Alienware Aurora R14 Liquid Cooled Gaming Desktop – AMD Ryzen 9 5900, 32GB 3466MHz RAM, 1TB SDD + 2TB HDD, NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3080 10GB GDDR6X Graphics, VR Ready, USB-C, Windows 11 Home – Black

Alienware Aurora R14 Liquid Cooled Gaming Desktop – AMD Ryzen 9 5900, 32GB 3466MHz RAM, 1TB SDD + 2TB HDD, NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3080 10GB GDDR6X Graphics, VR Ready, USB-C, Windows 11 Home – Black

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The Alienware Aurora R14 line of gaming desktop PC’s are designed for the ultimate gaming experience with VR ready capabilities. The Alienware Aurora series features incredible processing power combined with the latest graphics cards to handle even the most demanding games. An immense RAM allows your gaming PC to handle the most intensive applications such as video editing or data analyzing to ensure a lag-free multitasking experience. An SSD boot drive provides lightning-fast load times for your most used games and applications. When you opt for a configuration with a clear side panel, you get two internal AlienFX lighting zones. You can then adjust AlienFX RGB colors shining across the internals, for a personalized experience and a more dynamic appearance when gaming in a dark room. Alienware Aurora R14 is engineered with: AMD Ryzen™ 9 5900 (12-Core, 70MB Total Cache, Max Boost Clock of 4.7GHz), 32GB (2x16GB) 3466MHz DDR4 XMP, 1TB NVMe M.2 PCIe SSD (Boot) + 2TB 7200RPM SATA 6Gb/s (Storage), NVIDIA® GeForce RTX™ 3080 10GB GDDR6X LHR Graphics, Dark Side of the Moon.

Features & Specifications

  • POWERFUL PERFORMANCE: The Alienware Aurora R14 Ryzen Edition Gaming Desktop PC was designed to empower gamers seeking computer and graphics horsepower with 12-core AMD Ryzen processors.Chassis options : Dark side of the Moon 1000W Platinum Power Supply, Advanced CPU Liquid Cooler & Clear Side Panel..Hard Drive Rotational Speed : ‎7200 RPM
  • NO WORLD IS TOO BIG: Power through your favorite games or edit your favorite maps seamlessly with 32GB 3466Mhz XMP overclockable DDR4 memory
  • THE LATEST TECH: PCI-Express 4.0 provides graphics, storage drives and networking adapters greater bandwidth so that every component in this gaming desktop performs at their highest level
  • UPGRADED CHASSIS: A new chassis based on the Legend Industrial Design allows for liquid cooling and efficient airflow to reduce CPU temperatures with whisper-quiet operation
  • PREMIUM SUPPORT: We've made it easy to move all the good stuff over to your new PC, with 6 months of Dell Migrate
  • Dimensions: ‎23.2 x 8.86 x 20.1 inches
  • Weight: ‎36.4 pounds

Pros & Cons


The beast is great but... If this has a monthly plan for you I say go for it. If it's on a partial sale go for it. If you can spare the money go for it. I say this because I stream with this beast and play on it as well. Never had an issue not even when I got it. Runs great however. I will say this now. The fans suck. They're cheap and my tower gets really hot. I've had to replace them with stronger fans to avoid overheating. But other then that I've fallen in love with this pre-built. Genuine review. No paid actor. I use this thing alot. Sometimes for hours in a day and runs perfectly fine. Would of put a 5 star but those fans for this expensive of hardware is a tad slacking for my liking but other then that worth the money.

Almost flawless - Overall good. I’ve had this thing for a few months now. I was skeptical considering I’ve built my own PC’s for the last decade. But I recently moved states and took advantage of the 0 interest 12-month payment plan to make things easier. Currently have it hooked up to a 42” LG C2 4K 120hz G-Sync TV. So far this system has crushed everything I’ve thrown at it without issue. Frame rates are reasonably high for everything being maxed out with Ray Tracing on in 4k. Cyberpunk 2077 runs at an average of 68 FPS Red Dead Redemption 2 is around 75 on average. Resident Evil 4 Remake, maxed, is over 100 FPS. The thing performs solid and hasn’t given me much trouble beyond the Alienware software wanting to slow things down. My one and only gripe is that the liquid cooling system is a single fan. Running a Ryzen 9 5900 for hours with everything maxed puts the temps in the high 80’s C, as expected with this silly mistake. No reason not to run a dual fan to this kind of CPU to truly give the hardware longevity. But overall, for plug-and-play, this thing is crushing it pretty well. If I had the full $2400 lying around, I definitely still would have built my own computer though.

