Wireless Mouse & Keyboard Combo, 2.4 GHz Full-Sized Keyboard and Mouse with USB Receiver, 3 Level DPI Adjustable Wireless Mouse for Windows, Mac OS Desktop/Laptop/PC, Green

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mouse and keyboard wireless2.4G wireless keyboard and mouse

104 Full-size Wireless Keyboard and Mouse Combo

Comfortable Typing Experience– computer keyboard

  • The bottom of the keyboard is equipped with foldable feet, allowing you to adjust the most comfortable typing angle.
  • With the soft key stroke, the keyboard offers smoother touch. Besides, you will feel the keyboard more responsive that’s easy on your fingers and has no input errors.

Slim & Portable Design– wireless optical mouse

  • Wireless mouse adopts slim and symmetrical design, suitable for right or left hand. Moreover, the thinness makes the mouse easier for picking and moving, especially for kids.
  • If you often need to travel or work away from home, Lovaky portable mouse is a good choice for you. Easily fits into a backpack and take around. Mouse Size: 2.44*4.53*1.26in (6.2*11.5*3.3cm)

keyboard and mouse combo

wireless mouse


battery powered

3 ADJUSTABLE DPI(800/1200/1600)

3-level adjustable DPI (800/1200/1600) of laptop mouse, allows you to choose your favorite moving speed of cursor. Works well with desktops, Chrome-book, PC, Laptop, Computer and more.


A USB receiver can connect the keyboard and mouse at the same time without taking up more USB ports. USB Receiver is beside battery slot of the mouse. Tips: The keyboard and mouse can also be used separately.


The wireless keyboard is powered by 1 AAA battery, while computer mouse is powered by 2 AAA batteries. The mouse will enter into sleep mode after 10min of disuse. Please note that turn off power switch when NOT use for a long time.

wireless combo

mouse wireless

computer keyboard and mouse

Features & Specifications

  • 2.4G Wireless Plug and Play-- Simply connect portable keyboard and mouse with a USB receiver (INCLUDED in mouse’s battery compartment), for saving USB port of your computer. No delays or dropouts. Allows reliable wireless connection up to 10 meters(33 ft) without any driver.
  • 104-Keys Full-size Keyboard-- With Standard US QWERTY layout, Lovaky wireless keyboard makes each key on the number pad independent and well-spaced, greatly avoiding pressing the wrong key. The foldable stand behind the keyboard provides a comfortable typing angle for you, so you can enjoy comfortable typing for hours.
  • Power Saving Extends Battery Life-- Keyboard and mouse have power switch to turn on/off, saving unnecessary battery loss. After 10 minutes of inactivity, the combination will automatically go into sleep mode to save energy. The keyboard requires one AAA battery, and the mouse requires two.
  • Silent Wireless Mouse-- Computer mouse provides whisper silent click, no need to worry about disturbing others to rest while working or playing. DPI adjustable mouse provides 3 levels of DPI (800/1200/1600) to meet your different needs in terms of sensitivity.
  • Compatible wireless keyboard and mouse combo-- Includes a full-size keyboard and a high-sensitivity mouse. Works with your PC, Desktop, Laptop or Notebook. Compatible with Windows XP / Vista / 7 / 8 /10 operating systems.
  • Power indicator: the new battery into the keyboard and mouse, if the normal connection with the computer power red light will flash 5-8 seconds off, if the computer is not normally connected to the power red light on for a moment on off. Low battery mode is to press any key power red light will flash. So when you first start using, the power red light keeps flashing for 5-8 seconds is normal.
  • Weight: 1.5 pounds

