Hitron MoCA 2.5 Adapter for Ethernet Over Coax | 1 Gbps Ethernet, Coaxial to Ethernet Adapter, Enhanced Streaming, Compact Size, Works with Any Ethernet Device/Router

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moca better wifi

Want Faster Wi-Fi?

Get the WiFi networking performance you need. Hitron’s HT-EM4 Coax to Ethernet Adapters transform your existing coax TV outlets into Gigabit Ethernet ports to create a multi-lane “super-highway” between your home’s router and Wi-Fi access points. Faster speeds into your WiFi Access points means faster WiFi out to all of your devices. Enjoy up to 1 Gbps speeds for HD streaming, online gaming, video conferencing and working from home.

2.5Gbps over MoCA

Get Gigabit Speeds

Hitron’s HT-EM4 MoCA Adapter transforms your home’s coax cable into an extremely reliable, wired 2.5 Gbps MoCA backbone, sending full bandwidth to every room in your home. The HT-EM4 MoCA Adapter is compatible with any Ethernet router and with practically any device that has an Ethernet port including gaming systems, 4K streaming media devices, HD audio streamers, personal computers and much more. For each device you want to connect to your router using MoCA, you will need a MoCA Adapter. Connect up to 16 devices back to your router on your MoCA network.

HTEM4 Fast

Trusted by Major Broadband Carriers

Hitron is a leader in broadband and Wi-Fi technology with over 30 years’ experience and 40 million units shipped. You can have full confidence in our products as we design, manufacture and support products for the largest Tier 1 Carriers in North America, including Comcast, Charter Communications, Cox and Rogers. All of our products are TL 9000 certified and Carrier-grade, which means you get the highest quality products for your home.

Better Streaming

Better Video Conferencing

Better Gaming

Better Streaming – No More Buffering

Enjoy smooth, pristine 4K and HD streaming with no more stutters, frame freezes, or getting bumped down to standard resolution. Exactly the way streaming should be!

Better Video Conferencing – Stops Freezing

Tired of screen freeze or choppy images during video conference calls? The HT-EM4 increases your WiFi network performance with faster speeds for smoother streaming and glitch-free meetings, even when the whole family is at home and online at the same time.

Better Gaming – Reduces Lag & Latency

Instantly reduce lag and latency so you can stay on top of the leaderboard! The HT-EM4 lets you easily add the reliability of a wired connection to your gaming system, giving you a rock-steady connection and Gigabit speeds.

Features & Specifications

  • GET BETTER WIFI. Increase the speed (up to 1 Gbps) between your WiFi Router and Access Point by connecting one Coax to Ethernet Adapter to your Router and another to a WiFi Extender or Access Point in another room.
  • CONVERT COAX WIRING INTO A "1 GBPS ETHERNET PIPE" to connect your router to any WiFi Ethernet device such as WiFi Mesh, WiFi Streaming Boxes etc using the HTEM4 MoCA Adapter with each device.
  • NO WIRES TO RUN. NO CONFIGURATION. The HTEM4 Coaxial Cable to Ethernet Adapters create an instant 2.5 Gbps MoCA network that provides Gigabit speeds to all of your connected devices - no running wires, no drilling holes.
  • INCLUDES TWO COAX CABLES. You will no longer need to go hunting for another Coax cable. This kit includes everything you need to setup and create a MoCA (Ethernet over Coax) Network.
  • PLUG N PLAY SETUP. Simply connect this Coax to Ethernet Adapter to any coax outlet and into your WiFi router or access point. Two MoCA ethernet adapters automatically complete your MoCA LAN network connection.
  • EASY TO EXPAND YOUR NETWORK. Add an additional HT-EM4 Ethernet to Coax Adapter to connect any new Ethernet devices in the future. Connect up to 16 devices on your network!
  • COMPATIBLE WITH ANY DEVICE WITH AN ETHERNET PORT. This includes HDTV, personal computers, Xbox, PlayStation, streaming HD audio and media, and more. Not compatible with satellite TV or AT&T U-verse Coax networks.
  • CARRIER-GRADE TESTED & APPROVED by major Cable Internet Providers. Hitron is a trusted manufacturer of broadband networking equipment for Cable Service Providers like Comcast, Cox, and Charter.
  • GET BETTER WIFI, BETTER GAMING, BETTER STREAMING. This coax adapter to ethernet creates a wired, Ethernet over coax (MoCA) network which is superior to wireless for reliability, faster speeds, lower latency and security.
  • Weight: 1.63 pounds

