Invite-only deal – Acer i7 Creator Laptop

Invite-only deal – Acer i7 Creator Laptop

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It’s all about the innovation. Acer products are designed for your needs and accessibility with powerful features fit for your lifestyle. The Acer Swift X laptop is ready to unleash the creativity within. This Acer Ryzen 7 notebook is great for college students majoring in creative pursuits such as design and multimedia. Your inspiration will find the power it needs in the AMD Ryzen 7 5000 Series Mobile Processor. The multi-core processor speeds up rendering and other time-consuming tasks so you can spend your valuable time imagining new ideas and bringing them to life. With the latest NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3050 Ti Laptop GPU, you’ll experience graphics powered by new RT cores, Tensor cores, and streaming multiprocessors for visuals that look like real life. Start livestreaming or play back your video creations with Acer technologies like PurifiedVoice and TrueHarmony to give you clear audio. Spend the day on the move with long battery life and a sleek, portable chassis. Worried about keeping your ideas safe? The embedded fingerprint reader with Windows Hello Certification makes sure only you can log into your Acer Swift X laptop. (NX.K79AA.001).

Features & Specifications

  • Aspect Ratio:16:9
  • Ultimate Performance. Uncompromised Battery Life: Speed up tasks with AMD Ryzen 7 5825U processor with Zen 3 Core Architecture, available for ultrathin laptops, so you can save time and get back to creating
  • RTX, It's On: The latest NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3050 Ti Laptop GPU (4GB GDDR6 VRAM) is powered by award-winning Ampere architecture with new Ray Tracing Cores, Tensor Cores, and streaming multiprocessors supporting DirectX 12 Ultimate for incredible creativity
  • A True Visual Representation: Create your best content on the 14" Full HD (1920 x 1080) IPS Widescreen LED-backlit 100% sRGB display with 300 nits brightness and 16:9 aspect ratio
  • Internal Specifications: 16GB LPDDR4X memory (maximum 16GB); 512GB NVMe SSD; 802.11ax Wi-Fi 6 Dual-Band 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz featuring 2x2 MU-MIMO technology; Bluetooth 5.2
  • Windows Hello with Fingerprint Reader: Biometric fingerprint reader and Windows Hello sign-in options help keep your Acer PC secure
  • Made to Move: At just 3.06 lbs, this Acer Swift X laptop is ready to go where you go. The metal design is thin and lightweight, but packs a whole lot of battery power with fast charging capability
  • Hear It to Believe It: Stream music, play back videos, and hear it all with optimized bass response and distortion prevention from DTS Audio in the dual front-facing speakers
  • Ports For All Your Accessories: USB Type-C Port USB 3.2 Gen 2 (up to 10 Gbps) DisplayPort over USB Type-C & USB Charging, 2 USB 3.2 Gen 1 (1 Power-off Charging), HDMI 2.1 with HDCP support, Headphone/Microphone-in Jack
  • The Right Fit: 12.71" W x 8.35" D x 0.70" H; 3.06 lbs; One-Year International Travelers Limited Warranty (ITW); Up to 9.5 Hours Battery Life - MobileMark 2018 (Up to 13 Hours Battery Life - Video Playback)
  • Dimensions: ‎12.71 x 8.35 x 0.7 inches
  • Weight: ‎3.06 pounds

