YOSUDA PRO Magnetic Exercise Bike 350 lbs Weight Capacity – Indoor Cycling Bike Stationary with Comfortable Seat Cushion, Silent Belt Drive

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YOSUDA Pro L-010 is designed as a professional indoor cycling bike trainer with Magnetic Resistance for home cardio or gym workout.

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What Makes YOSUDA Pro Indoor Cycling Bike Unique?

  • It adopts the latest magnet resistance technology, with 100 micro-adjustable resistance levels, makes it more comfortable and quiet during riding.
  • Light-commercial pipes ensure its excellent bearing capacity for rider up to 350LBS.
  • Equipped with a 40LBS heavy flywheel, super large screen monitor and universal iPad holder, water bottle holder, transportation wheels and non-slip pedals.

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Multi – grips Handlebar

  • One of the few indoor bikes on the market that allows for handlebars to adjust fore and after, increased comfort.
  • A variety of grips, full exercise, meeting beginners to the professors.
  • PVC dip handlebar, good texture, built to last.

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Generous LCD Display & Holder

Track RPM, time, speed, distance, calories, and odometer, motivate you at every mile.

iPad holder allows you to watch exercise videos or listen to music while exercising, makes your fitness fun. It can extend to 11″ and can pivot up or down for a variety of angles which optimizes viewing capabilities.

Adjustable Cage-type Non-slip Pedals

Aluminium alloy caged pedals are with standard size thread (9/16″) and adjustable straps and buckle, it can fit for different size feet well and allow pedaling forward and backward.

This indoor cycling bike adds fixing nut for the pedals to prevent it falling off.

Magnetic Resistance

Hyper-Quiet magnetic resistance system, YOSUDA magnetic resistance bike won’t disturb your working, reading, and sleeping at home, and virtually no maintenance requested. With 100 micro-adjustable levels, allows you to simulate real road riding like ground, uphill, downhill.

Easy to control by simply twisting the knob. Press down brake knob to stop the stationary bike immediately, safe cycling.

Comfortable Padded Seat

We optimized this seat cushion based on analyzing the reviews of most exercise bikes on the market. Ergonomic design, breathable and soft, you can remain comfortable even cycling for long time. The inside height is Min27″-Max35″, so that all family members can enjoy home fitness.

YOSUDA Pro Magnetic Exercise Bike (Model: L-010) Indoor Cycling Bike Stationary – Cycle Bike with Ipad Mount(Model:L-001A) Indoor Cycling Bike Stationary – Cycle Bike with Ipad Mount(Model:L-007A) Indoor Exercise Bikes Stationary Cycling Bike YOSUDA Magnetic Rowing Machine
Flywheel 40LBS 35LBS 40LBS 36LBS 10lbs
Resistance Magnetic resistance,adjustable Friction resistance, adjustable Friction resistance, adjustable Friction resistance, adjustable Magnetic resistance, adjustable
Adjustable Seat Up/down and Front/ back Up/down and Front/ back Up/down and Front/ back Up/down and Front/ back
Adjustable Handlebar Up/down and Front/ back Up/down Up/down Up/down
Drive System Magnetic Drive Belt Drive Belt Drive Belt Drive Magnetic Drive
Horizontal Adjustment Knobs
Inseam Height 27″-35″ 25″-35″ 29″-36″ 28″-39″ 49.2”
Assembled Dimensions 42 x 22 x 41 inches (L x W x H); 86LBS 40 x 22 x 45 inches (L x W x H); 68LBS 44.5 x 21.7 x 45.3 inches ( L x W x H ); 86LBS 47.24×24.21×47.24 inches ( L x W x H ); 86LBS 74.8* 19.3* 27.55 L W H 60LBS
Max User Weight 350LBS 270LBS 330LBS 330LBS 350LBS

