Laptop Docking Station Dual Monitor, 9 in 1 USB C Dock with 1000Mbps, 2 HDMI 4K, 100W PD, SD/TF Card Reader, 3 USB, USB C Multiport Adapter for MacBook/Dell/HP/Surface/Lenovo

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Get Ready with Below Points

  • Ensure that your laptop’s USB-C port supports the Power Delivery, DP Alt Mode and Data Transfer to access the full feature of this USB-C hub.
  • Not all laptop’s USB-C port support video output. Only USB-C port that support the DP protocol can support external displays, the DP1.4 protocol support resolution up to 4K120Hz.
  • If you have any confusion about this, be free to reach our support team by providing your laptop’s brand and model so that we could help you out.

Up to 120HZ High Refresh Rate

usb c dock

The Maximum display output resolution up to 4K@120Hz with HDMI 1 while single display, also backwards with 4K@60Hz / 2K@120Hz / 1080P@60Hz

  • NOTE with 120HZ Output:
  1. The USB-C port of laptop must support the DP1.4 protocol.
  2. External Monitor must support 120HZ or Higher Refresh Rate.
  3. Only HDMI 1 of dock output up to 4K@120Hz, HDMI 2 display up to 4K@30Hz.
  • Other NOTES:
  1. When more external devices are connected through this hub, it is recommended to connect with power supply through the USB-C PD port.
  2. For MacBook users, settings are required to use LAN ethernet port. Go to: “System Preferences – Network, click on “+” icon and selecting usb 10 / 100 / 1000 LAN to create an application
  3. If the HDMI isn’t stable when extending on monitor, ensure to firmly plug the HDMI cable and assure that the hub is powered through the USB-C port
  4. This USB-C hub docking station much be directly plug to the USB-C port of your laptop. It may not work if plugged to a convert or other port adapters.
  5. Some users’ laptop upgrade from Windows 10 to Windows 11, which cause the USB-C interface of laptop cannot recognize the usb c hub. Please upgrade the “USB-C interface” driver of laptop
  6. Some laptop interface have an over-discharge protection protocol. Please keep the PD adapter connected with docking station while using for a long time.

MAC User Must Pay Attention !!!!!!!!!

docking station dual monitor

Due to the limitation of Mac system, 2 external monitors will display the same content(such as A+B+B). 3 different screens can not be achieved !!!!!!!

docking station

usb c hub

laptop dock

USB-C Fast Power Delivery

The PD charging port supports delivering power to your devices quickly. You can use this docking station to power your laptop with the original power supply.

Expansion for USB devices

2*USB 3.0 Ports with 5Gbps transfer speed and 1*USB 2.0 Port with 480Mbps transfer speed, also allows you to connect keyboard or mouse without any lag.

USB C SD Card Reader

The SD/TF Card reader can read at the same time, immediately transfer pictures to your phone, tablet or laptop everywhere.(Speed up to 104 MB/s)

usb hub multiple adapter

ethernet adapter

sd card reader

Gigabit Network Port

Get a stable high-speed network connection on the USB-C device. Supports max 1000Mbps ethernet, backwards compatible with 100Mbps/10Mbps RJ45 LAN.

Unique Indicator Light

The baseus uniquely designed indicator shines icy blue light, can visually display the working status of the USB C hub but not disturbing you at night.

Design Awards We’ve Earned

Baseus originates from our core value “Based on User”. With more than a decade of focus on consumer electronics, innovation and creativity led us to where we are right now with numerous patents, international design awards, and a vast variety of product.

usb c hub

Checking Your DisplayPort (DP) Version:

The version of DP on your device directly determines the actual resolution when connecting to external monitors using the docking station.

  • If you’re using a Windows device, you can know which version of DP you have by checking your CPU generation.
  1. DP version 1.2 if your CPU is Intel generation 10 or earlier.
  2. DP version 1.4 if your CPU is Intel generation 11 or later.
  3. DP version 1.4 if you’re using a workstation laptop with an NVIDIA GPU.
  • If you’re using a MacBook, iMac, or iPad, you can find your DP version from the list below:
  • DP 1.4: iPad Pro (3rd generation and later), MacBook Pro ( 2017, 2019, 2020, 2021), MacBook Air (2020), MacBook Air (13-inch, M1, 2020), iMac (2017 and later), iMac Pro (2017 and later)
  • DP 1.2: iPad Air (4th generation), MacBook Air (2018), MacBook Pro (2016), Mac mini (2018)

Compatible Device’s Models (not full list)

