Vancropak Travel Backpack, 40L Carry On Backpack for Men…

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Vancropak Travel Backpack, 40L Carry On Backpack for Men…

Vancropak Travel Backpack, 40L Carry On Backpack for Men…

Vancropak Travel Backpack, 40L Carry On Backpack for Men…

Large Main Compartment

Super Expansion Travel Backpack

Anti-theft Function

Vancropak Travel Backpack, 40L Carry On Backpack for Men…

Vancropak Travel Backpack, 40L Carry On Backpack for Men…

Vancropak Travel Backpack, 40L Carry On Backpack for Men…

Hidden Shoulder Strap

Water-resistant Travel Backpack

Side Carry on Travel Backpack

Vancropak Travel Backpack, 40L Carry On Backpack for Men…

Features & Specifications

  • ✈Expandable & Large Capacity: This large travel backpack with an expandable design gives you a greater capacity of up to 40L. Unzipping to get larger storage space, you can easily fit 3-7days travel gears. The carry on backpack meets the maximum size allowed by IATA flights, can be fitted overhead and under-seat, is ideal for a weekend trip, business trip. The TSA 180 degree zipper closure helps you go through the security check quickly
  • ✈ Convenient Design: This carry on travel backpack is designed with hideaway padded shoulder straps which can be hidden away in the zippered back panel when not using. Two padded handles on the top and the side are designed to lift the backpack from multiple angles, provide you more flexible carrying experience such as carrying like a suitcase or a backpack. A luggage strap on the back is designed to fit on the luggage's handle, for easier carry on international travel
  • ✈ Easy to Organize: The luggage backpack's main compartment with separate mesh pocket and roomy space to store different travel gears, internal compression elastic straps can well secure items. The front compartment with various pockets can be used to store notebooks, pens, earphones, and other small items, for quick pick out. An anti-theft back pocket is suitable for valuables. The travel backpack is large enough for vacation, weekend getaway, overnight trip
  • ✈ Reduce Pressure Feature: The backpack equipped with adjustable chest straps, 4 exterior side compression buckles, air-mesh ventilated back panel, can effectively relieve the pressure on the shoulder and neck, also reduced stress on the zippers. Thickened sponge handles and shoulder straps provide you with more comfort when you are carrying and gripping the bag. Great valentine's gift for him or her, gift for dad
  • ✈ Durable & Warranty: Men's Travel Backpack is made of lightweight water-resistant polyester and anti-scratch material, which can provide protection on drizzle days. Zippers are easy to close and open. if you have any questions, please feel free to contact us, we will give you a satisfactory solution within 24 hours. Regular sizes are 20*14*7 inches; after extended sizes are 20*14*9 inches. This item is not intended for use by people 12 years old and under
  • Dimensions: 14 x 7 x 20 inches
  • Weight: 2 pounds

Pros & Cons


Great purchase. I took this on a recent trip to Italy. My wife and I agreed that since we were going to be moving around the country every few days by train, it made sense to pack light. I combined this bag with some packing cubes and was able to easily fit more than a week’s worth of clothes, an extra pair of shoes, toiletries, a laptop, and all the relevant wires and accessories. My wife opted for a roller bag and regretted it when she had to pull it across rough streets while dodging insane drivers in Rome and Naples. This bag was easy to pack, rested comfortably when carrying it, and was a breeze in security.

Perfect carry on. Favorable reviews led to my purchase of this convertible soft backpack/suitcase. It impressed with sturdy zippers, useful zip compartments, the pretty cyan color, and expansion capability. I would buy again. Boyfriend & I used as joint carry on for “essentials” for 2 weeks in Europe, using packing cubes (bought separately) then checking one shared bag. I plan to use just this plus personal item next trip anywhere…. because airline did in fact lose our checked bag coming home.

Well Organized. This is my first travel backpack. I purchased for an overseas trip. I really like the number of pockets and ease in which the zippers operate. It really allowed me to be organized to easily, retrieving passport, cash, boarding ticket, etc. Additionally, it holds A LOT of clothing and other items. It appears durable and definitely helped to make my travels easier...

Durable & great size (expands). I took this to Europe with me. I was able to pack a couple weeks clothes in here, complete with cold weather layering items. I matched it to my crossbody (Amazon) and Nikes. It’s dived a lot of compliments. It still looks new and stayed surprisingly clean & stain free.

Excellent Bag for Traveling. This bag is great! Just used it for a weeklong trip out of the country. Bag easily fit everything for a week and worked well as a carryon bag on the plane. Very comfortable to wear and convenient to use. Definitely recommend.

Does the Job. I travel a lot, and this bag was perfect for carry on / weekend travel. (Used on American Airlines & Frontier as carry on, fully packed.) However, the front pocket ripped at the seam. I still use the backpack for travel, but it sucks not being able to use the front pocket. I'm hoping the main compartment doesn't break. I use a lot of backpacks for every day use. This one is probably as sturdy as a walmart backpack, but not as good as Herschel.


Not the same pack as my previous pack. This pack I just purchased does not have padding built in around the sides and in the front panel. The padding in the front inner panel and in the back are not as thick as my previous pack. The fabric of the pack is not quite as thick and tough as the previous pack. I really liked the size and design and function of my previous pack which is the reason I purchased this new one for my wife. I have to say I am very disappointed.

Item came defective. alot of things fit into the bag which I love but come time to put it on like a backpack one of the clips wasn't working. So I am not able to use that function unfortunately but otherwise the bag is good would Stull recommend

Good bad with one fail on design. The only and big problem I had with this bag (returned): Front pocket zipper Let me explain (note to designers): If you open front pocket zipper, even slightly, and then flip open the main storage area (main big zipper compartment) this creates a 'spill problem' The front zipper opens from left to right, so even if open only 2-3 inches when opening the main compartment (flipping open), the front pocket 2-3 inch opening will allow things to fall out of front pocket. What would save this Bag: Put front pocket zipper to open from right to left, so that when you open main compartment a) nothing spills out of front pocket and b) you can still reach into front pocket with zipper slightly open. The location of the front pocket zipper start would be on top back of bag, rather than at bottom back where things can 'spill out' ...

Not even a year. Both straps broke in less than 6 months, only used the bag about 5 times. Plastic material was definitely on the cheap side. Just wished I noticed sooner

Smaller than it looks. This bag was smaller than it looked so I had to return it.

You get what you pay for. Not as stiff as shown on video or picture.

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