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Beelink SER6 PRO AMD Ryzen 7735HS mini PC

CPU: AMD Ryzen 7 7735HS 3.2-4.75GHz 8C/16T L2 4MB L3 16MB

GPU: AMD Radeo 680M 12core 2200 MHz integrated.

OS: W-11 PRO

RAM: 32 GB (2*16)SO-DIMM DDR5 4800MHz ROM: 500 GB M.2 PCIE 4.0 NVMe SSD

Memory Expansion: RAM Support Expansion: maximum support single channel 32GB, dual channel 64GB. M.2 2280 NVMe SSD, up to 2TB. (need to remove the original SSD), 2.5inch 7mm HDD, up to 2TB.

Wireless Support: WiFi6 (802.11ax), BT5.2

Button&Interface: 3 xUSB3.2 Gen2 1 x USB2.0, 1 x USB4.0( type-c, support thunderbolt 3), 1 x RJ45 2.5G 2 x HDMI ports 1 x Audio Jack

What’s in the package?

1 x SER6 Pro Mini PC

1 x Wall-Mounted bracket

2 x HDMI cable 100CM&20CM

1 x Adapter 19V-6.32A

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Features & Specifications

  • 👍【AMD's Powerful Performance CPU】 Mini desktop computer is powered by AMD Ryzen 7 7735HS processor, 8 cores/16 threads, 3.2GHz running up to 4.75GHz. Pre-installed with w-11 system. Powerful than SER5 Series. Perfect for home and office use, design work and playing games.
  • 👍【Triple Screen Display &USB4 8K 60Hz Output】 AMD Radeon 680M 12core 2200 MHz delivers powerful graphics processing. Triple screen [email protected] display output via dual HDMI and Type-C(USB4, 8K 60Hz) port. Supports PD3.0 protocol power output. Fully capable of browsing the internet, using Microsoft Office, Adobe PR and PS applications, 4K videos playback, multi-tasking, etc.
  • 👍【Large storage capacity, Fast speed】 SER6 PRO ryzen7 7735HS mini pc comes with 32GB DDR5 RAM(2 x 16GB, 4800MHz). Dual channel DDR5 upgradeable to max 64GB(2 x 32GB). 500GB M.2 PCIe4.0 2280 SSD(upgradeable to max 2TB), reading speed up to 3750mb/s and writing speed up to 1750mb/s. Support up to 2TB external 2.5-inch 7mm HDD expansion (not included), which will have powerful loading and processing capabilities for heavy loading work.
  • 👍【2.5Gbps Lan, wifi6 BT5.2】SER6 mini computer adopts 2.5Gbps Ethernet LAN port which provides high speed and reliable data transfer, USB 3.2 Gen2(10Gbps) and USB-C4.0 ports. SER 7735HS mini computers equipped with WiFi 6 speed up to 2.4G bps( 802.11ax) and Bluetooth 5.2 is faster and more stable data transmission, which will improve your work effeciency.
  • 👍【Warranty and Certificate】We provide lifetime technical support, 30 days free return, 7 days / 24 hours service. All our products have obtained FCC, CE, and RoHS certifications. If you have any question about us, please feel free to send us message.

Pros & Cons


Excellent Mini PC!! I enjoyed the upgradability of memory and solid-state hard drive. Also, the Mini PC is amenable to the use of Linux as an OS. Video in Windows 11 is 4K and all of the services that I use are available. Most of the time is on a very low power mode. Thanks!!

Great PC, but sort of assembled upside-down. I was amazed how small this machine really is and yet how powerful. I would give it definite 5 stars if not for two small things: 1) The USB ports are assembled upside-down, i.e. if your stick drive has a light it will be shining downwards. And it's not just my PC - Amazon photos show the same orientation. 2) If you use supplied bracket and attach the PC to a wall it will hang upside-down, like a bat. I hope Beelink is reading this review and will fix these flaws. Potentially bigger problem is that WiFi controller in this PC is Mediatek, not Intel. If you want to install a Linux alongside Win11, be aware that not all Linux flavors support its driver.

