GUSGU Mini Stroller Fan Clip-on for Baby, Small Portable Fan Rechargeable and Handheld, USB Cooling Fan with 3 Adjustable Speeds and Flexible Tripod for Travel, Car Seat, Camping, and Bedroom

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GUSGU Mini Stroller Fan Clip-on for Baby, Small Portable Fan Rechargeable and Handheld, USB Cooling Fan with 3 Adjustable Speeds and Flexible Tripod for Travel, Car Seat, Camping, and Bedroom


Upgraded Fan Gaps Protect Baby’s Fingers

Less than 6mm gaps to avoid the baby’s tiny fingers entering while ensuring that the fan is cool enough.

Rechargeable & Adjustable

Built-in 1200mAh rechargeable battery, last 3 to 8 hours on a single charge.3 levels speed types to satisfy all your need.

Compact & Lightweight

Mini and lightweight design make it portable, give you an impressive cooling effect anytime and anywhere.

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Car Seat Fan:

With unique tripod design, GUSGU fan can be easily and stably mounted on your car seat, provide your baby with a comfortable riding environment.

Desk Fan:

The design of the tripod makes it can stand on your desk stably. Provide a comfortable and cooling environment for your office.

Beach Fan:

Just wrap this fan on your beach chair, adjust the angle as you like, bring you a cool wind in this summer.

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Features & Specifications

  • 【Upgraded Fan Gaps Protect Baby's Fingers】 GUSGU mini stroller fan with Less than 6mm gaps to avoid the baby's little fingers from entering, while ensuring that the fan is cool enough.
  • 【Portable & 3-Speed Adjustable】 Portable fan with one button to switch between 3 speeds at any time you need and this flexible tripod fan is compact and lightweight, giving you impressive cooling anywhere.
  • 【 Rechargeable Design & Ultra-Long Battery Life】Built-in safety battery design, a single charge can be used for 8 hours, and equipped with a type-c charging port, Can be charged at any time with the power bank.
  • 【Improved Cool & Quiet】Specially designed to keep your baby cool without the noise, The baby fan is equipped with a 3000RPM turbo motor that is powerful and quiet for stroller, bedroom, office, and home.
  • 【Flexible tripod and 360 ° rotation】Made of high-quality metal and silicone cover tripod can be bent to any angle you want, but also 360 degrees of horizontal rotation, you can stand it on the table, fixed on the stroller, hanging on the tent.
  • 【What's in the box】1 x USB Fan, 1 x Type C charging cable, 1 x User Manual.
  • Further more, We provide 36 months warranty and lifetime after-sales service.

Pros & Cons


Babies fingers can fit through. If you are like me and bought this for a stroller, little fingers can easily fit through and get hurt. I just want other parents to be aware so they can set it out of reach. Unfortunately that makes it hard to find a good spot on a stroller or carseat. My baby girl never tried that before, but today her curiosity got the best of her. The fan didn't stop turning despite her little finger being in there so I could only imagine how much it would hurt if her finger was stuck. That being said, it's a good fan. It provides nice air flow and the grip legs work well. I wish it would stay charged a little longer, however we bought a phone portable charger that works when we are out all day (theme park, hiking, beach). I still recommend the fan, just watch out for those little fingers.

Awesome little fan that can attach almost anywhere! It has been such a hot muggy summer. I ordered this fan at the perfect time. I orginally ordered it to use at the beach because the air gets so hot I feel like I cant breath. But I ended up giving it to my daughter's best friend to use for her baby. They were going for a walk to try to get the baby to sleep and it was really warm out so I set it up on her stroller and the baby loved it. As soon as she felt the air blowing on her she calmed right down. I cant say I blame her as we have had some rough weather. You sweat the second you open the door outside without air conditioning. This fan is great because it can stand up or be positioned around something to blow air in many directions. It has different levels depending on how hot you are. It charges easily through the micro usb port in the back of it. I will repurchase another one for myself but for now I am happy they are getting good use out of it.

Solid choice for a small portable fan. I bought this fan for the record 2021 Pacific Northwest heatwave, and I'm glad I did. This is a good portable device, although you really can't feel much air on the lowest setting. However, after my initial disappointment, I was pleasantly surprised that the medium and high settings both deliver about as much air as I'd expect (or even a bit more) from a fan of this size--enough to help make the record heatwave a bit more bearable. The wraparound "octopus" style tripod is solidly built; assuming you make sure it's secure after you attach it to something, this fan's not going anywhere until you say so. One clever position with the octopus legs is to attach the fan to a floor lamp (particularly one with a gooseneck) so you can get it to angle its breeze down at you. Or try attaching it to a box or other elevated item on your desk. The only limits on where you can put this fan are your imagination. Battery life and charge time are both good. Assuming you're running it on its own without an external power supply, the internal battery should last about 6 hours on low. Expect an hour on high to two and a half on medium. Once you plug the fan into your computer or another USB device, this fan can last as long as you need it to. What I like to do is plug this fan into a USB power strip and let it run all day without draining the battery, then plug it into a power bank and let it run all night in my bedroom. I'm not sure about running the fan on max, but it only drained about half my fully charged power bank overnight on medium (ran it 7-8 hours). Then I just recharge both the fan and my power bank in the morning before the incinerator--er, I mean , the sun--decides to do its triple digits thing. If this little fan can make a difference in a record setting heatwave, then it should be even better in less extreme temperatures. This is a solidly built device that's worth the money.


Works fine, but watch your fingers! The fan itself works great, which is why I wasn't putting a lower star rating . Being that this was advertised as a baby stroller fan I read through the information and question section to see if there was any possibility of injury. Babies are curious, and stick their fingers where they're not supposed to go. Some questions had the answer that the gaps in the fan were too small for tiny wiggles, and since it was touted as baby safe I assumed the fan blades would stop if something got caught. Well, my 7 month old did get one of his fingers nicked pretty good today at the zoo; took almost a half hour for the bleeding to stop (wasn't large or deep enough to warrant stitches though). He was enjoying the fan and went to bring it closer to himself when he got whacked, and it was hard enough to draw blood. So please be on your guard around tiny ones!

Horrible battery life. Unfortunately the reviews did not live up to the product. Product promised to last certain amount of hours depending on speed , but after I fully charged it that was not the case. The fan spun for approximately 35 minutes… would not recommend.

WARNING- Sliced Baby’s Finger. This fan is advertised as a stroller fan for babies or young children, but I would strongly advise against it. My 5 month old baby’s fingers got stuck inside the fan and sliced one of his fingers multiple times. He somehow got his finger stuck inside the device and couldn’t get it free and the fan did not stop spinning. There was a lot of blood and so many tears (from both of us). If you do choose this fan for your stroller, keep away from little fingers and toes.

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