Agon AG493UCX2 Super Wide Curved Gaming Monitor, Dual QHD 5120×1440, 165Hz 1ms, FreeSync Premium, DisplayHDR 400, USB-C Docking & KVM, Height-Adjustable

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AG493UCX2AG493UCX2 Ultrawide

Performance and size

49 inches of wrap-around immersion will change the way you experience your favorite games. The AGON AG493UCX2 features an enormous curved, dual quad VA panel that reaches more of the color spectrum, and its VESA DisplayHDR 400 screen means deeper blacks and color arrays that pop. With the speeds and feeds you would expect from AGON’s flagship monitor, your gaming will be fast, crisp, and free of ghosting and blur which could otherwise affect your performance.


  • 49” with 5120×1440 DQHD resolution
  • VA curved panel for wide viewing angles and world class colors
  • AMD FreeSync Premium Pro to reduce stuttering and tearing
  • VESA DisplayHDR 400 for bright, vibrant, and realistic colors
  • Rapid 1ms response time (MPRT) and 165Hz refresh rate
  • 1 x DisplayPort 1.4 and 2 x HDMI 2.0 connections
  • Built-in KVM switch to easily display content from multiple sources (PC, notebook etc.)

DQHD Ultrawide

AMD FreeSync Premium Pro


Ultimate form factor

The AG493UCX features a curved panel with 5120×1440 Dual Quad HD for a more exciting and immersive visual experience. Playing on essentially 2 x 27-inch QHD monitors in one is a beautiful and seamless experience. Our eyes are curved, and have a limited field of view. The AG493UCX’s curvatures of 1800R conforms to the way we see and helps reduce eye fatigue while putting you in the center of the action.

1ms pixel response, 165Hz refresh rate, and AMD FreeSync Premium Pro

A response time of 1ms (MPRT) means pixels respond with speed without the smear for an enhanced gaming experience. 165Hz refresh rate brings unprecedented smoothness and fluidity to your games. AMD FreeSync Premium Pro synchronizes your monitor’s frame-rate with that of your GPU to provide a stutter and tear-free gaming experience.

USB-C docking

USB-C docking allows you to simultaneously draw power, video, and data from your PC or laptop to your monitor. Drawing your charging, display, data, and network all in one cable will make life easier for you and for those around you.

KVM Switch


Low Input Lag

KVM switch built-in

With the MultiClient integrated KVM switch, you can control two separate PCs with one monitor-keyboard-mouse set up. A convenient button allows you to quickly switch between sources or display content from multiple sources simultaneously. Handy with set-ups that require dual PC computing power or sharing one large monitor to show two different PCs.

Highly accurate colors

The VA panel provides a 178/178 degree viewing angle while maintaining consistent image quality and colors from all viewing positions. VESA Certified DisplayHDR 400 provides realistic and accurate colors with deeper blacks.

Faster response

Unleash your reflexes by switching to the AOC Low Input Lag mode. Forget graphical frills: this mode rewires the monitor in favor of raw response time, giving the ultimate edge in hair trigger stand offs.

Size VA 49-inch class Curved DQHD 5120×1440 VA 49-inch class Curved DQHD 5120×1440 IPS 27-inch QHD 2560×1440 IPS 27-inch QHD 2560×1440
Refresh rate 165Hz 120Hz 240Hz 170Hz
Response time 1ms (MPRT) 1ms (MPRT) 1ms (MPRT) 1ms (MPRT)
HDR VESA Certified DisplayHDR 400 VESA Certified DisplayHDR 400 VESA Certified DisplayHDR 600 VESA Certified DisplayHDR 400
Panel Curvature 1800R 1800R
Connectivity 1xDP (1.4),2xHDMI (2.0) 2xDP (1.4),2xHDMI (2.0) 2xHDMI 2.0, 2xDisplayPort 1.4 2xDP (1.4),2xHDMI (2.0)
Sync AMD FreeSync Premium Pro Adaptive Sync NVIDIA GSYNC ULTIMATE + Reflex AMD FreeSync Premium

