YOSUDA Magnetic Rowing Machine 350 LB Weight Capacity – Foldable Rower for Home Use with LCD Monitor, Tablet Holder and Comfortable Seat Cushion

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  • Design and produce exercise machines for 20 years. YOSUDA indoor cycling bike has served more than 1,000,000 families. We are so confident this YOSUDA magnetic rowing machine can be your fitness partner.

rowing machine

  • Magnetic resistance system create an unbelievably smooth and nearly silent rowing. Don’t worry about disturbing your family and neighbors.


  • Our rower machines provide Sufficient Resistance for both beginner or professionals. Perfect for rehabilitative treatment,weight-loss,body-shape,strength training by turning the resistance knob.

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rowing machines for home use

Non-slip Pedals & straps

  • Non-slip texture and adjustable straps can ensure your safety.
  • Large foot pedals can fit nearly any shoe size.

Big Tablet Holder

  • You can enjoy videos or music when you are rowing with Ipad holder
  • The monitor screen won’t be block with our unique design

Large LCD Monitor

  • The easy-to-read LCD monitor clearly displays exactly rowing distance, time, count, total count and calories data.

seat on rowing machine

handlebar on rowing machine

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Ergonomic Soft Seat

  • Ergonomically designed seat cushion provide a comfortable row experience.
  • Smooth and quiet movement will make your exercise more efficient.

Non-slip Handlebar & Nylon Rope

  • Wide handlebar wrapped with soft foam, which is non-slip and sweat-absorbing.
  • Reinforced nylon rope is more durable and won’t break after thousands of tests.

Bigger Transportation wheels

  • Two wheels on the front stabilizer make this rower machine easy to move around.
  • Four balance regulators help stability on different surfaces. No wobble worries when rowing!

magnetic rowing machine

Features & Specifications

  • 【Minutes Assembly and Save 60% Space】Easy to assemble with only 10 screws in 20 minutes. Two bigger wheels help you to move this rower easily. Stored dimensions when folded: 28.7''L 19.3''W.
  • 【Choose YOSUDA】Design and produce top-quality exercise machines for home use for 20 years.YOSUDA has worked with professional European engineers and served more than 1,000,000 families. All our products are full of praise.We promise free return and refund within one month, two years for replacement parts and all messages will get responses within 24 hours.
  • 【Super Quiet Rowers】Magnetic resistance system create an unbelievably smooth and nearly silent rowing, YOSUDA rowing exercise machine is very suitable for indoor exercise. It will NEVER disturb the families or roommates and virtually no maintenance requested.
  • 【Full-Body Muscle Workout】According to scientific reports,rowing machines engages 90% muscle groups;work legs, core and arms with a smooth, high calorie-burning motion. Perfect for rehabilitative treatment,weight-loss,body-shape,strength training ,etc.
  • 【Sufficient Resistance for all Fitness Levels】Our rower machine is equipped with a 10lbs flywheel and 8 level resistance,which provides double resistance levels than the ordinary rowing machine. All stages exerciser can get efficient exercise with different resistance, no matter you are beginner or professionals.
  • 【Support 350 lb & 6'6''in Height】Our rowing mahcines are made of heavy-duty commercial quality steel,which is very sturdy and durable.The 49.2-inch slide length fits almost all users. The ergonomic seat is very comfortable and soft.
  • 【Large Monitor and Tablet Holder】The easy-to-read LCD monitor clearly displays your distance,rowing time, count, total count and calories. You can put the phone or Ipad on the holder to enjoy the videos or music.

Pros & Cons


Great for beginners, great bang for your buck. I would highly recommend this for beginners who aren't yet fully invested and experienced in rowing. Please bear with me as I briefly rant about the modern fitness market, then back to the review: These days, many fitness equipment companies are trying to make their products serve a dual purpose: be an exercise machine, and be a high-end, luxury, status-symbol piece of furniture. You can get a top of the line rowing machine that is beautiful, made from brushed steel with sculpted wood inlays, has a subscription to personalized trainers and programs, and probably works phenominally...but also costs thousands of dollars. This product is not that. There are no bells and/or whistles. There are no custom presets, no apps/games, and it is not a perfect stand-in for the massive workhorse of a rowing machine you've seen at your gym. This product is, however, the ideal thing to get your foot in the door of the sport of rowing, and you won't outgrow it so quickly that it will have been a waste of money. It is good enough to help you learn the proper rowing form and technique, and offer a low but useful range of resistance levels as you progress in skill and strength. In rowing, as in many full-body exercises, the process is often more important than sheer effort. Great feats of strength with improper technique can be counterproductive or dangerous, but modest feats with perfect technique can be very beneficial. All in all, this thing is built surprisingly well, and does what it advertises. It is not flashy, but also not flimsy. It should serve a beginner quite well. I wouldn't recommend it for anybody already performing at a high level or looking to win a championship, and if you are, you should just fork over the typical $1-5k on some other product that packs a punch and has all the special features. Otherwise, this thing gets you going with the bare essentials for a much more accessible price. Finally: this thing is, in fact, very quiet. Comparable to rolling your office desk chair across a smooth hardwood floor, or maybe a bit quieter. Whoever said it grinds and screeches either assembled it horribly wrong, or just got a defective unit.