Thing makes a the intel look like a garbage. I bought a intel i5 12300kf about a year and a half ago and after downloading the games that i wanted and could easily run them with the 3060 that was with it started bottlenecking and couldnt handle anything. it wouldnt even run the browser when i fired it up. This pc starts all my differnt gaming apps immediately all the while being able to start up any app right when it fires up. Ive never felt i needed to overclock it. If feels like night and day. You know you have a powerful computer when you restart it and it starts all your applications right as you get to youre home screen. AND i have a custom backround screen that is using the graphics.

great pc. I've been using for a week so far and it has been the best pc I've ever owned. everything I play can be at ultra graphic settings with zero lag. I would highly suggest this pc to others.

3D Mark Time Spy Benchmark. Was looking for benchmark results when considering this computer and didnt find any so here it is. 3D Mark Time Spy 1440p combined score 15,580 Graphics score 17,452 CPU Score 9,692 For the price I feel like it was a good value and a much needed upgrade from my 7 year old pc. I have been using for 6 months and this was my first with an AMD processor. Even with the water cooler it does run much hotter than my old I7 Intel. That being said it has been a solid reliable system and hasn't overheated or anything. Just used to my watercooled I7 staying around 55° under full load while this one has hit 80° while gaming. I would recommend it to a friend. Just wish it had more M2 slots for adding more ssd.

Good but bigger than your average setup. Love it so far but it's odd shape makes it bigger than your average pc. Had to buy a new desk to fit it.


Dell Software Support Warranty terrible. I generally build my own systems except laptops, but this time I wanted an Alienware (like buying a Vette) so did my home work and found the best bang for the buck, the R14 for me. Amazon had a great price on my choice and was delivered within a week. After opening the box and taking stock, I was ready to rock. First thing I noticed was the system was slow and stuttering even with a RTX 3080 installed. Got customer service (CS) online 12/01 and started the process of fixing it. On the first day I lost my sound capability because during the process of CS fixing me, the bios change did not take and by the time I was able to get rebooted CS closed for the day. No biggy, next day I had CS on the phone and my hardware drivers were sorted out, but their was still that pesky hard drive thrashing, 25% Mem tied up at boot and still small stutters. CS passed me onto Software support, were I was told they could not help me since I only had basic warranty that covered just hardware. After call I was pissed, called Amazon explained the issues and was told if I wanted to send it back, I could. Amazon CS did ask if they could take another run at Dell since I told them I really did not want to return it, just wanted it fixed. After they got Dell CS on the phone, tech said that "only if I had brought this issue up 90 days ago they could have given me the full service. I scratched my head and said, "I just purchased this computer a little over a week ago!" Upon which I was corrected and told the computer was over 120 days old! Then it all clicked! The minute that computer arrived at Amazon warehouse the clock was ticking, as far as Dell was concerned! Could you imagine if auto companies sold cars like that and hinged your warranty on when the dealer ship took possession? Amazon Customer support has been really great so far. Dell has me really disappointed in my decision to buy their product! Still not sure what my final choice may be, thought of stripping out the case that is was as good and rebuilding it or just hang onto to it and every time it hiccups call Dell Support. UPDATE: 12/4/22 - Resolved being able to enter BIOS, I found if I disconnected my 2nd Monitor I was able to see the Alienware Logo on startup which meant I could hit F2 to enter BIOS. With both monitor plugged in I would never see the Alienware Logo and the start up would hang. I have been able to run diagnostic and bench marks Overall Score = 97% using Passmark. Memory tested at 73% so not too bad but could be better, may go to a better mem stick later. Bottom Line - Going to keep it, but very disappointed in Dell's Warranty Support with software.

Was great when it worked. I have built PCs in the past, but I decided to go with this pre-built system for a variety of reasons. I purchased the computer Nov. 3. It stopped booting Feb. 6 and said there was an issue because a CPU fan could not be found. I called Dell Feb. 7, sent it in for repairs, and Dell received it Feb. 11. On Feb. 21, I was told the computer was out of warranty because I upgraded the hard drive and was charged $150 for repairs. I was initially told the computer would be out for repairs for 10-12 business days. Today is Day 46, and I keep being told that a part is on backorder. That part is a hard drive. Remember, the issue wasn't about a hard drive at all. I was told there was an issue with the CPU fan and the heatsink. I've been waiting on my computer to be returned over a hard drive that is on backorder. I told them I could order a hard drive from Amazon and have it to them by tomorrow. I had my computer for 89 days. Dell has had it for the past 46 (and counting). The system was great while it worked, but now it feels more like a memory than something I owned. UPDATE: I finally received the unit back after its lengthy absence, and it's once again working fine. But I'm hesitant to make any changes to the unit, including adding the Alienware Command Center, because I'm scared it will go down again. Again, I like it when it's running. Hope I don't have any more problems.

