MOUNTUP Dual Monitor Stand, Fully Adjustable Gas Spring Dual Monitor Mount, Monitor Desk Mount with C Clamp, Grommet Mounting Base, Double Monitor Arm for 2 Computer Screen up to 32 Inch

dual monitor mount

MOUNTUP dual monitor mount makes a life changer for someone who sits at the desk staring at a screen a lot. This dual monitor stand is not only promote a clutter-free workspace, they support a more ergonomic working posture.

  • Smooth height adjustments with premium gas spring
  • Complete range of motion for ergonomic working posture
  • Dual monitor arm provides 9.4″ of height adjustment range and extension up to 19.8″
  • Easy set up on the edge of your desk using c-clamp or in grommet eyelet
  • Quick and easy installation within 15 minutes
  • Wide clamping feet prevents slippage.


monitor stand arm

dual monitor stand with clamp

computer monitor stand mount


Tilt monitor 90° up and 45° down to find a more comfortable viewing.


Pivot monitor 180° to shift between portrait and landscape with ease.


Swivel monitor 180° to show screens to clients or colleagues.

monitor arm

dual monitor arm

double monitor mount


Easy set up on the edge of your desk using C-clamp or in grommet eyelet. Please let us know via Amazon if your desk needs longer C clamp.


The full motion articulating arms give you flexibility of various screen combination.


Integrated cable management to keep cables tucked in monitor arm neatly.

dual computer monitor arm

For safety, if mounted on glass table, please install with a reinforcement plate (not included).

computer monitor mount

GAS SPRING MONITOR DESK MOUNT – Please adjust arm tension according to the weight of monitors. It’s easy to raise or lower your screens. Turn clockwise to reduce tension for lighter monitor and turn counter-clockwise to increase tension for heavier monitors.

FULL MOTION DUAL MONITOR MOUNT – The full-motion articulating arms feature 135° tilt, 180° swivel, 360° rotation to help create the perfect viewing angles and ergonomic viewing position.

SUPER SAPCE SAVER – Free up desk space by holding 2 branching monitor arms. It takes your desk organization to the whole new level. More desk space, better workflow!


Fit Screen Size: max 32″

Each Arm Load Capacity: 4.4lbs – 17.6lbs

VESA Pattern: 75×75/100×100

Screen Tilt: -45° to +90°

Screen Swivel: -90° to +90°

Screen Rotation: 360°

Gas Spring Adjustment Range: 9.4″

single mointor mount triple monitor mount silver monitor mount silver dual monitor mount height adjustable monitor mount height adjustable monitor mount
MU0004 MU0006 MU0022 MU0024 MU0025 MU0026
Fits screens size 17″ to 32″ 17″ to 27″ 17″ to 32″ 17″ to 32″ 17″ to 32″ 17″ to 32″
Max load per arm 17.6 lbs 17.6 lbs 17.6 lbs 17.6 lbs 17.6 lbs 17.6 lbs
Tilt Range +90°~-45° +35°~-35° +45°~-45° +45°~-45° +90°~-45° +90°~-45°
Swivel Range +90°~-90° +90°~-90° +90°~-90° +90°~-90° +90°~-90° +90°~-90°
Screen Rotation 360° 360° 360° 360° 360° 360°
Grommet Base
C-Clamp Base

Features & Specifications

  • Universal Monitor Desk Mount - This dual monitor stand fits most LCD LED flat or curved screens and computer monitors up to 32 inches with VESA 75x75mm or 100x100mm. Each monitor arm holds 4.4-17.6 lbs. Feature with c clamp, grommet mounting base, suitable for most tables with a thickness of 0.39"-1.97" by C clamp and 0.39"-3.15" or a hole diameter of 0.39"-2.36".
  • Premium Gas Spring Arms - Dual monitor mount with gas spring system, provides smooth and durable height adjustments. The monitor arm provides 9.4” of height adjustment range and extension up to 19.8”. Please adjust tension of the gas spring arm properly according to the weight of your monitor.
  • Full Motion Monitor Stand - This gas spring dual monitor arm features 135° tilt, 180° swivel, 360° rotation to help create the perfect viewing angles and ergonomic viewing position. Computer monitors can be placed in portrait or landscape shape.
  • Professional Space Saver - Double monitor mount with cable management, hide the sore eyes wire clutter, free up more desk space by holding 2 monitor arms. It will take your desk organization to a whole new level! Just enjoy your working, gaming, or viewing hours in a more comfortable environment.
  • Heavy Duty & Easy Assembly - Heavy-gauge steel is sturdy enough to ensure the safety and security of your double monitor setup. Comes with clear instruction for mounting, so assembly is just a piece of cake. Do not hesitate to relate with us for any guide or installation questions. Our monitor mount is backed by 3-year support!

