Bladeless Neck Fan, 5000mAh Rechargeable Battery Powered, 3 Speeds, Angle Adjustable, Hand-free Neck Fan for Both Outdoor & Indoor Use, UL Certified, Black

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COMLIFE Bladeless Neck Fan for Sports, Outdoor & Indoor Activities, Hands Free Neck Fan

Features that you would love:

– 5000mAh large battery capacity allows long working hours

– Super safe: Bladeless design avoids risk of long hair getting sucked in

– 3 levels of air volume: strong wind>medium wind>mild wind

– Strong airflow, with angle adjustable

– Simple USB-C charging, durable, dust and sweat proof

– Wide range of applications: office, reading, working, shopping, cooking, camping, picnic, hiking, walking dog, traveling, fishing, concert, watching ball games, after workout, and more

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HF370 BLK_3.2

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High Power Motor

Equipped with high-power motor, which allows the bladeless neck fan to produce 3 speeds powerful wind. Cool you off instantly at the highest speed, or let you enjoy soft breeze while taking a rest.

One Button Operation

Much easier to use with only one button.

Short press the button to turn on the fan, and press repeatedly to adjust the wind speed or turn off the fan.

3 Charging Indicators

– The 1st indicator flashes: 1%<battery volume<33%

– The 1st indicator is steady on while the 2nd indicator flashes: 34%<battery volume<66%

– The 1st and 2nd indicators are steady on while the 3rd indicator flashes: 37%<battery volume<99%

– All the 3 indicators are steady on: Fully charged, battery volume 100%

Multiple Charging

HF370 BLK_4.1

HF370 BLK_4.2

HF370 BLK_4.3

HF370 BLK_4.4

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Features & Specifications

  • 【5000MAH RECHARGEABLE BATTERY】A large capacity of 5000mAh rechargeable battery enables the fan to work long time. 3 hours of charging the fan to the full will grant you 3.5-9 hours of coolness depending on different speeds.
  • 【SAFETY ASSURANCE】The bladeless design ensures safe use for the long-haired, children and the elderly. Adopt individual charging protection circuit to protect the device from over-charged, over-discharged, over-current and short circuit, combining the fixed frequency DC-DC, which is to protect motor from being damaged, ensure longer lifespan of the device.
  • 【3 SPEEDS & 3.5-9 WORKING HOURS】Equipped with 3 speeds for your choice, you can adjust appropriate fan speed by pressing the power button repeatedly to suit your need. And the large capacity battery provides 3.5-9 working hours duration, depending on which wind mode you choose.
  • 【HAND-FREE DESIGN & ANGLE OF AIRFLOW ADJUSTABLE】Its hand-free design is to release your hands. Also, with the soft silicone on the neck part of the fan, you can always adjust the angle of the airflow at will. And the many little air outlets spreading over the fan can give you 360 degree silent wind around your neck and face.
  • 【BEST GIFT CHOICE】The premium and stylish appearance of the fan makes it ideal for use in many occasions, such as outdoor work, gym, office, mowing lawn, yard work, stroller rides, casual walk, driving, traveling, camping, fishing and more you can imagine. The best gift choice for families and friends, just click the Add to Cart button, and wait to see their look of surprise!
  • Dimensions: 7.68 x 2.95 x 8.98 inches
  • Weight: 9.7 Ounces

Pros & Cons


AWESOME NECK FAN. The media could not be loaded. I can’t express how happy I am with my new neck fan!!!! If I could give it 10 stars I would. It helps with my facial sweating. I have a disorder that makes me sweat even in 10 degree weather. This little gem has given me comfort beyond belief. I sweat everywhere but the coolness of my neck fan somehow gives me comfort and dryness everywhere. This product has a fan cooling system around your neck NOT just on your face. I sent a video showing the fan outlets on the neck. Not all fans have this feature. The fan is on high speed in the video. It’s not terribly loud. It looks like a headphone. It charges within 2 hours just like you charge your cell phone. I am TOTALLY pleased with this product ! If you sweat you need to try this wonderful product!! Thank you for reading.