Experience ultimate immersion with the AGON AG493UCX2 ultra-wide curved gaming monitor. This 49″ class curved monitor offers up an astounding 5120×1440 resolution that is the equivalent of having 2x 27″ QHD monitors side-by-side, without borders in between. Its high 165Hz refresh rate and fast 1ms MPRT response time ensure silky smoothness and fluidity to your games. Gain smooth victories with AMD FreeSync Premium Pro technology as it synchronizes the display and GPU to provide the most fluid, tear-free gaming experience at its highest performance. With the latest VESA DisplayHDR 400 certified technology, colors are more accurate than ever before with greater depth, nuance, and vibrancy. See your characters come to life with impressive luminescence, high contrast, and dynamic color range. Instantly change gears between 6 game modes to enhance your in-game experience using the AOC Settings Keypad located on the bottom right corner of the monitor. The AOC remote control gives you full control of your monitor even from a distance. Flicker-Free for well-being and additional comfort during extended gaming sessions. The AGON AG493UCX2 is also loaded with the latest standards in USB-C display technology to simplify connecting your mobile devices via one single cable (DP Alt Mode required on mobile devices). With just one reversible cable, you can display video, expand your USB ports, and charge your device all at the same time, up to 65W via USB-PD. Complete with a KVM-switch built-in, users can quickly switch between inputs and USB peripherals for maximum multitasking efficiency. You can also customize your AGON monitor and peripherals in AOC G-Menu, a convenient, all-in-one software. The box includes a 49” monitor with stand, power adapter, HDMI cable, DisplayPort cable, USB-C to C cable, remote control, and quick start guide.

Features & Specifications

  • 49-inch class (48.8" viewable) AGON curved gaming monitor with ultra-wide Dual Quad HD 5K 5120x1440 resolution, immersive 1800R curved VA panel, and minimal bezels.
  • Immersive 1800R curved VA panel wraps around you and puts you in the center of the action for the ultimate gaming experience while providing extra flexibility for multitasking and productivity performance.
  • Ultra-fast 165Hz refresh rate and rapid 1ms response MPRT to hit moving targets with precision and get you ahead of the competition by milliseconds.
  • AMD FreeSync Premium technology ensures ultra-smooth, tear-free gaming performance with low latency and better brightness and contrast visuals for more realism.
  • VESA DisplayHDR 400 certified performance and cinema-standard DCI-P3 90% color gamut brings characters to life and creates stunning imagery with dynamic color range, rich details, and diverse contrast for full immersion
  • Instantly switch gears between 6 game modes to optimize visuals via the AOC Settings Keypad and adjust AOC Shadow Control settings via AOC G-MENU to improve your gaming experience
  • Robust Connectivity includes 1x DisplayPort 1.4, 3x HDMI 2.0, 1x USC-C 3.2, 3x USB 3.1 (USB Hub), 2x 5W built-in speakers, and 1x audio out (3.5mm) for convenience
  • Ergonomic stand (Height-adjust, Swivel, & Tilt) for the most optimum viewing angle and high comfortability during long campaigns and extended gaming sessions
  • VESA compatible 100x100 wall mount and monitor arm mount for the ultimate multi-monitor setup
  • Dimensions: ‎12.13 x 47.02 x 18.4 inches
  • Weight: ‎37.7 pounds

Pros & Cons


Almost perfect. Have only used for a few days so far and will update if anything untoward occurs. My ability to multitask with this is great as you can see in the picture. It took a bit of dialing in the settings to my liking as you would expect and the image quality is great! With overdrive on low I don't see much ghosting but I came from another high refresh rate VA pannel so I may just be used to it. My only complaints are honestly nit picking but they're enough to take a star. Firstly the base doesn't go quite high enough for me. This wouldn't be much of a problem since it is vesa capable but the monitor is 24lbs without the stand. That weight makes it too heavy for most affordable mounting systems. Secondly I would like a bit more curve with a screen this wide. It is something you do get used to but when I first started using the monitor my peripherals seemed in an unnatural position. They seemed just a few inches too far away and it takes a brief moment to adjust your focus on them. It seems petty, but in a fast paced game it can make all the difference. Third and least of all are the built in speakers. They're about what you'd expect from monitor speakers. They get the job done if you have nothing else, but otherwise I'd advise using just about anything else.

