Amcrest UltraHD 5MP Outdoor POE Camera 2592 x 1944p Bullet IP Security Camera, Outdoor IP67 Waterproof, 103° Viewing Angle, 2.8mm Lens, 98.4ft Night Vision, 5-Megapixel, IP5M-B1186EB-28MM (Black)

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Motion Detection Zone

Mobile Alerts

IP67 Weathreproof

5MP UltraHD Resolution

Experience magnificent 5MP UltraHD footage with the latest Starlight 1/2.7″ CMOS image sensor and a 98.4° viewing angle. The Amcrest UltraHD camera soaks in the entire scene, dynamically painting all the vivid colors and rich imagery, pixel by pixel, onto your desktop or mobile device in 5MP UltraHD 2592×1944 resolution.

Motion Detection Alerts

Receive intelligent alerts that send notifications directly to your computer or smartphone via the Amcrest View Pro app anytime motion is detected. Create up to 4 motion detection zones and customize each zone’s sensitivity to receive only the alerts that you need. Be notified anytime your smart home camera goes offline.

Mobile Viewing & Storage

View, record and playback UltraHD footage directly from your smartphone with the Amcrest View Pro or Amcrest Cloud app. Locally record HD footage directly to a 256GB MicroSD card (sold separately). Never worry about losing your footage with Amcrest Cloud optional Cloud storage plans. This product may contain components which are not NDAA compliant.

IP67 Weatherproof

The 5MP UltraHD PoE Indoor/Outdoor Camera is built to endure even the harshest weather conditions and protect against impacts. The camera is equipped with a heavy-duty IP67 weatherproof designed to protect against dust, rain, hurricane level winds.

IP5M-B1186EW-28MM IP5M-T1179EW-36mm IP5M-D1188EW-28MM IP5M-1176EW-36mm IP5M-F1180EW
5MP UltraHD PoE Outdoor Bullet Camera 2.8mm Lens 5MP UltraHD PoE Outdoor Turret Camera 2.8mm Lens 5MP UltraHD PoE Outdoor Dome Camera 2.8mm Lens 5MP UltraHD PoE Outdoor Dome Camera 3.6mm Lens 5MP UltraHD PoE Indoor Fisheye Camera 1.4mm Lens
Resolution 5MP (2592×1944) 5MP (2592×1944) 5MP (2592×1944) 5MP (2592×1944) 5MP (2592×1944)
Viewing Angle 103° Wide-View 103° Wide-View 103° Wide-View 78° Wide-View 360° Panoramic View
Night Vision 98.4 Feet 98 Feet 98 Feet 98 Feet 33 Feet
Compatible With Amcrest View Pro App, Amazon Alexa Devices, Amcrest NVRs, NAS Amcrest View Pro App, Amazon Alexa Devices, Amcrest NVRs, NAS Amcrest View Pro App, Amazon Alexa Devices, Amcrest NVRs, NAS Amcrest View Pro App, Amazon Alexa Devices, Amcrest NVRs, NAS Amcrest View Pro App, Amazon Alexa Devices, Amcrest NVRs, NAS
Audio N/A 1-Way Audio with Built-in Mic N/A N/A External 2-Way Audio with Built-In Mic
Storage 256GB MicroSD (Sold Separately), Amcrest Surveillance Pro, Amcrest Cloud, Amcrest NVR, FTP, NAS, Blue Iris. Limited Compatibility with Third Party Software 256GB MicroSD (Sold Separately), Amcrest Surveillance Pro, Amcrest Cloud, Amcrest NVR, FTP, NAS, Blue Iris. Limited Compatibility with Third Party Software 256GB MicroSD (Sold Separately), Amcrest Surveillance Pro, Amcrest Cloud, Amcrest NVR, FTP, NAS, Blue Iris. Limited Compatibility with Third Party Software Amcrest Surveillance Pro, Amcrest Cloud, Amcrest NVR, FTP, NAS, Blue Iris. Limited Compatibility with Third Party Software 128GB MicroSD (Sold Separately), Amcrest Surveillance Pro, Amcrest Cloud, Amcrest NVR, FTP, NAS, Blue Iris. Limited Compatibility with Third Party Software
Weatherproof IP67 Weatherproof IP67 Weatherproof IP67 Weatherproof IP67 Weatherproof N/A
Compression H.265 / H.264 High Efficiency Video Compression H.265 / H.264 High Efficiency Video Compression H.265 / H.264 High Efficiency Video Compression H.265 / H.264 High Efficiency Video Compression H.265 / H.264 High Efficiency Video Compression
Connection Type PoE 802.3a PoE 802.3a PoE 802.3a PoE 802.3a PoE 802.3a

