLE. RELIABLE. SECURE. - This Amcrest 2.4Ghz wireless security camera features a secure SSL/HTTPS connection, wireless AES/WPA2 encryption, FCC and CE camera certificate, UL rated power supply, and receives regular security firmware updates (Supports 2. 4Ghz Only). Operating Temp: 14°F ~ 113°F. At Amcrest, we want to ensure the safety of our customers, their loved ones, homes, and businesses and you’ll receive a full 1-year US and Lifetime Support provided directly from Amcrest.
  • Dimensions: 4 x 4 x 5 inches
  • Weight: 1 pounds

Pros & Cons


Amcrest Crime Footage: Cheez-IT Box Caught On Snout. The media could not be loaded. The following is the crime footage of our dog Riley eating our entire box of Cheez-ITs that my son had left on the side table in the living room. As you can tell from the attached video, the camera does a great job of capturing Ultra high quality resolution of Riley eating Cheez-ITs out of the box, getting the box stuck on his head, as well as hearing the recorded criminal sound footage from the camera's microphone. You'll note that Riley gets the box stuck on his head on many occasions, but the camera picks up ALL of the footage, via wireless, using the motion detection. There is also a brief moment, after he pushes the box under the kitchen table, where he went back into the living room to eat Cheez-ITs that fell onto the floor from knocking the box off the table, and it continued to record for the 10 second default delay time in the camera's motion detection settings. You can also see that the first few frames from 16:00:47 to 16:00:51 are a few seconds before he enters the field of the camera recording, and continues recording after the motion stops. In our case, Riley comes into frame with the Cheez-IT box before the motion detection stops, thus continuing the recording. While I do not have the new Auto Tracking feature turned on, I imagine I would have gotten even better footage of him getting the box stuck on his head with that feature. For those who don't have any cameras currently, the motion detection is used to detect pets who get into Cheez-IT boxes, as well as other criminal activity, but then the Motion Detection feature turns off recording to save the camera from capturing footage that has no action. He continues getting the box stuck on his head and pawing it off his snout for about 4 minutes, until he goes over to the far side of the kitchen, not moving much except for his jaws in the box, turning off the motion detection. Then after the box is empty, the motion detection is kicked back on when he quickly runs out of the kitchen, hearing me come down the stairs. Not even the Green Lantern could have prevented him from getting that box of Cheez-ITs. However, the Amcrest IP4M-1041W 4 Megapixel UltraHD Indoor WiFi IP camera was there to capture every moment. This is my eighth Amcrest camera, and all are loaded into the Amcrest Pro app. I have it recording onto one of my PC's using the PC-NVR feature within the application. I highly recommend this product.

Supports ONVIF - Works with Milestone Xprotect. Happy with this camera so far. I use it with my Milestone system - the video quality is great and it offers some nice features. Ive found the performance on 2.4ghz wifi to adequate. Its not perfect but it works well enough. The camera does support ONVIF although I had some trouble getting it connected in Milestone at first. Oddly enough when I used the "Address Range" option to add it to Milestone it worked. The device has a Speaker and Mic that enables 2 way communication. This works in milestone but im having trouble talking from my phone on the mobile app into the camera. Still messing with that. The setup via App is easy. I used an ethernet connection and the P2P app to program it. I do wish the camera used a USB-C rather than Micro USB. Ive found I am able to run it off a portable battery for quite a bit. Useful for when I have a party and want to monitor who is in certain rooms. The little plastic adjustable screw mount that comes in the box is handy. I like that it uses the Universal standard Camera mount that you might find on a tripod. Im always happy with the affordability of these Amcrest cameras and the fact that the App does not require you to use a cloud service or sign into some account to setup the cameras. Configuration is very easy.

Works great so far. This is my 4th Amcrest camera so I have been able to try out a few different models. Initially this is really easy to setup as long as you have the Amcrest Pro app on your phone. Connect the camera to your router/switch, open the app and under device manager select add device, then scan the QR code and follow the steps from there to add your wifi. After you add it to the wifi you can unplug from the router and you should be able to see it in the app. You have the option to mirror or flip the image so that if you mount it upside down on the ceiling you can still have the photo display correctly. There are a few new features on this camera I haven't used on previous ones that were interesting to try. The first is Auto Track where the camera will attempt to pan/tilt to track a person or object moving through the room. It works OK the few times I tested it, I'm not sure if I would leave it on as an everyday option. The other feature is Privacy mode in which the camera points directly down at it's base so that it won't see or record any video. This would be helpful if you have guests staying in your home and they don't want to be recorded. The Microphone and Speaker seem to work well, I don't generally use these on my other cameras. One thing to make note of is that this camera does not have an optical zoom, however the picture quality is excellent so using the digital zoom still produces a quality photo. Overall I am very pleased with this camera so far and don't expect any issues as the other cameras I have had for a few years and work great as well.

