Modoker Vintage Laptop Backpack for Women Men,School College Backpack

Modoker Vintage Laptop Backpack for Women Men,School College Backpack with USB Charging Port Fashion Backpack Fits up to 15.6Inch MacBook



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Dimension: 11.8″L x 16.5″H x 5.1″W; Capacity: 25L

  • 1 x Roomy Main Compartment. Keep daily stuff like clothes, folder, books, magazines, power bank etc.
  • 1 x Secondary Pocket with zipper. Keep books, magazines, notebooks, wallet etc.
  • 1 x Front Pocket with zipper. Keep pencil, keys, cards, and some other small items.
  • 1 x Laptop Compartment. Fit for laptop up to 15.6 inch.
  • 1 x Small pocket inside to store your Power Bank.
  • 2 x Side Pocket. Keep for water bottle, cups, umbrella etc.
  • The versatile Modoker backpack is at home on and off the trail.
  • Total 7 Compartments to save your belongs well.
  • Whether you are hiking a new trail or heading to class, the Modoker is the perfect travel companion.

External USB with Built-in Charging Cable




External USB with Built-in Charging Cable

External USB with built-in charging cable offers a convenient way for you to charge your electronic devices when walking.

Note: No Power Bank Included

Separate Laptop Compartment

Padded Device Compartments with room to accommodate up to a 15.6-inch laptop.

Keep your electronics stay & safe

Well-padded Shoulder Straps

The adjustable and padded shoulder straps can fit your shoulders well.

Comfortable on your shoulder and back.


The multi-compartment design keeps your gear organized.

Make your items organized and easier to find.

Features & Specifications

  • HARD-WEARING & HIGH-QUALITY MATERIALS: Made of premium quality water-resistant, durable, yet sleek-looking 600D Nylon fabric provides a sturdy and chic exterior. A classic design that reminds of simpler times with the durability to last for also a long time, sturdy and very comfy to have in the back. Modoker Backpack is Lightweight, Scratch-resistant, Anti-tear & Anti Water Splashing
  • LIGHTWEIGHT & COMFORTABLE: DIMENSION: 11.8"L x 16.5"H x 5.1"W; Capacity: 25L; Fit for Laptop up to 15.6 Inch. Weight under 1 Pound. Dual padded, reinforced and adjustable shoulder straps provide optimum comfort and fit snugly around your shoulders allowing
  • MULTIPLE COMPARTMENTS: A total of 8 compartments for storage. INTERIOR - 1 Main pocket to hold all your clothes, books, and other daily computer accessories. The laptop Sleeve fits a 15.6" laptop. Plus, 2 hidden pockets inside for the power bank and USB charging cord. EXTERIOR - 2 side pockets, 2 front zipper pockets for snacks, lecture notes, stationery and other odds and ends
  • SPECIAL FUNCTIONALITY: Unique laptop backpack with External USB charging port & set-in charging cable, Modoker Backpack offers a convenient way for you to charge your electronic device when walking (Power bank is not included)
  • FASHIONABLE & FUNCTIONALITY: Simple, elegant, vintage fashion style. You can use it as college high school bookbag, business travel backpack, office work bag, laptop backpack purse, carry-on bag, teacher boys girls teens backpack, and luggage for the short trip
  • Dimensions: ‎11.8 x 6.8 x 15.8 inches
  • Weight: ‎1 pounds

Pros & Cons


Great bag! The media could not be loaded. Get this bag. It’s seriously awesome. I travel a ton for work and play and recently got this bag to hold all my gadgets when traveling. Super happy with the magnetic closures on the front and all the little pockets on the inside.

Works well for a college student. For some reason, these backpacks were really popular this year. This backpack is very cute and held up with no problem to a year of use so far, and I put it through a fair amount of strain. I can saw with certainty that it can hold a full 3in binder, 1 large textbook, a Microsoft surface tablet, a lab notebook, and all the pencils, pens, calculators, cellphones you could want without problem (the weight on your back is a different problem though). I am very happy with this backpack and look forward to stuffing it full of various textbooks in the future. To another year of college and crippling debt!

