HP 27 inch 1080P Computer Monitor, 27″ Full HD (1920 x 1080) 60Hz Anti-Glare IPS Display, HDMI, VGA, Ideal for Home and Business, Black (2022 Latest Model)

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HP P22va G4 FHD Monitor Specifications Table

Display type VA
Panel Active Area 188.4 x 102.47 in 47.8 x 26 cm
Brightness 250 nits
Contrast ratio 3000:1
Response Ratio 7ms GtG (with overdrive)
Aspect ratio 16:9
Native resolution FHD (1920 x 1080)
Resolutions supported 1024 x 768; 1280 x 1024; 1280 x 720; 1280 x 800; 1440 x 900; 1600 x 900; 1680 x 1050; 1920 x 1080; 640 x 480; 720 x 400; 800 x 600
Display features Anti-glare; Low blue light mode
Environmental Operating temperature: 5 to 35°C; Operating humidity: 20 to 80% non-condensing
Power 100 – 240 VAC 50/60 Hz
Power consumption 20 W (maximum), 18.5 W (typical), 0.5 W (standby)
Dimensions 19.85 x 1.73 x 11.82 in; 50.43 x 4.4 x 30.02 cm (Without stand.)
Weight 6.27 Ib; 2.84 kg (With stand.)
Physical security features Security lock-ready
What’s in the box Monitor; HDMI cable; Documentation; AC power cord

Features & Specifications

  • [High Definition] Full HD (1920 x 1080) resolution with 60Hz Refresh Rate, VA Panel, Ultra-wide viewing angles (up to 178 degrees), Anti-Glare Coating with Low Blue Light Mode.
  • [Casual Comfort] Stay in your most comfortable status by positioning it on best place with VESA Mount.
  • [Streamlined & Seamless] Slim profile, innovative cable containment, and seamless design for side-by-side screens.
  • [Specs] 1 x Security Cable Slot; 1 x VGA; 1 x HDMI 1.4 Port (with HDCP support); 1 x Power Connector
  • [Dimensions & Weight] 19.85 x 1.73 x 11.82 in; 50.43 x 4.4 x 30.02 cm (Without stand); 6.27lb
  • Dimensions: 19.85 x 1.73 x 11.82 inches
  • Weight: 6.27 pounds

Pros & Cons


Superb monitor. This laptop sits at just over 4 stars while some of the other similarly priced and comparable monitors from Spectre, Lenovo, and other brands hover around 4.5 stars. This gave me pause, but after looking through many of the 1-3 star reviews it was clear that the majority had harshly penalized the monitor due to its reportedly lackluster audio performance. My laptop has surprisingly decent sound so I could essentially care less about the monitor's speakers. Now if my laptop didn't sound good then I would have simply connected my laptop to my Bluetooth speaker, my old PC speakers, my blue tooth headphones, or hell even my surround sound if I felt so inclined. Those reviews are overly demanding imo. First Impression: Time spent from opening the box to having the monitor up and running was under 5 minutes. Well designed packaging and easy to put together - no screwdriver required. Came with both a HDMI and an Aux cord... ok cool I appreciate that but whatever. First glance of the monitor on my 38" x 24" desk and I'm satisfied with its footprint. The screen bezels are tiny which looks good and helps manage size. Another plus is how the base extends behind the screen as opposed to extruding in front which would take up valuable real estate in front of the monitor. The monitor and my laptop share the desk very well, and there is even generous room for an open notebook directly in front of the monitor. I'm glad that I went with a 23.8" monitor over something like a 20-22" as that last 1-3 inches makes a noticeable difference in screen size. The design and style of the product is very sleek and it looks great on my desk. It definitely doesn't advertise its modest price tag with its expensive and luxury appearance. Early performance: When I connected my laptop (a lightly upgraded Lenovo T440P Thinkpad, maybe a $400 laptop) via HDMI to the monitor I was met with a large snowy-owl staring at me (one of the photos that Windows cycles through before/during log-in). The picture was bright, edges were sharp, and the snow-white feathers of the owl looked like a true pure white. The contrast between the white of the owl, its dark eyes and the brown of the tree was great and everything looked realistic and accurate. After logging in I went into the Windows display settings and made a few simple adjustments on how I wanted the laptop to display to the monitor, it was very easy and intuitive to do. First thing I did was browse some HD Youtube videos (a Lord of the Rings fight scene, and Planet Earth) and I was immediately impressed. The screen kept up with the intense action/pace of the LotR fight without any lagging frames or stuttering. Planet Earth's tropical videos looked bright and accurately colorful while the following cave video was properly dark and intense with moments of brightness. Here the speed of some of the small critters gave the monitor a little bit of blurring, especially when the color of the animal was similar to the color of the background. I then switched over to Netflix, browsed a bit, and decided on Planet Earth again since the show has so many amazing spectacles to view. Everything looked just as great and in some cases even a little bit better. The speed of the animals didn't seem to blur as with youtube (note: I didn't watch the exact same video so this is highly anecdotal.) When it came to reading text and more general browsing of the web I was pleased. Letters had sharp corners, and the additional amount of text that fits on the screen vs my 14" laptop made for less scrolling. Happy with the video playback I rotated the monitor (set monitor to top height, grasp edges of screen, and twist it to the right) to portrait. The rotation felt smooth and solid. Boy does it make for a long screen, but I'm confident I will use it when working with long lists of data, programming, using Excel, etc. I am glad I will have the option. Weaknesses: As mentioned before the sound is definitely weak. The volume is low, audio sounds pretty "shallow", and there just isn't much to report there. In my mostly quiet apartment I could hear and understand the audio from the monitor, but it admittedly wasn't long before I reverted back to my laptop sound. Nonetheless having an at least usable audio option as a back-up is better than nothing. I will generally award more points to any item that exceeds the expectations of its main function than I will penalize a product for including an average to below-average "extra" that is not vital to performance. If my computer chair gave me a back massage I would be very pleasantly surprised, but if it had a lumpy seat, didn't spin smoothly, and was stuck at a certain height I wouldn't be so pleased. I'll choose the chair that I can be comfortable in for hours, spins effortlessly and noiselessly, and adjusts height easily. I can't speak to using the monitor for gaming and whether it can handle that demand as I don't have the gaming tech knowledge, the gaming experience, or even a game to test it with. Final Pros: Sleek aesthetic/design, stand rotates landscape-to-portrait, tiny bezels, good brightness, dark blacks, efficient footprint, simple and smooth tilt/height adjustments Final Cons: Weak speakers, minor blurring at times of very fast moving video. I highly recommend it!