PBP does work but... Assuming you have an adequate video card, this a great gaming monitor. My primary use case: I run a MacBook Pro M1 Max and PC simultaneously. I had some issues with PBP early on, and I actually started the return process, but I found a solution. Initially the monitor would lose the USB-C connection whenever the screen saver engaged or the monitor went to sleep. I had to either unplug the monitor or disconnect/reconnect the USB-C or both to get it working again. It was a pain. I was using the USB-C cable (connected to the Mac). I replaced the AOC USB-C cable with a TB4 cable, and it's been working great ever since. I was not happy having to use a $75 dollar cable to make the PBP work properly, but it does work now. I'm keeping the monitor. Tip: If you use PBP, you can use the monitor USB hub which works great. I've found using a Mac and PC is a bit of a challenge because of the difference in keyboard configurations, so I have a keyboard that is compatible with Mac and PC, but not wanting to use the monitors USB hub (less wires), I use synergy. It's allows you to share KM between multiple machines. It works great between a Mac and PC if keyboard is compatible with both. I'm very happy with it.

What A Difference! I have a AW2721D and now this monitor and I can tell you the difference in colors is significant! You can tell the difference before making minor calibration changes. The two issues I have with this monitor are the legs on the stand are super long and the button on the back of the monitor to go through the monitor settings is terrible, but it comes with a wired controller that you plug into the back of the monitor that you can use that makes it effortless. I am using the following settings that can be found on TomsHardware: Picture Mode Game Mode Off Brightness 200 nits 213 Brightness 120 nits 127 Brightness 100 nits 104 Brightness 80 nits 83 Brightness 50 nits 53 (min. 39 nits) Contrast 50 Gamma +.2 Color Temp User Red 54, Green 57, Blue 42 Refresh rate between the two monitors are the same, so there is no difference there for me, but I would choose this over the Alienware.

It does what I wanted it too for the price it was. The quality of the actual monitor is pretty great and the colors are not bad either. I bought it so I could game competitively but also be a part of my setup for school and work use. Great monitor honestly just really dam expensive.

Man was hoping for a great experience. Wanted to love this monitor had a great hopes but unfortunately someone took advantage of it they shame.

My first monitor experience. To whom it may concern, This AOC PRO monitor in my opinion is worth the money if possible. Realistically on paper everything about this monitor looks outstanding. I recently received my monitor and excitedly hooked it up. It’s easy to assemble maybe ten minutes at the max to fully have hooked up and running. Far as the specs go, I am no monitor guru not even close. I have this monitor running for my PS5 as of now. With that being said the games I am recently playing looks and runs smoothly. Even this monitor is more then needed for the PS5. If you did not know the PS5 only will runs up to 120Hz and 1080p supported with 4K HDR. I will build a PC a little later so my mind set was to just go ahead and have a decent monitor ready for that sense I was going to be spending the money. I did see some videos on YouTube expressing some flashing issues and some flickering issues but I have yet to have any. If I do run into any of those issues I saw from YouTube and or any new ones I will update my review. As of now it is a very beautiful monitor. Kind of heavy to hood with one hand but it is very nice. I am pleased with my purchase.


Panel Dead Out of Box. Could never get any kind of picture from the monitor, so I'm pretty sure the panel is dead. Tried messing with the control button on the back, but never saw the monitor's menu appear. I know the button worked, though, because the backlight started changing as I randomly pressed it. In the process of returning it. Sad part is this was going to be my first "premium" monitor, and I was considering buying a second one if it worked well.

Maybe it's good for some people? Arrived damaged. Interior padding was cracked and broken, like the box had been dropped. Upon plugging the monitor into a power source there was a line of discolored pixels running from the top of the screen tot he bottom. After loading into Windows, trying a few different settings, and loading a game I realized it was a physical defect into the unit and not an issue with the cable or my computer. The rest of the image looked very good, with nice color depth and vibrancy, but I took a gamble on this monitor as it doesn't seem widely reviewed, and I won't be buying another.

Hope you get a good unit. unboxed monitor and noticed something stuck under stand base?? Very noticeable as the base changes colors. The monitor also arrived with dead pixels as can be seen in the pictures.

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