Very Responsive Tracking and Clear Night View Features. I’ve had this IP4-1041W now for a few weeks. I have it sitting right next to a IP2M-841B. The picture quality of the IP4-1041 is far more superior to the 1080P. It’s brighter and clearer. The setup was easy and fast as with other Amcrest cameras using the Amcrest View Pro. My Amcrest NVR found the camera with no issues. I was able to change the setting from dynamic to static through the Android app, but unable to specify the desired IP address. I had to use the Amcrest Web View to specify the IP address. The pan, tilt functions are very responsive compare to the IP2M-841, but the IP4-1041 lacks the optical zoom and you loose the ability to have zoomed presets. And with only digital zoom available, the picture is a bit grainy at best. The auto tracking feature is also very good and responsive. I had to turn off this feature because the push notification will drive you crazy. Auto tracking can be turned off/on using the app, but ONLY when viewing a single camera. I was unable to toggle auto tracking when in multi-view. The camera view returns to the home position after every few seconds, in my case, it returns to the #1 preset.

Great value for good quality PTZ camera with a simple app that just works. I purchased this Amcrest 1080p PTZ (digital zoom on this specific model) for my 3d Printing and Lasering room. I installed this camera inside my self-built Atomstack laser enclosure to monitor projects while in other rooms. The package arrived quickly and was packaged in safe condition to ensure no damage would occur during transit. Setting the camera up is extremely easy depending on the type of setup you perform. The app "Amcrest" is available on iOS, Android, PC or Mac. I chose to initially set mine up within the iOS app. You can set this up completely wirelessly (wifi setup), by dedicated IP (IP setup), or via POE ("power over ethernet"). Although this is not actually a POE camera, if you are using an ethernet cable but do not desire to setup the IP as a dedicated address, you can still choose this setup option for dynamic IP addresses. This is the method I chose. Setting it up within the app was as simple as scanning the tiny QR code on the back of the camera (make sure you are aware of this before mounting the camera in a difficult location), and setting a new username and password. Ensure that you change the default username and password from "admin"/"admin". If recognized on your network, the camera will appear immediately within the app. This specific Amcrest camera came with a 16gb microSD card, however I saw nothing mentioned about it when purchasing it. When you record video footage, a timelapse, or take photos, it can be stored to the microSD, a NAS on your network (or a SSD/HDD on your network), or to the Amcrest cloud. Each Amcrest camera comes with 30 days free of Amcrest cloud. I chose to not utilize this as I don't like subscription services. I like the ability to pand and tilt the camera and the Amcrest app has several options to tailor the image to my likings. Specifically I like the options to flip the image horizontally or vertically and adjust the colors. There are also options to change the image quality from SD to HD if desired (for limiting bandwidth on slower connections). I chose to set it to the highest possible settings. For this camera that is 2560x1440p @ 8192 kbps (8bit). This is a little strange (but beneficial) since this camera is listed as a "1080p" camera. Overall I think this is an excellent camera with numerous options and at a great value. I would definitely recommend this to others.

My 8th Amcrest Camera and counting. Need I say more?! As you can see on the title, I am a big fan of Amcrest! I've had 8 of their cameras for the past 3 years now and I've pretty much installed one in every corner of my house. I am no techie by any means but I found them easy to mount and install. And their app is user friendly, intuitive and easy to navigate. I won't bore you with the specs but the resolution on this thing is pretty high defi (2K-4MP)! The one feature I especially like is that it follows you around and tracks your every movement. Now, I know, some people may find this a bit creepy but not me. It follows my dog around wherever I'm at work and I can easily track his movements any time I want. The other thing that is a plus for me is, I can install a micro sd card to record videos without having to pay a monthly subscription. This is by no means my last camera from Amcrest. I have a second home for short time lease, so I will be installing some security cameras on that property well! I will be posting updates soon!