Kids computer screen. I purchased this screen for my kids computer. They use it to do their homework on and play all their video games on. They are very happy with the quality of their video games on it. So if they're happy I'm happy. Very able to see all the details of their games at highest quality. So that's awesome!

Just what I was looking for. This HP monitor arrived well packaged, the screen quality and colors are better than I expected. It's easy on the eyes and is fully adjustable with up/down and tilt stand. The only issue I had was figuring out how to use the adjustment buttons located on the right bottom of the screen. It took me a while to find the speaker adjustment to adjust the volume. Only wish it came with a remote control to make feature adjustments easier. I would have paid more if it had a remote control. But overall, love this monitor and am thinking of buying another so I can have two monitors on my desk.

Good monitor for the price. I only gave it 4 stars because it did not say anywheres (unless I missed it, but I've doubled checked) that it does not have built in speakers. Not having built in speakers is fine but if I knew that then I would have also ordered speakers. Overall, the picture looks nice.

a solid choice. i have had this monitor for 2 years. it is a solid choice. i completely understand that with a 5ms response time people want more in the 1ms range. i completely understand that at 1920 x 1080p people may want 2k or 4k displays. i completely understand that 24" may or may not fit your needs. I completely understand that 60 hz may be too low for peoples likes. That being said. having used it for normal computing, school work, gaming and everything in between, it is not a BAD monitor whatsoever. IT WORKS. The look of it is fine. the bezels are fine. it is sturdy. its got the connections that you need. the only gripe i really have is that the sound from the built in speakers is a little low, but that happens across a lot of brands. there are fancier models out there, but if youre looking for a simple monitor that gets the job done, this will do it.

Light Weight and Easy Setup. The setting features are not my favorite.


