Class A Customs | T-4600 | One (1) RV Fresh Water 46 Gallon Tank, Grey Water

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The AI human alarm area function is in “Settings-Alarm Management-Humanoid Alarm Area”, and the AI human detection can be set in the “Setting–Alarm Management–performance mode or custom mode”. These 2 functions are free, no need for subscription.

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Features & Specifications

  • 【2K HD Color Night Vision & Spotlight Siren Alarm】Our home security cameras wireless outdoor provide a 130-degree wide angle, 2K quality video, and image. You can choose full-color night vision and infrared night vision with a 33ft visible range. Whether it is night or day, it will provide a clear wide live video of any area you wish to monitor. It also provide audible and visual alarms, with dazzling lights and a piercing alarm sound when someone breaks into your yard, driving away intruders.
  • 【PIR Motion Detection & AI Analysis Recognition】The outdoor security cameras with advanced smart AI motion detection can clear analysis and recognition people, vehicles, pets, and packages. And it has a delimited area alarm function, you can set up an area for human detection or turn it off to detect other subjects like pets, and vehicles. Our security camera outdoor use an infrared sensor, which will detect motion and send notifications to your mobile phone in real time. Support 2.4G hz wifi.
  • 【Free 7-Day Cycle Cloud/SD Storage】Our home security camera supports SD card and cloud storage. We provide FREE rolling 7-Day cycled cloud storage that you can enjoy storage service without any subscription. The humanoid AI recognition and delineation of alarm areas function are FREE(in Setting-Alarm management). These FREE features are enough for most people. If you have other higher needs such as package AI recognition or larger storage, you can also subscribe to advanced features.
  • 【Two-Way Audio and Multi-User Sharing】The outdoor camera wireless has a built-in microphone and speaker and supports real-time two-way audio calls. With the app CloudEdge, you can view real-time video anywhere, listening to and talking to visitors. Our Surveillance cameras also allow multiple users to watch videos at the same time. So you can install more cameras to build a security system and share it with your family.
  • 【Battery-powered, Waterproof, and 100% Wifi Wireless】With a built-in premium rechargeable battery, this security camera outdoor can last for 3-6 months after a full charge. The security cameras wireless outdoor with IP66 waterproof are designed to resist extremely harsh weather, thus have a longer life, and can work in any weather. No power cord or network cable is required, can be installed virtually anywhere with the provided, bracket and screw.
  • Weight: 1.02 pounds

Pros & Cons


Excellent Security Camera with all the best features. I got this initially to use as a critter cam to see what was eating my garden at night. It lives outside everyday and has shown no issues with water leakage from both rain and sprinklers. The night vision is unbelievably good and the recording function triggers very fast. You can record to an onboard SD card (customer supplied) or to the included Cloud account or both at the same time. The basic Cloud account is free and holds seven days of recordings @ 6 seconds each. A premium service is available for $2.99 per month for 30 days of recordings up to 30 seconds each but the free basic service is more than enough for me. Connecting to the Camera or the Cloud is instantaneous. No delay at all. So far the battery usage is about 1% per day while recording and viewing about 10 events per day. The APP is is easy to use. Setup was simple and the camera connected to my phone the first time with no problem at all. The amount of technology in the camera and APP is a bargain at this price point in my opinion. I'm getting another one to watch the driveway and one to watch the front door.

It’s got you covered! I have been using this camera for about 2 weeks and I have to save that I am very impressed with the quality of the camera views! I am currently using it indoor as a secondary monitor for the upstairs lofts for the kids and I love being able to see them without having to go up and down the stairs. It is also very easy to install and the app is also very quick which I love. The night vision is also very impressive and I would recommend it to anyone looking for a great quality camera for a very good price. Sometimes it’s so hard to find good quality at a decent price and this one has got all the bases covered: great imaging, quick and easy app, and affordable price. What more could you want? It’s a win-win all around!

Amazing Camera great price easy setup & Portable. I'm so glad I ordered this home sucerity camera the price was right and the quality is amazing. I love how it doesn't have to be plugged in too actually work wow!!! I bought a set of four from a different company before I bought this one, to keep an eye on my grandson and the furbabies. Those four have to be plugged in, in ordered for it to work. It was such a pain because our house has limited outdoors plug. Not with this camera it gives you the option to have it portable & it let's you know the battery life on your phone so you can make sure it gets charged. Really really love that option. I didn't realize that when I purchased this camera. Definitely worth the money, very easy to hook up. Thinking about ordering another one to put on the back door to our house. I highly recommend this camera. ~ 2E @ Grand Rapids MI~ It's been about two weeks or so since we have had our camera up. I've not plugged in the camera ever since it'sbeen up and the battery life is not even half empty. I'm very impressed with the battery life.

Same Quality as Wired Units. As a deterrent to increasing crime in this county, almost all owners in the HOA are installing security cameras and additional outside motion sensing lighting. I initially purchased a wired unit (ANRAN) which works well but has to be wired. I moved the wired unit to inside the house and replaced it with this battery powered unit. It only took less than 15 minutes to install and I was able to use the same phone app as the ANRAN. The security camera captured all the delivers and I was able to test and verify the security alarm and voice features. I'm looking to expand with a 2-pack next time they go on sale.

excellent well made product! Worth every penny! I bought this camera to use in my toddlers room to keep an eye on him at night. It works incredibly well. It has a long battery life and a crystal clear picture. The night vision is superior to other more expensive units that I have purchased in the past. The image is clear, the sound is crisp, and motion detector is incredibly sensitive( also adjustable to your liking) The wireless signal is clear even when I am out in my garage which is easily 300 feet away. The security measures are spot on with a loud siren and bright led lights to let you identify any issues. The intercom is clear and concise, which makes it easy to communicate with others. I am also rather fond of the automatic reminders when there is movement. At this point, I have to say this is a HIGHLY recommended item. You will be pleased with this purchase!

Excellent wireless camera. This is an excellent wireless home security camera. Set up was easy and straight forward with the app. I love the nighttime and daytime video quality and the built in light comes in handy whenever you wish to see more detail at night. What impressed me the most was the WIFI range from my router to the camera, I have a 350 feet long driveway and I installed it so I can keep an eye on the driveway entrance gate and much to my surprise it works beautifully. In my opinion the only thing missing is a rain shield, if you are going to install it indoors or under a roof this would be no problem but in my case I have it installed out on a tree so I'm expecting the lens may get dirty over time. I'm currently working on fabricating a small shield to protect it.


Uses a different app than the other Alkivision cameras. This model uses CloudEdge app and offers most features as a subscription, while the other Alkivision cameras use Adorcam, which is free. I'm returning it for another C2.

No motion alert? I was walk by more than 10 times it will turn the light on but no recording video ? No notification? WTF??

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