Decent camera but some features dont work. The camera comes nicely packaged and is protected to prevent any damage during shipment. The package has a charging brick, micro-usb, mounting hardware, mounting bracket, lan wire, paperwork and the camera. Camera: - The form factor is decent considering the camera has pan and tilt - the picture quality is decent - the camera can be easily connected to the app and wifi (although very 1st time I had issue which I will explain in the section below) - has a lan port and comes with micro sd card slot as well - the camera makes slight noise while using the pan and tilt feature - which I can hear from 2 feet away as well - The camera has auto tracking but it does not work efficiently - There is privacy mode which when turned on keeps the camera facing down so that it doesnt record anything. When you disable the privacy mode the camera does not point in the same direction as it was doing earlier App: - I have the Amcrest Smart home app however I was not able to add the camera in that app and had to install Amcrest View pro after which I was able to add the device (however this is lame) - While adding the device, you can scan the bar code on the bottom of the camera and it recognizes the device which is convenient and goes into add device wizard - In the setup menu you need to be on 2.4G wifi else the wifi setup will fail (you can choose between ethernet and wifi setup after you scan the device) - In the wifi setup I provided the camera user name password for admin account and the wifi network password. I got a notification that camera was added however Live view failed as the system complained that it cannot connect. On debugging further it seemed like Username and possword doesnt match however the system doesnt tell you if that is the Admin account issue or the Wifi issue. I reset the device and added the camera again - this time however I did not change the Admin password (do not change the admin password) - The camera will be added and you can go to LiveView. This is when app will prompt you to change the camera password. When I did that the camera password was changed and I was able to check the live feed from camera - The app features are decent and you can tweak soe settings. The app also gives a wizard to walk you through the app settings to control the camera - The pan and tilt screen is not smooth and the camera pans and tilts very quickly - The app skews the live view footage in Portrait mode however it is fine in landscape

Will not write to SDCards. Possible Security Problem. For first issue. I tried 3 different SD cards, different brands and sizes, and this camera would not write to them. It sees the cards and even allows me to format them but it simply will not write. I tried many different scheduler settings and even a factory reset with a tech, and it will not write. Now the BIG problem. Note this is anecdotal and I cant prove the camera makers were involved however... When setting these up, I gave them one of my obscure passwords that I generally dont use any more. Well... as it turns out, my very old Walmart account was still using that password and low and behold, on Nov 24 and 25 (2021), I got 3 fraud charges on that Walmart account. This is only a few days after I set up this camera and mind you that password is something like 20 year olds. It has never been discovered before because its a pretty hard password (I work in tech so I use random gibberish for passwords). Again that is anecdotal. I cannot say for certain it was the camera maker who is the culprit however this is one heck of a coincidence.

Very disappointed. I'll start off I am a really big fan of Amcrest cameras I have several POE and web cams from them witch lead me to pay a little more for this camera. There are cheaper options that have better functionality. Cons The easy WIFi set up was anything but easy I had to wire it to my network and use onvif tool on PC to get it online. The app is clunky don't work the great at all. Picture quality isn't all that great for the price. Tracking mode is the worst I have seen from a PTZ camera. It offers no type of analytics. The setting up of a tour or scan is extremely non intuitive I have better functionality from these features from a YI camera that cost $30 5 years ago. Pros The only one I got is it is an Onvif camera and does work with NVR like blue iris. Although I'm not going to hold my breath because Amcrest sucks at updates I really am hoping Amcrest sends out some updates for this.

Decent Camera, Terrible Software. Out of the box camera seems built well enough. Its powered off USB micro and comes with a USB charger and 10' cord. After that, user experience was bad, and I'm going to blame it entirely on the App. I already own an Amcrest doorbell, uses Amcrest Smart Home, but this camera uses Amcrest Viewer Pro. Neither app works with the other camera. Picture and audio quality are nice. It took me 20min to get the camera setup, kept failing trying with Wifi, and Wired, and back to wifi. Using the app, I found the pan gestures to be opposite what I expected, and they are fairly coarse movements, making it hard to center myself. There is an "auto track" that work fairly well, a little laggy, but does follow you well--I did not find that feature, my wife did...I had a hard time navigating the app menus. I never got the motion alerts to push to my phone. The 2 way audio worked pretty well on wifi and on 5G, but there was a 4second lag on everything on a phone with 2bars LTE. App crashes most of the time when I switch from Wifi to cellular or back. There are a lot of features on the app that this camera doesn't support, like Zoom, but the app lets you try to use them with no result, leaving you confused. I was able to hook the camera up to my BlueIris NVR pretty easily, however, I was not able to figure out how to set my static IP address. I found I could make the address Static, but not where to define it or see it. I had to get the address from my router.