Highly Recommend. Previous Review: I dorm so this backpack is 100% useful for college. I can fit my laptop, folder (normal-sized), 2 small notebooks, my textbook, and about 2 or 3 chapter books from front to back. It doesn't seem spacious when you first look at it but you can definitely make it work and the straps are very dependable! The only reason I took away one star was that one of the magnets broke off. I’ve contacted the company so hopefully they can solve this for me...will update. Update: I messaged the company and they replied within two hours and I provided a picture of the broken magnet and a replacement one was sent to me right away! Not only did they respond quicker than the average time but Sophia (the person who helped me) was friendly and made it easy for the replacement to be sent. I messaged them the picture 10/23 and was told the order would be here 10/30 and it actually came on 10/26.

Stylish, Inexpensive and Durable. I agonized a lot over which backpack to choose until finally deciding to buy this one. I'm glad I did. It looks great, and keeps its shape well, even with nothing in it. So far, durability and quality seem good; all the buttons and stitching have held firm, even though I tend to through it in car every morning. Comfortable straps, a decent amount of pockets and the clever backup battery charging slot thing round it out (just note that it doesn't come with a battery). There's apparently something fishy going on with their reviews (FakeSpot it, I guess), but I've been happy with my purchase.

Excellent College Backpack. November 2018 update: About a month and a half after purchase, one of the buttons snapped off the front. I contacted Modoker for support and they were absolutely fantastic in their speed and problem resolution. If you buy this bag, you can feel confident that it comes with excellent customer support. Original review follows. I bought this for my daughter who just started her freshman year at college. She's an art major, so she hauls this along with her portfolio daily. It easily holds all her books and feels pretty durable. The biggest problem we usually encounter with backpacks is ripping from the weight of textbooks. The backpack is USB enabled which allows her to keep her portable battery safely stored away and she charges her phone through the passthrough cable to the bag's exterior. The design is really nice. I was slightly disappointed that it was faux denim instead of real but it still looks good nonetheless. So far, she is very happy with the bag.

LOOKS AMAZING. Simply a GREAT backpack... only downside I see to it is the size is maybe a little small for people who carry lots of books. But most of my books are PDFs... all I carry is a surface pro and some notebooks in this backpack and it is great for that. The best thing about this backpack is the appearance of it in my opinion. It has almost an old fashion feel to it with the leather, but it is a modern style backpack with a nice compartment to hold a laptop.


Horrible - Jammed/Snagged Zipper Out of the Box. Like the look and the backpack itself. I've used the backpack for 3 days and the zipper to the main section has been stuck from day 1. Finally was able to move it and now can't get it back down and the zipper snagged and isn't connected. Wouldn't recommend and it was inefficient from day one.

Looks really great! Well built. One HUGE showstopper. UPDATE 1/31/19: I've had this a few weeks now and a chance to use it more. I don't use a full backpack often but was hoping this would fit the bill. As stated before, it's well built and VERY stylish. BUT, and it's a BIG but, it has one serious flaw that I cannot ignore. The main arm straps are ridiculously short. I'm only 5'7" and have an average sized chest, shoulders, and arms and when wearing this the barely make it around my shoulders (see picture). What this means it that the arm straps end right in your armpits and makes the pack, IMHO, very uncomfortable and downright odd feeling to wear. The adjustment buckle rubs on you, gets in the way when you put your arms by your side, and the pack always feels super tight. Maybe if I was 5'2" and weighed 100 lbs this might be fine...maybe. I really like most everything about this backpack (well, the external bottle pockets could be a little bigger to accommodate larger bottles, but this isn't a big deal) but because of the weird short straps it will likely be relegated to very rare use. It's a shame, all it needed was maybe 4-6 inches more of material. ========================================================================= Initial review: Just got this a few days ago and finally used it today. It's attractive, seems to be well built, and a great value. The only thing that really needs to be mentioned is that the padded shoulder straps are almost laughably short. I'm of about average shoulder width and size (no bodybuilder here) and the straps are short enough that the plastic piece that the adjustable nylon strap goes through ends up right in your armpit which for some, or over time, could get annoying. Note that due to the nylon strap adjustment it is wearable, it's just that the padded straps should be probably be at least 4 inches or so longer. Also, more internal pockets might be nice. But I'm a pocket can never have too many pockets! And also, the leather straps and buckles aren't functional in the way you may think, they actually close with magnets on the back which is really much better than if you had to buckle them open and closed all the time. The magnets hold really well and make getting in and out a LOT easier.