Features & Specifications

  • 5MP ULTRA-HD – Stunning 5-Megapixel 2592 x 1944p video resolution with enhanced low light capability on this POE outdoor camera utilizing an CMOS progressive image sensor and chipset. Wide 103° viewing angle allows you to cover more ground. Power Over Ethernet (POE camera) for easy installation (POE injector or switch required; not included, sold separately). Works with Alexa through AmcrestCloud.
  • SMARTER SECURITY – Adjust motion detection zones and sensitivity and receive email/phone alerts and review footage via the Amcrest View app. Playback and record professionally on a PC using the Amcrest Surveillance Pro software or Blue Iris Professional. Works with Amcrest Cloud remote video storage, Amcrest NVRs, and QNAP NAS, FTP, SeaMonkey, and Pale Moon Browsers, IE, Safari, Firefox 49.0, and Chrome with Amcrest Web View Extension
  • DAY OR NIGHT, RAIN OR SHINE – This outdoor POE IP camera features a heavy-duty metal weatherproof IP67 housing, as well as a built-in IR, LED and a low lux image sensor to achieve amazing low-light capability and night-vision up to 98.4 feet. Dual H.265/H.264 compression allows for maximum encryption with the latest technology as well as backward compatibility with legacy platforms. This camera is compatible with Amcrest NVR's and has limited compatibility with third party NVR's.
  • SECURE CLOUD VIDEO BACKUP – The optional Amcrest Cloud remote video storage subscription service allows you automatically store your videos off-site in a third-party location hosted and secured by Amazon AWS. This way if something happens to your local PC/NVR/NAS, the footage will be safely recorded in a secure off-site location and accessible to you through a web-based Flash interface for PC (Chrome/Firefox/Safari/Edge) and AmcrestCloud smartphone app.
  • SIMPLE, RELIABLE, SECURE – This Amcrest POE camera features a secure SSL/HTTPS connection, FCC and CE certificates and receives regular firmware updates. At Amcrest, we want to ensure the safety of our customers, their loved ones, homes and businesses. You’ll receive a full 1-year US Warranty and Lifetime Support provided directly from Amcrest. Compatible with the following Amcrest Junction Boxes, ASIN: B0711CNYDW, B08HJQB863, & B07195BN8X
  • Dimensions: 6.5 x 2.76 x 2.76 inches
  • Weight: 1.1 pounds

Pros & Cons


Most bang for your buck. I have several cameras: zmodo, ring and wyze. This camera is better than all of them. Great picture and options. This camera is very well built and most importantly, the mount. The mount is very secure and feels beefy. Once tightened, this camera doesn't move unlike the others i have. This camera integrates with Alexa and is easy to setup. As usual, create an account and link it. Multiple resolutions to choose from. You can choose from 1280x720 (720) all the way up to 2688x1520 (4mp). This camera offers cloud storage with motion detection. It allows you to the motion detection area. For the price this camera hands down is worth the price. Please understand before you buy, this camera needs a Poe switch to be powered up. As cheap as these are this is no a deal breaker. Amazon has plenty nicely priced poe switches to choose from. Let me also add, this is a well built camera and mount. Bigger than I thought but not huge.