Pros & Cons


Solid laptop all around. Jack of all trades laptop that does everything pretty well. Ill go over some of the important categories in detail. I did end up returning this laptop for reasons Ill mention but it is a good device overall. Build Quality - Build quality is good overall with metal construction and not too much flex on the chassis or lid of the laptop. It has some upgradability with a second, empty m.2 drive slot. Which is pretty nice since you can expand on the original 512gb SSD without having to replace it. The RAM is soldered onto the board and, therefore, cannot be changed. 16GB should be enough for most cases, but again, with them marketing towards creators the option to expand past 16GB may have been nice even if only a single so-dimm slot was accessible like in the Asus g14 for example. I/O - I/O is solid for a 14 inch laptop with it housing 2 USB type As, 1 USB 3.2 type C (charging capable), a mic/headphone combo jack, and an HDMI port. Though for a device marketed as a "Creator Laptop" Id have expected either a full size or at least micro sd card reader. Keyboard/Touch pad - The keyboard provides a nice typing experience. Though the keys are a little mushy for my liking. The touch pad is also very solid with a smooth surface and accurate tracking. Could be a little larger possibly but is fine for the size of the laptop. Battery Life- Battery life is pretty good for this segment. Could probably find better at a similar price but given the hardware in this laptop it is plenty good I'd say. I was generally reaching around 7-9 hours at 50% brightness and with background apps disabled. Usually while web browsing, watching videos, and coding in Visual Studio. Make sure to turn off one drive syncing though as its on by default and drastically lowers battery life. Display - The Display is both a pro and a con for me. It is very bright and color accurate but it is not very good for gaming. Now this is not a gaming laptop so i was not expecting a high refresh rate display or anything along those lines. What I was not expecting was to be so impacted by the high response time of the display. Every game I played experienced ghosting and was generally not very responsive. It ended up being a deal breaker for me as, while I bought this for university primarily, gaming is an important 2nd use case for me. The performance is not the problem as ill touch on shortly, but the screen hinders the gaming experience too heavily for me. This is a subjective opinion as I am sure it wont be a problem for most and it may have to do with the fact that I have always had a high refresh rate display on both laptop and desktop for the past few years but its an issue for me nonetheless. Performance - Performance is great for the price and size of the laptop. My model was equipped with the R7 5800u + 3050ti. This combo could handle pretty much any workload I threw at it. I never completely stressed the 8 cores and 16 threads the CPU had to offer but I did not experience slowdown when coding in visual studio or when I had a large amount of chrome tabs open. I am not a content creator but I would imagine this hardware combined with the color accurate display would make it a great fit for any kind of photo or video work, as it should given its advertised towards this use case. For the gaming side, the 3050ti in this thing is only a 40w part but its no slouch. Easily beating out integrated graphics or the underwhelming MX line of dedicated GPUs from Nvidia. There wasnt a single game I tried that was unplayable. Even cyberpunk can hit 60fps with DLSS. The most graphically intensive game I consistently play at the moment is Battlefield V which will run at a steady 60fps on medium or 50-60fps on high with some dips. The 3050ti in here seems to be on par with a full wattage GTX 1650ti while trading some blows here and there from what I have seen. Again, certainly not a gaming laptop, especially given the screen, but it is more than capable of allowing you to play pretty much any game in your library at some level of settings. Pretty impressive for a laptop with this combination of price and portability. Thermals/Acoustics - Thermals are a strong point of this laptop. Unlike full fledged gaming laptops, the 3050ti in here is a bit easier to handle. As such, this laptop running only a single fan. While the CPU can run a little toasty from time to time it will usually spike then drop to a more comfortable operating temperature. Seemingly up to around 95C then settling in the low to mid 80s in my testing. The GPU stays pretty cool at all times, even when being maxed out. Thankfully, due to that single fan, even under load the laptop does not get very loud. I did not test the exact decibel count but its quiet enough to where I could play a game without worrying about putting on headphones as opposed to a traditional gaming laptop where eventually jet engine mode activates. That said, when installing programs and doing some other seemingly mundane tasks that can put a little stress on the CPU, the fans will spike which can be annoying. Closing Thoughts - Overall I really liked this machine. It offered good performance, battery life and build quality for a good price. The display ended up being a deal breaker because gaming is too high of a priority for me to compromise in that area. Which this laptop showed me honestly as I was not expecting it to be something I found to be such a problem. All that said, it probably wont be an issue for most and if it sounds like it would be to you Id recommend looking elsewhere. Otherwise this is a great option for pretty much anyone looking for a good all around device in this price range.