So far, so good! So far, so good!! I was looking for a total body workout machine, because walking was giving me shin splints, and sitting on the couch was just getting me more hefty. So far, this is a GREAT machine!! It honestly IS EXTREMELY quiet!!! It's very sturdy, which is definitely clutch because I was a PROUD McDonald's-dollar-menu-niare for a minute! ‍♀️ The only two cons is that instead of the counter going back to zero, each time I use it, it just starts off from where I left off.... There might be an easy fix for this somewhere in the manual that I misplaced, so I'm gonna take the L for that one. The final con is the instructions of putting it together... y'all, I am NOT mechanically inclined, and the pictures in the manual were not clicking for me. Also, when you opened the pack, it was hard to see the names of the different bolts and washers... I had to go to the Yosuda YouTube page to watch how to put everything together, and that DEFINITELY helped, but it was a little confusing (for me, at least) to figure out which washer to use here, or which bolt to use there, and a few times I had to undo things because I put them in the wrong place. But all in all, once everything was put together, I've been rowing ever since, and been equally loving and hating this machine the whole time!! I LOVE it and hate it for the EXACT same reason, it's giving me an intense work out. So, here's hoping I can keep the rowing going!!!

Extremely quiet. So far this rowing machine is everything I wanted it's quiet and it's no frills. It was extraordinarily easy to put together. Make sure you don't mix the washers up because the size of them do matter. It stores nicely and is pretty much a space saver. By far however, it is quiet. I love that! I have used rowing machines at the gym, however, I am basically a beginner and this rowing machine is perfect for just starting out using rowing as part of your exercise regime. I'm very pleased.

Quiet, sturdy, does the job. This is my first rowing machine, and I chose this one over the other one I had in my cart because of the higher weight limit. It was my birthday present to myself, and the first piece of “new” gym equipment I’ve ever purchased. I went with this model because my husband and I are both on the heavier side, and this rower has a higher weight limit than most. The machine itself was very easy to put together, it operates very quietly when rowing, and it wheels around easily when I need to move it. I also like the foot holders, and my feet haven’t slipped at all. As an added bonus, the seat is actually really more comfortable than I’d expected, and the hand grips are comfortable, and not too soft. They seem like they’re going to hold up under my sweaty hands without tearing! Lol! The handlebar/grip bar is long enough for me to adjust my hand placement significantly if needed as well. The digital display works accurately, the tensioner has noticeable differences in settings (I’m starting in the 2-3 range, and it’s nice). Very basic rowing machine, but it gets the job done well. Overall, I am very happy with this rower so far. Definitely recommend it.

Great entry level rower for regular folks. We did a lot of research, understood that the fan based and water based rowers are 'better' than magnetic. Saw the pricetags on the highest rated brands and - no thanks! This device is just right for our needs. I'm not training for the olympics, I'm a tubby 50 year old guy looking to drop 50lbs and needed a low impact workout besides my exercise bike. This machine is quiet, sturdy, and simple to use. The display is like most low-end units, but I use my sports watch to track progress anyway. My son, 17, really loves it and now he works out almost every day. If I could fix one thing it would be to prevent the foot pedals from moving, they swivel.