PERFECT FOR ME. I didn't know anything about purchasing or installing a camera like this but I knew I wanted a hardwired camera so I would not have to mess with recharging or batteries. I researched cameras on Amazon and YouTube and learned about a PoE camera (power over ethernet). It was so easy to install with just running a coax cable ( used cat 6) from the camera to an additional item I needed, a PoE switch that I purchased on Amazon and a short coax cable to go from the switch to my router. That's it. I also purchased a 256gb SD card for continuous recording. I used the Amcrest Pro View software on my iphone and tablet and the Amcrest Surveillance on my desktop (both versions are free). In hindsight it was super easy to install but at the time it was a learning experience. I probably spent two hours installing the camera and hooking it up and another 3-4 hours getting to know the software. The Amcrest quick start guide and the website both contain a lot of information. The wide angle lens is a huge plus in my situation, I would not have been happy with just a narrow view. Running the higher resolution gives a fantastic view. Using the SD card for recording means I don't need a cloud service but I can still view the camera remotely. Overall I could not be happier with the camera and would recommend it for easy installation and great view.

Easy to install. With all wireless options that are offered today, it is good to always have a hardwired camera; but even better if only an Ethernet Cable is needed, higher speeds, independent of interference and issues with water in the antennas. This POE enabled camera is super easy to set up, the APPs (cloud and ViewPro) are easy to use and follow without much need of configuration, but if needed there are tons of features you can configure to have a very professional setup or just a simple home security camera system. Even it has a great angle view, when in dark environments the images are not perfect from far, but is very good in short distance, so from the price point of view is 100% worth it. I like a lot that you can switch quality modes since not all the time you will need the higher data bandwidth consumption of an HD video. What I would love to have from Amcrest is to have an app compatible with Fire TV, that way you can have a full view of your cameras not only on the computer or smartphone but on your TV as well. Attached 2 pictures of the camera view. NOTE: I'm using the POE Switch from Amcrest and as well super simple to use, I will need to dig more into it, since I want to try the length of all 4 ports used with cameras at the same time, expecting to be able to run up to 100ft each.

One of the Best Brands. The price and quality of this camera makes it a good deal compared to more expensive brands. You are going to get a higher resolution for a better price. The setup of this camera is straight forward: Plug it in, run the app to find the camera, add in to the app, and view. You can hook this up to a NVR or just a regular switch to view Live Video. The App for mobile devices is practically the same you will see across other brands, but seems a bit better, is easy to use, and setup. Follow the instructions Amcrest provides with the camera and Setup took no more than 30 mins to have live viewing on your phone and/or Computer. I tested the Power-over-Ethernet (POE) and the Power directly to the camera if your switch doesn’t have POE, both worked great. I have the Camera hooked up to a Network Video Recorder (not Amcrest brand) and it works great, which is a big plus if you are looking at switching brands. Great to see that Amcrest is ONIVF compliant. Only Con is the IR light is not the best for a large outdoor areas at night, if you are trying to illuminate a large area in dark hours try to find a model with more than 98ft IR Distance. Amcrest has models with 131 ft. and 164 ft. IR distances Pros: Price, image quality, ease of setup, ONIVF, need to buy Ethernet cable Cons: IR isn’t the best, Amcrest watermark on video.

A vast improvement. I bought this to replace a failing Amcrest IP2M. I hadn't bought more Amcrest cameras earlier because of mixed experiences with the latter - for reasons that are still unclear to me, the latter saved videos in a proprietary format, required an Internet Explore-only plugin to view videos, and in general ignored modern computing standards. But the motion detection, and how it handled it, was top notch, and video quality wasn't bad either. And it was reliable. So how does this camera stack up? Orders of magnitude better, that's how. It has the same UI and features but: - It now saves videos as MP4s. - It uses HTML5 video so works with all web browsers. I had issues getting Firefox to work with its default video settings, but tweaking them to something more standard seemed to do the job. Chrome worked with the video out of the box. - It now supports SFTP as well as FTP for saving video files to a server like a WD myCloud. (Alas my model of the latter doesn't actually properly support SFTP, but it's a nice to have and it still supports regular FTP) Negatives: the lens is more fish-eye than the camera it replaced, at least with anything close to the camera. This is a major improvement and is probably the first IP security camera I can actually recommend.