Cost effective windows 11 pc. With Microsoft excluding a lot of pc with AMD and Intel processors only a couple of years old this pc is the perfect for sitting on your couch and check your gmail, do your taxes, browse a few site while being able to keep the grandkids happy with the games they have at home. So Windows 11 with a good antivirus and VPN maybe we can slow down the cyber attacks and scams.

Great little PC. This review is for Beelink SER5 with AMD Ryzen 5 5500H, 32GB ram, 500GB SSD which was $484 in August 2022. This is a great little PC. Its very fast, small, uses little power, and uses name brand components. 32GB of ram is great. It has been reliable, I have had no issues so far, and it has replaced my laptop as my only home PC. It has space for an extra 2.5 inch hard drive and it is very easy to install one. The fan is very quiet and usually not even on (it does come on full blast for a second during a reboot). It came with Windows 11 Pro and it is fully activated and windows updates work just fine, and no other SW or bloatware. The only thing is the windows key is a "volume" license which is supposed to be for businesses, but who cares as long as it still works. One thing to watch out for if you are looking at Beelink computers is their product line is confusing, prices and discount vary a lot, and they tend to leave their older/lower spec models up for sale on Amazon at nearly the same price as their newer models with better specs. So make sure you are looking at the newest model before purchasing. It took me a fair amount of time to understand their product line and make sure I was getting the most for my money. The also seem to have the same exact models posted multiple times with different prices and different discounts.

Small price for a lot of performance. Very quiet, and very fast. My main computer is a Dell XPS 800-something-or-another and this one is right up there with it, performance-wise. I also love that it's incredibly easy to move around, being that it's so small. I DO wish there had been more USB ports, but that's easily alleviated when you add a small hub. Highly recommend.

incredible video and sound. I am most impressed with this small pc. The video resolution and clarity are extremely good. The sound is excellent. It loads very fast. It is also very easy to install a 2TB hard drive for more capacity.


Loose screw and missing screw in the computer housing. I got the beelink mini pc today, I was very impressed with the packaging and the size of the computer, however when I opened it and was taking out the computer from the box, I heard something loose inside, after opening it to insert an ssd drive into it's compartment, I discovered a screw fell out of the housing, I noticed that there were two screws holding the mb and two screws missing, I then realized that one of the screws was missing and the loose screw was actually one from the mother board.... I quickly put the loose screw in place but that meant one screw was missing holding the MB... why should a brand new pc have loose screws in it? That changed my mind on this product and I really hope that I don't get any further surprises as I use this pc.....

Graphics Disaster - OK workstation. This thing is a beast.... that is until you try to watch something in HD on full screen - then it visibly starts struggling. I was under the impression the 680M graphics chip could handle HD at full screen and 15 yr old pc games moderately well but I was surprised it couldn't, will be returning.

I got a lemon. I started it up and it seemed ok at first. I was able to register and install the updates. I then installed Microsoft office sunset because yest, I still like that ancient program. That process seemed fine but before I got a chance to set up anything in that program the PC rebooted, and then got stuck in a boot loop until I unplugged it. A few minutes later I plugged it back in and it seemed fine. I set up my financial accounts and tried to check on my Hulu account only to have it crash and reboot and get stuck in another boot loop. When I plugged it in again I gave it the three fingered salute to monitor to processor. Without even starting Money or Edge the processor was maxing out, dipping to zero, maxing out, dipping... This lasted about ten minutes and the thing crashed again. After rebooting I uninstalled Money and had the PC reset to factory state. Tomorrow I'll take it to my local UPS store. I'm afraid to try another one so I didn't opt for an exchange. The specs for this PC sound good but the one I got was not a good experience.

Beelink is junk. My computer failed after a few months. The company did little to resolve. So I have a worthless piece of junk now.

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How to Choose Your Beelink ryzen Mini pc

First of first, you need to follow a brief guide as follows in order to buy something like the Beelink ryzen Mini pc. So let's go through the check list before you take an action.


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Existing Customer Reviews

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