Surprising high quality, solid & effective! I am new to rowing and didn’t want to spend $1,100 for a Concept gym-type unit for something that I might not enjoy. After researching all the brands on Amazon, big box stores and sporting equipment stores, I decided on this unit. It is solid enough to feel like professional quality but at a price point that is good for beginners. I found videos about it on YouTube, and am working my way up to using online rowing classes/apps. When I started using the machine , I was close to 300 lbs, so I wanted something sturdy, and this unit is solid and supports me without hesitation. Between it and my elliptical (and better eating habits), I’m down nearly 30 pounds, and it quickly reduces me to a puddle of sweat! You can feel it working your abs/core, back muscles, calves & quads, and shoulders for a full-body workout. Another thing I really like is that I have an arthritic knee and post-surgery for a torn meniscus, and this machine is low impact enough that it doesn’t hurt my knee…but just makes it (and everything else) tired after a good workout. I’m 5’10 with a 30” inseam and I have PLENTY of stride on this machine, but it doesn’t have a huge footprint or need much room to operate. The other reviews about how quiet the machine is are also true…it is almost silent when operating. The only thing I would like better is a fancier LCD/backlit monitor like my Horizon equipment…but honestly, this one tells me time, distance, count and calories burned, so it covers all the information one needs (is just a bit harder for me to read). If you are Chris Hemsworth or a WWE wrestler, you may need a gym-rated unit, but honestly, this one should fit the needs for the other 99.999% of us! I hope the review helps in making a purchase, and happy rowing!


Failed on *first* use. Upon first use, the chord became loose. Now the resistance doesn't increase no matter what the resistance-dial setting. This machine is not silent. The display is poor quality and item price doesnt reflect the quality of the materials. Item is not as described. Save your money.

Tension doesn't work, can't get a hold of anyone despite extra insurance. The tension on our brand new row machine does not work. There is no difference between level 1 and 8. The tension is too difficult for me to use. We have tried to reach out. No answer. The phone number doesn't seem to work. I even bought the product insurance. Really frustrated as this was an expensive purchase. The machine didn't come with instructions on how to put together either. All in all a terrible purchase. **Update I'm beyond frustrated at this point with this company. After calling number provided on Amazon and no one picking up we emailed. Jan. 18--Sent my first email.  Heard back that night asking for order and shipping information. I emailed back and provided it. Jan. 19-- received a second email and was told someone would be getting in touch with me. Jan. 20. --received an email stating we had to watch a video and do the repairs ourselves. This is despite BUYING ADDITIONAL INSURANCE TO COVER THESE THINGS Jan. 22- Emailed to say we attempted to watch video and it did not fix the issue. No response Jan. 25--emailed again to say the issue is not resolved. NO RESPONSE Now I have a machine I can not use sitting in my house. Not thrilled.

Meh. I spent way too long reading thousands of reviews for hundreds of different rowing machines, and finally pulled the trigger on this one due to its price point and as-good-as-you’re-going-to-get reviews. The machine itself was relatively easy to put together, and appears to be sturdy and well-built from the few times I’ve used it so far. This is definitely your basic rowing machine and wouldn’t recommend for any one wanting anything more than a basic rowing workout. However, the monitor has not worked at all from the get-go, which is annoying since it is in no means anything technologically advanced, and is about the most basic monitor you could possibly manufacturer unless I’ve somehow entered a time warp and it’s 1988 again. I’m also fairly tech-savvy, and did my due diligence to try and get it to function. The best I got was getting the time to flash once before the screen going blank again. Despite everything else being functional, decent and sturdy so far and without much use, the non-working monitor is a huge inconvenience and an unnecessary frustration which I have no doubt will take multiple hours to fix, if ever. From other reviews, this seems to be a reoccurring and somewhat common issue; the manufacturer should’ve already implemented some kind of QC before shipping which would ultimately solve this major inconvenience for their customers.

You get what you pay for. Its my first time with any type of rower,so didn't know what to expect. For the price it's fine. The next one i buy, i will have to spend more for a better machine. The display does not work, just reads 0 on every mode.

Apparently Common Defects. Machine came missing a spring for one of the battery holders for the display, support sent me a replacement display. After installing replacement display, there was no data being received by the display which was the result of a sliced wire inside the housing which is a huge pain to get apart. Support knew right away what the issue was and were helpful, but this leads me to believe this is common and quality control is poor. Good unit when you finally get it to work, but not worth the hassle.

Tracking readout is completely useless. This machine is straightforward to assemble and can be folded for storage. As far as I've been able to find, it doesn't seem to be able to lock in an upright position. The digital tracker is completely useless. It counts 0.01 of a mile every 3 pulls regardless of resistance and how long the pull is. Do not count on this for an accurate distance or calorie readout. The timer works fairly well, it only counts time as you row, and pauses automatically when you stop rowing. Overall if you don't have another option, this rower will get you to sweat. It's not worthless, but it's also not great. I'd rather just knock a couple bucks off the price and not have a digital readout at all.

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