First stop, Maui Hawai'i. I purchased four of the neck fans. Two traveled to Maui. They arrived quickly and packaged securely in a box, which I packed both in my check bag. On arrival the fans were charged quickly and we wore them while at the beach all day on volume 2. Day 2 my friend wore hers while we walked around Paia during the hot day - people admired & commented on the neck fans and their need of one. The fans definitely came in handy! The air flow was perfect, the power was strong and the weight was light, comfortable for wearing all day and the charge held all day. We did put them on the charger at night to ensure full battery for the following day. I bought two black, one white, and one pink. Mahalo

Awesome little fan to keep cool!!! Ordered this neck fan for the fast approaching summer here in Florida. I’m a hot person anyways and always dread the end of spring. I’ve been using it everyday outside since I got it. It’s been making a big difference! It’s so lightweight I’d forget it’s there if it wasn’t blowing air to me. At first I was worried that it would dry out my contacts, but glad to say it doesn’t effect them! There are 3 different speed settings, which is nice, and I really love the smooth adjustable band. Seems durable and so far the charge has held for days. One thing to note is the noise it creates. It’s a decently quiet fan, but a fan no less, right by your ears. It makes no difference to me, but worth a mention depending what you want to use it for. I put together a chicken coop yesterday while wearing this and I was pleasantly surprised at how cool it kept me. This will certainly be my buddy this summer!!

Great for Daily Use Over Many Hours! I gifted this to my mom who is on her feet all day at the hospital and she often would complain about getting hot. Before she had this rinky-dink fan that hung on a corded necklace, it was low power and she'd have to lift it up to her face to feel the breeze. This fan, she loves. She's had it for a few months now, uses it 5 days a week for many hours. She just makes sure to charge it over night and she's good to go the next day. She says it's comfortable and not heavy, says the breeze hits her at the right areas around her neck and face to cool her down. Plus, it's pretty powerful, and the different speeds (low, medium and high) are just right. And her hair hasn't caught in it which is something I worried about. I think it looks good too and it doesn't feel of cheep plastic either so all around neither of us have any complaints. I'm happy that she's getting so much use out of it.

Portable, dependable, effective cooling on-the-go!!! The media could not be loaded. VERY long battery life in mode 1, about 20 hours nom-stop! Flexible center for any angle adjustment around Small or large neck sizes. Lightweight compared to other bulky products, I forget it is even me. My girlfriend uses this too and her hair never gets caught so let your hair down ladies! Handy indicator light that is easily visible let’s you know the battery level. Smooth material makes it pretty comfortable and sweaty resistant.

helpful gadget. I'm a woman of a certain age and fans are a big part of my world and my face has always been sweaty. I just moved back to the east coast and the heat here is killing me. I got this handy gadget for my time outside with my dog. It is helpful. I'm also a home health nurse and I plan to use this when I'm in patients homes who don't like a/c. It doesn't completely cool me but it helps. When I'm tired of it blowing in my face I turn it over and let it blow onto my shoulders and upper body. the fan is quite powerful on full blast and the different speeds are really nice. I can't believe how long it holds a charge. I'll use when hiking too! I haven't had it for very long so if the battery life gets worse over time, I'll update my review!


Not what I expected... Now, Outside having a fan blowing on you is going to be beneficial. I only got it yesterday and I only tried it for a little bit. If u turn the fan up to three it is so loud, it makes you feel uncomfortable and I can see it being irritating. People are going to look around to see where's that sound coming from? It pretty much sounds like a drone in flight and very close flying around very close to you. That's exactly how it sounds. I just thought it was going to be a lot quieter and a lot lighter, it's pretty heavy. Now, I only got it yesterday. One thing is it was fully charged. And it warned about overcharging it that it could ruin it. I was using it in the house and it was wonderful. Then I wore it going outside to get the mail I live in Texas and it's been in the high 90s this week and humid... But as I got further outside, all of a sudden the air blowing was the hot air outside... But that's what it's supposed to do. I guess if you had a wet bandana and you wore that around your neck and used it on parts your face & neck, when your really hot, I think that's when you're going to get the best benefit of this but the sound is way too loud and very well could be irritating... I don't know if I will be able to relax wearing it? But listen if you live in a place like Texas it gets up in the hundreds for weeks at a time and there's absolutely NO BREEZE... It's heavier than I thought it would be which is a little uncomfortable and it's loud other than that it's going to blow all over your face and your neck, and like I said for best results wet down a bandana put it around your neck (I hope that's okay) and you will get relief...