Features & Specifications

  • 【YOSUDA】Design and produce exercise machines for 20 years. YOSUDA indoor cycling bike has served more than 1,000,000 families. We are so confident this YOSUDA magnetic exercise bike can be your fitness partner.
  • 【350 lbs Weight Capacity】Made of thickened commercial-graded steel pipe, giving this stationary bike a rock solid build. It is for a long-term exercise workout, but not simple products for only a few months' use.
  • 【Hyper-Quiet Magnetic Drive System】We developed the latest technology magnetic system and eliminates noise to our fitness bike, controlling the sound at 20DB even after millions of times workout. No disturbing on working, reading, and sleeping at home.
  • 【Personalized Fit Exercise Bike】This cycle bike with 4-ways adjustable handlebar and seat (inseam height 27-35in) to fit users with different heights. The toe-caged pedals are designed with adjustable straps, fit for different size feet well. All family members can join in the exercise today!
  • 【40 lbs Flywheel with 100 Micro-adjustable Resistance】40 lbs heavy flywheel inspires your potential while cycling, no matter you are beginner or fanatic. Magnetic resistance with 100 micro-adjustable levels, just a simple twist, you can customize your exercise routine like burning calories, lose weight.
  • 【Super Large Screen Monitor and Universal iPad Holder】The easy-to-read large screen monitor clearly displays RPM, time, speed, distance in miles, calories, and odometer. The iPad holder with anti-skid silicone and sponge, ensure your device is safe from wear and tear. It can extend to 11" and can pivot up or down for a variety of angles which optimizes viewing capabilities. Also, the ​unique design of the holder keeps your tablet or phone from blocking the display screen.
  • 【No Worry Buying】YOSUDA always due to bring good buying experience to our customer. Order yosuda cycling bike today and start your fitness!
  • Weight: ‎40 Pounds

Pros & Cons


Better than Nordictrack. This is our second time buying an entry level exercise bike and this one is a massive upgrade over the Nordictrack we bought last time...the Nordictrack was not as well built and the company had terrible customer service. No it is not a Peloton and should not be compared to a bike that costs thousands of dollars. It is however a very solid, easy to assemble exercise bike that works well, does not move around while riding and is very quiet. My husband put it together in under a half hour. The specs are better than the prior model that is reviewed so well on Amazon and in fitness magazines but there were very few reviews of this one and the overall rating was lower. I am glad we decided to go based on the specs because this bike looks better than the old model and definitely seems to have the capacity to get us both exercise over the winter months without risking going to a gym. If we were hardcore into cycling, we might have looked at the Peloton due to the cult following but we just want to stay healthy over the winter so we saved a couple of grand and feel very good about this bike. It does not take up much space and is easy to move around too.

great bike for the price with only minor complaints. My first impression upon receiving the bike was that it was extremely well packed. Each part was individually wrapped and put in its own compartment (in some cases, with one other part) in the styrofoam. It was very easy to assemble. There was a blister pack with the bolts, tools, and other parts. Instructions were clear. It is not a Peloton, but costs about 1/5 as much. To me, it's a great value! Pros: - The bike is very solid and stable. I expected that since it's rated to support up to 330 pounds - The display shows RPMs! Most bikes in this price range do not. - I like the fact that the display shows several metrics at the same time, rather than just one at a time like many bikes in this price range do - The 40 lb flywheel makes for a very smooth ride - The bike is very quiet. A magnetic resistance bike would be a bit quieter, but not much. I can ride while my wife is sleeping in the next room, even with the door open - The iPad/phone holder is pretty cheap but is positioned well and does the job - The pedals are cheap with much more resistance than a good pair of pedals would have. But they rotate smoothly and, after all, it is an exercise bike so I don't mind a little more resistance there than I would want on a road bike. You could upgrade to spd pedals if you prefer that - I had a question when I first got the bike and the seller replied very quickly. It’s obvious that they put a high value on customer service - The bike is easy to move on the front rollers - my wife really likes the seat Cons: - I don't like the seat. It's too soft and squishy for me and I definitely prefer a road type seat. But since my wife likes it, we're keeping it. - There was a clicking sound the 1st day but that went away after about an hour of riding. - The monitor has no backlight. But I purchased an inexpensive book light. It clips on the handlebars and I positioned it so that the monitor cable keeps it from rotating (see photos). Here’s a link to the light https://smile.amazon.com/gp/product/B07X9Y6NS7/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o03_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 - The monitor alternated between RPM and speed. I would prefer to have those metrics in separate boxes so that I could see both at the same time. But it switches pretty quickly between the 2 so it's not a big deal All in all, I am very pleased with the bike. A great value for the price! Highly recommended.