For Apple: MacBook/ MacBook Pro(2021/2020/2019/2018); Macbook Air 2018-2020, Mac mini 2018-2020, iPad Pro/Air 2018/2020, iPad mini 6
For Dell: Dell XPS 9380/ XPS 13 9365/ XPS 15 2018/ XPS 13 9300; Dell Latitude 5290 2 in 1/5285/5480/5490/5580/7280/Dell Latitude E7370/E7470/E7480/E7490/ laptop/Dell Latitude 13 7000/E7370L/New XPS 15 i7
For Lenovo: Lenovo Yoga 720-13IKB/ Yoga 730/ Yoga 900-13ISK/ Yoga 910/ Yoga 920/ Yoga 930/ Yoga 940-14IIL; 3rd generation Thinkpad Yoga; Yoga15 Thinkpad Ultrabook Pro; Thinkpad E590/ Thinkpad P72/ Thinkpad T470/ Thinkpad X1 Carbon (2019 model); Lenovo C930/ T480s/ X390/ 81N8
For Surface: Microsoft Surface Book 2/ Surface Laptop 3; Surface Pro 7/Surface Pro 8/Surface Go
For Samsung: Samsung Galaxy S10+/S10/S9+ /S9 /S8+ /S8 Plus; Note 10/9/8; Galaxy Book Flex Alpha 2-in-1 13.3″ QLED Touch-Screen Laptop; Galaxy Tab S5e/ Galaxy Tab S4; Galaxy S20 Ultra
For HP: HP Spectre Laptop 13-af001TU/ Spectre x360 13t/ Spectre folio (13t-ak000cto)/ Spectre 360 laptop/ Specter x369; Elitebook 840 G5 series/ Elitebook X2/ Elitebook x360 1030 G3/ Elitebook 745 G6/ Elitebook 830 G6/ 2018 HP Elite 800 G4; Envy Geforce mx250/ Envy x360 Laptop (15z-ds100); Z book 15u G3/ Zbook 17 G4
For ASUS: 13” ASUS Zenbook UX330UA/ Zenbook Flip ux370u; ASUS TUF Gaming A15 Gaming Laptop
For Acer: Acer Aspire 5 2019; D17w3 Aspire c24-865
For Games Steam Deck
Other Laptops: Google Slate (2019); SanDisk Cruise Glide; Razer Blade 2017 (gtx 1060); Pixel book go 2019/2020, Google Chromebook Pixel Book; 13” ASUS Zenbook UX330UA; LG G5, LG gram 14Z990-V.AA52C

Features & Specifications

  • 【120Hz USB C to HDMI Adapter】Simply connect docking station with the HDMI port and you can enjoy Ultra HD audio instantly(Single Display Up to 4K@120Hz). Hdmi splitter for dual monitors support mirror or extend mode with crystal clear 3D visual and high quality video experience through 2 HDMI ports. You can do different project on different monitors which provide you more space for work, good for home office.
  • 【Stable 1000Mbps Ethernet】USB to ethernet adapter provides faster data transfers and better security than most Wi-Fi connections; Simply Plug the usb c hub to your laptop and plug in an ethernet cable, you will enjoy an ultra-fast surfing feeling. Baseus usb docking station which is the Ideal solution for unstable Wi-Fi or a failed network card.
  • 【Fast Power Delivering Hub】The usb c multiport adapter equipped with one type-c charging port for connecting extra power supply which supports charging your laptop(Powered up to 85W). No need to worry about losing laptop's power when usb c docking station fully loaded. Note: There is not equipped with an additional charging cable.
  • 【Advance USB C Card Reader】The laptop docking station dual monitor with light and compact body also insert SD and TF slots. You can transfer photos in seconds to your laptop with highest speed up to 104MB/s and conveniently browse photos instantly on your USB-C smartphones/laptops. USB c dock is perfect for Photographer or Designer or Video editor,etc.
  • 【Effortless Data Transfer】Built in 2*USB3.0 + 1*USB2.0 Ports, which fulfill high speed rates data transfer and wide range of applications at the same time. USB 3.0 ports support up to 5Gbps transmission speed rates, fast enough to transfer HD movie in seconds. And usb c adapter comes with a USB 2.0 port, perfect to connect a keyboard, mouse or other USB A connected peripherals without any lag.
  • Dimensions: 5.31 x 1.93 x 0.63 inches
  • Weight: 3.88 ounces