Pros & Cons


If you're considering this versus PLN, go with this... I've been using PLN devices with onboard PoE for a while now to get wired networking and power to devices in odd places. The PLN has worked well, but one thing it isn't really capable of (at least in my house with my wiring) is running a wireless AP at full speed. Typically my PLN network could run the AP at 25-50 Mbps (internet speed not line speed) if I was lucky. I decided to try one of these kits out and it blows the PLN away. I have a 4K PoE camera and a Unifi AP hooked up via a cheap Trendnet switch and it absolutely flies. I get full speed downloads for my connection (600 Mbps) consistently from this AP now, and the camera can stream in 4K with no stutter/jitter etc. Some things to consider, if you have a cable internet provider, you're going to want to isolate the internet connection from the rest of your coax network. Meaning, find the coax line coming into your house, before any splitters or amps etc, etc, and connect your cable modem to that, so that it's not connected to the rest of the network. Then, on your isolated network, place your MoCa devices.

Good price on a good MoCA Adapter setup. These work great! Once I got them installed the MoCA connection established immediately and my Deco XE75's immediatelyl started using them for ethernet backhaul between devices. These devices do NOT support any sort of security, though, so I would not recommend using them in any multi-tenant locations unless you want your neighbors to be able to get on your network.

Better alternative to powerline and Wi-Fi extenders, but more complex to setup. If you're handy/tech savvy and want to get ethernet in another room in your house, but don't have ethernet in your home, this is a great alternative. The device isn't exactly plug and play like the advertising might make it seem, but it isn't that difficult to setup once you understand it either. You'll also likely need a few other things as well (MoCA PoE filter, 2-way MoCA compatible coax splitter, a few coax cables). The signal from these can propagate up/down a coax network, so as long as the coax ports you want to connect are electrically connected this will work. The picture I've attached shows my current configuration. You'll want to make sure the PoE filter is MoCA compatible (the stop band for the PoE filter should be 1125 MHz to 1675 MHz, roughly, with the passband being 5 MHz to 1005 MHz) and the 2-way splitter is MoCA compatible (the frequency range should be 5 MHz to 1675 MHz). The filter is required to ensure that the PoE filter prevents MoCA signals from leaking out of your homes coax into the ISP's coax drop and will improve signal quality. The 2-way splitter has to be rated to handle up to the MoCA frequency range otherwise you can have signal loss which will result in poor performance. My ISP service tech installed the PoE filter attached to the 2-way splitter at the drop and connected both room's coax cables to the splitter. You can do it yourself but you might need to buy a coax tester to identify which coax line goes to which room. The devices also don't have encryption enabled by default, you can enable it by navigating to each device's assigned IP (probably visible in your router), logging in with the default username and password (admin:admin), generating a random key (decimal digits only) and enabling security. This is probably unnecessary if you have a PoE filter at the drop since it should be isolated to your home, but it's probably still a good idea. Because these devices operate in the high frequency range (1125 MHz+). There can be interference with DOCSIS 3.1 signals (if you're curious go lookup the DOCSIS 3.1 frequency range), so depending on your ISP and modem you may experience degraded speed and require a second PoE filter at the input to your modem. This PoE filter prevents MoCA signals in the DOCSIS 3.1 frequency range from messing with your modem, but you also lose out on some of the DOCSIS 3.1 range which will result in reduced max speed (only an issue if you have over a 1 Gbps internet connection as far as I can tell). You can look at what frequency range your modem supports by looking at its specs as well, if it only goes up to 1005 MHz then you shouldn't need a PoE filter since it's going to be ignoring the upper part of the DOCSIS 3.1 band. You can use a larger (3/4+ way splitter) if you want to have more MoCA adapters, but you lose more signal than smaller adapters (the -3.5 dB on the 2-way vs -7 dB on some of the ports on a 3-way) so the speed will likely be decreased. I bought Antronix brand PoE filters and splitters, since they seem more reputable than the unbranded stuff available on Amazon. You also may not need the 2nd splitter before the modem if you use the passthrough on the device, I haven't tried it though.