My Admin Account Doesn't Work Right -- The tracking seems to be having problems. I tried to update/add to my review and it's not getting posted so I'm starting over. 1 -- If you create your own Admin Account (like lets say MyAdmin) it doesn't have access like the built in Admin account does. I think this is a bug. I should be able to create my own named admin account and use that. I opened a ticket with Amcrest Support but I basically figured this out on my own. 2 -- Tracking -- The new unique feature of this camera is the tracking. My camera kind of acts like its afraid to look at me. When I walk up to it, it turns away. Now that's exactly of the opposite of what you want it to do. I thought this was because my camera is mounted towards the ceiling and pointed downward (the image is flipped 180 and mirrored to make it look right). I'm not really sure though because I have seen it track me I had originally given it one star but I think that's too low. This camera has all of the features that you would expect an Amcrest Camera to have if you've been using them (Email Setup, Alerts/Events, Daylight Savings Time, DDNS ....) and they all seem to work (aside from #1 above). I would think you would buy this camera over another because you want the tracking feature and that doesn't seem to work right. I still have a ticket open with support. I hope Amazon lets me update this review later.

Not Impressed - Very disappointed - DO NOT BUY!!!!!!! Ok I really wanted to like this camera, but there is a lot to be not liked. See below. First - The image quality is lacking in my opinion. It's OK, but nothing special. Not what you'd expect from a 4MP camera. My EUFY and Arlo cameras (that are only 1080P) have MUCH better quality. Second - When the IR kicks on there is red lights around the lens that you can not turn off unless yo go onto the web site and use the user app there. Silly. Third - MAJOR pain to set this up. Had lots of issues, from the app telling me the serial number was invalid to the camera not finding my (Excellent Wifi) network. I had to call their support line (because after waiting for live chat, as 40th in their que for over 40 mins, I found out their live chat is for SALES only and the person of course had to direct me to call their 1-888 number for Tech Support.) to get more information. And their tech support was NO help... the person tried (I'll give brownie points there), but couldn't figure out why my phone would not start their app. I even watched a couple of their videos on-line (worthless) which still did not help. LOL ... finally figured it out on my own after some trail and error... It should not have been that hard. None of my other Cameras I have ever gave me so much grief. Fourth - Documentation for use and features is worthless. Fifth - Motion detection isn't very accurate. I have cats; they are constantly running around; it has caught them maybe half the time. Sixth - The app is VERY cumbersome and not user friendly. Example. You want to view any videos the camera caught, so you go to My Album and there are 4 windows. ((Why 4 windows, I only have 1 camera. How to you get rid of the other windows... YOU CAN'T. If you can, someone needs to explain it to me.) Ya I know multiple windows for multiple devices I DO NOT HAVE MULTIPLE DEVICES.) ) You have to choose which window you want to view, then choose the camera, then choose the channel, then find the time/frame to view. Then once to find the feed/video you want to look at it only shows up in the SMALL window. You can not make it one single windows to view. HOW ARE YOU SUPPOSED to be able to see any DETAIL in a small window on your phone. REEALLY?? Seventh - Still have not figured out how to save any videos/pictures to anything other then Amcrests own folders. ????? You can send yourself a video or pic via text, but what good is that if the video is large; you CAN NOT send it to yourself cause of bandwidth limitations of most phone carriers. Why can't I just save the vid/pic to my phone in the DCIM folder? Why can't you just save to video/pic to my phone album and be done with it. I can with other cameras I have. Oh cause Amcrest wants to make it difficult and be proprietary. Stupid. Eighth - Delay/lag is WORST then any camera I own or have owned. And this is at my house, on my 1 GIG Network. ????? Are you kidding me. Can't imagine how slow it will be viewing when I'm not home using phone data. I think I've SLAMMED this product enough.... You get the drift. BUY SOMETHING ELSE. Find a different camera/company for you camera security needs. THIS IS NOT THE CAMERA TO BUY! I personally will never buy anything from Amcrest again. Shame UPDATE 25 May 2022: Still hold true to everything I wrote above. This camera is one the WORST ones I own out of 4 different manufactures. Buy something else.

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