Pros & Cons


Excellent quality USB-C Hub. One of the best but can be improved. Overall, this is one if the best usb-c hub that I have used so far. The build quality is excellent. The led indicator light is nice. Charging is fine. Ethernet port is fast (I tested mine to be 952mbps via ethernet which is effectively gigabit speed) .Everything works as expected except one thing: SD card slot and microSD card slot cannot be used together (only one of the two is recognized at one time) To be a true docking station, both SD card and micro SD card slot should be operable at the same time. Right now, the only way to transfer data from SD card to micro SD card is to first transfer files from SD card to PC, remove SD card, insert micro sd card to hub, then transfer from PC to MicroSD card. Pros: - Many ports and connections - All ports works as expected - Nice LED light - Power pass-through is fine (Charges my laptop with no problem) - Can work with dual monitor setup - Ethernet port speed works up to 1000mbps - Nice little slot to hold the usb-c jack when not in use - works very well with both PC and phone Cons: - Only SD card slot OR MicroSD card slot can be recognized at one time (not both at the same time ). - Could include a travel pouch like other brands do

Superb for Samsung DEX mode users. If you're a Samsung Galaxy cell phone user and want a different hub to run Samsung DEX mode this is the deal. I have a wired USB kb, wired USB trackball, 1Gbps LAN, HDMI, and the factory Samsung charger on the PD port and this puppy works like a charm. Ended up putting one in my shed so that when I need to watch a YT video on how to fix the carb on my hedge trimmer I can see it on a full screen monitor. Repeat customer for sure. For travel it makes moving pictures off my DSLR camera a snap without lugging a full blown laptop.

Dual HDMI. I tried a few of these USB-C port replicators, and this one so far has no issue waking from sleep mode. This product also seems to run cooler as well. I am using this with a Dell Precision 3541 laptop with the 100 W power delivery port to drive two HDMI (HDMI to DVI cabled) external monitors in extended mode with the laptop display. Each monitor comes from my boneyard and are different brands and resolutions (22" 1650x1050 and 17" 1280x1024 LCD monitors). I also have this connecting a mouse and a laptop cooling pad. I just use the laptop keyboard, but have an available USB port on this dock to use with an external keyboard if needed. I have not used the ethernet port nor the card reader on this dock yet. So far, I am impressed that this dock works so well for me with dual displays . My previous USB-C dock would not wake the external monitor and needed to be unplugged and re-plugged to wake the monitors. This dock is a keeper.

Pretty good! But... What I like - Construction: Is absolutely wonderful, the aluminum unibody is fantastic and makes it feel pretty sturdy to the touch, I had very little give with any ports and the card readers are not loose as some of the other docks out there. - Dedicated ethernet port: Love this feature, a lot of ultrathin laptops don't have an ethernet port, neither do tablets, if you work in anything on the network, having an ethernet is a must. - Output: Had no problems charging my full size laptop. - Storage: I really like the cable stores in the casing feature, it makes it easy to store by itself and you don't have to carry an extra cable around that you might lose. What I don't like - The bandwidth seems to be shared between all the ports in the dock, which means that whenever you are copying a large file over your USB ports your ethernet speed will drop, you won't really notice this much when just browsing the web, but if you are copying a file from the network to an USB drive, oh boy does it crawl. As a note, this is probably a limitation on the space available inside the housing for pcbs, so can't fault Baseus as hard, but still... - The placement on the card readers is not the best, specially if you have it connectected at home like an office dock (if you have it against the wall fixed, it is very finicky to remove them.) What needs changing - The LED is pointless and badly positioned, if you have it connected on the right side port of your laptop is just another reflection on the desk that does nothing. - I/O distribution, here is what it needs to be: > Front (from left to right): USB-A, USB-A, USB-C (all 3.1 or better), tiny pinhole LED that turns red when it is connected without any device and blue once you connect a device to it > Side with no cable: Card readers > Back (from left to right): USB-C (IN PD), USB-A (any spec), HDMI, HDMI, Ethernet port This distribution would ensure all the user accessible IO is in a good place and all things that usually remain connected are in an easily accessible place. 3.5/5 the lack of USB-C in the front is a real oversight in 2022 for the price.