Has issues but plays well 70% of the time. If you get this computer be prepared to run the alienware command center computer support checkup 10x in the first week. It needs updates to fix alot of reasons people have been complaining for the last year+. I got a bootup blue screen when it didn't process my game correctly and had to hardboot the system ran the alienware command center asap and yep another driver needed to be updated. Basically everytime I hit an issue I would rinse repeatedly this process. It now works fine. I however don't like its sleep mode it will Rev up slightly and make a click noise every hour or so. I sleep with it in my room super annoying I just shut it down completely now. It does not like some modding programs specifically wemod + gta. It will black screen for a couple minutes after exiting a game and give you a horror show feeling when you worry it won't leave the black screen. If I would have known all these issues probably wouldn't have bought it but it runs great when playing games so it's a trade off. *update* I ended up returning this before it was to late to return it after it started shutting down randomly on sims 4 game. At this point I was checking for updates every 2-3 days and the glitches continued. Never had so many issues with an alienware this would have been my 3rd. Decided I wasn't going to have a new computer that was to high maintenance. Kinda thinking I may try a different brand after this experience.

blue screens of death (BSOD). The reason I'm giving this one star is that when one buys a $2600 computer, one expects it to work without getting blue screen errors within the first week. I started receiving BSOD errors while I was away from my computer (no games were running) on a regular basis within the first few days of using this computer. I did a fresh install of windows 10 (downgraded from 11). The computer seems a lot more responsive on first reboot with a fresh windows 10. The alienware control center is ABSOLUTE JUNK SOFTWARE. You will experience this yourself. You only need it to control lights, you can still overclock from the BIOS. I recommend never installing any dell/alienware software if you can help it. I will know in a few days if the BSOD issue is resolved with the fresh windows10 install and no dell junk software. If you buy this PC, expect to have to do some work to make it run properly, even though you shouldn't need to do this at this price point. Update: I have not gotten any BSOD in at least a week since installing win10 and removing dell junk Updating this to 3 stars. Minus 2 stars for Dell junk messing up an otherwise great computer

Bad First Impressions, Great In The Long Run. I think it's very important to first say that since addressing the issues the PC has been an absolute dream outside of some crackling from certain Audio Interfaces. Dell should really focus on the first impressions when building/working on these PCs as mine almost drove me to return it immediately. On first startup, the PC lagged, stuttered and bluescreened multiple times. It was absolutely terrifying considering the almost $2,500 price-point. Although after uninstalling all of the bloatware that comes preinstalled with Windows 11 and these Alienware PCs, as well as updating the BIOs. I have yet to experience any of these problems again. But if someone with less tech knowledge were to buy this, in my opinion: DON'T. It takes too much extra work to get it to run well, too much fine tuning. If you do have more experience, I'd recommend just building one yourself because the experience that I had to go through to just get it to run right was just as much effort as building a PC yourself.

Waste of time. This is my second Alienware product; my previous was a gaming laptop back in 2010ish. That laptop performed well but has some glaring flaws, such as the video cutting out from a bad hinge. I was hoping maybe Alienware had gotten better over a decade, but unfortunately it's the same story all over again, and I am returning it. In general, this PC is good and runs well. While I really dislike branding, I will say the case design is rad. I love the toolless design, tho you do need a screw driver to open the case so that's a bit of a fib, but the interior is clean and easy to access. I didn't really stress test this much. I did play a heavy Skyrim VR modpack, and it performed like hot garbage, but that modpack is notoriously poorly optimized, so I don't know if I can blame the PC for that. That being said, even while playing relatively simple games like WoW or just watching YouTube, I got multiple BSODs, which is just bizarre. However the real reason I'm returning it is because the wired network adapter is faulty. Online gaming while streaming will lead to constant disconnects which can only be fixed by resetting the adapter, and sometimes just gaming or YouTube by itself will crash the adapter. I spent multiple weeks trying to fix it, troubleshooting with my roommate, who is not having this problem, tried to contact Dell who refused to help, etc. I finally hit my breaking point when it happened during a progression night, and I had to miss half the gaming session, which probably set us back a week. This PC is overpriced. I was okay with that because I have little free time or patience, I just wanted something that worked, and was willing to pay for it. But somehow even something as simple as a wired connection was too much to ask of Alienware. I'm very frustrated that I wasted weeks on trying to get this overpriced brick to do what my 7 year old Studio XPS did flawlessly. That's twice I've been burned, I will never purchase an Alienware again. 1 star overall, 2 star for the neat case design.

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