reasonably powerful and light weight. Sometimes has problems coming out of standby. This laptop is pretty powerful for its size, I do still image and video processing. When plugged in its reasonably fast. Battery life is pretty good un-plugged doing not CPU intensive activities. The screen resolution is acceptable. The screen is very bright, I turn down the brightness a lot in less bright settings. Like other people, sometimes I hit the wrong arrow-penup/down keys, it would be nice if there was more separation. I like the fully backlit key, very handy. I used the HDMI plug for external monitors, so that is good. I use both the Type A and TYPE C USB plugs; especially for SD card readers. My biggest complaint is it has problems in stand-by mode. Sometimes it will get in a mode where the fan comes on and off about every 5 seconds. It wears down the battery doing this. If I let it fall asleep by itself, then it sometimes doesn't really shutdown and drains the battery. So I use the power button for standby most of the time. One time it wouldn't restart at all. Even doing a full kill-power cycle. I let it sit for an hour and then it was fine, and has been fine since then, but scary. I do more backups.

Best laptop I have had, awesome for everything I need. I'm amazed how well this laptop does for it's size and price. It's super responsive for everything, and plays every game I have on the highest settings. It's so small I don't have to think twice about lugging it around like I usually have to do with laptops powerful enough for what I need. It's also nice to be able to use a USB C dock with power and only have one cable to connect and disconnect to hook up to everything. It's also nice that the screen isn't glossy so doesn't reflect everything, yet it looks amazing. The only trade off seems to be it's quite plasticky and not the most rugged feeling laptop.

Worth the price. Visually it’s a Beautiful laptop. The screen’s height was smaller that I thought, but once the laptop screen is on it doesn’t seem as small. I like the resolution, not the best but it’s still great. I like the matte screen, it reduces the glare from the sunlight. The camera is actually good for its price, I’ve had to do a zoom class once and the image was actually good and clear, better than I expected. The thing I don’t like are the sound and location of the speakers. I wish the brightness was a bit smoother in transition when changing it. The battery drains quickly when playing some video games (specifically Sims 4, that’s the game I play the most haha), I have to keep it charging while playing. But other than that, I think the price is worth it either way for casual usage and light games, I did research when I was looking for a laptop and this one fit best for my budget and usage.

Pretty good overall, but a few minor flaws. Edit: Updated after spending more time with the laptop. I ended up buying two of these. First one was for me, the second one was for my son who is in the military. I can say that my power brick works fine and the "pigtail" fits into the brick just fine. I think that reviewer was unlucky and got a dud. RAM is soldered on, so there aren't any upgrades. However, it's low power DDR4 4266, so it's fast and also in dual channel. 16 GB should be enough for most people. The SSD is a PCIe 3.0 x4, so it's relatively quick. HWinfo64 reports it's also NVMe 1.3, which isn't the latest spec. The SSD itself is made by SK Hynix and performs reasonably well. There are two M.2 slots inside. Slot 1 is NVMe/SATA. Second is NVMe only. Both slots are PCIe 3.0 as the AMD Ryzen 5000 series only supports PCIe 3.0. If you want to upgrade your storage, don't waste your money on a Gen 4/PCIe 4.0 SSD unless you plan on moving it to a faster computer later. I recommend the SK Hynix P31 Gold 1 TB for a second drive. I put one in my son's Swift X and it performs very well. The Wifi is made by Mediatek. I had a lot of issues with this card. It wouldn't connect to my Fios wireless network (it'd connect to the guest network though - go figure). Card was very slow. I bought an Intel AX210 for my son's laptop and it fixed the problems. Speed and connectivity is significantly better with an Intel card. The laptop is a little short on ports, including an Ethernet and an SD card slot. You may want to get a USB dock that has these and additional USB ports. Now the graphics card. First off, this is NOT a gaming laptop nor does it claim to be. This is a low power version of the RTX 3050 Ti. If you buy this with gaming as your primary focus, you'll be disappointed. There are dedicated gaming laptops that will do a much better job. With that being said, this laptop is one that is capable of doing some lighter gaming and doing it reasonably well. It will perform better than other thin and light graphics solutions like the Nvidia MX450 or the Intel Xe. Think more of playing a game in your hotel after a day of work. The lower power edition will have lower performance than other RTX 3050 Ti's running at a higher wattage. The graphics card is there to give a boost to creator software like Photoshop and Premier. This laptop is primarily a work laptop. Still gaming will be significantly better than with the onboard Radeon graphics, or a comparable laptop with Intel Xe graphics. Screen is pretty good for its segment. Sound is ok. Headphones would be advised for better sound. Keyboard backlight was another issue for me. The white backlight with the gold keys can make it hard to read with the backlight on. I found the keyboard more readable with the backlight off in a lit room. The middle right section of the keyboard was significantly dimmer than the left side and right edge. It made the keyboard even more difficult to read and quite frankly, it drove me nuts. My son's laptop didn't have the issue. Acer offered to do a warranty repair for me, but a tech at an authorized Acer repair shop told me to just send it back as I'd have the situation resolved much more quickly. I ended up exchanging it for a laptop that better meets my needs (IA testing and development). I bought another Acer as I still like the brand. I just needed something a bit beefier and a bit more upgradeable. It's a great laptop for my son who has much more "normal" computing needs than I do. Overall, it seems like a solid laptop for the price. It's not fancy but should do it's primary tasks well (business) with a little extra for entertainment. Compared to other thin and lights I've owned (an Aspire 5 and a Lenovo Ideapad 720S), this outperforms them. If you go in with reasonable expectations, you should be quite happy with the purchase.