Stronger than a Joe Biden blow on the neck but weaker than a Lance Stephenson. I’m a wedding photographer in Texas so I thought this would help in the summer heat of 110 degrees in the shade but it was very underwhelming. Charged it over night and it was dead before the end of the wedding. It circulated the same hot air that was already air frying my skin. The medium speed reminded me of my brief encounter with the commander in chief blowing on my neck back stage during the DNC and the highest speed took me back to my days on the hardwood floors of my collegiate basketball team where Lance Stephenson would blow my neck for correct answers in math class. Battery life was disappointing. A full charge didn’t even last as long as the grooms sobriety on the day of the wedding. The fan on high was loud enough to drown out the annoyance of the cha cha slide being played for the 3rd time so I guess that’s a plus.

Purchased to help reduce my claustrophobia. Initial Review Jan 13, 2022 I've had a form of claustrophobia for over 20 years. For each person with this phobia it can be different. For example I have no problem being in an elevator. For me it's all about being concerned that I won't be able to breathe. I know this is all psychological but there it is and I've not been able to improve on my fear. That is what I bought this neck fan for. I have a specific use in mind. For about a year I've been taking pilot lessons to fly planes. The one I've been training in has some space around me and there is a window I can slide open. No problem for my claustrophobia. But I can't remain confined to just that one airplane. The next airplane I hope to fly is more confining, and there is no window. Just sitting in the driver's seat parked on the ground triggers my phobia and I have to open the door or get out of the airplane. I'm hoping this neck fan will help. If I can feel air blowing around my face I expect I will be much more comfortable. It's worth a try. For that use I have some concerns. 1) I hope the fan is not electrically noisy which might cause static sounds in the communication system. 2) As I'm not using this to cool off it actually might be too cold. It's winter now and in the 40s to 50s each flight (no heat to speak of in the airplane). All of this will be sorted out in the next few weeks when I'll check it out in a real situation. In the mean time this is a nice looking, if a bit large, neck fan. It is a little adjustable so I can move the air flow closer or further from my face. The design and fabrication is smooth; nothing to cause scratching or discomfort. The lowest setting might be best for me as it stays on for 5 seconds, then off for five seconds. This way it might not be too cold. Of course it may be really appreciated during our hot summers. I'm thinking of wearing it as I do yard work to help keep me cool. Pros: - The design makes it feel comfortable around me neck. - 5 fan speeds - Smooth exterior. No sharp points - Long run times Cons: - I would like it to blow more on my face and less on my neck and cheeks. The fins at the air delivery holes are actually designed to guide air away from the face and more onto the neck. - I was surprised how much noise the fan makes. It's not loud but I expected it to be silent on the lowest setting. - The on/off/speed button is form fitting on the right side. There is no way I can find and push the button because it is so smooth and level with the surface of the fan. It would help if there was a braille type raised dot or two. I will return here to update my review after I try this neck fan in the airplane.

Right fan is broken in less than 3 weeks of usage. I do not recommend this product. The media could not be loaded. Right fan does not operate at low levels. At the maximum level, the right fan does run but it makes extremely loud noise- please see the video. Originally, I really liked this product so I even bought one more for a gift but I regret that I did. I do not recommend this product.

Was not what I expected. I had high hopes for this product, but was disappointed by its bulkiness and comfort level when worn, it may be that I was expecting too much. I live in Florida and bought it for visiting theme parks. I had to keep it on high the whole time and when indoors I could not take it off and store it, it can not fold up. The bulk of this fan, and any other neck fan, is it sits uncomfortably on your neck all day and does not easily spread out the air flow. This was a good idea that does not follow through, I will go back to my little fold-up, hand held fan.

Not what I expected. It does last for longer than a 8 hour shift I give it that, and very light weight as for keeping you maybe if you were in an air-conditioned room if you were outside in the heat well that's what you'll get warm air blown on ya unless if your sweating the it seems a little cooler should kept the first one I bought it actually blew cooler air on you and it was cheaper!

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