YOSUDA Compact Elliptical Machine – Elliptical Machine for Home Use with Hyper-Quiet Magnetic Drive System, 16 Levels Adjustable Resistance, with LCD Monitor & Ipad Mount

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YOSUDA elliptical machine

Start Your Daily Cardio And Strength Routine With YOSUDA Elliptical !

-Weight Capacity:235LBS

protect your knee

As the elliptical machine makes the slope like a natural slope change so joint pressure is reduced and your knee will not be harmed!

handlebarfull body

YOSUDA Elliptical combines the full-body, low-impact motion, with the calorie-burning power to help you torch calories!

You can definitely get that blood pumping throughout your entire body on the elliptical machine, whether you’re looking for a beginner, intermediate, or advanced workout.

Easy to move



13 stride

ipad holder

NON-SLIP Footpedals

14 ” x 6″ large and non-slip foot pedals provide you with a superbly comfortable and safe workout experience.


This elliptical comes with 16 adjustable levels of magnetic resistance to satisfy different training intensities as the needs of your family.


With a 13″ precision path stride length so you get a full range of elliptical motion when doing your workout.It is also suitable for light workouts.


There is also a tablet stand for placing an IPAD or mobile phone, which is suitable for watching online videos while training.

YOSUDA elliptical combines the full-body, low-impact motion, with the calorie-burning power of a Treadmill to help you torch calories.You can definitely get that blood pumping throughout your entire body on the elliptical machine, whether you’re looking for a beginner, intermediate, or advanced workout.

Features & Specifications

  • 【Easy to Assemble】We provided a detailed manual with clear assembly video instructions (tools are included).Almost all people can start exercising within just 30 minutes of its arrival, very friendly to every home exerciser.
  • Imported
  • 【Whisper-Quiet Magnetic Drive System】This elliptical training machine adopts the latest magnetic control and mute system and can control noise below 20DB. You will get smooth, nearly silent exercise without disturbing your family!
  • 【16 Levels Adjustable Resistance】This elliptical for home use comes with a wide range of workout intensity options, satisfying the different needs of your family. You can easily switch the knob to adjust resistance, ensuring your workout is challenging and effective.
  • 【Full Body Workout】YOSUDA Elliptical machine offers a low-impact alternative to running, while still providing high-efficiency full-body exercise and protecting your knee. With a 13" stride, you get a full range of elliptical motion( forward and reverse). It is also a great option for people who recover from knee surgery!
  • 【LCD Monitor With Pulse & Device Holder】This advanced LCD monitor exactly display your Calories, Distance, Pulse, Speed, and Time. The stationary handlebars with built-in pulse sensors for monitoring heart rate. Put your favorite device on the table holder to enjoy the videos or music!
  • 【Bidirectional Movement & Large Pedal】The elliptical machine with extra-large non-slip foot pedals (14" 6") provides a smoother, more stable feel. This compact elliptical machine is built with a 4mm high-quality heavy-duty alloy steel pipe that contributes outstanding stability and a loading capacity of up to 235 lbs.
  • 【Timely And Efficient After-Sale】We provide a one-year Warranty and offer you a free parts replacement. We have set up a professional online service team for you. All messages will get responses within 24 hours.
  • Warranty: ‎90

