HP 17in i5 Laptop

HP 17in i5 Laptop

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Bigger screen, smaller footprint. The HP 17 Laptop PC is aboutsustainability while blendingperformance and comfort.

Features & Specifications

  • Get a fresh perspective with Windows 11: From a rejuvenated Start menu, to new ways toconnect to your favorite people, news, games, and content—Windows 11 is the place to think,express, and create in a natural way
  • 11th Generation Intel Core processor: Brings the perfect combination of features to makeyou unstoppable. Get things done fast with high performance, instant responsiveness and best-in-class connectivity
  • Intel Iris Xe graphics: Impressive performance for creating, gaming, and entertainment. A newlevel of graphics performance and crisp, stunning visuals – with the convenience of a thin & lightlaptop.
  • HD+ display: Enjoy your photos, movies, and games with the crisp quality of 1.4 million pixels.
  • Anti-glare panel: Non-reflective and low gloss means you'll get less glare while you're outside.
  • Dimensions: ‎15.78 x 10.15 x 0.78 inches
  • Weight: ‎4.53 pounds

Pros & Cons


Happy so Far. Happy with the computer and HP support. Do not like the Microsoft 11 features. The mail provided in 11 version would not bring over contacts (disappointing). I had two of my friends who have been employed by computer companies until recently, and they could not figure out the mail. Did load Thunderbird Mail and it worked like a charm. Turned off the one-drive for now. Was having issues with this product. I was using Microsoft 10 on old computer and did not have the issues I have encountered with MS 11. The HP support team was great, and was able to actually talk to a human. Did talk to MS support they were not very helpful. Gave 4 stars only because of the HP support team.

Buy. Good computer for everyday things. I can't say much else because I am not that computer literate but it seems to be good and a friend recommended it. Price was pretty good.

Nice Laptop. Nice laptop and is much lighter than my last 17" laptop.

Great computer. My niece loves her computer. She use this computer more than the Apple tablet! I'm impressed!

Love this PC. Great laptop!!!!!!

Great gift. Not a touch screen.


So far so good BUT…. I’ve had this laptop for a couple of weeks and so far I’m happy with it. Mostly. The battery life has been terrible so far and I’ve noticed it doesn’t always charge to 100% even after being plugged in overnight. It’s definitely a concern at the moment and I can’t give it more than 3 stars because of it. Battery life is one of the most important aspects of a laptop.

Ya get what ya pay for. This computer has no touch screen. It works and is a lot faster than the laptop it replaced (nearly ten years old so it better!) And a lot lighter. However it has a few issues that make it frustrating to work with. Firstly the power button is hidden among the function keys and not separated from the rest. It makes it difficult to turn on in the dark. Second the keyboard is not back-lit so hard to type in the dark. If you don't get up early or have a partner that'll be disturbed these won't be deal brekers for you. The biggest flaw however is the TouchPad. It gets stuck every once in a while, as in a few times a day. The only way to get it unstuck it to force a butter knife or similar thin item in the space around it and pry it up. Not the biggest deal in the world but a huge annoyance. Still, it was cheap and works for my limited needs.

Glitches. I've had this laptop for about almost 4 months. Everything was going great until two nights ago when the laptop began to glitch. The cursor is blinking overtime. I have an extension mouse as well and I have to use that one in order to get to what I am trying to open. The amount of money $650 for this item and it's clutching. I bought this for my business. I figured I wouldn't have to purchase a new one for a while. However, this is not good.

Advertises lighted keyboard and it is FALSE. bought it because of STATED LIGHTED KEYBOARD there is NO LIGHTED KEYBOARD (DEALBREAKER).

Do not expect to be logging in using the forward facing camera. This is a nice little "utility computer", seems to have everything I need (no touch screen, but knew that ahead of time). BUT.... HP decided to get REAL cheap in an underhanded way. The forward facing camera, while it appears to work just fine, it is NOT an "IR" camera and therefore, Windows can NOT log you in using the camera. So for the next 2-3 years, every time I want to boot this laptop and use it, I'll be typing in passwords and/or PIN's. Absolutely NO WHERE is this mentioned in all of HP's literature. Seems a bit twisted to come pre-installed with Windows-11, but then due to a cheap, made in china camera, Windows "Hello Face" feature is completely unsupported. Would NOT buy this product again. Ever. This is my 3rd HP laptop and I am shocked that they did this... A usable cam would not have cost them $5 more. And then to not be up front about this and kind of "hide" this huge shortcoming is disappointing to say the least. Would Not recommend if this is a feature you plan on using. Makes me wonder where else in their selection of hardware that they got equally CHEAP with to save a few pennies.

Not worth the buy. I bought this product for college and I paid the amount which is really expensive. I finally got it and I was so happy to get my new computer but it didn’t even come with windows. I paid $520 dollars for a useless computer then I need to pay $200 more just to get windows. No thank you. I sent it back and am waiting for a refund.

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What Major Factors We Depend On To Create A Buying Guide


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Customer Ratings

How is the average rating for the product of HP 17in i5 Laptop?

Customer Reviews

What real life customers say to the product of HP 17in i5 Laptop, no matter it is good or bad?


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