How to *update. below the line is old. after getting it installed and the connection being very fast i started having issues.. internet would go out for hours at a time. thought it was happening because fiber is being installed in my area but no. something something interference. good news I fixed it. and may be able to save you money. I have comcast/xfinity my router has moCA. you have to enable it. if yours also has moCA you only need one box. enabling moCA made the connection easier and I didnt have to troubleshoot why I was having the issue in the first place. it just works. -------------- You’re supposed to be getting 4 lights. Power MoCA (do they see each other) Ethernet Speed I believe that’s the order You’ll get power just from plugging it in And Ethernet just from having it connected to the MoCA and a second device You won’t get the MoCA light unless they are connected to the same line. When you have all 4 lights you’re done But it’s still possible you won’t have internet Something something reset dns Didn’t work for me. Resetting my router did Unplug , 10 count. Done The hardest part was looking for the right coaxial in my attic. Hopefully yours is labeled. Don’t pay someone. It’s not hard.

fantastic. internet company tried saying rg6 coax needed to be removed for ethernet cable to extend wifi nest unit reach. rubbish! at first i tried just putting rg6 to ethernet adapter ends in the coax but could not find them anywhere. this was the next best thing! these adapter boxes work great. my situation: i have a detached metal garage that already had a coax cable run underground for a prior tv use. so i did some research and realized that rg6 coax is great for extending hardwired internet! if you have an older house with coax runs from prior satellite boxes, keep it! use it for internet!! or just a really good ling range HD antenna for free tv. :)

Needed to place an access point on the second floor, this made it a 15 minute project. I purchased the Hitron Bonded MoCA 2.5 Adapter for Ethernet Over Coax (2-Pack) to address the need for a second wireless router on the second floor of our house. The house was setup with coax to every room, but they did not run ethernet. We noticed that our wireless router on the first floor did not provide complete coverage for the second floor. It was very easy to connect the adapter to the first floor router and to the coax connection, then in the basement I spliced the coax cable from the first floor and second floor together, and finally connected the second adapter to the wireless router on the second floor. I think it took me about 15 minutes to complete installation and I now have complete wireless coverage for the second floor. This was well worth the money in the time it saved me.


Does not come with power supply. I have high hopes for this unit but it was not clear that i needed to order a seperate power supply to make them work. It listed a model in the instruction but i couldnt find it easily at first. figured out i need a 12.0V 1 A Switching Power Supply Cord Cable Charger PSU with connector : 5.5mm x 2.1 mm

When it worked, it work amazingly. That's the problem. When I first learned about ethernet over coax, I was super excited to get a system set up. The Hitron system was really highly rated and I figured I'd give it a go. Installation was mostly painless, pretty much just plug and go (though I did have to play around with the sequence of install on the unit coming off my router). When I had a solid connection, this thing had me blazing. I get 1 gbps fiber and I had upload/download from a downstream computer easily hitting 850/900 mbps. The problem was the random intermittent hiccups. Connection would drop for 10-30 seconds or so which started to get old very, very fast. Following another reviewer, I bought another system, dropped it in with the same coax cables and same ethernet connections and I've had zero problems since. Shame this one didn't work out, when it worked it was brilliant. It just didn't work all the time.

Coax pass through doesn't work. I get good internet speeds from the connection but the coax pass through did not work; it was as if the cable box was not connected to anything so I had to purchase additional splitters to put between the wall and the adapter

When it works, it works. But it constantly disconnects. I have had these installed for the better part of a year now and when they work I get near gigabit speeds over the MoCa network it creates. However, it seems to constantly drop or lose the connection which will cause me to suddenly lose internet to anything connected via that network. I have tried swapping coax cables, power outlets, everything I can think of but the problem persists to the point it is more to operate over wireless. So to that point I cannot recommend these since I don't know if its a fault with my set or not.

Not for gaming. I install new verizon fios. But the router cost 15 each month. Addpter Easy to connect. Put the adapter on both end. That is it. But if you have verizon new router. You only need one. Becasue verizon router have Moca build in. Speed is not bad. I have 300M/300M. run few speed test .i got around 200M download. But the problem sometime it get disconnect. And then wait for few second., come back on. When on the gaming few second meaning i will lost . Try different router different compuer and direct wire to my computer . same problem. The cable use to connect spectrum modem before. Never has connection problem.

Quality is OK. My internet is 300mbps upload/download. The adapter retained like 90% of the download speed (getting around 270mbps), but somehow the upload speed is all around the places. Sometimes I get 100mbps, and sometimes 5mbps. Never have I gotten close to 300mbps upload. My speed test is stable without the adapters. Also, I've tried the 20$ DirectTV adapters too, those were at least consistent, getting about 100mpbs upload and download all the time.

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