Love it. Solid performance, only two "complaints" and neither are big deals to me. One, I dislike the champagne color of the lid. Second, the touch pad is not super accurate or responsive. I use a mouse most of the time personally so it's not a big deal to me. Might be something that could be solved with settings around acceleration or something, or a driver issue. Solid laptop still around outside of that though. Keyboard has more travel than most lower end laptops and it performs like a gaming laptop.


Could have been the best overall for 2021, but... After several months as a daily driver I am separating my way with Swift X. List of malfortunate issues follows: The very first automatic windows update, after I bought this laptop, was not successful and I had to force windows 10 21h2 installation from the Microsoft website. After that automatic updates worked well although I did not accept Win 11 update. Acer update tool never found anything to update even though windows update had optional updates for wifi and bios. Bios update made a total mess since it cross linked and effectively lost boot partition. I have added second ssd from the beginning and that one had UEFI partition as well since it was a Windows boot drive in my previous laptop. It took me two hours to figure out what happened and to transfer boot files to a proper UEFI partition. When I think now it was probably a reason why windows update had problems from the begining. Next big issue is a wifi card. Every two to three weeks wifi card becomes invisible to Windows and only way to bring it back is to click on the reset on the back of the laptop. Yes, there is a pinhole button at the back that apparently disconnects BIOS battery and after that all comes back fine. I did not see pinhole reset on any recent laptop or probably ever, and was thinking interesting engineering but did not think I will use it regularly. Fingerprint scanner becomes unresponsive from time to time, you can see an exclamation mark in Device manager and you need to uninstall and scan for changes so fingerprint reader works again. Lately laptop does not want to go to sleep mode, I close the lid and can hear the fan coming on and off preventing me from sleeping at the night. Ridiculous but this is not Acer specific issues, previous Asus Zenbook did even worse - it would go to sleep mode only to discover that it actually force restart windows next morning when I open the lid. On battery power this laptop can run for a very long time, easily over 10 hours, however numbers that Windows shows sometimes are ridiculous. I have screenshots where windows estimates 100+ hours, then 3 hours later and 30% less battery still gives 90+ hours. Totally amateur calculations, but more of a issue is that on a battery power laptop does not even turn off screen when using the same workload as plugged in, mostly Excel, and of course not always, but more than 50% of time. There is a noticable sound lag when using internal laptop speakers. Extremely annoying, but when you connect headphones there is no lag at all. I was not a fan of keyboard from the first touch - too mushy, and keyboard layout was wrong for me, especially small and crowdy arrow keys plus page up/down missing and combination for home end with multiple keystrokes. Ok, I kind of like when different manufacturers offer different laptop keyboard layouts, you know, it is good for your brain to learn and remember new combinations, but only if it is an ergonomic experience, which is not here. I am still giving 3 stars for Swift X since power is there, ryzen 5800u is very usable, size and weight are quite good, although appearance is kind an old fashion, storage includes second ssd, screen is good, 3050ti is surprisingly powerful, I tried VR mixed reality and it was just fine... until today I got BSOD, which I did not have in years, after chrome did not want to play videos across YouTube, Facebook and any other web page. And that was it, too many important information I cannot afford to loose...