Pros & Cons


Requires 3 AAA batteries you supply, not rechargable. DISLIKES: Requires 3 AAA batteries, and if you use rechargeable batteries as I do, you can't recharge them while in the keyboard or paired mouse. Batteries must be removed to recharge them. LIKES: Took less than a minute to self-install the paired keyboard and mouse, took longer to unpack than to install! LOL Keyboard and mouse are wireless, so no USB cables to worry about getting tangled up, saves two ports on your computer or hub for other things. The keyboard is a soft touch, flat keys, uses 1 AAA battery for the keyboard and 2 AAA batteries for the wireless mouse. Everything needed was in the box, no installation software needed or required, self-installs as soon as you have the batteries installed in the keyboard and mouse after turning each one on. It's nice the keyboard and mouse both have an on/off switch, even though they will go to sleep if unused for an extended amount of time when not being used, I switch mine off every time I leave the computer. It's a great feature to have, especially if you have cats like I do that love to sleep on top of your keyboard. With a wired keyboard, one of my cats comes along and opens programs, creates a mess on my monitor screen or bats the wired mouse around, hitting buttons and messing things up, with the wireless keyboard and wireless mouse, both being able to be switched off, if one of my kitties gets on the keyboard or moves the mouse, nothing happens and I no longer have software being opened unintentionally or find things accidentally put into the recycle bin for deletion. Sure saves me a lot of grief and headaches! I am not utilizing the wireless mouse that came with my keyboard, as I purchased another wireless "rechargeable" mouse, even so, I will use the paired mouse with my system and the keyboard, when I put the other wireless mouse on the charger, I still have a back-up wireless mouse that I keep a fully charged set of rechargeable batteries in for use while the other mouse gets recharged. This way I have two wireless mice that I can alternate between while one is out of service for a recharge or taking the batteries out of the paired mouse with the keyboard for a recharge. And each device has its own wireless transmitter and neither interferes with each other. So no problems having their independent transmitters connected at the same time. The wireless Keyboard and Mouse combo is a very nice system to add to an existing computer system and get rid of the cords that sometimes get in the way. I highly recommend this combo set, well worth the investment, especially if you have cats that just love to walk or sleep on your keyboard when not in use, being able to turn off the keyboard and mouse is the best feature in this respect!

Bien para su precio. Compré este combo porque a veces necesito acostarme en la cama y así puedo seguir trabajando desde la cama con este combo. Super fácil de instalar. Pensé que traía las baterías incluidas pero no las trae. La cama está a tres metros y funciona bien a esa distancia. Otra cosa es que el movimiento del puntero del mouse no es el mismo que el mouse que ya tengo con USB. Por lo tanto habría que configurarlo. El mouse también es muy bueno y silencioso, no se escuchan casi los clicks, al igual que el teclado.

Dependable keyboard. I buy these regularly for my office. It is a good keyboard and withstands drops from desk height and maintains functionality after an occasional water spill. The batteries last as long as you would expect them to. I mainly like that they are cheap enough, that when someone spills their Caramel Frap on it, I do not have to waste my time trying to clean it.

I needed to replace old keyboard and mouse. This set was priced right to I chose it over the others. The size is fine and I really like that the keyboard is more quiet than my old one. They both take AAA batteries, but usually you don't have to replace them. Took a little getting used to the sleep mode, but that is not a big deal. I would recommend this item.

love it so far. This came in a timely manner without issues. It was packaged well and secure. I did not have any issues with the item and will buy again in the future. Overall i am very happy with the items and was happy to be able to get this without much effort.

Good but not for gaming. While playing video games, a key would sometimes lock. Otherwise, it’s a good keyboard that doesn’t fill too much space on your desk.


Bought by mistake but it's ok. Purchased this by mistake while looking for a Logitech wireless set, I needed it right away so I gave it a try, so far it's been ok, very plain looking with nothing extra. It does the job for what I need it for. The mouse does go to sleep pretty quick and you have to click it to wake it up. It has no extra buttons on the mouse. The power switch on both are not the easiest to turn on and off, clicks are very dead feeling and response is so so, definitely not for gaming. Keyboard is the same, keys feel mushy and have no feedback. I did end up buying a Logitech set but I'll keep this one as a spare for times in need.

Not great. I suppose this would work perfectly if you don’t do mmmuch with it. Perfect for poking around the internet, but not if you need to use it every day all day long. The keys get stuck especially the letter m key and the space bar doesn’t work. The mmmouse turns off within a mminute or two it’s just too hard to use for work. I used it for three days and I just replaced it with a plain, black, HP wireless mmmmouse combo.

Scroll wheel is wonky. The keyboard and mouse are fine for the mouse are fine but the scroll wheel on the mouse drives me crazy. It keeps jumping back up every time I want to scroll down. I can't scroll down properly and have to resort to using the arrows on my keyboard or moving the scroll bar on the right of the screen.

Pink Keyboard. The media could not be loaded. Love the pink keyboard.I can say it is like a light pink (girly pink) so far everything has worked well for the price. Love the mouse Only 1 thing I do not like is the sound of the keys. if you listen closely to the space bar, you can hear it has a cling to it. otherwise it works great

Keyboard is nice but cannot use mouse. I purchased this keyboard to replace my logitech that constantly had a delay when I was typing. The keyboard works great, but the mouse is very laggy. Luckily I have another mouse that I have to use but the one I received does not work. I gave this three stars because the keyboard so far is working good but the mouse doesn’t.

Cute. Cute but I work from my computer too much for the batteries to keep going out on the keyboard and mouse.

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