Looks Terrific but plastic on straps broke in less than 4 months. The bag looks terrific and engendered many compliments. I used it as a work bag and it was not heavily weighted. Sadly in less than 4 months the plastic part of the shoulder straps broke and there is no way to repair. Before the break it was a great bag but with such a short life span it ultimately disappointed and I can’t recommend.

Nice bag, but seller has yet to reply about defect. It's a nice bag, but mine had a defect. The zipper on the inside was completely stuck and didn't move in either direction. I emailed modoker the same day it was delivered (June 2nd 2019) and I still have yet to hear from them. Update, it's now June 22nd at the time of writing this and the seller still hasn't gotten back to me about the defect in my bag. Giving one star until they reply. Update, it is now July 16 and the seller contacted me asking me to join their Facebook group rather than just help me through email.

Great quality with flaws. The quality of this book bag is really good. Looks and feels durable. It’s a very attractive book bag. It may not look it, but it holds a good amount of books. On the first day of school is a real test. My daughter had to put three full size binders, notebooks, folders, pencil cases, calculator and a chrome book. Most of that will be put on her locker and then it won’t be so full, but it was surprising to see how well it fit so much. Two flaws with the book bag though. The first is the design/placement of the cellphone charger. I took photos for a visual. The charging connector is to low towards the pocket. It should be moved up and even horizontal, this way the power cord and the thick connector isn’t in the way. Maybe an iPhone “Mini” would fit, but the connector should still be horizontal and/or higher up away from the pocket. The charging cable over laps the pocket, making it very awkward. The second flaw is the other side pocket. It should be elastic so it can stretch. Even with an empty book bag it’s hard to fit her water bottle and impossible with books inside. I can’t rate the water resistance, because we haven’t experienced that yet. We really wanted to give this book bag 5 stars, because it really is a nice looking book bag. However, those two flaws are so annoying it drops the rating. If they made just those two changes this book bag with be perfect.

Handsome backpack with some major (minor?) issues. Great looking bag. I like the material. I get lots of compliments from friends. The computer compartment inside is adequate. Sufficient room inside for a couple books and binders. Zippers function well. But I have 4 complaints. They are major issues for me, but I can see how they might all be minor issues for others, so I'm giving this backpack a 3 star rating. (1) The strap could be better. The cushion is very thin and not very dense. When you squeeze it with your fingers, it feels really nice and plush, but when the bag is full and the straps are on your shoulders, they flatten and provide very little comfort. Not terrible, but the foam inside is just so cheap. (2) The two front leather closures are actually just decorative magnetic clasps. The magnets can be hard to line up sometimes. If you own a purse with a magnetic closure and are used to this mechanism, then it might be easier for you. I guess you don't really need to close it since the bag's compartments are closed with zippers. But then you probably don't want the top to be flapping around. (3) Side pockets are tiny. My phone (iPhone Plus) fits but it's very snug. Cannot fit any water bottle. I need to figure out a way to tote my water bottle around. Or buy yet another backpack. Sigh. (4) There are so many things wrong with the USB port. The "port" is actually just a ~12" USB extender cable. Inside is the plug and the outside is the port. The inside plug goes into the battery (not included), and you plug in your phone's USB cable into the outside port. The port faces down towards the side pocket, and it's not easy to get to. And most portable batteries require you to push a button to turn it on, so after you plug in the cable on the outside, you have to reach inside the bag to push the button on the battery. Try doing that when your bag is full. Also, my USB extender cable (aka the port) was faulty when it arrived, so I had to throw it out. Possibly a blessing in disguise since my workaround is better, I think. I got a 3' lightning cable, plugged the inside to the battery, then the outside was just the tip that I tucked into the side pocket. When I need to charge the phone, I already have the cable ready to plug into the phone. I still have to reach inside to push a button, but oh well.

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