Decent portable computer, unusable for basic gaming. The screen is pretty nice on this laptop and it's small and very portable. Battery life has been pretty nice as well. Works well with creative software but video games are not a good experience. After the hassle that was updating drivers and removing the random pre-installed crap I found any game I tried had about a full second of input lag. And I'm talking low intensity games like the Binding of Isaac and Doom from 1993. After messing with tons of settings I found that nothing helped except turning off V-sync, which reduced the input lag but left terrible screen tearing making games almost unplayable. I almost gave up when I found a 3rd party software that lets you trick the computer into turning on AMD Freesync. With that I now have the reduced input lag and fairly okay picture, but I shouldn't have had to do all of this anyways. And there's still too much input lag for me. This would be perfectly passable for schoolwork and video calling but I can get a laptop built for that for half the price. If you're just doing art, modeling, editing, or creative work this could be fine, but any game will be basically unplayable out of the box. I'm looking to return this and save up a few more hundred for a Lenovo Legion 5. By the way, it comes with Windows 11 installed even though the listing says Windows 10. I was able to install 10 easily by downloading the Media Creation Tool from Microsoft however.

light and powerful. The unit performs very well (I have had it only two days) and it meets most expectations easily. Two or three frustrations are present: 1) It has no SD card reader -- a real problem. 2) It will not boot from a usb stick or DVD 2.5) Because of these lacks, it is impossible for me to install a linux dual boot system, which is one of the primary goals for purchasing the system.

Returned it because of the horrible audio latency issues and mediocre build quality. This laptop offers bang for buck. You get a lot of performance for the price. Especially with a Nvidia 3050ti dedicated GPU and ryzen 7 AMD cpu. Most games can run on 1080p with good quality settings. The system always runs quiet and cool as well, as Acer opted for only 35 watts in the nvidia 3050ti gpu. The laptop is nicely compact and light. Battery life is also excellent, as I mostly got 10 hours out of it when doing light intensive tasks. The cons of this laptop are that the build quality is mediocre. This laptop is a budget laptop. On my unit the bottom plate didn't sit flush with the rest of the laptop, so there was an annoying edge sticking out. It didn't slice my hand open when I run across it with my hand, but it was quite sharp. It catches your hand when holding the laptop. Furthermore this model of Acer has a big audio latency issue. This is very noticable when watching all kinds of video on the laptop. The lip sync on the screen is just off with the audio. No matter what you try to correct it in the settings. Even turning off the sound enhancement would not fix this. Nor does installing different drivers do any good. In general audio quality is bad anyway regardless of the audio latency issue. If you can live with mediocre build quality and audio latency issue then this laptop is a reasonable buy. But I ultimately have returned this laptop to Amazon. And the Amazon customer service was excellent. They refunded all the costs.

Decent laptop because I got it about $100 off but horrid display and sound. Decent computer overall it does it’s job. I was expecting a lot more for the $700 but I guess nowadays you’ll never get a quality product unless you drop over $1000 Kind of flimsy. The speakers are at the bottom so the sound is horrible. Very dull display so I always have to put brightness to 100% and it still strains my eyes a lot. Keyboard is kind of weird.

High rating but clumsy to use. I am accustomed to a more robust use in my laptops. call me old-school I guess. It is not easy to type on with speed or accuracy as the keyboard seems designed for hunt-and-peck. I don't like much about any of the keyboard functions as I use more than the mouse to save time. There's more, but I will simply put it off to generational differences and this being a product with limited functions that is marketed to a generation of new users. It does hold a charge so I like the battery life and it was highly rated by the tech mags, so I bit. Now, I feel bitten and for the money, burned.

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