Not Impressed - You Can Do Better At This Price Point. This is another solid budget monitor that’s OK for everyday use when doing nothing more than looking at spreadsheets, word documents, and browsing the internet. One caveat I would like to point out upfront is: although the spec sheet claims that this monitor only has a 72% sRGB coverage (keep in mind that the sRGB color gamut is the absolute minimum color reproduction standard with Adobe RGB being the second best and NTSC being the highest), I do believe that this is an egregious typo due to the fact that the LG LM238WF2-SSA1 display panel in this monitor actually has a stated 72% NTSC coverage according to the manufacturer’s spec sheet. Furthermore, if you look at other monitors that are also sporting this exact same panel (such as the BenQ GW2480, LG 22MK430H, and Acer HA220Q) you’ll find that they all have the color gamut listed at 72% NTSC. A 72% NTSC is an industry standard for entry level monitors so that would imply that the HP VH240a should actually have closer to 100% sRGB coverage. And lastly, a 72% sRGB would mean that all of the colors would appear to be very washed out, but that is not the case with this monitor since vibrancy appears to be fairly normal in my unit (albeit not spectacular). With that caveat out of the way, here are some of the most noticeable Pros & Cons after using this monitor daily for the past two weeks: PROS: - The ‘Sharpness’ Image Control setting offers 7 preset adjustments available so you can tweak the clarity to your liking. - The overall white color temperature can be adjusted to be cooler or warmer when tweaking the color settings. - The bezels are really thin (about 5 mm) which does its frameless design justice! - The adjustable ergonomic stand allows you to pivot the screen 90° (to the right) so you can use the screen vertically in portrait mode. This was the #1 reason I decided to buy this monitor. - The power button is completely distinguishable from the rest of the menu control buttons (it has a different shape and is spaced further apart from the other buttons). CONS: - the colors are OK in my particular unit but they don’t pop nearly as much as similarly priced monitors (the cheaper Acer SB220Q bi outperforms it in this regard). The red tones seem to have a slightly higher bias over the rest of the color range making them appear a little more vibrant while the other colors are more neutral. - Although you can tweak the RGB color balance, this monitor’s built-in settings do not let you make further adjustments to things like saturation, hue, bias, blacks, gamma, or even YMC balance levels. The black levels are nothing to write home about. Although my unit didn't have much light bleeding, it still struggled to keep blacks dark when anything slightly brighter was on the screen despite adjustments. - Although its spec sheet claims to have a 250 nits max brightness, the one I got seems to be noticeably darker than my other 250 nit monitors at 100% even with the contrast level also being maxed out at 100%. - Noticeable ghosting (motion blur) when scrolling through webpages - Overall image quality is subpar compared similarly priced and some cheaper monitors (I would highly recommend the ViewSonic VS2412-H as a much better alternative in this regard if you really need a stand that pivots) - The 90° pivot can only be turned to the right side, putting the bottom bezel of the monitor between your main display when this monitor is on the right side of it. - You can adjust the monitor up and down, tilt it back by 30°, and pivot it by 90° (to the right), but you can’t swivel it left or right without turning the entire base of the stand. - Does not have any FreeSync (AMD) or G-Sync (Nvidia) support. This causes lower resolution graphics and images to have noticeable jagged sharpening and screen tearing effects. The HP VH240a is ok for daily use if you just need something cheap to do some web browsing, view word documents, and other non-graphics intensive tasks on. For my particular uses, since I only bought this monitor to use vertically to view documents and social media pages and do some light coding on, it is good enough to get the job done in that regard. I would not recommend this monitor for casual gaming, watching movies, or doing any kind of image editing since the experience would be subpar and the color reproduction would be inadequate for any professional use. The main advantage of buying this monitor over comparably priced monitors is for the adjustable stand (although the ViewSonic VS2412-H is a much better direct alternative, in my opinion). If you don’t need the vertical pivot then there are better monitors in this price range that deliver a more impressive image quality (another recommendation would be the Philips 246E9QDSB which delivers a far superior image and color reproduction).

Picture quality is bad. Average product. Not bad for price.

For a gift. Have not used. It's a Christmas gift but I will ask my grandson because he's been wanting one for awhile. I will update later. Bought it on a lightning sale so good brand for a good price. Will review it after Christmas.

CAN NOT ROTATE VERTICALLY. If you need a screen that will rotate vertically, this is not the monitor for you. It does have the holes in the back to use with a different stand that can rotate BUT there's a permanent metal piece that holds the stand it comes with. That metal piece is in the way which won't allow you to put another stand's mounting bracket on. Save yourself time and headache and either search rotating monitors. OR pay close attention to the pictures of the back of each monitor and compare it to a universal rotating stand's mounting bracket. That mounting bracket has to fit flush to the monitor.

Okay monitor. Bought this a few years ago and after about a year a black vertical line appeared a couple inches left of center and it wouldn't go away. Tried a couple different cables but nothing changed. Searched online and this is an issue with this model apparently. Gave it to a friend and they are still using it as a secondary monitor. ( It still works.) Otherwise, this was a pretty good monitor and I think I just got unlucky. The colors looked good after some minor adjustments made after a bit of googling. I originally paid $110 for this one and if I needed something similar I'd give it another shot at that price. For the current price of $200, there are higher resolution monitors for less.

I feel everything in that screen is pixelated. This screen is ok if you are not spending so much time on your computer. After an hour sitting on this screen my eyes start hurting. I could tell everything on the screen is pixelated when looking close.

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