SGIN USB C Hub, 3 in 1 USB-C Splitter, 5V/3A USB Hub 3.0, USB Type C Hub, USB Hub Multiport Adapter for Laptop, Chromebook, MacBook and More

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Features & Specifications

  • 【Android 12 Tablet with Beautiful Display】:The 10 inches IPS display features stunning HD resolution (1980*1200 pixels). With true-to-life colors and incredible contrast, the narrow-edge display definitely feast your eyes. And HD touch screen enable you enjoy photos, movies and games in high quality!
  • 【High-Performance 10 inch Tablet】: Powered by the Octa-Core 2.0Ghz Processor MT8183 and Android 12 operating system, the 10 inch tablet with 8 Core Processor (up to 2.0GHz) have upper hand in speediness compared with 4 processors. You can smoothly run multiple programs, applications and a smoother gaming or movie experience than ever before.
  • 【8GB+128GB Tablet with Expandable Storage】: Based on 8GB Ram memory and 128GB SSD storage, the tablet android allows you save massive daily files, transfer data and load software rapidly. Our tablet also supports 256 GB card expansion. Includes a clear 5MP front camera and 8MP rear view camera, Charger Type-C port, WiFi, GPS, Bluetooth, FM radio.
  • 【Fast Charge 6,000 mAh Battery】: Equipped with a 6,000 mAh rechargeable battery, the tablet suffices for all-day business activities or continuous classes, lasting up to 4 hours and delivering super-fast charged performance. It provides a great viewing experience when watching movies and playing games.
  • 【Worry-free Service】: SGIN provides you comprehensive service and gets you free from any worry with 1 year warranty period. If you have any questions, please contact us and we will give you prompt response to help you solve the problem.
  • Dimensions: ‎10 x 6 x 0.4 inches
  • Weight: ‎2.25 pounds

Pros & Cons


Nice little tablet. I purchased this table for surfing the internet, reading emails, and playing games. So far so good. The resolution is really nice and the camera takes nice pics. The battery lasted for 3 days of constant use and charged back up really fast with the included charger cable. Now I need to find a case to put it in...

Nice tablet for reading. I bought this as a gift for my elderly mother to read, she is 70 and is not very good with technology. This tablet is easy for her to use just for reading novels and watch news. All I had to do was connected it to Wi-Fi. I’m happy with it, keeps my mom entertained.

Good price work great. Very happy with purchase good price and perfect for my five year old son for his birthday gift . Big screen and work great easy to setup. Good picture quality.

Could boot faster. I keep it in standby and the battery holds standby mode for several days, but finicky with apps. You must use the Google cleaner or nothing to clean the system. You can't even install other cleaners, it just won't let you. This was bought to help support monitoring of my services on different Linux, Ubuntu, Proxmox servers. This works ok, but a laptop beats it hands down. The memory is quick and responsive for my needs in the BASIC high end environment. I bought a 10.1 case to go with it and that is nice. The recommended screen protectors are terrible and don't even fit properly Normally I wouldn't be so critical, but for android, it should be faster and accept more app. I disagree that it is a kids tablet, they would kill it really quick.

Better than I was expecting. So when my son basically commandeered our fire tablet I knew we needed another in the house. I spent a long time trying to decide to stick with fire or go for an apple which honestly I did not want to pay for. I’m so happy we chose this. It’s fast, holds a ton of storage and hasn’t let us down yet. It’s great with my emails and “adulting” but also never fails at my children’s abc mouse and pbs kids and all of their must haves. I’m not a fan of the case but that’s my own fault. We will need another tablet around Christmas time and unless Amazon fire has a BA sale… we will be adding another one of these bad boys to the family.

Great for the price, good for general use. Here's a short review for tech savvy people. I bought the tablet because it said it was a $600 tablet for $140. I thought that was a good deal, and it is. It works fine to watch movies on and browse certain things, but if you're a tech fan like me I would recommend saving your money and buying something more pricey. I love the tablet because of it's price, and overall performance but I like to play games. It has a long battery life, a decent CPU but it has no dedicated GPU so running games just bottlenecks the performance through the CPU. The camera quality is trash, but we all have phones so that's not a big deal (unless your phone camera is trash, then I recommend going and getting a phone for this price their cameras are way better). Definitely worth only $140, if even that.


Quality is not the best. The media could not be loaded. For the price it is a decent enough tablet. I thought I was getting a different type of tablet when we ordered it. My biggest issues are that it came scratched and there are air bubbles under the screen and it will just go blank while watching a video like the whole screen blacks out like it is powered down, also the videos load very slow to the point that we have to switch to different videos and I always have to check it is connected to wifi when it should already be because it never leaves the house better yet the room it is in. Again for the price it is decent but I could have went to a store and spent about 30$ more and gotten a tablet with great quality that doesn't do any of the things this one does. Time will tell what the little air bubbles will affect on the screen.

It's not Samsung. The tablet is fast. I've only had it for two days but it has frozen four times. The fonts for the apps are black which doesn't show with the wallpaper I have. So far I've found no way to change font color. Settings are very limited on this tablet. But for the price it's okay.

A Solid Android Tablet for the Money. In the world of tablets, you get what you pay for. While this tablet cannot complete with the Galaxy series, it certainly holds its own with the Amazon tablets. The Amazon tablets are not native Android tablets and you must "jailbreak" them with 3rd party software if you want to use the Google Play store. The SGIN will connect directly to Google! If you want an Android tablet, this one is worth the money. Just do not expect it to be of the same quality and performance level of a Galaxy.

Fast but not as nice. I bought this SGIN Android 12 Tablet 10 Inches Tablet, 8GB RAM 128GB because of the price and because it sounded like it might be faster than my Tab a7. It was noticeably faster than the Tab a7. Like a previous reviewer said the sound is tinny and weak. I was unable to pair it with my Runolim headphones. They showed up as available but would never complete the connection. The keyboard didn't have a Delete key, which I use often. The Backspace key is not enough for me.

Very slow. Use this primarily for reading but sometimes use it for other internet stuff. It is very slow. And it doesn't hold a charge like they have in the product description. Wouldn't recommend it. It's cheap but I would suggest paying more to get a better tablet.

You get what you paid for. The image quality is really bad. I paid $99 for this tablet and ended up returning it, and getting an ipad for $199. Not worth it

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