Pros & Cons


A Solid Elliptical. I don't write reviews often but I just wanted to talk about my experience so far with this machine from assembly to usage incase anyone was thinking about buying this. TLDR; i recommend it lol Arrival-Received my package on time with no problems. Off the bat the box was huge and pretty heavy just to bring inside. If you're able to get help to carry/assemble it, I'd use the help. I did everything myself though so it's still doable alone. When you first unpack the machine it looks very intimidating & chaotic with plastic, tape, & cardboard everywhere. I just separated everything as neatly and organized as possible so it wasn't too bad. It comes with tools to assemble, so if you don't have any it'll still work but I used my own for a few things (see pic). Assembly-Took me a couple hours because I was doing other things at the time. The instructions were alittle confusing for me but I was able to find the assembly video on youtube and watched it at slow speed a couple times. I found the process much easier that way. In my box specifically one of the items was the wrong part (the right cover at the base of the neck was completely different from the left one, looks like it may have belonged to a different machine and didn't fit at all so I couldn't put that on at all). Also later down the road I accidently over tightened one of the screws to where it actually broke and there were no extras that came in the box so i couldn't secure the right arm completely (see pic). I basically needed to contact the seller for replacements. I was still able to put the whole thing together and use it, it just wasn't as secure as I'd like. Contact with seller-This was my first time ever contacting a seller regarding a replacement item so I was a bit nervous and wasn't sure what to do. Usually I'd just leave the problem unresolved and deal with it being put partially together but this time around I gave it a try since I purchased the warranty with the machine. I just followed the prompts on the Amazon site, contacted the seller via Amazon only, not through email or anything else and provided pictures/explained the situation thoroughly on the exact pieces needed(reference the manual if you don't know the name of the piece). Wanna (name of customer service rep that helped me) was a delight to work with. They were prompt with their responses and knew exactly what to ship out. I asked if I should return the wrong piece to them but they said not to worry about it and to save my money on shipping which was thoughtful so I tossed it lol. I received the replacements within 3 days which was super fast (honestly would've been even faster but time zone differences and my work schedule got in the way) but they provided a tracking number just incase. Everything came just as described and I received extra screws instead of the (1) that I needed so that was cool too. I took apart the machine in some areas in order to put the cover on (fits perfectly) and works just as before. That whole process was stress free and much appreciated. Usage-I've used the elliptical everyday since assembly on 06/05/2023 for 30mins/day and so far it's holding up quite nicely. It's fairly light once put together and easy to move with the front wheels. I have it stored near my fire place on carpet but when I'm ready to use it I just roll it in front of the tv with no problems and put it back when I'm done, super simple. I used to use the Bowflex Max Trainer at my parent's house which I liked but I recently moved to my own apartment (1st floor) so I wanted to find something similar at a lower price. After doing some research I decided on this one. I wanted one with more stepping motions rather then full leg swing scissor motion if that makes sense. From a noise stand point it's a night and day difference. You can't really hear anything with this machine which is perfect for an apartment (the BMT is pretty loud which I didn't care for). Movement wise it flows very smooth (some of the parts came lubricated so that was a plus). I don't use the features much on either machine but it does have a dial available incase you want to increase the resistance (I'm currently on 4 but it can dial all the way to 16 which is crazy lol). The screen lays a bit low/flat but i'm still able to put my phone down and watch videos if needed (the BMT screen lights up and glows in the dark, this machine does not but i prefer it this way). I'm a 5'11" female weighing around 215lbs which is over my recommended weight for my height but I'm working on it lol. At first it was alittle bit wobbly but once I received that missing cover piece it stabilized the machine a lot better around the neck. I use it on carpet and it stays in place just fine. There's more features but like I said, I barely use them. Overall I'm pleasantly surprised with how everything came out and would recommend this to anyone looking for a solid elliptical, best of luck to ya.

Really nice elliptical. Super huge box definitely takes two or more people to lift it. When Amazon delivered, they required a code in order to complete the delivery which I appreciate it. Delivery guys were super nice and super helpful, and the seller was prompt in submitting the code, and also providing an instructional video on how to put together the elliptical which was really helpful super clear and easy to follow the instructions that came with the elliptical were also really easy to follow. The only thing that was wrong is it looks like there was a washer missing from the arms that is pre-installed or welded so I’ve contacted the seller about that issue. It makes it so that the arms are wobbly but the elliptical can be used without using the arms and the display screen was slightly scratched up and there is no back lighting to it. The elliptical is really nice for the price and I’m excited to start putting it to use. I was able to put my iPad on the iPad holder and I have I believe the 10 inch iPad I am 5’7 and 245 pounds and feel like this isn’t going to break on me. Giving four stars due to the missing piece in the scratched up screen.

Not a typical elipitical. I was hoping this would be a good elipitical but its more of a stair elipitical as it does not do a full stride. It is a good machine and does give a good workout but it works the legs heavily. I can only do abt 15 min on it right now as it just works the legs so much they get burning. I do like its small size. I did need to buy a mat to put under it as it sits on carpet and is a bit wobbly. Oh and the timer/distance reader is difficult to see while working out. For a true elipitical machine unfortunately it will need to be one of the larger more expensive ones. This was easy to put together and I did it myself in about an hour. (I am 57 yr old woman). If you looking for a good leg workout with cardio this is a great machine for that. In the end I decided to keep it but its definately not what I was looking/hoping for.

Good Workout. Ours worked great, until... The Unit arrived in good time and was fairly easy to assemble. We got about a weeks' worth of use out of it until the right crank arm started wobbling and eventually the threads gave out entirely. Yosuda was a little slow in communications but ultimately got us the correct parts to fix the item. MAKE SURE you have a crank arm removal tool if you have this same problem. Overall, the unit is a great mix of elliptical and stair climber at a really good price, Yosuda didn't hesitate to help us fix the issue, the time difference and a few holidays delayed the process, but they were always communicative.

I would give 4.5. I like the machine alot. It works fine and is light and compact. You will definitely get your work out especially if you are out of shape like I am. Two things: I wouldn't recommend this for larger people and two, putting it together was a tiny bit of a challenge. Well worth it though.