Great no-frills IP Camera. This camera may not have all the bells and whistles, but it is quite good at reliably capturing video. It includes all of the features you need, without paying for the features you don't want. The camera is well built, has good image quality, and probably has the best night vision of any camera on my system. I would have appreciated better documentation, as I didn't find the default login credentials for the web portal (admin/admin) or the RTSP address (rtsp://[username]:[email protected]:554/cam/realmonitor?channel=1&subtype=0). Amcrest's email support is quite good, so I think that makes up for the poor documentation. Pros: Good video quality Brilliant night vision (50+ feet) Solid construction (metal) Definitely water and dust proof Accepts 12vdc or POE power Amcrest support is helpful and responsive Cons: No audio No WiFi (ethernet is way more reliable and secure, anyway) No integrated PIR sensor Overall, I am happy with this purchase. I expect this camera will record constantly for many years without issues.


Don't waste your time. Junk! Bought 3 of these for my house outdoor views. Replacing old Foscam HD cameras. Had high hopes after fairly simple setup using their Android viewer but everything went south within hours. For first hour all 3 worked fine, great images with lots of detail. Did all the configurations and closed app. An hour later(after dark) opened the app to view and all 3 reverted to black screens with message"unauthorized". Close and re-open, now they all stated " no connection". Waited overnight and tried again in AM same story. Tried everything, rebooted modem and router, power cycled the switches, reinstalled app, re- scanned the QR codes, tried to set up on their desktop viewer app no luck. Not visible on their camera search function. Strangely enough they all show up, with all info, on TinyCam app after network scan but cannot connect or local view. My Router likewise lists all the cameras on network map but they cannot be viewed. Called Amcrest tech support, explained everything and wasted 45 min. with no answers. They stated to do a "ticket" and wait days for them to escalate. I need reliable cameras not buggy junk. I should have known based on all the terrible 1 star reviews of their app on Play store. Would never buy again, Foscam products lasted 10 years in brutal weather with no connectivity or software issues and these cameras lasted 10 minutes. Amazing that cameras which appear to be such good quality could function so unreliably. I believe it is the software, which they are unable to support or even understand. I am returning to Amazon ASAP.

It could be better! The overall of theses cameras and NVR are good. Well lets add that this NVR does not come with a reset button. It bothers me that if i need to reset the system to make it working back again, theres no other way then contacting the call center. Hmmm. Now i needed to add 2 more cameras, and reposition 2 out of 6 cameras in a specific place to enhance range. So all the cables need to be replaced in the back of the NVR then 3 cameras suddenly did not worked. But i couldn't pretend this to be easy. Well i thought so! Then, 56 minutes over the phone to solve it with Dale.S a very patient tech guy from the Amcrest support helped me out. Easy! Piece of cake! i just needed to go al put the ladder under each and all of the 6 cameras and reset one by one in a very little tiny reset button, under the plate screwed in the bottom of the cameras to make sure everything could work again. Thanks for the online support of Dale.S for helping me out to put it all back to work! Great support! Very patient and reliable! 5 stars support!

I'd hoped it would be better. Sitting in my home office ... looking down the hall at the kitchen door and dog door. The door frame in my office (4 feet away) is choppy - like slash marks in the door frame. The dog door (15 feet away is in great focus) at 3:50am it recorded a 66 pound dog exit the door The next time you see, at 4:10 is the same dog walking down the hall -- the camera completely missed a dog that large entering the frame and walking directly toward it. The camera is probably exactly what you get for the money ... but at the end of the day it has that same "cheap" Chinese software from programmers that seem to have neither a full command of the English language nor a full understanding of what surveillance cameras are for. It will be returned and we'll try a $150 camera next

Cannot be beat for the price. Disappointed with the new Hikvision cameras, I gave this Amcrest camera a try since I needed a bullet camera for a particular application (all my other cameras are dome type). Honestly, after setting this up I will never buy Hikvision again. You can set up four different detection regions with different levels of sensitivity for motion detection, the email features are better, and the DDNS, FTP and other features are as expected. Best of all, I don't need to re-encode the MP4 files after downloading them like you have to do nowadays with Hikvision. Only thing that might make me flash Dahua firmware on this camera is the absence of line crossing / intrusion detection. Minus one star for that, and for the video quality which is only 4K if you use a 4:3 aspect ratio. If you want 16:9 you will have to drop the resolution to 2688x1520. At least flashing Dahua firmware is an option, which I like. For the price, it's hard to pass up. UPDATE: Firmware has failed after 2 months. Cannot view playback properly now, with any browser. Even after a hard reboot, it just flops. Also, it keeps re-enabling P2P, which allows foreign actors unfettered access to my camera, and most likely, my entire network. I will never buy one again.