A+. Wanted a sturdy/solid in door bicycle with a iPad holder that I could potentially convert *Mickey Mouse style* to a peloton, and this baby does the job! Fits a standard 9.7" iPad (see my picture) whereas previous Yosuda model you would have to flip the speed monitor upwards. Seat is comfortable, though not as sturdy as I want it to be. For mid $300s, this bike does the job well. Only thing I worry is the longevity of the brakes as I use this practically every time I bike, did consider magnetic resistance but $$ was an issue. Nonetheless, highly recommend.

Updated review. Received my bike yesterday. Packing of item was excellent. Easy to assemble. Very sturdy, well built. The reason I am giving it only 4 stars is that the monitor has no backlight to it. The pictures on their site show otherwise. Very misleading. Monitor is useless in dim settings if you can’t see the data. This is something they need to fix. Even the cheapest watches and devices have a backlight to them. I have updated my review to 5 Star due to the excellent customer service based on my initial review. As I mentioned the bike was easy to assemble and very sturdy. I am very pleased with the product. Customer service will be working with their factory to update the monitor to include backlight at some point in the future. They will also change the picture so as not to mislead. Can’t ask for any better customer service.

Solid bike. I spent about a month, hours and hours, reading reviews and looking at bikes on Amazon that were under $400. Not to throw shade at anyone but a lot of the reviews were people who you could tell have never taken a spin class in their life (“the seat is uncomfortable” people) so I rolled the dice on this one. Super impressed. It took me about 25 minutes to put it together. I took all the pieces out of the packaging, laid it on the floor and put it together using the picture on the side of the box. It does not wobble. The seat is weird. It’s wide and squishy and not your standard spin bike seat, some would even say this is a comfortable seat. Not my thing, I’ll replace it. The sliding piece has a big gap in the front so when you tighten the seat, although it’s secure it wiggles up and down - resolved this with a piece of foam. No big deal. I purchased SPD pedals separately, the pedals that come with this bike are cages. This is fine if you don’t have clip in shoes. You will have more power if you buck up and buy the shoes and clip in pedals. I recommend doing this. The stand holds my iPhone 12 securely. The display is clear-ish, someone in a review mentioned lack of backlighting so they added a book light to read the display. They should upgrade this because it’s a big deal. The resistance is great, a little weird and it’s def going to take adjustment being spoiled with a higher quality bike in a spin studio. I purchased a wahoo cadence sensor, connected it to Apple Health, connected both of those things to my 12.99/month Peleton App. Total cost for this bike, clip in pedals, wahoo sensor was about 460. Highly recommend this set up if you’re wanting to use Peloton programming but don’t want to pay the asinine amount for their equipment. So happy I went with this company and will prob purchase other products from them in the future.

*Updated* The vendor took care of it. *Original* It broke down after three months. *Updated* The vendor contacted me and sent replacement parts. The bike works great. Very quiet. I’m happy with it. The bike had a major failure after three months. The belt that connects the pedals to the flywheel suddenly got twisted as I was using it. It was no longer usable. I had to take it apart and repair it. I can only hope it doesn’t fail again. This was my original review: This is a good home exercise bike, easy to assemble and very quiet when used. It has a couple of small drawbacks. The resistance adjustment is mechanical through turning a knob that adjusts the distance of the magnets from the flywheel. You can't really adjust it while riding, and there is no numeric resistance level that you can set - just a continuous turn of the knob. I'm relatively small - 5'5" and my wife is smaller. We can't adjust the handle bar to be close enough to the seat for our size. So I reversed the mounting of the handle bar to make it closer. This makes the handles much more vertical, which is okay. But the exercise monitor is no longer at a clearly visible angle when mounted on the designated hook. So I had to place the monitor on the ipad holder instead. It all works well with a bit of improvisation, at a good price for the value.


DO NOT BUY!! WILL INJURE YOU!!! NON EXISTENT CUSTOMER SERVICE!!! DO NOT BUY!!! Have only used for 3 months and the pedal crank completely snapped off the pedal screw while I used it and had to gey 13 stitches! Supposed to hold up to 330 lbs and I weigh 180. Can only get in contact with this overseas company through a service email that they do not respond to and the phone number listed on their website goes to a google voice number that no one answers. What a complete waste of money. Wish I had just bought the Peloton, you get what you pay for! UPDATE (4/13) Finally received a response after leaving the previous review and was able to get a replacement right pedal. Now the left pedal has broken off in the same exact way! Thankfully this time I wasn’t injured. Yosuda has not responded to my emails again so I have to resort to using the review page to get a reply. Their reps said they took this issue very seriously but it seems the only way to get their attention is by making this issue public.