Love it. I love the size of this elliptical. It’s perfect for apt living. The set up was a little complicated for me but I’ll be the first to tell you I had no idea what I was doing. The customer service was incredible. They were attentive and helped me resolve my mistake with the set up of the machine, within a few days of messaging them. I will be a returning customer.


Better than most but needs work. I've ordered a number of these types in machines in the past with various degrees of success, but to be frank, most elliptical machines in this price range are pretty bad. You generally get what you pay for. If you want a professional gym quality machine, you're going to spend a ton more money for a machine that's well built but also very heavy. That being said, let's go into this one: 1) Assembly: I'm pretty decent for putting together things like this. I'm used to Ikea products and the like. That being said, this was a royal pain doing by myself. It took nearly four hours to do. If I hadn't find a YouTube video to help me, it would've taken longer. The manufacturer admitted that it requires regular maintenance. While the flywheel which rotates is quiet, it does creak a bit which means tightening of screws. Not a deal breaker but a nuisance. 2) Usage: Better than most in this price range. Being 5' 8", the stride range was closer to what I've found in professional models. The tension dial works well from fairly light to serious effort and I'm in good shape and can easily get my heart rate to 75-80% which is what I want. The onboard display is semi-useful. The pulse sensor works and fairly accurate as long as your hands cover all the sensors. The calorie counter isn't accurate at all as it greatly depends on the rider's height, weight, metabolism, etc. The clock works fine. I don't know how the recovery feature is supposed to help evaluate your workout. It's nice that it's relatively light and the wheels make it easy for one person to move. One annoyance is somehow the machine in the back keeps drifting to the right despite the "stabilizers". I haven't figured it out yet. 3) Customer service: I do give them credit. When I had a problem about a missing washer, I got a replacement within the week and then does a follow up to see if it was working well which is more than most companies will do. OVERALL: Hard to put together with some minor issues. Better than most in this price range and functional for home use. Good customer service. But if you want a pro model, you need to pay the pro bucks.

Blue sticky goo, QR code doesn’t work & customer service number out of service. I just received the elliptical machine and while trying to assemble, discovered some blue sticky goo coming out of the sides of where the axle is supposed to go through. I’m not sure if it’s meant to be there to serve as a grease for smoother movement or something, but there’s nothing mentioned on any instruction manual or video. The video itself, while helpful, doesn’t show every detail clearly & the QR code doesn’t work at all. Instruction manual is also confusing. I tried reaching out to customer service but of the 2 numbers I found on their website, one was out of service and the other goes directly to a voicemail. Their chat function also says nobody is available. Amazon customer service has been quick but they’re not able to answer the questions I had about the goo and as of this review, am still waiting to hear back from the seller. Not sure how the others that wrote about the great customer service were able to contact the seller as I haven’t yet heard back. Update: Had high hopes for this but ended up retuning it after discovering the screws on the pedal don’t fit properly/doesn’t go in.

Eats batteries and wobbles. I've had this machine for one month. I had to replace the batteries today for the fourth time. I have probably used it for no more than 3 hours total since I am slowly trying to build up to using it. Also, at first it was very stable but now I have to put a washcloth under the back leg to keep it from wobbling. Even with those two complaints, for the price compared to others, I am still okay with the purchase.

Caution while assembling. Apparently I'm an idiot. There is a left and a right bolt for the pedals. They did not appear to be interchangeable. Also if you are assembling on carpet you may want something to remove the blue lubricant in the event that the bolts or rods make it to the floor.

Made for small peope. I bought this mostly based on the really good reviews. Unfortunately, it doesn't work well for me, although there are some nice things about it. Pros: - The assembly instructions were clear and all of the parts were labelled very well. It was also packaged very well to keep all of the parts protected during shipping. - It's sturdy. - It's quiet and almost silent if not for the scraping issue mentioned below. Cons: - Made for small people. I'm not huge (6 feet, 175 pounds, 11.5 shoes), but it's too small for me. My feet barely fit on the pedals with my shoes on. And when you're using it, the pedals are angled down so your feet tend to move forward. I have to constantly make sure my feet are against the back of the pedal or they will slide off. It's also not tall enough. I'm slightly hunched over when using it, which hurts your back after a while. - The right pedal slightly scrapes the body of the machine with every rotation. I've double checked to make sure everything is assembled correctly but I think it may be caused by one of the parts being slightly bent. - The display isn't on par with other machines in this price range. It's very simple and only shows one metric at a time. Overall it doesn't work for me and I will be returning it.

Tension doesn’t change. It was fairly easy to put together and easy to use but the display turns on every time you bump it so the batteries die quickly and the tension knob doesn’t actually change anything…also, make sure you read the instructions carefully because a couple of those bolts are threaded backwards

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