Locks up after a couple Days. I bought this camera to replace an older 1.2M camera and because it supports POE. The picture quality is very good. However, every five or six days it stopped working - I go to the log in page and it will not log in, but that means it is still alive at least that the page responded. I removed power rebooted and it is fine again. Within the menu there is an auto reboot so going to try that see if it will at least keep the camera going for a long time. Time will tell if that will correct the issue. I have 3 more cameras to replace, so I'll wait now and see how this holds up.

Good camera for the price. This was the first Amcrest product I had purchased/received. I have been eyeballing their cameras for my house and a couple other projects. I purchased the 5MP camera to test out at first. Out of the box, it's a pretty nice set up, especially for the price. Pro's: - Packed well. Everything arrived intact without an issue, no missing pieces and all documentation needed was included. - Image quality. Daytime quality is great for the price. The camera will do all but the highest resolution at 30fps, with a limit of 20fps on the highest resolution. Though short of being able to read street names and the like at a distance, details like faces and such are pretty easy to pick out. Nighttime is far beyond what I anticipated. While not as sharp as daytime, the low light performance is stellar. The camera maintained color in a not-so-well lit area until it was literally dark out. Having the camera in an area with street lights, the camera stays in color mode & while a bit noisy, you are still able to pick out vehicle colors and body features. Black & white performance is great too, with or without the IR lights on. - Storage. It was fairly easy to insert the micro SD card into the camera, just remove two screws and you have access to the micro SD card slot & a reset button. - Configuration. Once you figure out what IP your camera has on the network, configuring is, for the most part a breeze. Everything is accessible from the web panel, including networking info, video settings, and more. - Installing: Very easy. All it takes is three screws and the camera is mounted to whatever surface you need it on. The cable comes out from the base to the side, making flush mount relatively easy. PoE is a big plus as well, meaning you only need one cable to run (as long as your switch supports 802.3af or you have an injector) Con's - Amcrest Cloud. While convenient, setting up the camera on a cloud account was a bit difficult. You sign up for an account, then have to enter the card's S/N to enable access. While easy, this means the camera is always connected to Amcrest's servers, so I don't know how that affects data usage or ease of access by nefarious folk Once you figure out where you need to go and what to do, then the rest is pretty easy. However, when you configure your camera with the cloud, it reduces video quality dramatically, decreasing the video bit rate & dropping to 15 fps. You can go back in the web panel and readjust your settings, but I'm not sure if it resets when you restart the camera or not. It would be nice if the Cloud could choose from Main or Sub stream, and enable higher resolutions for the sub stream to feed Cloud, while the Main stream feeds higher quality to local storage. - No mic. Not a deal breaker, but in case you need to pick up a conversation about how your friends hate you while you're in the bathroom, then you may have to rely on lip reading. - Motion detection: No matter what I did in the web panel, motion detection settings would not save. As soon as you reloaded the panel, they would reset. The motion detection on the cloud seemed to be okay, but it definitely needs refined. - Firmware updates. There is no mention of this particular camera's firmware anywhere on the site. When I asked Amcrest about it, there was no ETA yet. I'm not sure if it shares firmware with any other camera. - Rain shield. Does not really keep rain off the lens of the camera.. could be a bit longer to prevent that, if it won't affect the camera's vision Overall, for the price, the camera is good value for money. If you're needing something simple to keep an eye on your prized possessions, you should be satisfied. For $50, it's a pretty good value. Some quirks here and there that can be fixed with firmware.

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