Missing Parts!!! Very disappointment the exercise bike is missing parts to finish building , I am returning it and will look for a different exercise bike. No listed phone number only a email for company, and then waiting for parts from the manufacture, but if the person working for the manufacture packaged it correctly then I would not have to waste my time. I recommend looking for another bike manufacture!!!

Defective unit. Belt drive cover rubbed against an used to the pedal wheel. Froze the pedals. Bike is now unusable.

Honest thoughts after 4 months of riding. I would have given this a 5 star review after my first couple rides, but after 4 months I found some things I am annoyed with/wish I knew before buying. Pros: Comfortable seat, electronic tracker, relatively cheap, good handle bars Cons: Friction is inconsistent, bad spot for tablet holder, electronic tracker isn't the best, already rusting in some spots. By far my biggest issue with the bike is that it is not smooth/has inconsistent friction. When you apply relatively light resistance, this is not noticeable as the heavy fly wheel keeps its inertia, but when you wan't to put a good amount of resistance on the wheel, you definitely feel how uneven your peddle strokes become because the wheel isn't perfectly round/or where it was set by the factory. You can physically see this on the wheel itself, as some of the felt has rubbed off on the wheel, but one side has way more build up than the other. There are some YouTube reviews that go into this issue, and really should of done more homework before purchasing this. The Tablet Holder is in a terrible place, so much so that I bought a free standing stand that I mount my iPad too. Firstly, if you use the built in stand you have to crane your neck down to look at your device, but more importantly if you sweat, like I do, you are going to drench your device in it. The electronic tracker is meh. If you are just hoping on and riding then its great as it tracks your metrics, but if you are using an app like Peloton I don't think the cadence is correct and the rest of the metrics are useless. Rust, this bike is kept indoors but I guess just from sweat dripping down on it, it has already began to rust. Final thoughts. I think if price is your primary concern, this bike is fine, but there are better resistance bikes out there for a little bit more money, do your self a favor and spend the extra money. If you can spend a little bit more, go with magnetic resistance, which is what we will be doing once we can try sell this one. It is more expensive but its a smoother, quieter ride. We use the peloton app, and we absolutely love it especially for the value (monthly app subscription is 12.99 vs 39.99 if you own a peloton bike), but one major issue with this bike is that it doesn't show resistance on it. So we will be buying a magnetic resistance bike that shows resistance levels in the built in screen and syncs heart rate and cadence to the peloton app.

Broke after 6 days and 30 miles. ETA: Customer service has been great. Very responsive. They offered to send the right pay but I decided that if I'm spending this kind of money, I want something that didn't break so easily. Bearings broke after 6 days of regular, not hard, riding. I contacted the company who sent a replacement part. It was a part for a different model bike. I'm mad it broke so soon and with normal wear. I'm sending it back for a refund.

First time bike owner! Update! 12/1/2020 I’ve had the bike for about a month now and I have noticed the front wheel had started making a horrible screeching noise and I can’t tell if it’s a petal joint or something else that has started making a knocking sound. A little irritated that I’ve done maybe 10 miles on it and am already having issues. I drop my rating from 5 to 3 stars. I did A LOT of research before deciding on this bike. This one didn’t have many reviews but it’s previous generation had thousands! I compared This to many others. I picked This one because the wheel seemed heavy enough to keep the bike stable and the screen! This was the only bike I could Find that had a large screen to have all the info on it at once. Putting it together was fairly easy, took me about a half an hour. It’s a nice size to have in my living room without taking up a lot of space. I am 5’3” and I fit Alright if it had one more tick down it would be perfect, but I’m used to bikes being slightly to tall for me. I have already gone a few miles on it and it’s super quite and I love The ability to change the resistance. The handles allow an easy transition from sitting to standing. Overall I am Very happy with the quality of the bike especially for the price.

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