Pros & Cons


Excellent mount. Review is for the dual monitor stand/ mount... I'm not sure what all the negative reviews are about (unless a valid piston failure). All those that complain about their monitors sagging / falling / can't adjust the tension clearly have no basic idea of how to do such. Yes, it shows a + / - on one Allen bolt, but it is screwed into an adjoining one. Wonder why it's not getting tighter? How about looking at the one on the opposite side that is spinning while you turn it. News flash, it takes two Allen wrenches (which they provide). One to keep the opposite side from turning while you either tighten or loosen the main one. Not that difficult folks. This mount was as easy as it gets to intstall and assemble, which requires almost nothing. It comes pre assembled minus you attaching the mounting plates to the monitors. Hang the monitors on the mount after you install the mount to your desk. I chose the clamp method, with 2 24" monitors and it holds about as tight as you can get. The stand is incredibly well built for the price. I was taken aback honestly. Monitor arms are easy to adjust with endless positioning options. Just be patient and tweak it. For those who complain about it being stuck / tough to maneuver the arms.... it should be tough. Otherwise they would be constantly swinging around/ getting out of whack with the slightest bump. How about you put a bit of effort into it. Someone even gave it a negative review because they have arthritis and couldn't adjust it.... sucks about your medical condition but really, that's the mounts fault? The appearance is great, looks just as tough and sturdy as it is. I would recommend and buy this again no questions asked. For the price point you aren't going to find better unless you spend three times as much.

Sturdy, Easy to Install and Exactly what I needed. I spent a lot of time looking for the right Laptop and Monitor Arm Mounts. Goals: save on desk space, allow flexibility to stand and work, and full 360 turning radius. I coupled this Stand with a Laptop Tray and it turned out to be exactly what I needed. The screen brackets were pretty standard so the tray fit perfectly and the tilt fearure on the arm mount allows me to adjust my laptop as needed for standing or sitting. I read the reviews and got a little nervous so insisted my husband help me with installation. He drilled the small hole in my desk and then I was able to finish the install by myself. The laptop shown here is a newer, light weight 17" Lenovo, but I was also able to use it with my 20" Viao, which is about 8 years old and pretty heavy. I have a fairly small desk so this mount set up has made a huge difference.

Good stand for the price. Needed this to get rid of the larger factory (stock) monitor stands and clear up some space on my desk. This stand is pretty awesome for the price. Pros: -Supports two 27" monitors no problem. -Setup was easy. Took me about 30 minutes. -cables were able to be managed with included cable routes. -included rubber feet on the stand help ensure it stays on. And helps protect your desk. I have this mounted on a glass top, which I figured might be a no no, but it works beautifully. Cons: -range of motion is okay, but can be a pain if you have a desk close to a wall like mine. Because of this, the monitors don't quite touch, but I don't mind much. -the included cable route cutouts are small. Just putting a Display port and HDMI are enough to fill them. Wish they were bigger. All in all, nice stand. Monitors shown are the LG 27GL850 (left) and the Asus PB277 (right)


DEFECTIVE!! Video Player is loading. Current Time 0:00 / Duration 0:25 : Stream Type Remaining Time - 0:25 My monitor is only 12lbs yet this stand will NOT hold it up.

Terrible quality control, came defective. At first, assembly went great. Things seemed solid and fit together well. The last step was to tighten down thumb screws to hold the monitors and then tighten the adjustment screw when you get the monitor tilt you wanted. Thumb screws did not thread very well - very heavy resistance. I double-checked to make sure it was NOT cross-threaded and it wasn't. Both monitor mounting points just were tapped badly. Then came tightening the monitor tilt screws (which are already in place so if they were cross-threaded it wouldn't be my fault). A couple turns and suddenly the screw stops resisting, it feels loose and won't tighten. I back it out and look to see it had been stripped as shown in the picture! Thinking it was a bad screw, I back the other one out and see that screw is intact and the other mount does tighten. I swap the screw to see and...same thing. The thread in the mount itself strips screws and prevents tightening. I asked for a replacement but my hopes are pretty low at this point.

Flimsy and support arms are short. Would make you miss IKEA... On the other hand, it makes it complete to adapt to your clamped or through the desk surface options available. Beware when cutting the zip-ties to release the arms; they are under tension and will knock something out if you are not holding to it (this can be easily accomplished using your third hand). Once it is installed and the monitors are hung, they drop to the desk since the tension setting is at the lowest by default. You cannot tell how much without trial and error. It is very difficult to adjust to the desired position in terms of tilt front to back and side to side. If you are to line up two monitors side by side, it takes a great deal of an effort to get it right; it is too flimsy when you move them - springs back - you never know how much you need to move so when it comes back to stay where you want it. If you plan to use this for 27" monitors with your laptop positioned in between as the primary monitor, the arms are not long enough to accomodate a gap for the laptop. I had to move my laptop docking to the far left and make one monitor in front and the second one to the right to make it work. It is not a truly 27" dual monitor stand if you plan to use it as described above.

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