Minimalistic and Lightweight, nearly Perfect. I really love the overall quality and minimalistic design with its matte aluminum. The cable is a near perfect length as it isn't too short for limited adjustment and not too long for the excess to be in the way when not in use. Seriously love the nice touch to the lighting, not because it's just in the small rounded square but because of it being in some way emitting by the opening right by the cable (best seen in a darker room/environment). Every port has its purpose that does a pretty well job being stable despite of all them being used, excluding the microSD and SD card slots as it does not simultaneously work. It's very lightweight and stays cool to the touch even if it slightly gets warmer, which isn't as often, near the PD type-C port. I would definitely have wished for both HDMI ports to be 2.0 or up to the current 2.1 standard for 4k 60hz or even up to 120hz for those of us who have 120hz monitors. Granted, the majority using 2.1 (including myself) will be for gaming and even then, the display port 1.4 will most likely be used. The USB-A ports are pretty good enough for daily tasks requiring transfers from a flash drive but do wish all three ports were 3.0, one of them is 2.0 and is personally not needed as 3.0 is thought to be backward compatible. The ethernet (RJ45) port was no issue for me and led to consistent speeds even in the demanding task of gaming, currently using Dell XPS 15 9510, so a hub adapter is needed. Also, the area where the light emits is a pretty cool compartment for the cable as seen on the attached photo. In the end, I would say this is just enough for daily activities such as dual monitors even if it's 30hz despite of the 120hz advertised...I've only gotten 30hz as an option but that could also be my lack of looking into it more with some tweaking.

Great customer service to fix when it quit working after 6 months. ***Update customer service reached out and sent a new device. Very impressed. I’ll update in a few months, but my guess it will work great or they would not have taken the time to replace the device. Worked great until 7 month mark. Now it is glitching out. It does not recognize the power cord and I’ll be working and the monitors go to sleep. I was using only twice a week until this week, so I’m wondering if it would have failed sooner if I used to on a daily basis.


Didn't work for my laptop. Tried to connect on a SGIN laptop that I purchased from Amazon last fall. Only the wireless mouse would work, could not get monitor or printer to operate through the station. Sending it back, think that it just wasn't compatible with that type of laptop.

Not ideal for hooking up two DVI/HDMI adapters simultaneously. This product is compact and convenient. The network and the interface ports work well. I do not know how it would perform in long term. However, the display is unstable on my Display monitor, by HP. Some times when the computer is required to wake up, only the laptop computer monitor comes up and I have to disconnect and reconnect the monitor in order to have a display again. In addition, it keeps blinking intermittently. Also, the two HDMI ports are too close to each other, so it is imposible to hook two DVI/HDMI adapters at the same time.

Good Quality Overall But Unstable Performance. I purchased this primarily to be able to charge my iPad Pro & iPhone at the same time, without needing my Magic Keyboard. I have multiple preferences for what cases/keyboards I want to use depending on where I am working (home or office), and what project/tasks I'm working on, I don't always have the Magic Keyboard attached to use the pass-thru charging. So I purchased this adapter to solve that need, while also having the benefit of all the other ports, which I will utilize maybe once per month. I am using all original Apple charging cords & power adapters. Unfortunately, if I have my iPhone plugged into any of the USB ports of this product, charging of my iPad stops in a matter of about 30 seconds. If I unplug my iPhone, I also have to unplug my iPad and re-plug it in before charging will work again. The iPad stays charging...... so long as I don't have my iPhone plugged in. But this essentially makes this product worthless to me for at least its primary purpose for my needs. (The media card slots, HDMI, etc were all just fringe benefits that would be nice to have when I need them.) I tested the same situation with the adapter plugged into my MacBook Pro, and my iPhone plugged into the adapter, and produced the same results: within a handful of seconds, charging of the MacBook ceased; charging continued once I un-plugged my iPhone, and then disconnected & reconnected the adapter. The product itself, however, is solid. Definitely doesn't feel cheap or anything like that. I imagine for someone who will use the other ports/slots on a regular basis for data transfer will greatly benefit from this adapter. You just can't rely on it for pass-thru type charging - and the description/details don't reference anywhere that this product is incapable of handling that. It states: "All USB 3.0 ports support 5V/1.5A fast charging for your other devices. Each functional interface has a separate chip, several interfaces can be used simultaneously without delay." But fails to mention that charging of your other devices ceases the charging of the primary device itself.

Boxed was ripped. The box was not sealed and was ripped, there was also dust on the docking station. But still, it is working well for now.

Docking station. This works well with my laptop giving extra spots for plugging in. It works well for plugging in one monitor but hasn't worked well doing dual monitors.

8-1 USB-C hub failure after <2 years of light use. This worked flawlessly for one year and seven months. It was used on an average of two days a week. Now it somehow has failed and causes my A/C power supply to shut down. As soon as I unplug it the A/C pwr supply immediately comes back on. I can plug that into a different USB-C hub/adapter or directly in the computer and the A/C power supply works perfectly. Now I need another portable replacement, but I’m not sure it will be this one.

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